Britain’s Unelected Islamist Prime Minister

Just when we thought that the funny news out of Great Britain could not get anymore demented, new heights of undemocratic, anti-civilizational absurdity have been reached. To become Prime Minister of Great Britain, a woman has made propaganda, as a ruling leader, in favor of Islam. (Yes, just when you thought that the Clintons having made 153 million dollars from speeches to high finance, and ex-EC president Barroso being employed by Goldman Sachs had reached the highest heights, I am pleased to present to you Theresa May, who would say whatever to get to power…) 

Sharia “Of Great Benefit To Women” Says Britain’s Latest Dictator

Sharia “Of Great Benefit To Women” Says Britain’s Latest Dictator

Theresa May is on the record as an Islamist. Why do I say this? Bear with me. More specifically, while a prominent member of the British government (nearly the longest Home Sec. ever), that woman claimed repeatedly that Sharia Law has “been of great benefit to women“. Alright, she did not say yet that cutting off heads has been of great benefit to men, so she is coming a bit short of the most demented Islamists, I must admit.

“Sharia” is a system of law established by so-called “Islamist scholars“, the little scribes of some of the world’s greatest dictators,  more than a century after Muhammad’s death. From all we know from Muhammad’s life, opinions and sentiments, clearly, the Prophet would have disallowed Sharia.

Muhammad thought women could dispose of their bodies as they wished, whereas Sharia imposes upon them the death penalty if they do in ways Muhammad obviously tolerated. Long subject. Sharia formalizes violence in the Qur’an… Caliph Uthman’s Qur’an, not Muhammad’s (that one was… boiled, all over the Musllim empire!)  And then Sharia goes well beyond anything in the Qur’an.

Under May, Theresa, as “Home Secretary“, and now the new Prime Dictator of Britain, around 100 “Sharia courts” have been established around Britain, with her benediction. This much re-iterated Islamist statements of hers, about the “great benefit” of Sharia, caused a few waves. Thus May, the new Prime Dictator of Britain nominated a commission, to see if there was a problem. Who chaired that whitewashing organization? You guessed it. Two Imams. One may as well, may be, put two bishops in charge of seeing if Catholic Inquisition Courts were not of “great benefit to women”.

Thus, without any election, Great Britain will have a new Prime Minister Wednesday, Theresa May, the “Home Secretary”. When hard-core Brits are asked how democratic that is, they reply: the head of state is Queen Elizabeth, so nothing changed.

Indeed. And Prince Charles, who, like his mother got many millions in European Union subsidies, made more than 20 million pounds of income last year. Prince Charles personally own as much an area of land as two-thirds of Yosemite National Park in the USA (I computed). The Brits say: this is how our democracy works: we debase ourselves, and then think haughty of ourselves, as butlers do, when thinking of their masters.

People with brains will say: that’s how plutocracy works.

The way Great Britain is operated nowadays is becoming a menace, by example, to democracy everywhere around the planet.

Contemplate Malaysia: It has been Islamizing. 50% of the population Is Muslim, and on those 50.2% (official percentage), Sharia law applies, to Theresa May’s delight. Never mind if you were born a “Muslim”, and now you do not believe in that obnoxious, obsolete, fascist, human rights violating superstition of some desert savages. There is now a powerful political movement to impose Sharia on all of Malaysia.

That would be very convenient: if, as a dictator, you have an opponent, you can accuse him to be a homosexual (thus to be stoned, according to Sharia). Actually, this already happened in Malaysia, against the main politician and opponent to the regime. Never mind? The leader of Malaysia and his entourage are suspected to have stolen five billion dollars they happen to possess, inexplicably. No doubt a lot of stolen Malaysian money made it in a neighborhood very close to Theresa May, already (this, the importation of plutocratic capital, became the UK’s main industry, in recent decades…. hence the movement to make the UK safe from Eurocrats, now that Switzerland has fallen under their sway, the sway of Republican law…)

Is it inexplicable to want to please the Islamists that much? “Allah knows, and you do not (to quote the Qur’an). So does Theresa May. Let’s keep it that way, ever more so. Just a hint: many of the world’s richest plutocrats (such as The Sultan of Brunei) claim to be Islamists (not a coincidence: Islam is dictator-friendly, to the point Hitler got some of his main ideas from it, the Fascist Principle, or Fuehrer Principle). The United Kingdom’s strategy? To become the new Switzerland (while forgetting, or, more exactly, ignoring that Switzerland’s main industry is pharmaceutical and food, of top world class level, namely real industrial production, not just worldwide financial conspiracies of the lowest sort).

Patrice Ayme’ (pronounced: A-May!)



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29 Responses to “Britain’s Unelected Islamist Prime Minister”

  1. Karen Eilbeck Says:

    Scary scary scary

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, indeed, Karen. I know a fanatical Brexiter, who is member of UKIP, although speaking several languages, and an educator (head of a school in France of all places!) He was mostly motivated towards Brexit from repulsion for Islam. He was aghast when he learned that Theresa Sharia May was a contender for PM. That’s the funny thing about Brexit: it’s going to get worse in all the ways Brexiters are hysterical about, precisely because of Brexit.

  2. dominique deux Says:

    AFAIK, UK Sharia Courts can enlist the local constabulary in enforcing their rulings.

    Sorry for the Brits, but Brexit was best for the EU. The gangrenous member self-amputated.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Is that true? PM May, of her graisseuse majeste’, who loves to lie, and contradict herself, just insisted that there was just one law in Britain.

      • dominique deux Says:

        The UK Govt reasoning is that Shariah Courts come under the Private Arbitration Act, so there is really one law only.

        The fact that Shariah Courts gleefully and purposefully stretch the envelope of the Act is ignored.

        Baroness Cox’ remedial law had been quashed despite wide support, on the grounds that “The Government’s first major objection about the bill was its prohibition of arbitration according to religious principles, something which, the Government stated, the Arbitration Act 1996 specifically sought to facilitate.”

        I reiterate, good riddance. This nest of religious fanaticism is no longer in the EU while staying in comfortable striking distance from Brittany-based bombers.

  3. De Brunet D'Ambiallet Says:

    Did you look at that decision of a British judge of the European Court of Justice against France about women wearing Islamist garb? It just happened. And it looks very unconstitutional. I guess the British elite stays very pro-Islam, even after Brexit.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, I just came across it. Unbelievable.The arrogance. Also it is a EU “DIRECTIVE”. What’s a “DIRECTIVE”. Are we in a state of “DIRECTIVES”, not law?

  4. Karen Eilbeck Says:

    The taxi driver thought that getting out of Europe would stop Muslim immigration. I told him I thought it would increase.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Immigration. of people and capital, was deliberately set-up in Britain by the government, ever since Thatcher. The EU became a mean to achieve it. France had nearly no immigration during that time. Interviews of immigrants show that they are aware that Brexit will make the UK much poorer in the future, and they are thinking of going to, say, Germany. However, those who try to reunite with their families will keep on coming.

  5. Alexandros HoMegas Says:

    She works for the Jewish elite like all the conservative Party and the Blairites, muslim are the play things of the elite.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Muslims are the play things of the elite, as they allow to divided particularly stupidly We The People, indeed. There is an even better one going right now, involving a British woman at the European Court of Justice, who inveighed against France about Muslim garb. I was going to write an essay about it, but it was too dumb and depressing…

  6. Alexandros HoMegas Says:

    Not muslim friendly.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, not friendly enough in the opinion of that Muslim propagandist (who probably never has enough). Notice she quotes no quotes, and evoke no precise facts. I did. It is curious that you view a Muslim propagandist as an authority. Western Islamists, like the leaders of the US in 1945, instrumentalized Islam (not differently from most founders of Islam…)

  7. Gmax Says:

    May is all over the map. She gave a Sanders like discourse as PM. But right using Islam is a dangerous game

  8. dominique deux Says:

    And she named BoJo FS. ISIS is breaking out the orange juice.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      As Gmax said, she made a “working class” speech. May may not be maybe what she may look like. French president Hollande, “avec toute la courtoisie necessaire, c’etait notre premier contact… I told her to activate Article 50 and get out… le Royaume Uni ne peut pas avoir dehors tous les avantages qu’il avait dedans…” On s’amuse…
      “L’Allemagne vient de s’engager davantage pour la defense, y compris pour des operations exterieures…”

      Barroso Goldman-Sachs? Why does not Europe worry about that? Well, “he has no ethics”, says Hollande. GS disguised the numbers of Greece, recognizes Hollande. But that’s not “juridical”. Well, why don’t you propose a law?

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Bojo is Boris Johnson, the Americano-Britisho-French ex-mayor of London, certified funny man, patented liar, and ex-classmate and clubmate of David Cameron. French??? Well, he talks and speak, and feels, and think French, Louis De Funes style… He is the new foreign minister, and already called the French foreign minister “charming”.

  9. CFR Says:

    This is going to be the art of appearing to Brexit, without really Brexiting. Take aerospace: the aerospace sector in Britain is mostly foreign owned and the clients (say Airbus) are outside of the UK. In case of real Brexit, employment by Britons in aerospace will just disappear.

    Why would Airbus pay for wings made in Wales, submitted to tariffs? There is a very strong quickly growing composite subcontractor market in, say, France, next to where the final assembly of most Airbus planes happen. This (largest employer in Wales) will end up on the continent quickly.

    Visas for French citizens will be a no-go: downtown Paris is only 2 hours away, by train, from downtown London. The single market requires freedom of movement. What caused massive immigration in Britain was British policy, not European policy (France next door had very little immigration, with the same exact GDP growth since 2008). And so on. May may want to keep her enemies, fanatic Brexiters, close by, maybe..

  10. hazxan Says:

    “The Brits say: this is how our democracy works: we debase ourselves, and then think haughty of ourselves, as butlers do, when thinking of their masters.”

    As a Brit, I totally agree, this is pretty much the underlying attitude of many.

    But did you see alternative to May? Andrea Leadsom? Before declining to run for PM, she said some of the most incredible gobbledegook that some were taken in by.

    It’s reasonably well known that the Conservative/Neoliberal post 1980 project has been to restore “Victorian Values”, Thatcher said so enough times. But Leadsom said she wanted Britain to be like in the days of Elizabeth the First. i.e. 16the century. When England was a brutal police state with an economy of peasants and piracy, with slavery just about getting underway. And people cheered this….

    Politics has gone mad. It’s getting hard to take the world seriously any more. It seems that telling huge lies is no longer any offence at all, but a vital part of life. Leadsom was caught lieing about her work history on her CV…but suffered nothing for this. Ordinary people get dismissed and rejected for an Facebook photo that their employers don’t like…or perhaps for expressing political views that doubt the existence of Free Market Heaven where all the Good Competitors go. But those in power get no retribution.

  11. EugenR Says:

    At 26.6 few days after the referendum i published a comment on blog mainly macro:

    Nice arguments, but since when rational argumentation helped to change political decisions? i have a different prediction.
    EU, leaded by rather energetic Hollander will boot Brittany out from the EU within few month. The economic catastrophe will appear immediately in the UK and will touch very marginally the EU. After all UK long time ago stopped to produce merchandise and all it produced are services, mainly financial and houses for supper rich from all over the world. And still the British will need to import merchandise, and will pretty soon discover that the prices of merchandise jumped by 30-50%. On the other hand the financial services will be damaged immediately. Banks are already considering to allocate thousands of their employees to Dublin and Amsterdam. I would predict that in the medium term some of them will be allocated to Edinburgh, the capital of independent Scotland. The Scottish give up their independence for money, and will regain their independence for the same reason. If in the short and medium term the British economy will fall to insignificance, in the long term the other important service industry, the real estate market in London will become even more attractive to the outsiders, and even less reachable for the British, holding mainly assets in British pound. So after 12 centuries of British independence, (since Alfred the Great), “Great Brittany” will finally become just an another marginalized Muslim country, with English speaking Pakistani majority.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      May may not agree to be booted out. She already put the British and French flags next to each other, at half mast. There may be, maybe a solution to the whole problem: more of a Europe of nations, with partial parliamentary prominence. Hollande is beating it hard right now, having turned into the Brexiter in chief. He may be smart enough to know he has only a few months…

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It’s high time for military means, such as coups and martial laws: see Turkey right now. I am finishing an essay on outlawing Islam

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “Brittany” used to be called “Armorica” until Britons fled Anglo-Saxons there, from Britannia, now called “Britain”.

  12. papa Says:

    Assumptions and nothing more. You can guess all day long but you all know nothing.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You yourself insult, but says nothing precise (which is what insults are all about). As I predicted, it’s now certain that Brexit will not happen before 2019. And probably never. The trick will be that the EU will be changed enough to claim there was Brexit from the old EU.

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