There Is No Brexit Because Brexit Vote Is No Law

It is the simplest constitutional observation: when Britain voted for Brexit. Nothing happened. Just a wet dream.

Forty years ago, Great Britain voted overwhelmingly to stay in the European Community. The vote had force of law. Why? Because Parliament had passed previously a special law giving the referendum force of law.

This is the way it works in Britain: the Parliament passes laws.

This time Parliament passed no law, prior to the referendum, saying that the Brexit vote would create a law. Hence it is not a law. 

Immigration, The NHS, and Tax Dodging Are British Problems Caused By The British Elite. Not By The EU.

Immigration, The NHS, and Tax Dodging Are British Problems Caused By The British Elite. Not By The EU.

Brexiters, a dim sort, are not content with not knowing what the European Union is, or what its democratic structure is. They happily extent the principle of not knowing what democracy is, to Great Britain itself. They do not know that Britain is a state of law. That means Great Britain is ruled by laws… And those laws are passed by Parliament, not by Brexiters. Except if Parliament passed, prior to a referendum, a law saying that Brexiters were the law, should they be more than 50%.

Conclusion: most sounds coming from the British anarchy in the last 12 days have been ill-informed.

There is no Brexit. Just breakshit. A number of fools shooting excrements around as others shoot the breeze.

Only one way out: have Parliament do, what it did 40 years ago. Pass a law, saying that the future Brexit II Referendum will have force of law.

You know what?

It will fail. In Brexit II, the British People will vote to stay in the EU. 

Because now British voters know a few things they did not know when they voted for the xenophobic liars, 12 days ago.

So where does that leave the true Brexiters? Well, they have to hasten to get Great Britain out, and entrap its government to (illegally!) activate Article 50.

However, it’s not that simple. It would indeed be illegal, according to the European Constitution. Because the European Constitution says that a country activating Article 50 has to do it according to its own constitution.

And there is just one way for Parliament to activate Article 50 legally: by voting for it. However, a majority of MPs in the present Parliament are against leaving the EU.

The present government of the French Republic, the principal architect and sponsor of the European Union wants Great Britain out ASAP. Here are the true Brexiters: those among the French who have had enough of seeing Britain block Europe.

I don’t share that enthusiasm. Kicking Britain out of the EU is only the second best solution. The best would be for the UK to stay in the EU, but with reduced privileges.

I think Great Britain should stay in the European Union, but should be kicked out the European MONETARY Union. And all its attending structures and activities, including clearing Euro transactions, and any activity the European Central Bank is connected to (as the ECB wishes).

That’s all, and that should be enough.

Anything else, will not work. Or at least, not as well.  

In my next installment, for Amexit Day, I will consider why it is that the Britons have lost their minds. Or, more exactly, which part of history Britons did not learn. And which part of history they learned all too much.

And thus why all too many Britons have this strange, and cruel delusion, that no price is too high when one pays for disunion.

So, much ado about nothing? Not really. The UKIP, Hitler-like leader in more ways than one, Nigel Farage, just resigned as head of UKIP. The Brexit vote has enabled hyper-nationalistic, hyper-deluded types, to act their fantasies. Now they can observe that they are just that, fantasies. In case of Brexit, a Norwegian status would be the best the UK can hope for, and that would be much less good and privileged than the status the UK presently has… even in the eyes of UK “independendists”.

Some say: ‘Oh, see, how bad making the People vote is!’ What i see, is how good it is: the Brexit vote has enabled to roll out all the errors. Now that they are in the open, they can, and should be crushed. People do not learn the truth best by repeating it blindly. Truth is learned best by realizing that alternatives are erroneous.

Patrice Ayme’

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19 Responses to “There Is No Brexit Because Brexit Vote Is No Law”

  1. dominique deux Says:

    You are, of course, perfectly right. A number of British commenters are saying the same thing, and urging Parliament to do its D-U-T-Y (as Nelson would have put it in so many flags).

    But make no mistake. This will not happen. The conjunction of the very weak moral fiber (to be polite) of the British “elites”, and the deadly stranglehold of the Murdoch media on the equally feeble public mind, makes it highly unlikely. They would need a born-again Churchill, not some dour Thatcher clone, to be in charge.

    In France, after the nation rejected the Constitutional Treaty by a far larger majority, Sarkozy pledged, in his presidential campaign, to put into the French constitution, by treaty, the practical procedural rules which were included in the Constitutional Treaty, without the constitutional bells and whistles which were both useless and largely the result of its authors’ megalomania.

    He was elected, on this and other promises, and proceeded to keep his word on this, which astonishes me to this day. Democracy was fully respected in the process leading to the Lisbon Treaty. The Europhobes’ ongoing chant of “denied democracy” finds very little echo in France.

    A similar outcome in the UK is simply out of reach. Let them activate Art 50 ASAP and be done with it. The faster they’re out, the faster they can come back – not with hat in hands, but with brains in skull. Procrastination will only make matters much, much worse for both parties.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      All the Brits I cam across in media, including ex PM Blair, seem unaware of the fact that, constitutionally, nothing happened. But I agree with your analysis. I still don’t see, though, the activation of Article 50. May says maybe by the end of the year. If she becomes conservative PM (on her ultra conservative sharia platform?)

      Thus, in practice, full procrastination is ahead, followed by elections, as happened in France in the case you refer. Real Europeans have to act quick to throw Britain out of the EMU. My guess is that, in a year, the Brexit frenzy will sound like a temper tantrum of a toddler.

  2. Kevin Berger Says:

    En rapport général avec le sujet, un texte récent d’Emmanuel Todd, dont la vision du couple franco-allemand est à 180° de celle de l’animateur de ce blogue, entre autres divergences très notables :
    Sinon, je trouve souvent ce que dit ET intéressant, mais je suis affecté d’une véritable répulsion vis-à-vis du bonhomme – rien de vraiment rationnel, juste que je ne peux pas l’encadrer, c’est épidermique, et que cela colore l’appréciation de ses idées.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the link. I am always tempted to buy Todd, when I visit France. I did. Basically his entire discourse is BS, and he makes hyper nationalism in the new Golden Calf. He takes himself for BRAUDEL, he says, but he systematically does not dig as deep. He takes himself for Braudel, but he is just a more knowledgeable Farage.

      The “Glorious Revolution” was actually a Dutch Invasion, and the representative system was actually a trick of some FRENCH nobles who wanted to be elected kings. Anyway. My analysis is way way deeper. Apparently Todd wants to become Marine Le Pen’s Foreign Minister, or adviser, etc. The difference is that he produces the BS, she uses it.

  3. Kevin Berger Says:

    “In my next installment, for Amexit Day, I will consider why it is that the Britons have lost their minds.”

    Honest to God, and I am aware of how silly this will read, I am almost convinced that the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was the Brit supporters first clashing with Marseilles Ultras, and later having their collective ass spectacularly handed to them by Russian old school hooligans.
    The resulting wounded, insular (in a “everybody is against us” siege mentality) reaction was so remarkable, there simply is no way this emotional upsurge didn’t play a role in the referendum.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It is clear indeed that something happened at the end. Your theory is interesting.And may well be true: aggressive,fat, beer belly British punched by Russian supermen in Marseilles, and collapsing in heaps, to be kicked, clockwork orange style, did not look good, indeed.
      I just added a whole section at the end, BTW. To elevate the debate a bit…

  4. Alexi Helligar Says:

    Alexi Helligar: Thank you for your clarity on this issue!

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You are welcome, Alexi! It’s so much much ado about nothing, that nobody noticed that nothing happened. This is why Farage and Boris Johnson left the scene so precipitously. Nigel Farage, BTW, after saying, before the vote, that he would resign his European MP seat, is now saying that he will keep on being a European MP.! The salary and the perks of the European PARLIAMENT are good.

  5. EugenR Says:

    Let me try a prediction. The referendum will be attacked on the legal basis by same Stay supporters. The supreme Court will demand a vote in the Parliament. The Parliament will vote with huge majority for Stay. Cameron, at this time after his official resignation, will be heading a transition government, with full power to govern, but without responsiblity to the voters. The Brexiter politicians, who vere very loud before the referendum, after roten eggs were smashed to their faces in every public forum they appear, mainly by disappointed Brexiters, who will feel betrayed by tgen, will step down one by one, all explaining that they heve finished their very important historical roll to make Britain Great again. In the meantime the Parliament is unable to disperse itself, because the Conservatives have difficulty to find a leader, who would support Brexit to which after the referendum they are committed. The labour party is also afraid of new elections, until Jeremy Corbyn, himself a covered agent of Brexit, whos radical Soviet style out dated ideology makes him the most improbable prime minister, will loose finally the grip on the British politics.
    The result, D.Cameron, still a prime minister of transition government of English Kingdom, (The old new nam of my UK, after Scotland and Ireland left it), after the British pound became less than one pound to Euro, will star to negotiate joining the European Union again, (which it never left). The French learned from the past, in mean time forced upon all EU members to adopt the Euro as condition for their membership, subject the British reentrance to EU by accepting the Euro as the British currency. The British, who are afraid of losing the value of the pound even more, agree and join again the EU. END

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I agree with lots of this, except that:
      1) Everybody is deeply antagonistic to Cameron, who caused the whole mess. So he is out. They are actually voting already.
      2) Brexiters are so strange, now they ponder whether the UK will have the rotating presidency of the European Council in 12 months (as it’s supposed to). So are they leaving, or not? Farage says now he stays in the EUROPEAN Parliament.
      3) It’s true Corbyn was the oldest Brexiter, and probably the most efficient one. Although I am personally more a leftist than he is, I want him out, forever to disappear with his cult of Moscow. Corbyn said, low key, some extremely damaging things, like only coming out of the EU would allow to control immigration. That’s blatantly false, as the case of France shows.Then he said that was the ONLY WAY.
      Not so: The UK is sovereign. The UK can do whatever it wants. Even inside the EU. The UK is Europe’s second military power, after France, and the EC in Brussels has zero power.

      • EugenR Says:

        I don’t get why to worry about emigration. After the Brexit, the wages jn UK will go down so much that it will not be profitable for the Polish workers to work in the UK. They will rather stay in Poland or emigrate to Germany. To UK will emigrate the Pakis and Bangladeshi, whose countries will fall apart or sink in the Indian ocian due to global worming (in case of Bangladesh). As to Cameron, he may be out but who is in? There is no Brexit politician left to fulfill the verdict of the referendum.
        Of course my comment is pure irrational cynicism. Yet, in these days nothing rational works, so better this than some serious intellectual talk.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          A problem has been the BOLKENSTEIN DIRECTIVE, protested against by the Chirac presidency (French right wing) as a social killer. It passed, pushed by Tony Blair (UK PM, LABOR!) Now the French government has decided to OUTLAW it. About trucks. Romanian truck drivers are paid 1/7 of French truck drivers… Yet they operate in France, not respecting any French laws on minimum wage and work duration…

          Irrationality is the best answer to irrationality. Indeed. Not that comment is irrational, BTW…. The UK deliberately engineered that tremendous immigration. Now they pay the price of cheap money and cheap labor, and cheap ethics. There is one rabid “LEAVE” politician left, Grove, a minister of Cameron, and he is running for PM, somewhat to the right of Farage himself… So the fun is not over…

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Theresa May is for allowing SHARIA… She is the frontrunner for next UK PM… Relative to this, Israeli politicians right of Netenyahu sound sane…On the Bolkenstein:

  6. hazxan Says:

    Many interesting points! Underlying all this – people are losing touch with reality, living in a mediated environment. Nobody knows what’s real any more, making us easy prey for any power seeker to impose their delusions on us.

    Who knows how it well turn out? Pick and choose opposing viewpoints on anything you choose. Technology will destroy us and save us. The media is left wing dominated and right wing dominated. They can’t even decide whether we should eat low carb or low fat!

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Right Hazxan, right. The science is now unclear on carbs, fat, proteins, etc. A no-no is TRANS fats, which are man-made, and very bad. Another no-no is high sugar. I have very high natural cholesterol, and react real bad to statins (so bad, can’t move!)
      A quandary…

      Totally lost of touch with reality, indeed. Since I wrote the essay, the next day, a UK law firm sued just on that point: to activate article 50, only through Parliament!!!!!!!!!!!! Like it was not obvious all along. Actually activating 50 by the PM alone would be EU UNCONSTITUTIONAL, as I said. So, de facto, retroactively, not happening! The “left” wing is not really left, nor the right really right. They are both Pluto in disguise. Take Trump and Clinton: not clear who would be more satanically pro-hyper rich!

  7. hazxan Says:

    Sometimes it seems as if all in the Western World are living a delusion out of touch with reality . Reading some of the Chilcot opinions – politicians live in a world of hype and make believe. No surprise they make a never ending stream of bad decisions. They believe their own spin and impose it on the rest of us. Success for most of us depends on reflecting back those same delusions. The one who shouts that “the emperor has no clothes” is locked away as a dangerous subversive.

    On diet – something I knew little about, but got super-interested in. Mainly because myself and many peers, many had been vegetarian/vegan, eating “healthy” diet as prescribed. Yet were getting serious health problems younger than our parents.

    After much reading, you realise that nutrition is an “apology” for the abysmal food industry. And economics is an “apology” for the abysmal plutocracy!

    Anyway, there *is* a reality to nutrition, but vested interests are confusing the issues while they profit by the billions. We are told to eat the food with the highest profit margin.

    Same with everything else. Reality is out there, but you can’t detect it through the internet, or shopping malls. It’s as if the whole of our culture is geared towards detaching us from objective reality. The result is not pretty.

    Perhaps human destiny is to evolve into a “Hive Species” like ants, but larger? I can’t see where else we’re going.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It is quite clear to be that the leaders of the USA and UK at the time (including Colin Powell) are criminals and should go to prison. Also all their property should be forfeited. And their civic rights revoked, and they should be banished as the ancient Greeks did: let them live in China, Russia, or, better, North Korea. But first, and most importantly, they should be tried.

      An aside on nutrition: they put extremely dangerous additives in so-called “gluten free” cookies. My 6 years old had some, and had such a strong allergic reaction, she had to have her stomach washed. A neighbor had given one to her because a visiting friend had “gluten free” mind disease. (I have celiac disease, and I don’t do gluten free, although I do naturally low gluten… Never buy “gluten free” processed foods, actually never have any processed foods. Ever.)

      Hive? The tech is going the other way, as brain boosting things, like telepathy (of sorts) are coming on line…

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