France Taking Command After Breakshit

How The Empire Fell:

The Goths, refugees from the Huns, were attacked once on a sweltering 9 August 378 CE by decision of Roman emperor Valens. The Oriental Roman field army was hot, tired, thirsty, after a forced march in the morning. Some of the Roman commanders were arrogant. Rested, the Roman field army would have been invincible. Moreover, the Occidental Roman field army, itself also invincible, if rested, was marching in. But senior emperor Valens was in charge of the Oriental army and his nephew Gratian in charge of the Occidental army, full of Franks.

The Frank Richomeres, head of Gratian imperial guard, sent ahead, told Valens to wait for the second field army (Richomeres would later become Consul, and head of all the Oriental Part of the empire, militarily; as a Frank, and non-Christian, he was refused the purple of an Augustus, yet he had imperium). But Valens wanted a victory of his own (Gratian and other commanders had theirs in preceding months). Valens decided to attack (his mind perhaps afflicted not just by the heat, but also the desire to self-annihilation of old fashion Christianism). His decision was all about hubris. A few hours later, the Oriental Roman field army was mostly annihilated, and Valens was dead. 

The Roman state would never recover from this disaster. Twenty-two (22) years later, the Franks were put in charge of the Roman defense of Gallia and Germania (400 CE). Twenty-eight (28) years later, the legions would be withdrawn from Britain, to save money, and hordes of savage Germans would break through the Roman empire, all the way to Africa. The Goths would take Rome, 32 years after the defeat of Hadrianopolis (410 CE). Now Hadrianopolis is a city in Turkey. And Turkey is full of exploding Muslims (mass attack of ISIL/Daesh on Constantinople’s airport, today).

The Franks would exterminate the Goths, 129 years later, and impose the Imperium Francorum over Gallia, Germania, and, soon enough, other regions (Italy, Spain)…  

European Parliament: French President & Girlfriend Telling British Europhobes To Get Great Britain Out Of The European Union. October 2015

European Parliament: French President & Girlfriend Telling British Europhobes To Get Great Britain Out Of The European Union. October 2015

Contempt For France and the Latins:

I was talking Brexit with an American friend with very long blond hair. I told her that, initially the language of the European Community was French rather than English, and that now things would change a bit. She was amused to no end: don’t worry, French is never coming back. Ever. Again. Never.

Her arrogance made me think. Was it Hadrianopolis all over again? I mean, really, why would “Anglo-Saxons” and what I call the West Country Men” mentality, be in natural control of the world? Because they are naturally born killers?

West Country Men mentality, essence of lurid Anglo-Saxonia: Greed is the thinking reed which makes humanity wisely bend, as required by reality. Voltaire thought it was very philosophical to let such a mentality in charge of the World. Well, I don’t.

It’s true, in part, but just in part, that greed as the reed can be useful. Yet, there are many other, even more crucial, dimensions to the human existence.


France Is Different:

In the US, and much English imagination, the “Latins” are viewed as bit players. At most good lovers. Yet, in Europe, Spain, Italy, France and their satellites have 200 million people.

The situation of France is peculiar, because this is where the core of the mother civilization was, and rose. France is mother to Britain and the US, secularism, nationalization, mandatory education, and the anti-slavery movement, among others. All that was achieved way back in the past, and cannot be changed, even by Allah. (To finance war against the fanatics of Allah, in the early 700’s, the Franks confiscated all valuable Christian church property, and paid the army with it.) 

The English love to talk about the Magna Carta, forgetting that the rebellious barons were French. And when the French Revolution started, the “National Assembly” decided it was a “Constituent Assembly”. Where did that come from? Well what became known as the “National Assembly”, with 578 representatives, had been elected in 1788 CE (a year before the official start of the French Revolution).

The English say: ‘we have this, too, Parliament…” Actually the powers of Parliament were set-up by a Frenchman who wanted to be elected king, way back. The English have Parliament, but it’s not really a National Assembly, as it is entangled with the non-elected “Chamber of Lords”. In 1789 France, the “National Assembly” made a coalition with (most of the) the Catholic church, and ejected the “Chamber of Lords”, never to be seen again.


The Mood Of European Unification Has Celto-German, Roman Republican and Frankish Roots:

Who were the Franks? The European Union! Indeed, the Franks were NOT a tribe. They were a “federation”. A number of people who had taken an oath. From foederare (league together) and foedus (covenant, league).

The Salic Law of the Franks was initially written in Latin by Roman lawyers. So not only the Franks were not a tribe, or nation, but they embraced the notion of being endowed by superior ideas, even if they came from others.  

When one talks about deep Europe, some go back to Charlemagne. I just showed one has to go five centuries earlier. But one should of course go even earlier. The Celts had a very advanced civilization, ocean trading and more advanced than anywhere else in the world in several technologies. They were hindered by a religion which the Romans destroyed and outlawed (as should be done to some contemporary religions!). Otherwise, the Celto-Germans were pretty much open: they had a secondary cult of Greco-Roman deity, particularly Mercury, the god of trade. Compare with present day Saudi Arabia, which will cut your head off, if you disagree with what they call Allah…


Withdrawing England’s Privileges:

The French agreed to Great Britain entry in the European Community, 45 years ago. In retrospect, it may have been a mistake. But who could guess that Britain would be such a bad player? Refusing the free circulation of citizens of the Schengen Treaty, blackmailing for a rebate, organizing tax havens, grabbing most Euro trading, refusing the Euro, while staying inside the European Monetary System to sabotage it, fostering global plutocracy while spreading outrageous lies about the European Union’s alleged lack of democracy?

Britain was needed, because of its heft, and its military power. But the latter, and its connection with morality, has faded in recent years, witness the Assad debacle: the UK Parliament refused to attack plutocrat Assad, because the UK does not attack plutocrats. Great Britain loves plutocrats and especially their money, no questions asked. Due to budget cuts, and ethical cuts, Britain is much less than what it used to be militarily.

The French Republic then is the only significant military power in Europe, and can make Germany pay for it, by running deficits (that’s the implicit accord, obviously).

Europe is just a trading place, say Europhobes. However, it is more. It is a place of solidarity. Solidarity is a better way for interacting harmoniously than hatred and alienation. So, in a spirit of solidarity, and to bring up its abysmal economy, London was enabled to get away with much, enriching itself, impoverishing the others.


After Ejecting UK PM Cameron,

the City of London should no longer be able to clear euro-denominated trades, the French president said on Tuesday, June 29.

François Hollande said at the end of a summit in Brussels where EU elected leaders started trying to consider the wreckage of David Cameron’s referendum catastrophe, that it would be unacceptable for the trading of Euro derivatives and Euro equities to take place in the UK.

“The City, which thanks to the EU, was able to handle clearing operations for the Eurozone, will not be able to do them.  It can serve as an example for those who seek the end of Europe . . . It can serve as a lesson.”

High time. Amen. Let’s do it. Move London over to Paris and Frankfurt.

Patrice Ayme’


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28 Responses to “France Taking Command After Breakshit”

  1. richard reinhofer Says:

    Incredible piece Patrice…thank you so much.

  2. De Brunet D'Ambiallet Says:

    Incredible, indeed. Brexit is a blessing in disguise, oh Lord, have mercy and keep it that way!

  3. indravaruna Says:

    Only know you figured our that the Anglo-Jewish culture hates France?

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I would not describe myself in these reptilian terms. I am otherwise subtle. The term “Anglo-Jewish” culture is something that the Rothschilds themselves promoted. I hope you see the paradox: you take the individual who claimed to have the most influence on power in Britain, as your mentor. British culture is vastly more complicated. In particular the Brexit arose (mostly) from rural England.

  4. ianmillerblog Says:

    The point about Valens is that you should not attack until you have worked out how to win. Merely turning up is stupid. Cameron’s tactics have been even worse, because not only had he no idea how to win, but seemingly he had no idea what he wanted, or what winning would involve.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, indeed. Valens behaved as the hardest part was to show up. Winning was just a matter of showing up, charging ahead. In the end, the Roman legionaries ended up exactly like at Cannae: so compressed, they could not draw their weapons. Cannae was nearly SIX centuries earlier… Boris Johnson was even worse, and now Teresa May is lining fully on the imbecility bandwagon. I just listened to her. To get the idiots’ votes, to become PM, she claimed that the Brexit vote was completely irreversible… A calamity.

      • EugenR Says:

        And do not forget the crusaders debacle at Kefar Hitim. The same story, Stupid generals put his soldiers in super hot day on a dry field full armored. I used to live in that area. Just to walk in such a warm day on that day, like in Camuse’s Stranger, makes you nuts. Eastern winds blow the fine sand powder and heat wave from Arabia to the air.
        Just like the Brexiter leaders. Arrogant, foolish, self obsessed, cowards. When you are exposed to these Borise’s, personality, who is full of blah, blah, blah and nothing behind, his morality record, just rethoric and rhetoric. If I understand correctly Boris changed his opinion about the issue few month before the vote, when he understood a potential leave vote can make him even a prime minister. And as a clown, he knows how to lead the fools, while playing his wonder flute. But at the day of wake up, there is no hole where to hide. What a miserable wretched man he is. Fortunately there is the EU, full of gray boring bureaucrats, who work on the details and know nothing about fatamorgana. Yet is there an escape road, how to feed the wolf, without to eat the goat.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Yes. Sheer madness. Camus’ Stranger is rendered mad by the sun (we both know what the sun can do!) Boris’ Stranger is rendered mad by being a fool. So singlehandled, he does Brexit. Yet, in a way, Britain has been Brexiting for 20 years. This may turn out better.
          Great Britain, sad to say, or, at least 52% of it, had become completely deluded. Now it will be able to discover its problems are not caused by the EU, but plutocracy. Prince Charles made 20 MILLION pounds last year. He owns, among other things, 133,000 hectares… (Many US national parks are smaller… And half of Yosemite National Park… Considering the size of Britain, 2.5% of the US, that’s as if there was one American owning twenty Yosemites…)

  5. dominique deux Says:

    Breaking News

    The Blonde Mop Throws In The Towel as Grima Wormtongue Steps To The Plate

    This is getting hilarious (btw likening Gove to Grima comes from a Guardian blogger; extremely apt).

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Everyday more hilarious, indeed. The fool of the day prize goes to Teresa May, though. Fat Boris gets the silver medal. In the last few days, he was hated by all. The insulting discourse of Nigel Farage at the European Parliament was also hilarious. He hinted that he, a commodity broker employed by French financial plotting companies, was a “job creator”. Shoe polishing?

  6. Gmax Says:

    Incredible essay, yes. Would the empire have survived if Hadrianoplis had been a victory?

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Good question. Let me think about that. Christianism had to be reverted, and that is what Clovis did (Julian too, but hew was killed before he could do much; Rex, Imperator and Consul Clovis did much).

    • EugenR Says:

      To my opinion it took more than the Visigoth victory in Hadrianopolice to put down the Roman empire. Plague that decimated the Roman population, Christian Church that at this stage of its existence had some pacific tendencies, then the invasion of other German tribes throughout the Rine. There were also other Germans who invaded Rome. The Ostrogoths, Vandals, Lombardians, Almains and many others, and of course the Huns who did not settle but were very destructive. The Franks were more organized than the others, because they were the skeleton for the Roman army in Gaul. The other problem of Rome was it’s economics. The Eastern part was more richer than the West due to fertile Egypt, the main grain supplier of Rome. When the East and West were seperated the west had problem to feed its great urban population. Also slavery became a problem. They became big part of the Roman population, and were not very effective working force in macro scale. The Romans understood that slavery is not effective way of production, still they couldn’t find other production system. Slavery was so natural, that couldn’t think about a world without it.

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear Eugen: There are more than 200 known factors for the Fall of Rome. In my opinion, it all reduces to one: plutocracy. Even the plagues could have been handled better with a better state (in the 1348 CE Black Plague, no aristocrat died… That I know of…). HADRIANOPOLIS (city of Hadrian) was when the fall occurred: a defeat similar to Cannae, but without the recovery of that battle against Hannibal… Slavery was of decreasing importance… The Franks outlawed it in 650 CE.

  7. dominique deux Says:

    More News

    The Prefects have taken the cane to the Brexiters’ bared bottoms.

    Other unruly fags take due notice.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Very interesting, thanks. I was surprised they were so firm with Cameron. And that’s very good. Indeed the only thing to do. Europhobes have declared war, let them have it. Wiser to have war with rattlers than befriending them in your house.

  8. EugenR Says:

    The British are surprised that the tsunami, the explosion they caused, washes mainly their coasts. They are so much self obsessed, that came to believe, that without them noone can exist, and everyone will creep to London on four, to plea them to stay. They couldn’t imagine that Europe can do without them maybe even better than with them. And yet, no more exceptions, no more compromises. The British have forgotten their state in the sixties and seventies, when the British economy was taken over by militant union leaders of the miners, who pushed Britain to the edge of brink. In the next decade all the coal miners were changed to renterees occupying the Spanish coastal cities. Still the miners mentality remained. They are the ones, who voted fore leave as one man.
    Suprise, suprise, Britain is not so Great anymore. Europe can do without it, and even thrive. Next time, within twenty years, when Britain will attend again to renew its membership in the EU, they will have to creep on their knees and plea for membership. But Europe by then will be a different place, with one currency, one political forum, its task will be marginalized to technical issues like environment, social policy, education and culture. No more need for crook politicians, who under the name of fake tribal identity, hollow slogans, and xenophobic poisonous speaches, advance their only agenda they are interested in, themselves.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed, that’s the hope. The UK has been sabotaging Europe, for 20 years, and no blow has been low enough.
      Here is an example:
      Two weeks before the Brexit referendum, the British press, including the BBC (!!) circulated the mad rumor that the French made the “Concordsky”, the Soviet supersonic Tu144 CRASH (according to two theories, one with fake plans, that the Soviets would have stolen, the other theory by startling the Tu144 with a Mirage…) That crash killed 8 people on the ground in Paris (including 3 children).

      When all its Euro privileges are removed, the UK economy will indeed crash… More coming on this tomorrow.

  9. EugenR Says:

    One more thought, more than eighty years ago the same “half step calculating, half witty chess players”, who voted for leave, elected Hitler to become the next kancellor of Germany. Fortunately we live now in different world.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Much of the Brexit madness had much in common with Nazism. Especially the tunnel vision, accusing mysterious alien plotters out there to undermine the nation… Or the crazy ideas: such as Britain, a plutocracy, is actually a total democracy (as Goebbels used to say, accusing “plutocrats” out there… precisely the plutocrats the Nazis were plotting with…).

      • EugenR Says:

        Agree. Same argumentation. Unfortunately, too many still listed to them. Some time it need one kid to shout, the king is naked, and all will fall apart. Unfortunately it needs sometime world war and 100 million murdered, including a whole European Jewish ethnicity to uncover the lie. Try in these days to pretend to be a Jew in heavy Muslim populated French city.

        • Lanister Says:

          Jews are evil.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            “Lanister”. I authorize your comment, to show all readers that evil, precisely, was out there. However, as it is, your comment is an insult, in the sense that it is a hurtful claim without any justification whatsoever. I do not use censorship on this site (too much MSM censors me totally, just because I am right. For example the Guardian and the New York Times, although I have subscriptions, soon to be abrogated…) However, pure insults, without justification whatsoever, will be, and have been blocked.

            The concept “Jew” is not even well-defined (as both Nazis and Israelis have agreed…)

  10. EugenR Says:

    Patrice, people like lanister have no problem to define who Jews are. Jews are as to lanister everyone who have enough brains to think by himself and doesn’t follow the evil and destructive fuhrer of the flock of niemands herd.

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