Corrupt CEOs & Their Evil Boards

Plutocracy is a global phenomenon. It is worldwide, and it integrates fully religious extremism, which is part of its arsenal. The corporate board of Renault-Nissan is made of CEOs of other corporations. The board decided that Carlos Goshn, its CEO, deserved 15 million euros in 2016. Never mind that 54% of the shareholders voted against it. Never mind that the French government, which holds 16% of the shares of Renault-Nissan was outraged by it. In this world, CEO boards and their CEOs are a church of their own, ruling the world.

CEOs and their boards argue they are exceptional, irreplaceable, and they could get a job somewhere else. However, many in France dare to now point out that if such is the case, they should be fired, go get their job somewhere else, and that many in France are trained, willing and capable of replacing them and playing CEO for much less money.

Notice That The Ratio Between CEO & Workers Salaries Exploded Up Under The Clintons. Just As Corporate Profits Exploded Up Under Obama, Higher Than Ever (Why Taxes On the Wealthy Peaked Down To Lowest Ever).

Notice That The Ratio Between CEO & Workers Salaries Exploded Up Under The Clintons. Just As Corporate Profits Exploded Up Under Obama, Higher Than Ever (Why Taxes On the Wealthy Peaked Down To Lowest Ever).

(For exploding up corporate profits, consult my “Doomed Dems“, and the Federal Reserve Economic Data graphs therein. Confronted to catastrophic, anti-democratic evolutions under their reigns, the Clinton-Obama crowd of “leaders” and “advisers” and sycophants, always accuse the Republicans. If “Republicans” are always in charge when “Democrats” rule, why to vote for the latter?)

Extravagant CEO salaries convey the mood that extravagant inequality should rule the world. That the world cannot function without extravagant, horrid inequality.

In truth CEOs are not as important as engineers. In France, a musician and engineer found a way to 3D PRINT a violin similar in sonic quality to the proverbial “Stradivarius”. The 3D printed violin is lighter, stronger, and is made in one part, so it does not have parasitic sound generated by the junctions between different parts (as in traditionally made violins).

Meanwhile in California, in a university lab, after years of trying, a researcher and her colleagues found a way to coat the nanowires used in Lithium batteries, which allows said batteries to cycles 200,000 times before a diminution of function (something which happens after 7,000 cycles in existing batteries.)

Also in California, a French professor (now in Berlin) and her UC Berkeley colleague found a revolutionary gene selecting technique.

Such individuals are the real creators. They are the hard-to-replace persons. They are also the sort of people, inventors, creators, thinkers, we need, as the biosphere threatens to go up in smoke.

Extravagantly high CEO pay not a question of “capitalism”, or “offer and demand”: in the graph above one can see that CEOs used to paid much less, relative to the average workers. And it was the same for all celebrities, including in sports and acting. Still “capitalism” was doing just fine. Actually, private capitalism was then a larger part of the economy.

Thus the rise of the mood conducive to high CEO, and other celebrities’ salaries has nothing to do with the “invisible hand” of the market. Instead, the mood of high CEO salaries is synchronous with the rise of plutocracy (lower taxes on the richest, maximal tax avoidance enabled for the richest, influence of the richest on politics, etc.).

So what is going on?

Moods make the ground from which ideas grow. Outrageous salaries for boards and CEOs make the mood more favorable to plutocrats.

An example: nowadays, major plutocrats like the kings of Saudi Arabia and Morocco, or the Sultan of Turkey, finance ideologies in countries such as Belgium. More precisely, those plutocrats finance the ideology known as Salafist Islam (which is supposed to strangle Islam, the way it used to be in Belgium, for generations, namely low key, Belgian state financed, Sufist).

Thus one sees that the rise of Islamism is actually related to the rise of CEO salaries. And this ties up to “climate denial”, as major plutocrats and their corporations support the latter. Facing the plutocratic phenomenon, one is confronted to a high dimensional metastasis of the soul. Celebritism and CEO salaries are part of it. No wonder that it is hard to treat, and beat back plutocracy: acting punctually here, or there, displaces the problem, instead of treating it.

One speaks of globalization. Left unsaid is that this is globalization of evil.

Patrice Ayme’

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8 Responses to “Corrupt CEOs & Their Evil Boards”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Yeap, more of the same. Same as the corporate profits. Why do you think Obama wanted them high?

    Please stop harassing the president: he was too busy playing golf, and these guys will pay his salary in a few months, so ehat’s your problrm? You racidt, or something? Can’t let a Harvard graduate son of a Harvard graduate politico make a living commensurate to his exalted status in life?

    Stop whining and learn to love your bosses, same as in North Korea. And it’ not as bad as NK, please pay attention.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, well North Korea is of little consequence… Although it could destroy the West Coast of the US (soon). Among other things. The US is all too often a big bad example… Although sometimes it can lead: see California’s policies which are increasingly planet friendly, in spite of a huge economic boom…


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    Keep banging the drum! For out there there are more and more drums beating to the same rhythm, sending the same message, and it may become just too deafening for these CEOs to hear themselves think!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, yes, Paul. But I am getting tendonitis a bit. Now that Obama is getting out of the way, I am going to feel better, the whole experience has been harrowing. Did so much for him, just to see him doing the exact opposite, all the way to helping the richest and most twisted, and these horrendous drone strikes on unknown civilians….

      And I was, I am, a partisan of the British night, area bombing over German cities in World War Two! That was necessary, and the Germans were culprit of having elected and followed like murderous sheep, the Nazis. That way the Germans were more culprit than the Japanese (who did not vote).


  3. EugenR Says:

    Yes, CEOs. It is all about corporate system, where CEOs answer to no one except to an other CEO, who makes favors to a colleague, who will do the same when it is needed. This is anti capitalism and not capitalism. The owners, who are the real capitalists, have no say. The investors became casino players, who are blinded by the mirage of the fast profits, that tend to disappear with the same speed as they appear.


  4. ianmillerblog Says:

    Part of the problem is the CEO salaries are set by the people whose salaries are effectively set by the CEO. To me it is appalling that salaries can be set that way. It should be proportional to the benefit the CEO brings. Very occasionally it is arguable that a CEO is worth huge income, but most of the time the CEO is just an average administrator.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Some banks have put 4 years delays in CEO salary payments… None of this is enough. A very large rate of imposition on multi-million dollars income would be the radical solution. The one and only.
      Republican Rome has more: an absolute cap to wealth.


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