Crazy Physics Helps With Overall Madness?

Quantum Physics has long been a circus. When De Broglie proposed his thesis, his  thesis jury (which comprised top physicists, including a Nobel Laureate) did not know what to make of it, and consulted Einstein. Einstein was enthusiastic, saying de Broglie “lifted a piece of the veil”. Three years later, de Broglie got the Nobel and proposed his pilot wave theory. Pauli made an objection, de Broglie replied to it with the consummate politeness of the Prince he was, and thus the reply was not noticed. Five years after, the great mathematician Von Neumann asserted a “proof” that there was no Quantum Mechanics but for the one elaborated in Copenhagen. De Broglie’s objections were not listened to. Another two decades later, David Bohm presented de Broglie theory at the Institute for Advanced Physics in Princeton. But Bohm was drowned by question about why he had refused to testify at the Committee on Anti-American Activities in Congress (the American born Bohm promptly lost his job at Princeton University and his US passport, and would leave the US forever).

The usual interpretation of Quantum Physics consider that the De Broglie Matter Waves therein are only probability waves. This idea of Nobel Laureate Born has eschewed controversy. However Einstein sourly remarked: “God does not play with dice.” To which Nobel Laureate Bohr smartly replied:”Stop telling God what to do!

Qubits Are Real. But The Multiverse Is Madness

Qubits Are Real. But The Multiverse Is Madness. And Madness Is Contagious.

De Broglie suggested a “Double Solution” theory, which was promptly forgotten as Dirac launched Quantum ElectroDynamics by starting from the simplest relativistic wave, and building the (spinor) space he needed to have said wave wave in it.  Bohm revived (some of) De Broglie’s ideas by proposing to guide an always well defined particle with a (nonlocal) “quantum potential”.


And The Madness Set In:

Nowadays, descriptions of Quantum Physics are keen to assert that something can be in two places at the same time, that there are many worlds, or universes, created each time something happen, that cats are dead and alive, that the observer creates reality, etc…

All this derangement affecting physicists has something to do with a collective madness similar to the pseudo-scientific theories behind the Slave Trade, Stalinism, or Nazism.

No, I am not exaggerating. The theory behind enslaving Black Africans (going all the way back to the Middle Ages) was that Black Africans were, somehow, the missing link between man and ape. That’s why the Pope allowed the slave trade.

Neither am I exaggerating about fascism: the Nazis were actually obsessed by the new physics, a world where everything seemed possible. They called it “Jewish Physics”, and several Nobel laureates (Lenard, etc.), top mathematicians (say Teichmuller, who died on the Eastern Front in combat) were its opponents.

It contributed to suggest an overall mood:’if anything is possible, why not surrealism, fascism, Stalinism, Nazism?’

Germany has long led, intellectually (not to say France did not lead too, but it was the great opponent). Thus when top physicists became Nazis even before Hitler did, they no doubt impressed the latter by their attacks on “Jewish Science”.

The madness was not confined to the Nazis, stricto sensu. An excellent example is Max Planck, discoverer of the Quantum.

Planck accepted Einstein’s paper on “The Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies” without references… When it was sure that Planck knew about the work of Poincare’, Lorentz, Fitzgerald, Michelson-Morley, etc. on Relativity. Poincaré  was a star, and had toured the USA, delivering lectures on “Relativity” the year prior.

So what was Planck up to? Promoting the German arriviste to the cost of the most accomplished mathematician and physicist, because the latter was a Frenchman. (Poincaré , who was as elevated a character as can be found, nevertheless complained about Einstein plagiarism later.) Not only was  Poincaré French, but his family was refugee from the occupation of Lorraine by the Prussians. Raymond Poincaré, who was prime minister of France several times and president of the French Republic during World War I, was Henri’s cousin.

This is of some import, in the understanding of ideas, to this day: Poincaré  discovered the idea of gravitational waves, and explained why all interactions should go at the speed of light. Scientists who published (stole) the same ideas later could not copy all of  Poincaré ’s arguments, it would have been too obvious (that they stole the ideas), so those important details of  Poincaré  have been forgotten… And this haunts physics to this day

I believe that this is how the extremely all too relative, theory of Relativity a la Einstein appeared: Einstein could not duplicate all of  Poincaré’s details, so he omitted (some of) them… Resulting in a (slick) theory with a glaring defect: all classes of frames in uniform motion are supposed to be equivalent, a blatant absurdity (as even the Big Bang theory imposes a unique class of comoving frames). This brought a lot of (on-going) confusion (say about “rest” mass).

Planck did not stop with stealing Relativity from  Poincaré, and offering it to the Great German empire.

Planck endorsed the general excitement of the German public, when Germany attacked the world on August 1, 1914. He wrote that, “Besides much that is horrible, there is also much that is unexpectedly great and beautiful: the smooth solution of the most difficult domestic political problems by the unification of all parties (and) … the extolling of everything good and noble.”

Planck also signed the infamous Manifesto of the 93 intellectuals“, a pamphlet of war propaganda (while Einstein at the academy in Berlin, retained a pacifistic attitude which almost led to his imprisonment, although he was saved by his Swiss citizenship). The Manifesto, ironically enough, enumerated German war crimes, while denying (‘not true’) that they had happened. It did not occur to the idiots who had signed it, that just denying this long litany of crimes was itself a proof that they had occurred… And it’s telling they had to deny them: the German population obviously was debating whether those crimes had happened, now that the war was not doing well.

Planck got punished for his nationalism: his second son Erwin was taken prisoner by the French in 1914. His eldest son Karl died at Verdun (along with another 305,000 soldiers). When he saw Hitler was destroying Germany, Planck went to see the dictator, to try to change his mind, bringing to his attention that he was demolishing German universities. But to no avail. In January 1945, Erwin, to whom he had been particularly close, was sentenced to death by the obscene and delirious Nazi “people” court, the Volksgerichtshof. Because Erwin participated in the failed attempt to make a coup against the criminal Hitler in July 1944. Erwin was executed on 23 January 1945 (along with around 5,000 German army officers, all the way to Feldmarshal).

So what to think of the “Multiverse”, “Dead and Alive Cats”, Things which are in different places at the same time, etc.? Do they have to do with suggesting, even promoting, a global reign of unreason?

I think they do. I think the top mood contaminate lesser  intellectuals, political advisers, even politicians themselves. Thus political and social leaders feel anything goes, so, next thing you know, they suggest crazy things, like self-regulating finance, trade treaties where plutocrats can sue states (apparently one of the features of TPP and TTIP), or a world which keeps on piling CO2, because everything is relative, dead, thus alive, and everywhere is the same, here, there and everywhere, since at the same place, in space, time, or whatever.

Physics, historically, was not just a model of knowledge, but of rational rectitude. This has been lost. And it was lost from technical reasons, discarding other approaches, in part because of sheer nationalism.

In the 1960s John Bell, the Irishman who was director of theory at CERN, published a book with his famous theorem on nonlocality inside:”Speakables and Unspeakables in Quantum Mechanics”. A title full of hidden sense.

Patrice Ayme

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10 Responses to “Crazy Physics Helps With Overall Madness?”

  1. brodix Says:

    In your prior post, you suggest building better computers would help solve our issues.
    The way nature solves problems, often caused by compounding complexity and too much information, is to push the reset button and go back to a lower level of complexity and erase lots of information, good and bad.
    Now if we could learn to modulate that process, such that when our systems peek, we recognize it as such and appreciate the party for what it was and take the lessons learned home, not just pour more gin into the punch bowl.
    So there is much that has been missed, stolen and malformed. Hopefully we will go back and set the record straight, but I’m afraid they just pulled out another bottle of gin.
    Hopefully it won’t take as long to fix as epicycles.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      They are drunk on the Multiverse, indeed. That and David Hume’s racism, and Jefferson/Locke hypocrisy, not to say Big Lie technique…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hyper powerful computers will change how scientists will work. They will “work” more like me, hahaha… Meaning the computer will work, and the humans will think.
      However, I think a full Quantum Computer with lots of qubits will emerge with behavior not distinguishable from sentience…
      Overall, intelligence has been going up in the last 550 million years (with a possible decrease after the quasi extinction of Neanderthals…)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The Epicycles debacle happened because Rome was ruled by mechanical Massimos anxious to please their masters, and exerting terror against all those who disagreed. New ideas got killed. Rebel thinkers, extinguished, executed, devoured by beasts. The epicycles guys had cheated, Count Tycho demonstrated that to his satisfaction, using the same instruments.


  2. ianmillerblog Says:

    What you find amongst physicists is (a) they don’t understand quantum mechanics, (b) they refuse to admit it, and (c) they take refuge behind a formalism that produces some impressive-looking relationships that somehow fail to admit to the wave nature. As you may know, I am a strong supporter of the proposition that there is a wave. But now, if you assume that properties like diffraction are caused by a wave or something wave-like, you might well argue (as I do, but seemingly nobody else does) that the phase velocity of the wave should equal the particle velocity, leaving aside the uncertainty in the velocity. Now, by combining the Einstein and de Broglie wave equations, you find that the required energy in the system is twice that of the kinetic energy of the particle. My interpretation, therefore, is that the wave transmits energy, which is what all waves do, and the probabilistic interpretation is correct, but only by the accident that the energy density happens to equal the mass density, because energy is proportional to mass.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Ian: Agreed. If they understood Quantum Mechanics, they would stop with the silly stuff they enunciate. Some, though, just because they enunciate such madness, are full professors at Stanford (for example; I am thinking of Linde, among others). The formalism you allude to in your point c) is caused mostly because, the higher the energy, the shorter the wavelength, the more particle like the behavior. So High Energy physics enable to eschew Quantum Physics (mostly).

      I believe in the wave too, of course. Of course a full wave, a real wave, is NONLINEAR! Therein the problem, as there is no mathematical guidance (mathematicians spending too much time with infinity mathematics, they have no developed practical math as much as they should).


      • ianmillerblog Says:

        Maybe, Patrice, but I am a chemist, and I got into this because the standard theory of the chemical bond is an impossible to follow (because nobody explains in detail what they are doing) and involves near impossible computational requirements.

        By assuming there is linear wave addition, I showed the bond in the hydrogen molecule is mental arithmetic (to within 0.3% accuracy. If you wish to include a number of minor additions (relativistic correction, magnetic interactions, etc, it gets a bit more complicated.) So i am happy stick with linearity.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Ian: Congratulations! You did well! Wave linearity is, of course, the first order, what we know as Quantum Mechanics. The second order would be relativistic corrections (which Dirac succeeded to make work, by generalizing the concept of waves, thus getting from the Klein-Gordon equation, that relativistic analogue to a vibrating string, a second order hyperbolic PDE to the correct first order PDE, the Dirac equation).

          To get to SUB QUANTUM PHYSICS, SQP, the evolution of the waves, from linear to points, will have to be described. Thus SQP will use mathematics which don’t exist (yet). SQP will be asymptotically linear.

          SQP will explain the Quantum. In particular its unpredictability. Or the nature of the wave packet (a non-linear effect). It does make one prediction: Dark Matter. Another is that making a real Quantum Computer should be fiendishly hard, if at all possible.


  3. EFP Says:

    If I may, I’d like to suggest you take a look at


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Excellent! Thanks! I was aware of the field, but that video is really better than anything I saw before.

      The whole problem with Sub Quantum Physics (SQP) is that we have NO MATHEMATICAL model. Mathematics is actually physics in disguise. So now we have the physics of the droplets to look at, and get inspired from.

      Another problem is that the Standard Model + Big Bang is viewed as a GUT and TOE (Theory Of Everything). So the best and brightest, when not going into finance, go into that…


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