Exit Or Exist, That Is The Question.


People are ruled by moods first, ideas next. A mood can be defined by a set of neurohormones, themselves produced by organs and subsystems in the brain. In other words, moods are massive things, with lots of inertia, and vast influence: moods create the medium, the nutrients in which neurons grow and prosper. Ideas are much more precise things tied up to neuronal networks (which bathed in the moods themselves). Ideas can be changed by changing a few neuronal networks. Moods need, to be changed, enormous mental changes. And there is worse: moods change genetics. In some species, female fishes without males turn into males, or even super-males. Similarly, many a human without hope turns into a raging lunatic. And much more so when entire tribes have lost hope. As the Brits did. With democracy.

In 1945, the white British population was 40 millions. Their descendants are around 40 millions, to this day. So how come that, in recent years, the British population played catch-up with much larger France? Immigration. Immigration organized by British plutocracy to present endured servants to work for very cheap and enormous wealth, stolen World Wide to invest in exchange for cooperating with this organized, World Wide crime (France had very little immigration in the meantime).

Hence the racial anxiety of the white Brits who are de-whited under their own unbelieving eyes… While being misled about why this is happening exactly. And they, the small, poor, old, all too British impoverished racists swallowed the lie it was all caused by the EU, whereas, in truth, it’s their own plutocracy which made it all possible (immigrants without papers could not work in France or Germany, but could in Britain…)

The World Wide Web of plutocrats is a reality. It’s a community of malevolent spiders busy entangling us in the WWW media they fabricate. Having organized the Brexit vote, plutocrats speculated loudly, with glee, on all the mayhem thus very profitable speculation Brexit, one way or another, would bring. Billionaire George Soros, an ex-Brit, now American, who had forced the British Pound out of the European Currency system, making a billion, recently loudly announced he was returning to trading, because the situation was excellent. He had thirty billion dollars of his own money to entangle with all the juicy action Brexit would bring.  People who think a bit, are full of contempt for the entire Brexit idiocy:  

But First The UK Would Have To Stand At The Back Of The Line, And, Moreover, Would Have Ceased To Exist. Exit Or Exist, That Is The Question

But First The UK Would Have To Stand At The Back Of The Line, And, Moreover, Would Have Ceased To Exist. Exit Or Exist, That Is The Question

Farage, the leader of UKIP, is a commodity broker, son of a City of London stockbroker. Farage, a wealthy man, has worked for two French commodity futures powerhouses. You are talking hard-core plutocracy there. In a  Foreign Press Association speech Farage revealed that over his period as a Member of the European Parliament he had received a total of £2 million of taxpayers’ money in staff, travel, and other expenses. The Farage Family Educational Trust 1654, was set-up in 2013. Farage claimed it to be used “for inheritance purposes”, on the Isle of Man… which, according to Farage was “not a tax haven”, and, anyway, “tax havens are OK”.

Tax havens are not just OK, they are arguably the main industry of Great Britain.

Britons read 13 million newspapers each day. France, with a larger population, only three millions. All these newspapers are pro-Brexit. With the last minutes Times endorsement of “Remain” and the 300,000 readership of The Guardian. This press is so right-wing that it totally censors me (even The Guardian does!): none of my comment was ever published. The hatred of that press extends much beyond Europe. It hates people who dislike fossil fuels or perceives a warming of the atmosphere. And so on.

Why so right-wing racist, pro-plutocratic? Because it is owned by some of the world’s greatest plutocrats. For 30 years, screaming tabloids have told Britons Romanians were coming to steal their houses. In giant capital letters one can read from the other side of the street. Now they believe it.

The reach of plutocratic media is far out: I was walking through a Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens), reading the Wall Street Journal. A lying graph was exhibit number one: to show how much Socialist france and the Euro Zone were inferior, Great Britain was represented with a GDP more than 20% larger than France’s. Of such lies minds are made. (In truth French GDP is larger than Britain’s and the two countries had the same growth since 2008).  

The Wall Street Journal is owned by Murdoch the very old heir of a media fortune founded by his ancestors in Perth, Australia. Murdoch is now Americans and live in the US. He owns American tabloids and the all-powerful FOX News. Among others things. He has said that British Prime Ministers listen to him, and Brussels does not.

A long litany of celebrities has supported Brexit, from the actress Elizabeth Hurley who played Satan in a movie, to Sir Mick Jagger, a pipsqueak  who, comically enough, thinks he is Satan, although he is just a social climbers anxious to have the advisers of the conservative PM listen to his political advice (probably mostly about tax havens all over) to the Daltrey of The Who,  who called Eurocrats “fuckers”. Well, f… you, efer. 30,000 Eurocrats enable the single market of more than 500 million people. And they are immensely poor, relative to Mr. Daltrey’s fortune. Or Sir Michael Caine, another rich comedian brought back to Britain by all these tax havens, and then having the insolence to whine about Europe… Those individuals who love to bow in front of their plutocrat-in-chief, the Queen, interestingly never complain that said plutocrat-in-chief, the Queen of England, in front of whom they grovel, gets more than 500,000 Euros of European subventions on just one of her many castles, every single year. Of course, I am for reducing those sorts of payments to plutocrats to absolute zero. It is revealing the old super rich pro-Brexit abusers never complain about them.

All these wealthy old fogies are afraid that Franco-Germania is going to crack-down on their English plutocracy, and force them to pay taxes like other people in Europe. The under-35 group is twice more for remaining in the EU than the above 65 old gizzard turkeys.

The Brexit vote should just be the call to arms for those who want an ever closer European Union. Britain wanted to be fence off, and Cameron extracted these concessions. Let them be: isolate Britain, and cut it off. Stat with the British membership in the European Monetary Union, which should be terminated.

Once an individual, or a mass of individuals has opted to be neurohormonally immersed in hatred, their brain, and probably even their genetics, changed (that’s the essence of epigenetics). The Britons who hate Europe have been genetically modified, like the majority of Germans who ended supporting Adolf Hitler. About half Britons who vote are epigenetically engineered robots serving the empire of plutocracy. Let them be, in a safe, remote location.

Patrice Ayme’

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23 Responses to “Exit Or Exist, That Is The Question.”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Strong essay. Right now, the hating lunatics are leading. Seems Wales voted for leave, just because they want to leave (the UK)


  2. SDM Says:

    Emotion- moods- generally prevails over reason – ideas- as the reptile brain is triggered by the carefully phrased slogans of plutocracy. Facts do not matter- it is going with gut feeling that is the preferred behavior. Much like the Drumpf phenomenon in USA.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Trump drums for Brexit, indeed.Even better than facts which do not matter, there are facts one invents. Like Murdoch’s media telling us UK GDP is 23% bigger than France’s… Brexit: Those who control the moods, to control the minds.


  3. Picard578 Says:

    “The refugee crisis shows that the European Union needs to a MILITARY Empire.”

    First thing first. Before anything else can be done, European Union needs to be taken back from the plutocrats who control it right now.

    “The European Union we have now, ironically enough, is British enforced: all about a free market. With Britain kicked out, Franco-Germania, the European dream of the Franks which resisted to all the invasion and blockade of Europe by the Muslims, will re-assert itself. ”

    Yes, neoliberal no-borders free-trade areas is what British Empire was always about. Britain built its empire because of free trade, it started Opium Wars to keep Chinese markets open, it started First World War to secure trade routes to East, it helped bring Hitler to power to defend against Communism, it formed two Yugoslavias to secure Balkans route against the Germany. So yeah, I’d say that Britain really needs to be kicked out of the European Union, and EU itself has to take measures to preserve nation-states that make it up, and their cultural, linguistic, ethnic etc. heritage. Diversity is Europe’s greatest treasure, and it is diversity which produces ideas. Which is why plutocrats use multiculturalistic melting pots to destroy said diversity.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      There are plutocrats and plutocrats. Barroso vacationing for a week on a Greek plutocrat yacht, just before a major EU decision interesting said ship magnate, or JC Junkers organizing Luxembourg as a tax haven, is small potatoes. British tax havens, are, relatively, huge…

      We seem to agree, except, as I have documented, it’s rather the US which guided, incited the half insane megalomaniac Kaiser down the path to attack France and Russia. Colonel House saw the Kaiser on June 1, 1914, proposed an alliance…
      What should be done is to kick the UK out of the EMU. EMU = EUROPEAN MONETARY UNION. It can self kick out of the EU, who cares?


    • pshakkottai Says:

      Diversity and common politics are two different things. Example, in India which is as diverse as Europe, political union exists and no state suffers austerity. Europe is not politically united and finds it difficult to handle much diversity.
      India has a mandate to share money between states and creates fiat money in common.
      Europe requires exact trade between states which is impossible. All European states operate in foreign money, not created FISCAL DEFICITS.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        For whichever reason (plutocratic propaganda through pluto held newspapers), Britain does not want to be part of an UNION, indeed. Britain wanted only the advantages of the Union, and called it a “block” or “club”. The others gave Britain thoise advantages, thinking Britain would be grateful. However, the media holding plutocrats saw clearly that Europe, with the French generated equalitarian spirit gaining steam, was on a collision with the inequalitarian world machine headed by Britain. So they craftily used the discontent that machine created and led it to make it a weapon against a (relatively much more) democratic union.

        It was subtle, Machiavellian, but nothing we have not seen before, say with Nazism, or Stalinism, or Maoism, or North Koreanism… Or the entire European Middle Ages for that matter, or Islam, or the “Christian” Inquisition. Or the assassination of Caesar. In all these cases, people claiming something used it to acquire power and do the exact opposite. Why? Because there is no better smokescreen and mirrors than to claim something and doing the opposite. Obamacare would be an example (sure enough, life expectancy of Americans has started to come down).


  4. ianmillerblog Says:

    Britain has now left, and my opinion is that the masses have decided that the incumbent plutocrats have got to stop ruling, so they will smash anything. The trouble is, change does not have to be for the better. Equally, no change means the incumbents win. The ordinary masses seemingly can’t win. Given the general discomfort with incumbent governments, it is surprising that some leader does not emerge from the masses, but if there is one, so far he/she is rather obscure.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Britain has NOT left. The referendum was only “consultative”. Article 50 needs to be activated first. Even then, the UK won’t have left. Cameron, soon to resign will not activate it. Then there will be negotiations. France and Germany will probably take a very hard line. As all my essays say, it’s the plutocrats which fabricated the present English anti-EU craze. Just as with Hitler, they presented their puppets as anti-plutocratic. Farage himself is a plutocrat.

      England is plutocracy central: see AIG London’s unit, 2008… It could not have operated anywhere else… (Unlawful trading in the US)


      • ianmillerblog Says:

        Fair enough – it hasn’t left yet. My comment meant they have voted to leave. My guess is there will not necessarily be hard lines. The real problem arises from Germany, who asked, “What does the UK want?” Seemingly they don’t know, which is just outright insulting. Why do that off y9u haven’t got some sort of a reason?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Cameron starts leaving by staying. Then his successor can do what comes next, whatever that is. Another vote, the other way, led by Boris Johnson, is entirely imaginable, in my opinion.


  5. picard578 Says:

    Patrice, if you want to know what is behind something, you need to take a look at who the financiers are. And it seems that plutocrats prefer the UK to stay in the EU:

    “Various UK multinationals have stated that they would not like the UK to leave the EU because of the uncertainty it would cause, such as Shell,[110] BT[111] and Vodafone,[112] with some assessing the pros and cons of Britain exiting.[113] The banking sector is one of the most vocal advocating to stay in the EU, with the British Bankers Association saying: “Businesses don’t like that kind of uncertainty”.[114] RBS has warned of potential damage to the economy.[115] Furthermore, HSBC and foreign-based banks JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank claim a Brexit might result in the banks’ changing domicile.[116][117] According to Goldman Sachs and the City of London’s policy chief, all such factors could impact on the City of London’s present status as a European and global market leader in financial services.[118][119] In February 2016, leaders of 36 of the FTSE 100 companies, including Shell, BAE Systems, BT and Rio Tinto, officially supported staying in the EU.[120] Moreover, 60% of the Institute of Directors and the EEF memberships supported staying.[121]”

    “Surveys of large UK businesses show a strong majority favour the UK remaining in the EU.[127] Small and medium-sized UK businesses are more evenly split.[127] Polls of foreign businesses find that around half would be less likely to do business in the UK, while 1% would increase their investment in the UK.[128][129][130] Two large car manufacturers – Ford and BMW – warned in 2013 against Brexit, suggesting it would be “devastating” for the economy.[131] Conversely, in 2015, some other manufacturing executives told Reuters that they would not shut their plants if the UK left the EU, although future investment might be put at risk.[132] The CEO of Vauxhall stated that a Brexit would not materially affect its business.[133] Foreign-based Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda confirmed that, whether or not Britain left the EU, Toyota would carry on manufacturing cars in Britain as they had done before.[134]”

    Basically, City of London, multinational corporations, domestic and foreign banks, large manufacturing corporations are all AGAINST BREXIT. If plutocracy actually favors UK staying in the EU, then there is no way I can support it. There is one more reason why I’m in support of BREXIT:

    “The German economist Clemens Fuest wrote that at present there is a liberal, free trade bloc in the EU comprising the UK, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Slovakia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania which control 32% of the votes in the European Council and stands in opposition to the dirigiste, protectionist policies favoured by France and its allies.[173] Germany with its “social market” economy stands midway between the French dirigiste economic model and the British free market economic model. From the German viewpoint, the existence of the liberal bloc allows Germany to play off free market Britain against dirigiste France, and that if Britain were to leave, the liberal bloc would be severely weakened, thereby allowing the French to take the EU into a much more dirigiste direction that would be unattractive from the standpoint of Berlin.[173]”


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Picard: There are bad plutocrats and worse plutocrats. The worst ones wanted to leave, those who are less bad, wanted to stay. The divide was between those who want to pay tax, and the others. Between the Darkest, and those who condescend concessions.
      Financiers were divided between the true pirates, as I have explained, and in the investment bankers, etc.

      London was basically a price paid to insure elite British cooperation. London became Europe, and even the world’s financial capital. As a result. Now this is over… Except if there is another vote… de facto, the French lead the EU militarily. So that makes the French Republic the natural dirigiste. As I pointed out, right now there is a division of labor between France and Germany. Merkel is NOT opposing France militarily/diplomatically as she did during the ultimate destruction of Qaddafi. She has opted for second knife cooperation with France, and let France run her deficits. France has let Merkel run the refugees, with the result of… Brexit. Brexit could turn out excellent for France. And Europe.

      To look at British plutocracy does not explain all. One has to look at GLOBAL plutocracy, including of the Russian sort. They are the ones behind Brexit. Murdoch and its crooked press in the USA is an example. Plutocrats who dwell only inside the EU are all against Brexit, naturally. But they are intrinsically more European nationalist, than those with the most influence… For example the Murdoch dynasty, which rules, and rules England… from New York.

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      • picard578 Says:

        European Union is plutocracy’s project. If you take a look at history, all countries that got taken over by plutocracy wanted to enforce free trade, open markets, open borders, financial deregulation, reduction in areas of state control. Sound familiar? It should – that is basically a list of requirements that European Comission requires any new EU countries to submit to, and what EU is in its nature. Therefore EU is a clear plutocracy, and being transnational, it is far harder to rein in. What is more, there are clear signs of transnational cooperation between European and Angloamerican plutocrats, and a push for North Atlantic Union.

        Maybe the situation will improve now that the Trojan horse is out of the house. But unless European Commission is put under control, there is no hope for democracy in the EU. EU itself is under too much influence from the New York / Washington plutocrats to allow any kind of democracy, and the European Commission is plutocracy’s office in the EU.


    • EugenR Says:

      All you are saying is better a British plutocrat, than any kind of Plutocrat. Still the Russian-Saudi investors will take over. As to the British middle class, they will fell into the low class, as everywhere else, after the AI machines will take over their engineering and white color jobs (very soon). So no rescue from plutocracy unless a revolution will destroy all and all will have to start from the very beginning from the caveman state.


      • picard578 Says:

        Plutocracy will destroy itself… nuclear genie is out of the bottle, and not coming back in. Which means that global nuclear war is only a question of time. But human societies are idiots with no long-term memory, so even with a fresh start we will just repeat all the same mistakes.


        • EugenR Says:

          Hopefully the AI robots will take over, and marginalize the human species to museum exposition as an example of humanoid species extinct due to its stupidity. The human stuffed will stand next of the Neanderthals, exposing specie extinct by the humans.


  6. EugenR Says:

    The next most logical (British logic) step is to sell Buckingham palace to the Saudis and to convert it to a mosque greater than the one in Regent park.


  7. indravaruna Says:

    Soros wanted the UK in the EU like all the Anglo-Jewish elite, you say that the EU is the Franco-German Empire when in fact is a American satellite and compliment to NATO.

    You should be happy Patrice, the Anglo-Jewish elite has only contempt for the French and Continental Europe.


  8. EugenR Says:

    “Truth always rests with the minority … because the minority is generally formed by those who really have an opinion, while the strength of a majority is illusory, formed by the gangs who have no opinion. 



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