Brexit’s Engine Of Lies Enlightens Us

Abstract: The mood that led to Brexit is silly, racist, xenophobic, infuriated and infuriating, irrational and hopeless. However, that mood blossomed from perfectly understandable reasons. So it has an emotional logic that the logic of simple statistics do not carry. One perfectly understandable reason is that British leaders (Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown) were firmly hell-bent to make Britain into Europe’s superpower (not bad for a country which started with a GDP smaller than Italy). So these UK Prime Ministers got people and money wherever, by whatever means, possible: the most primitive manual workers, and the worst tyrants’ stolen wealth were equally welcome, no questions asked.

That flood of people and money worked well, until it became intolerable to the original English population, which was priced-out, and told centuries of civilization should go to the trashcan, to leave space to savages and plutocrats. PM Cameron promised to stop this satanic immigration machine (of people, plutocrats, tax havens, and capital), but he could not (in great part because he confused legal European immigration and immigration of illegal savages).

One mean for plutocrats to control the world is rule and divide, and the instrument of that has been to accept so-called “multiculturalism”, which says that Western democracy is not superior to the savagery of the past. According to multiculturalism, Pashtun ethics, and local Sharia, local Muslim law, is just as good as 27 centuries of refined Roman Republican law. You can see below Obama blatantly imposing the mood that multiculturalism is good, by advertising for Islam and…tax avoidance.

The present US administration enabled and promoted a crafty, entangled empire of spying, tax-avoidance, deep US state, which is starting to enrage much of the West. Indeed, the English have had enough of this circus of exploitation they are submitted to. One can’t blame them. Too bad the European Union’s plutophile leadership has been all too much of a pseudo-innocent bystander. And by “innocent” I do not mean just morally clueless, but also mentally retarded. In that sense, Brexit spearheads a fully justified rebellion which is not just good, but desperately needed. What is now needed is to divert that energy towards the correct targets, and that means to foster the noble and necessary Union Of Europe, while keeping multiculturalism withing strict Republican guidelines.



So much to talk about, in connection with Brexit! A notion of democracy, identifying it with nationalism was brandished, as if self-obvious. Actually, identifying democracy and nationalism is as wrong as wrong can be. This is one of the most interesting lies which have fed Brexit. But there has been more, lies which have actually brought Britain to the sorry state of hateful division it now festers in. One lie has been that Britain is the second power in Europe, soon to be the first. It’s the attempt to turn that lie into a truth, which disintegrated Britain, as I will show below.

That England outside of London, and some large cities, voted to leave the European Union, was not surprising: Britain got in the EEC (predecessor of the EU), 43 years ago. However, it soon got cold feet. Thus Britain conducted a referendum, 40 years ago, to check whether it wanted to be in Europe, or not (yes, I know, the whole idea is ludicrous: anybody looking at a map can see that Britain is in Europe).

Here is a telling detail: the present leader of the official Labor campaign to “Remain”, in 2016, was, in 1976, AGAINST Europe (when his party was for Europe)! And he did not change. Indeed Jeremy Corbyn said, ten days before the vote, that Britain could not control its immigration problem if it stayed inside the EU. That’s hogwash (France and Germany could control their immigration, and still can; see below Martin Wolff of the Financial Times agreeing with that point of view I long-held). But that hogwash is also the UK Independence Party’s number one argument.

What infuriates, and should infuriate, those who voted for Brexit is exemplified by the following picture. One can see the president of the USA sitting, just after Brexit, with a number of picturesque characters. There is the Muslim woman, advertising her submissive religion, with her giant scarf. Imagine a Christian woman, sitting with a cross a foot long hanging from her neck, next to the US president: people would feel that’s ridiculous. So are submissively dressed women the future? The future of England, Mr. President? That’s what that Muslim woman flaunts. Don’t worry for this oppressed minority: she sits next to Obama because she is a founder, CEO, and probably the latest master spy produced by the NSA-Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship bandwagon. Other people in the panel are the symbolic black, the symbolic woman, and the 50 billion dollar billionaire who could not get a degree, and became hyper rich by ruining England (because Zuck extracted wealth from England, by the billions, selling their information, among other things).

Go On With This Diversity Circus Of Tax Evading Manipulative Spies, and Don't Be Surprised If A White Fascist Backlash Develops, Brexit Style, and Worse, All Over The West

Go On With This Diversity Circus Of Tax Evading Manipulative Spies, and Don’t Be Surprised If A White Fascist Backlash Develops, Brexit Style, and Worse, All Over The West

The preceding is just a panel of lies, just like the Inquisition would put on first stage giant crosses, and innocent children, to proclaim its purity. (Notice that, in the panel above, Trump is on the record protesting the advertising for Islam, and the mass tax evasion of the tech monopolies the US deep state, and Obama, have come to depend upon; Trump has explicitly declared they will have to pay taxes under his reign. Those monopolies have contributed to ruin deep England.)

This is a well-known tactic used by Inquisition, Wahhabis, Stalinists, and others mad with absolute power that:”I want to save you, so I will kill you out of compassion.” It makes them feel good about themselves, while disarming their opposition by claiming to act out of love, not hatred.

The main actors of the EU vote in Britain all hated the European UNION, but some of them hid it by making non-sensical statements: it was just a “club”. Or just a “block”. Or voting “Leave”  would adversely affect the price of housing… When, precisely, the extravagant price of housing was one of the main griefs of those who wanted to vote against the EU.

The main engine of the anti-EU vote was racism (some of it, well justified! Oopss!). Suppose that, in France, to appease the French National Front, the president decided to hold a referendum on “French Independence” and then argued obsessively about it with the head of the National Front. That’s what just happened in Britain, and worse, because no national French political figure ever had as a fanatical anti-Europe position as Nigel Farage, or Jeremy Corbyn did.  

Strikingly, in his victory speech, UKIP’s Farage imitated Hitler’s oratory style, complete with yelling in a syncopated fashion with a gaping mouth, as Adolf used to. This is getting better all the time.

Karen Eilbeck, a British national, and university biology professor in the USA, told me:”I think you mean worse. Gets worse all the time.”

No, I was trying to affect an ironical, cool, British like sense of humor. Sorry if I failed. Farage’s discourse, in content and manner, was strikingly Hitler-like. He even used Hitler’s big lie technique that:”We achieved this without firing a bullet”… exactly a week after MP Jo Cox got three bullets drilled into her, by an anti-European fanatic owner of a cherished Hitler manuscript.



Martin Wolff, the respected (in financial, economic and plutocratic circles) columnist of the Financial Times opined that:

“Cameron the prime minister, took a huge gamble and lost. The fearmongering of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Nigel Farage, The Sun and the Daily Mail has won. The UK, Europe, the west and the world are, this morning, damaged. The UK is diminished and will, quite possibly, end up divided. Europe has lost its second-biggest and most outward-looking power.”

The last few words are sheer propaganda: in which sense is Britain “second-biggest”? In BS? Because it’s not in population (France is larger: up to 70 million belong to families who can partake in French elections, by contrast with less than 65 million in Britain).

OK, the UK is second biggest in military might: France has more nukes, and more vectors for said nukes, all made in France, not bought in the USA, and France has nuclear armed supersonic stand-off missiles that even the US does not have, and the world’s most silent submarines (said even the US military). This means that France has hundreds of nuclear vectors, some strategic nuclear subs, some attack nuclear subs, Barracuda class, some supersonic stealth bombers. Whereas the UK has just four nuclear strategic submarines with US rockets on board.

And France uses her military might by conducting wars in many more countries than Britain. If Britain had joined France against Assad, the US would not have chickened out, Assad would have been eliminated, and there would be no Syrian refugee crisis.

“Second-biggest”? A lie has been circulating in pluto media circles that British GDP is much higher than France. But it’s just a lie contradicted by IMF, World Bank and CIA data. France’s GDP is actually higher. France has also a much more diversified, modern and efficient economy.

Of countless such lies was the mood that Britain was superior yet tortured by the European Union arose. So here we see Wolff decrying something with logic, which he contradicts by building a mood adverse to it.

Only the UK scientific sector, which gets 16% of EU science subsidies when Britain pays only 11% of the EU budget, is world class. British science is clearly the best in Europe, on a par, or better, than French or German science.

Having made a offrand to British bigotry, and delirious self-satisfaction, Martin Wolff proceeds to say a few true, and relevant truths:

“The hinge between the EU and the English-speaking powers has been snapped. This is quite probably the most significant event in British history since the second world war. It could mark an important moment in the west’s retreat from globalisation. It is, above all, a victory of the disappointed and fearful over those confident in the UK’s ability to adapt to change and lead in Europe.

The geography of the outcome reveals that this has also been a revolt of the provinces against a prosperous and globalised London. It is also a revolt against the establishment — political, economic and commercial. Meanwhile, those who consider themselves losers and those who resent the changes in their country, notably the mass immigration, have won.”

Something that made England so much feeling like the “second-biggest” power in Europe, has been, precisely, this sudden and irresponsible mass immigration: London is one of the largest French cities has claimed, rather inaccurately, Boris Johnson (ex-mayor of London and next British PM) .

Wolff again:“Yet the UK might not be the last country to suffer such an earthquake. Similar movements of the enraged exist elsewhere, notably in the US, with the rise of Donald Trump, France, with the rise of Marine Le Pen, and even Germany, with the rise of Alternative for Germany. Others might follow. But, in an act of terrible self-mutilation, the UK has led.”

As I said, the French right-wingers are not dumb enough to give Le Pen a referendum. Moreover, she is a lawyer, not a professional money changer like Farage. Farage, per his employment and his family background, believes in plutocratic finance as an ultimate good.

In Italy, last Sunday, the “Five Star Movement” got two young women elected. One, 37, is now mayor of Rome, the other, 31, mayor of Turin. Italy has its own change of Constitution referendum coming, and it does not look good for Mateo Renzi, its young PM (although older than the chicks above).  What is nice in the passage below is that Wolff lays the blame at the feet of Tony Blair, as I said long ago, and that’s entirely accurate. The European Union had nothing to do with it. And it’s that Blair policy which inflated Britain… And made it nearly the “second-biggest power” in the EU:

“It is one of the great ironies that Tony Blair’s Labour government, with its decision to open the UK at once to migration from the new members of the EU, paved the way to an outcome that will horrify him and his erstwhile colleagues. It is now clear that the failure to introduce safeguards on migration when opening the EU to newer and far poorer members was a mistake. But that is ancient history. Its impact cannot be reversed.”

The French government has been struggling mightily to mitigate such immigration, while Britain did the exact opposite, in its single-minded effort to become the biggest European power. Blair “New Labor” was just new plutocracy. Now it can be seen, even by those long blind.

Instead of becoming the biggest power in Europe, Great Britain will now burn and explode.

Except, of course, if Great Britain is asked to vote again. Don’t underestimate Boris Johnson. Not only does he speak perfect French (learned in Brussels as his dad worked in the EU!), but he wrote, a few months ago, an editorial supporting :Remain” before realizing that supporting “Leave” would make him British PM.

Lies can catch up. Sometimes, thirteen hundred years pass by and the lies are still strong, and suck all the air out of democracy, as in the case of Islam. Sometimes the lies rule for only thirteen years, as they did in the case of Nazism. It all depends. In part upon the fortunes of arms. One thing is sure, though: history, propelled by technology, is going ever faster.

So there Obama was, talking next to a woman with a blatant Muslim religious symbol all over her head and shoulders, religiously listening to the spymaster Zuckerberg, a college dropout worth little more than 50 billion dollars. Zuck went on and on, speaking of power and money, and was thunderously applauded for his trite comments on how conspiracies bring people together. All lies. And lies not understood very well yet.

But those who voted Brexit, seeing this scene, would seethe with anger, and rightly so: Facebook is a lie, the woman with the Muslim scarf is a lie, the wealth of Zuck rests on lies and crimes (not paying taxes), etc. And why is all of this imposed by the leader of the so-called free world? Zuckenberg pointed out that Obama would soon wear a T-shirt, a not so subtle allusion that, within a few months, Obama is nothing, and his creature, Zuck, stronger than ever. Why all this multiculturalism and all this plutocracy to break the English’s honest to goodness civilization? Precisely to break it. And replace it by oligarchy, and that supreme form thereof, plutocracy. What else? And the Brexiteer English are not wrong. This is exactly what is going on. And those who feel like voting for Trump no doubt feel the same…  

Patrice Ayme’


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48 Responses to “Brexit’s Engine Of Lies Enlightens Us”

  1. EugenR Says:

    Patrice, it seems you still believe iin ignorant masses, who can be easily manipulated to Nazism, Communism or for the change Brexitism. The only good thing that happened to UK, in the last years is immigration of young well educated East Europeans, who were ready to take all the jobs, the original British are not ready to do anymore and would force to open UK for emigrants from failed countries like Pakistan. Not that the “British” are more skilled to do professional jobs, but because they are to busy entertaining themselves and others. The main problem of EU is not its bureaucracy, but its reluctance to advocate its form of regime, culture and philosophy among those, who chose to leave their countries, that failed exactly because of the cultural values they import, while flooding Europe. Europe should say, enough with tolerance for culture, that opposes the basics of liberal, humanistic society, the right of individual for choice. Europe should force education to liberal-humanistic-secular values. At the end, if an individual gets the right for free choice out of awareness to all the possibilities, will chose the free society based on individual freedom upon despotism of the community.

    • EugenR Says:

      While staying in England, out of London, I met many of these well educated east European young people, all of them speaking or trying to speak english with perfect English accent, (if there is such a thing). All they want is learning proper English, while doing their job. If they decide to stay after all, in the next generation they will be “British”, as if coming out of stories of Kipling.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The main problems of the EU have been many, one of them the deliberate British misreading of the word: UNION. Let alone “EVER CLOSER UNION”. That’s what the (FRENCH) founders correctly wanted, and the main reason of existence of the EU. The Brits and many biased, ignorant Anglo-Saxons denied this main mission. The EU did not want to confront them. Things changed Friday, June 24. I was pleasantly surprised by the sort of ultimatum the EU presidents sent Britain.

      One has to kill multiculturalism as panacea. The panacea is the old Roman style Republic, complete with anti-plutocratic laws. (See my answer to Aaron; more questions are welcome)

  2. EugenR Says:

    While staying in England, out of London, I met many East European young

  3. aaron Says:

    Patrice….i am curious…at what point in Rome’s decline did it become an oligarchy…? excellent post by the way, thank you…

    • dominique deux Says:

      May I pre-empt Patrice and say that IMHO it was already a full-blown oligarchy and plutocracy when Caesar attempted to reform it. The Republic Brutus killed for was Republican only in the US sense – the rule of the rich for the rich. Which is why latter-day historians, who knew the side their bread was buttered on, always hailed him as a pure-hearted hero (see Plutarch).

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Indeed. Rome fell in plutocracy when it attacked Carthage, Corinth and Numantia, shortly after 150 BCE.

        Brutus was a fake. He was severely corrupt, and well-known to be severely corrupt even by Roman plutocratic standards of the times, which were very high. Caesar was fabulously rich, yet, his main mission was not wealth, but imposing Roman power, the Republic and We The People. So he could not believe the treachery.

        The conflict with Numentia lasted from 153 BCE to 133 BCE…

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Aaron: thanks for the appreciation and the question. There was always a tension in Rome between Populus and Patricians. The latter and the Senate had spearheaded the revolt against Tarquinus Superbus, the last king of Rome. So the Roman Republican revolution had been led by aristocrats (the same happened in the French Revolution of 1789: De Sade, the trigger and match, was a noble, complete with mighty castle, yet imprisoned in the Bastille for writing aplenty, with gory details, that the top politicians were sadistic assassins).

      The Roman system was immensely complicated, and it progressively gave more and more powers to the Popular Tribunes. What broke it was the Punic Wars followed by the globalization which three pre-emptive wars in the Orient brought. Long story, very similar to what we are experiencing now.

      As I mentioned in great details in the past, there were explicit anti-wealth laws in the Roman Republic. They got de facto broken in the period 200-140 BCE. In ways similar to global tax evasion now.At that point, the plutocratic class had blossomed, complete with private armies.

      The Gracchi and Caesar were the ones who came closest to breaking the plutocratic class. They were also the very highest top aristocrats in Rome. And they were assassinated. The assassination of Caesar was so idiotic a concept that Caesar did not believe it could be conceived. Big mistake: never underestimate the idiocy of completely corrupt cretins.

  4. SDM Says:

    So Brexit is akin to the Trump candidacy? Certainly the anti-immigrant stance is a common thread. Racist elements are present in both but the Islam-religion issue is by far the more problematic situation for western secular society. When the immigrants are not pushed to assimilate with secular humanism and their backward medieval religious ideals are not challenged, serious problems arise. The reactionary “christian” fascist elements arise in response to the perceived threat to traditional ways and practices- and the more radical fundamentalist types tend to lead the way.
    Has the plutocracy shot itself in the foot? But Trump does not have any coherent policy other than to stoke fires of the racist elements. Economically he is all over the map. He claims wages are too high but will bring jobs back? He blames others for the reason his products are not made in USA.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      As I documented in a previous essay, Brexit jumped ahead (by an enormous 6 percentage points), when Nigel Farage posed in front of that giant poster showing miles of male Muslim refugees invading Europe. And, the worst, is that he got a point. Merkel let in 1.2 million. However, if not forcefully de-Islamized, the same, thanks to European free circulation, could end up in England. Now the Brexiteers could see that, thanks to multiculturalism, all too many Muslims have not become true Brits (many have, but not enough).

      Notice that there are only two million Muslims in the UK, although France has probably around ten million people of relatively recent North African descent (I am picking my words carefully here). Most of these ten millions are thoroughly integrated, though, thanks to the old Republican integration machine. The latter is now partly broken in France, and should be rebuilt ASAP.

      I am not advertising for Trump. The fact that he is all over the map will allow him to surround Clinton (in particular on health care). Obama keeps on advertising Islam, and that is the royal road for Trump. As it should be. Trump is obviously not a rabid nationalist: he imported 2/3 of his wives from Eastern Europe.His support for Brexit could easily be viewed as support for Scottish independence, and, thus, the EU.

  5. Gmax Says:

    Such a great essay, another other side to truth. I think it partly answer the anti-European posts of Brodix in the last essay.

    Interesting that the Financial Times agree with you. Except it does not dare to point to non-European migrants, and Islam

  6. Lovell Says:

    1. As long as the EU is governed by few un-elected bureaucrats, bankers, and financial elites who do not stand to be accountable for their wrongheaded pivot to austerity which caused so much suffering across the continent, this Euro project is doomed to fail.

    2. The EU is a pseudo-unity, a forced unity. It’s evident from the hostile reaction coming from Juncker, Schauble and others. Not much love lost between the Brits, the Germans, and the French.

    A forced marriage, a marriage of convenience will always be contentious.

    Tear down the facade of the union and what you see is hollow pretense and intra-national animosity

    3. The EU is failing to achieve the goals and rationale for its existence.

    • EugenR Says:

      EU is not about sovereignty, bureaucrats or elected politicians, but about to bring finally peace among the European nations and kingdoms, who fought continuous wars for 15 centuries. If EU could be without bureaucrats, kings or politicians, it would be for the best. But unfortunately, the Europeans, be it the British, French, Sottish, Greek….. etc. all of them still consider themselves belonging to a unique tribe, with special right to rule and govern. Fortunately none of them is ready to sacrifice for this uniqueness not a penny and even less his life, (as contrary to the Muslim youth), so when it comes to the calculations no British will be happy with their choice. I already read that at list 1.5 million voter for Brexit, didn’t mean their choice seriously, and are surprised that their vote brought the unexpected result. Yes they will pay for not taking seriously their vote and more than the Europeans. UK very soon will have to beg, like some third world country some major economic power, like the US or China or even India, for some bilateral trade agreement. At the end how long can an economy thrive by selling real estate to the world plutocracy?

      • dominique deux Says:

        “At the end how long can an economy thrive by selling real estate to the world plutocracy?”

        Well, as long as there is real estate to sell! Already banking real estate prices (post-Brexit) in London are attracting new buyers from Asia and the ME, vindicating Brexiter wisdom.

        True, the English countryside has gone down the dumps, as the Brit expats in France are sad to observe as they relish the lush, comparatively bird-rich French countryside. But there is still plenty of huge swathes of sumptuous landscapes in Scotland… Complete with grouse, salmon and well trained ghillies…

        Oh wait…

        • EugenR Says:

          Dear Dominique, please add to your comment a farewell greeting , “Make Brittany Great again”. And please do not sell precious Scottish land, after all it will remain part of the EU.

      • Gmax Says:

        EU is about preventing war. Full stop.

    • dominique deux Says:

      “As long as the EU is governed by few un-elected bureaucrats, bankers, and financial elites”

      Ah, the usual, tired blather that has been debunked so many times on this blog. Forgive me for not reading further.

      • Lovell Says:


        Please enlighten me. Are you saying that the troika that is in charge of the Euro project are anything but un-elected bureaucrats, bankers, and financial elites?

        The way I understand it, the EU had been hijacked by bankers and Europe’s plutocrats hell bent on pursuing the neo-liberal agenda through the cruel imposition of austerity measures for the hoi-polloi across the continent so that the plutocratic exclusive class could continue to amass wealth privilege and power.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The US gov has been clearly much more highjacked by plutocrats: just contemplate that picture of Obama, with the veil covered Muslim fanatic to whom his acolytes gave a few hundreds of million dollards, for the latest spy operations… “The “troika” is an informal term which has no space in the European Constitution.

          I have recently extensively described the EU Constitution, which is still evolving towards greater power for PARLIAMENT. Nigel Farage, a European MP, knows very well what an ocean of lies he has been swimming in. But never mind, he is now saying that his lies were not lies, because he, truly never proffered them. So he is now lying about the lies…

          Your understanding of what is going on in the area you describe is not erroneous, but it’s about a pluto friendly policy, not about the EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS. And that pluto friendly policy was driven by the democratic states, the democratic nations, and the democratic EU followed, as it is obligated to, considering its democratic nature. What hurst the EU most is the plutocratic mood installed by Washington. When the Pluto friendly and Islam friendly Obama went to England to preach his abusive Pluto-Islamist religion, it backfired. So, weirdly enough, some who have not paid attention will say, I approve this evolution. At this point, Brexit is strengthening Europe, as it fights the Washington-Wall Street order…

          • Lovell Says:

            “At this point, Brexit is strengthening Europe, as it fights the Washington-Wall Street order…”

            Get rid of the neo-liberal Washington Consensus driven austerity madness imposed by the troika and you’ll strike a chord for EU attraction.

            • dominique deux Says:

              On this I can agree. The EU is legitimate, its current policies are wrong: same as for lots of other democratic polities. Liberate the EU, don’t carpet-bomb it.
              Heads of state are making the right noises now, let’s keep our fingers crossed. After all they now have a golden opportunity to fix the policies, get rid of the Chicago Boy apparatchiks still embedded in Brussels, and pretend it was all Britain’s fault (which is only partly true).

            • Patrice Ayme Says:

              Agreed. But will they? The elections in Spain yesterday re-conducted right-wing PM Rajoy, gaining 500,000 votes since December… Another perverse reaction to Brexit….

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      As Dominique points out, the structure of the European Union has been (partly) described many times on this site. To pretend that it is not democratic is factually incorrect. Although much more complex than the USA, it is clearly more democratic than the USA. The part of the EU executive government, called the European Commission (a ridiculous name), is only half of it. The other half is the European Council (thoroughly elected), and all laws have to be passed by the European Parliament.

      Britain entered the EU voluntarily, then claimed it wanted out, within 3 years, and organized a referendum, then decided to be in a gain, and here we are 40 years later. The ngine of lies fully stoked by the plutocratic owner of the British media.

      The rationale for the EU is EVER CLOSER UNION. Time for Anglo-Saxons to learn this. I hope disintegrating Britain helps in this lesson.

      • Lovell Says:


        1. How much power does a member of the European Council from, say, Spain to oppose a German led dominant agenda in European Parliament?

        2. Reactions by EU leaders after the British vote are telling. It goes along the lines of “we are going to punish you, make life miserable for you”, etc…Such shortsighted low level vision.

        If there’s any sense of higher statemanship among EU leaders, they should have respected the decision of the largely marginalized voters, support the stability and progress of Britain as it transitions to independence and then maybe it could woo the Brits back in 5 or 10 years down the road.

        Instead, what we saw are raw animosity, predictions of third world war, instinctive pivot for revenge and punishment etc.

        3. I thought the original rationale for EU was collective peace and prosperity.

        You can’t legislate unity or force it down the throats of nations that still, for one, maintain strong nativist identities and are alienated from the prosperity obtained by EU plutocrats.

        Policy matters. And wrong policies have consequences.

        • EugenR Says:

          To remain you, the British joined the EU club rather lately, all the time half in half out. They blocked for years pro EU legislation and at the end after causing a collateral damage, they just leave? So be it and don’t come back. EU have no more time to cope with obstacles in its unification process. The destructive forces are raising their heads in other countries too. Fortunately France (even with Le Pen) and Germany will remain together, and the other countries (even Greece) are too clever not to understand the price to be paid by not being part of this new United Europe.

          The next step will be probably obligatory adaptation of Euro. No more time for egoistic players like the Scandinavians, who enjoy the advantages of the common market, without to join the agony of creating one EU currency.

          • Lovell Says:


            If it’s all just about access to common market then the foundation for European unity is not going to be stable and it could very easily crack when market forces go wild like, for instance, what we’re seeing now.

            • Gmax Says:

              France and Germany unified their coal and Steel industries in 1948, to make war impossible between them

            • Patrice Ayme Says:

              No more war = EU, indeed.

            • dominique deux Says:

              It’s certainly not just about joining the common market. When Britain joined, the goal of closer political unity was explicitly on the ballot. Brexiters have been whining for years that they only voted for access to the common market, and thus were entitled to block any progress beyond that, which they did with great skil and obstinacy. But it is yet another of their lies.

              Next time they ask in, there won’t be any room for more obfuscation and scheming… once burned, twice shy.

            • EugenR Says:

              Yes very much so.
              Viz episode from 1986 in “Yes prime minister”.

            • Patrice Ayme Says:

              President Hollande’s reaction on this is correct: this is a Golden opportunity to get rid of sabotaging Britain: no more vote for Britain, just shut-up, and carry on… Same as before

  7. EugenR Says:

    Patrice i think this humorist sketch is a must:

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Eugen. Totally amusing and… This is exactly what happened. Maybe some of the Brexit politicians saw the movie and got inspired and encouraged some more by it…

      • dominique deux Says:

        That episode of Yes, Minister was explicitly (and somewhat triumphantly) quoted by The Economist’s Charlemagne in his infamous post-Referendum gloat in 2005.
        Reading and re-reading this article gets more fascinating as time goes by. Don’t say you were not warned.

  8. Brett Sterling Says:

    Have you compared the cost of maintaining immigrants in your country and providing aid, in comparison to the amount of money profiteered from the public by the higher echelons business and politics?
    Have you also looked at the actual immigration and population demographics?

    Whoever reads this, if the answer is no, do it before forming an opinion on immigration, whatever the result may be.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It is clear, in the case of Great Britain that, economically, massive immigration, of people and capital, has made Great Britain extremely rich. There is nothing subtle about the effect. The UK, once with Europe’s Fourth GDP (below Italy), found itself, for five minutes, thanks to a very high Pound, with a GDP nominally bigger than France (now it’s in the process of spectacular shrinking). So the problem has been sociological: UK GDP profited, but most of the original English population suffered, economically, health wise, and civilizationally.

  9. Jenna Evpraksiya Says:

    You don’t have to be /both/ accepting of shitskins /and/ out of the EU… Hungary closed it’s borders and the EU complained, sure, but Hungary told them to go fuck themselves and Hungary has had zero bombings because of it, like they’re not mutually exclusive lol.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      There was a totally giant immigration to Great Britain. Just read my essay carefully, especially the part where Martin Wolff is extensively quoted, in the second half. Giant immigration to the UK has disintegrated Britain. Fact. Not LOL. In comparison, in the same period, France had ZERO immigration, Britain more than ten million. How? No ID, for example…

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hungary is a bit player, inconsequential. Hundreds of thousands of refugees passed through it, including four bombers (at least) going to France. Why France? Because France is waging war in Libya, Syria, Libya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Burkina Fasso, Chad, Cameroon, CAR, etc., among other places. Many countries have closed their borders, including Sweden, Denmark… Germany at some point in 2015/2016… closed its border with Austria. It may still be closed.

  10. Patrice Ayme Says:

    President Hollande has become the Brexiteers’ great white hope… He wants the UK out tomorrow. So will French socialists out-maneuver English plutocrats claiming they are leading a socialist revolution?

    What some in England suggests, a negotiation prior to Article 50, has been rejected by by ALL European leaders. They just want the UK to stop sabotaging the EU. Tuesday is the day the UK is being told to get out of the way, as Merkel-Hollande-Renzi re-iterated Monday. Not just that but the elected leaders of the EC, Parliament, Rotating Presidency, and others have declared all preceding negotiations with Britain NULL and VOID. One can lie to people only that long..

  11. Nick Brackenbury Says:

    Nick Brackenbury: The British Tabloids don’t get a vote. Her Majesty’s Subjects do. Patrice, the vote produced a majority to leave the European Union. We shall remain as part of Europe and possibly carry on buying French wine, cheese and motorvehicles (we have two Renault). But now none-British people are no longer able to pass Laws that govern British people. Fini!

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Her Majesty’s slaves got their minds made up by tabloids owned by global plutocrats, for example the liar Murdoch and his lying papers. Non-British people have NEVER passed British laws. Learn. Please try to stop reading tabloids and, or listening to tabloid puppets.

      • Nick Brackenbury Says:

        Nick Brackenbury Patrice, I don’t read tabloids. The Vote to Leave is done. Stop being a bad loser. When we joined the EC it was a Trading Community, now it is a controlling political movement. We like one person, one vote to count, and not be instruced by foreigners. Perhaps we are different. I often think of how the Euro Group of countries have treated Greece. Soon Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland. Many areas with over 50% unemployed, no investment, no attention to the young. Junckers is a joke, we fight wars to get rid of people like him. This time it just took a vote.

        • dominique deux Says:

          “When we joined the EC it was a Trading Community”
          Yup, and moving to an ever closer union, as was EXPLICITLY stated when you voted to join.
          Vote as you like, but those of you who keep whining that you ONLY voted for a Common Market are liars. Then as now, now as ever.
          Or if not liars, suckers… then as now… now as ever.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The European construction, ever since 1948 was for an EVER CLOSER UNION. The European UNION was/is just part of it. Tabloids, and tabloid strength minds opted to believe that the UNION was a “bloc” or a “club”. No. And just about trade. It was an EVER CLOSER Union. I am no bad loser. The Brexiteers are bad winners. They are winners who can’t win. Their ship of lies is disintegrating for all to see. The Brexiteers’ win was the best way to insure the defeat of Brexit. The fact you think foreigners pass BRITISH laws, a 100% UNTRUTH, tabloid strength, is rather typical. It is actually astounding to see clever, well-informed, worldly and multicivilizational individuals such as Chris Snuggs, believing 100% such lies. On the positive side, it makes my study of fanaticism, Nazism, Jihadism, Stalinism, and other public mania so much easier. The whole thing being such a silly thing. Britain will now leave Europe. Right. Sail east of New Zealand? Hahaha. The English suffers from their home made plutocracy… And accuse foreigners. Please read my essay especially around Martin Wolff’s considerations, which I have long written about. But now that the Financial Times says what I said, it should be right.

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