Clinton Pluto Campaign, Trump Delusion

Just when you thought American politics could not get anymore ridiculous… It has got outright “obscene”. And no, this is not about the antics between Republicans, comparing their wives and the sizes of various members. Nor is it about vulture entrepreneur and past presidential candidate Mitt Romney condemning Trump for having had two foreign born wives (out of three):”apparently there are really jobs Americans won’t take”.

Plutocracy Is When The Filthy Rich Have Access, And We The People Don’t:

Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver wrote that donors to Clinton were being asked to spend an “obscene amount of money to attend,” various “fundraisers” for Hillary the Plutocrat.

“In the movie ‘Ocean’s 11,’ a gang of lovable thieves successfully heist $150 million from a vault in the basement of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas,” Weaver wrote. “Fueled primarily from high-dollar donations, Hillary Clinton has raised more than that in this campaign, and is now enlisting the support of George Clooney (Danny Ocean) to pad that total at a dinner event that will cost people up to $353,400 to attend.”

Clowney Says: We Are The People, Let US help You. [Disclaimer: I love Clooney's Loony Acting.]

Clowney Says: We Are The People, Let US help You. [Disclaimer: I love Clooney’s Loony Acting.]

According to Politico, that is the sum those who want to sit at the table closest to Clinton are being asked to raise or contribute for an April 15 event in San Francisco that the Clooneys are hosting.

Compare this with the Roman Republic, where, for centuries, the wealth of families had an absolute cap. When that cap blew away from globalization (which allowed to escape Roman legislation),

The Roman Republic got mortally wounded by the rise of plutocratization. It took centuries to die, until emperor Constantine could proclaim: …”the Highest Divinity may perhaps be roused not only against the human race but also against myself, to whose care he has by his celestial will committed the government of all earthly things.” Official letter from Constantine, dated 314 AD.


Facebook Censors Anti-Clinton Links:

The monopolists (not the geniuses, the monopolists) of Silicon Valley have profited immensely from their connection to the Washington establishment, Deep State, generous subsidies, and non-application of anti-monopoly laws passed more than a century ago by Teddy Roosevelt.

Emails surfaced in the last few days of the connections between the likes of Hillary Clinton and the richest people in the Silicon Valley. Some people quoted them and provided links in their facebook pages: that was blocked.

Of course, this may change. The Silicon Valley monopolists are afraid that Trump will fire them. So they let it be known that they approved of a $15 an hour minimum wage in California. Which was duly passed. A higher minimum wage beats Sanders or Trump, any day.


Trump Is Saying Allies Will Pay, But They Already Do:

America First? Since when was it second? Superficially, it looks as if the USA pays for a lot of things. And it’s true. However, what is superficially true, is not necessarily so, viewed in toto.

The USA profits stealthily of its apparent generosity: most contemporary world institutions, especially the economic ones, have been set-up to the advantage of the USA. It’s not by coincidence that the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund are based between Washington and New York. Those leading international institutions are entangled with Wall Street, and the Judicial Institutions of New York, let alone the American Congress and the US presidency, which are habituated to behave as if they have jurisdiction on the entire planet.

If one ask other nations to pay for services the USA provides right now for free, the same nations will not be as keen to provide the USA with the privileges it presently enjoy.

Ah, last, but not least. Trump has said he would erect a wall between the USA and Mexico, and that Mexico will pay for it. Clinton played that like a violin, ironically musing about “the very tall, beautiful wall“… She forgot an important detail, and so do her frantic $350,000 a seat partisans: the wall already exists, it’s fully functional. And it was paid by US taxpayers. OK,  in some places, parched, water-less, road-less desert patrolled by infrared vision drones, is not technically a wall. Yet, it’s even more effective than the gigantic double walls crowned by barbed wire that the European Union erected in some places. The desert is a very dangerous place, festering with rattlesnakes, and even jaguars…

Patrice Ayme’

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6 Responses to “Clinton Pluto Campaign, Trump Delusion”

  1. SDM Says:

    so what shall we do next rather than merely identify and complain? plutocracy must be brought down – is there the will to do it?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Understanding is preliminary to destruction of the opponent. Yesterday I was talking with near underclass people, and they expressed their distaste for Sanders, viewing him as old… Many have expressed this feeling. A friend in New York, somewhat big time guy, told me Clinton had a better grasp of issues, bla bla bla… At this point, clearly, one should go all out supporting Sanders (that also supports Trump where Trump is more progressive than Clinton, BTW…)

      They are all not enraged enough

      Rage helps gathering will. Seeing the doubleface facebooks types doing their doubleface thing, or tripleface, Clinton, NSA, $$$$$ helps…


  2. indravaruna Says:

    Zionist-Americans only have contempt for the French, if France was truly great would try to break free from the Zionist-Anglo-American Empire.


  3. indravaruna Says:

    How a French-Israeli grifter became a money-laundering pioneer in China, Gilbert Chikli was rolling in money, stolen from some of the world’s biggest corporations. His targets: Accenture. Disney. American Express. In less than two years, he made off with at least 6.1 million euros.

    Jews are natural scam artists.


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