CLIMATE CHANGES: CO2, Islam, & The Eternal Return Of Fascism

Another day, another Islamist attack in France. This was “Islam de France“, as it is among all too many youth. The two (French) Islamist “martyrs” were shot dead by the BRI (Brigade d’Intervention Rapide). Armed with knives and a gun they took hostage several parishioners in a church. The 86 year old priest was made to kneel before his throat was cut. Several other elderly persons were cut. The Islamist “martyrs” were so busy filming their “heroic” deeds, that a nun was able to escape discreetly, and alerted the police. As with the latest attack in Bavaria at a music concert two days ago, the Islamist pseudo-state ISIS claimed it set it up. The area, in rural Normandy, is known as one of the most Islamized places in France, thanks to a Salafist mosque (which, if one followed Israeli methods, would have been dynamited long ago!)

No wonder Donald Trump wants “extreme vetting” of French visa applicants.

Yes, I know, it’s dreary. Yes I know, among the looming threats gathering out there, Islamism is the silliest fanatical cretinism on steroids. However, Islamism is dreadful enough to cause great dislocation, and lack of focus on the real problems. After all, it was the (de facto) pro-Islamist mood which Kanzler Merkel organized, all by herself. The reaction to this pro-Islam mood, in turn, broke the European Union’s back with Brexit (I watch plenty of German TV, and I was aghast with the let’s-embrace-Islam mood the Merkel-led authorities promoted rashly, with their naive approach… Admitting refugees (which I am for) is one thing, welcoming the mood of the religion which has caused the refugee crisis is something else: it is in an absolute contradiction).

Want to see a real threat? Something really hot and hard? Here it is, spiking up, as I said it would, so long ago

Climate Change: CO2, Islam, & The Eternal Return Of Fascism. Temperature In 2016 Is Exceeding All Expectations.i

Climate Changes: CO2, Islam, & The Eternal Return Of Fascism. Temperature In 2016 Is Exceeding All Expectations Scientists Who Are Paid To Sound Nice Officially Expected.

[Image source: Dr. Stephan Rahmstorf. Data source: NASA GISS. Data 1880 CE to April 2016.]

What is the reason for this sharp spike? Fundamentally the global rise in temperature is driven by the man-made GreenHouse Gases (GHG: CO2, CH4, NOx, ClFs, etc.). The GHGs block infrared radiation more than normal air does, trapping heat in the biosphere. This “climate forcing” warms up the lower atmosphere (and cools the irrelevant stratosphere!) The GHG density is increasing at a steady pace from human industry. But the resulting warming, and thus the GHG emissions have clearly now started to self feed. (How do we know this? From the divergence of the graphs. More on this another day.)

What of the change of mental climate Islam brings? Is it benevolent as the proselytizers of Islam claim, a “religion of peace”? Or do we need to read what is really going on, and find out why 18 year olds with criminals pasts, and no education to speak of, know Islam way better that judicial and legislating authorities in the West claim to?

Those who fight for Islam get “special reward”:

Quran (4:95)“Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) Hath Allah promised good: But those who strive and fight Hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward.”

Those who don’t help God, go to hell:

Quran (9:39)“If ye go not forth God will afflict you with a painful doom…”

When fighting the unbelievers, God hates a coward and throws him to hell:

Quran (8:15-16)“O ye who believe! when ye meet the Unbelievers in hostile array, never turn your backs to them. If any do turn his back to them on such a day – unless it be in a stratagem of war, or to retreat to a troop (of his own)- he draws on himself the wrath of Allah, and his abode is Hell,- an evil refuge (indeed)!”

Those who die, fighting for God, go to paradise:

Quran (3:169-170)Think not of those who are slain in Allah’s way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord; They rejoice in the bounty provided by Allah: And with regard to those left behind, who have not yet joined them (in their bliss), the (Martyrs) glory in the fact that on them is no fear, nor have they (cause to) grieve.”

As usual, the preceding is confirmed, and amplified, in numerous parts of the Hadith and the Sira:

Muslim (20:4678)It has been reported on the authority of Jabir that a man said: “Messenger of Allah, where shall I be if I am killed?” He replied: “In Paradise.” The man threw away the dates he had in his hand and fought until he was killed (i. e. he did not wait until he could finish the dates).

Abu Dawud (14:2515)I asked the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him): Who are in Paradise? He replied: “Prophets are in Paradise, martyrs are in Paradise.”

If you are young, depressed, and believe in the preceding, and surrounded with what preachers and sacred texts tell you are unbelievers who deserve to die, what would you do? The answer is all too obvious.

I was watching a top, senior, just retired, French judge,  and she calmly pontificated that youth who committed assassinations of unbelievers in the name of Islam perverted Islam. Well, if you read Islamist sacred texts, you can judge the judge. I judge that judges like that, who pontificate that fanatical Jihadists “pervert Islam”  are themselves perverse idiots and could well be viewed to be a deeper source of terrorism than the youth who commits such assassinations, to start with. Yes, some will say I am out-Trumping Trump. But think about it: the white judge just claim that Islam, Literal Islam, is perfect, and youth was perverse. OK, then the judges say that the quotes above are perfect, while accusing those who act on them of what, exactly?

Another angle on the same problem: imagine that a youthful would-be assassin confronts a judge. The judge tells the youth to be less perverse and to follow Islam more closely? In the case of the assassination of the priest this happened precisely with one of the two 19-year-old Islamist assassin: the youth opined that he would be a better Muslim, follow the Qur’an better. So he was judged mature enough by a lady judge to be freed from jail, where he had been for eight months after being arrested in Turkey for trying to slip into Syria.

The climate in the West has been that Islam was good, whereas poor youth was bad, uneducated, not worth of correct schooling and employment. Verily, the truth is the other way around: Islam has been good for plutocracy, and orienting, actively or indirectly, youth towards Islam, Literal, Wahhabist, Salafist Islam, a perversion.


When Climate Changes, Species Go, And Smarter Ones Thrive:

Dinosaurs, pterosaurs, mesosaurs, plesiosaurs, and the like were all what some now call “mesotherms”: their temperature was in-between. They depended too much upon the balmy Jurassic and then Cretaceous climate to insure their own temperature. When the climate cooled, they faltered, and then disappeared. Whereas the hot “endotherms” (self-warm), mammals and birds, thrived.

A change of climate changes which species thrive, or even exist. It is the same with ruling systems of ideas, such as religions, and the mental climates they bring.

Islam created a wonderful climate among desert nomads. Prior to it, Arabs were at each others’ throats, and killed girls to limit the population explosion. Meanwhile, the Arabs were fully exposed, and frustrated, by the great civilizations swirling around them: Ethiopian, Yemenite, Egyptian, Zoroastrian, and then the formidable Greco-Roman civilization, and its partial descendant, the Persian Sassanid empire. However, soon after 605 CE things changed: a formidable war between Sassanids (Zoroastrian Persians) and “Rome”, turned suddenly to Persia’s advantage (the Persian Shah In Shah was all the bolder as the Romans had put him back on his throne earlier: a case of back-stabbing).

It is a long story, and I want to tell it (but will have to do so some other time). It is a matter of climate. In more ways than one.


Mental Climate Catastrophes Brought Islam:

To understand the change of species which Islam brought, one has to understand the anti-intellectual climate which brought a deep mental freeze in “Rome” (Constantinople), and the influence the resulting refugee crisis of fleeing Roman intellectuals had in Persia. Then a terrible storm arose: an all-out war between Constantinople and Persia, of an extraordinary violence, back and forth, like a tsunami going one way, and then the other.

Thanks to a crazed out Persian emperor, Persia made the greatest invasion of the Mediterranean basin in 1,000 years, even conquering all the way to Libya, something it had never done before. By 622 CE, the situation was so desperate, that emperor Heraclius thought of evacuating the Roman capital to Carthage. Just when the enormous reforms he had made back to a citizen army and other reconstitution of ancient Greco-Roman traditions, changed the climate completely in the Roman empire. That change of mood mobilized the population, and enabled to reverse the military tide.


Why Islam Swept All:

Islam is a war religion. As simple as that. It went much further that way that Roman Catholic Orthodox had (= Christianism imposed by the Roman state, now headed from Constantinople and Milan). Christianism celebrated a “Lord” mimicking Constantine’s behavior. That included the summary execution of the son… and Verses of the Sword:  Luke 19; 27 is unambiguous. The mythic Jesus Christ supposedly said:

But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me.

It could not be any clearer. A total negation of the state of law. A proclamation of human sacrifice. Yes, when thinking of religion, remember this: human sacrifice is about having a religious reason for killing others.

“Religious” means non-legal. “Legal” does not just mean legal in the Roman sense, but legal in the ethological sense.

Hence the imposition of (fascist, mono-dictatorial, lethal, jealous, imperious) Christianism, between Roman emperors Constantine and Theodosius (both initially generals, reigning absolutely on the entire empire) changed the climate completely. Instead of having a state of law, one passed to a state of caprice of the emperor, sultan, prophet or caliph at the head. Or, as Constantine modestly depicted himself “thirteenth apostle”.

This anti-intellectual climate appeared just when a greater intellectual activity was called for. This is what generally happens, it’s no accident.

Meanwhile, to the south-east, the Arabs saw all of this. They saw the Persians invade Yemen and seize Aden. They saw Rome nearly collapse, and, while Muhammad was fighting Mecca from Yathrib (= Medina), from 622 Ce to 630 CE, he saw the fabulous Roman counter-attack, and Persia collapse in coups, civil wars, queens reigning for a year or two, top generals assassinated…

The Roman nadir was in 622 CE. In 630 CE, Muhammad was religious dictator of Mecca. As a prophet, he could re-organize the Qur’an, and he did. Exit the kind, loving and tolerant Islam. However, quite a bit of the Meccan religious arsenal was preserved, including perhaps the Satanic Verses, and certainly the Moon as a symbol, Mecca as a religious center, complete with meteorite and recycled Kabaa.

So Muhammad changed the climate, but not too much where not needed. Instead he led a crusade of united warriors to the north, to attack the Romans (who smirked and avoided contact, as they had just concluded peace with the Sassanid Persians, reconstituting the old borders… and had decided to spurn Monophysite Arabs).

Kill or fight the enemy, go to paradise? What better mental climate to impose an empire?

What is sure is that, if we don’t kill the CO2 rise pretty soon, the notion of paradise will change. And that this Literal Islam, Salafism, Wahhabism, Wall Street compatible Islam, thing is an un-amusing distraction.


Nothing new under the sun; civilizations can die quickly:

1,500 years ago, or so, the mighty Moche civilization, along the coast of Peru knew a drought and a super El Nino (certainly amplified by natural climate change, probably of volcanic origin).

The Moche survived initially, but their religion became all-consuming (full of human sacrifices and pyramids). It is the usual reaction: when a society gets stressed, it reacts as a baboon troop: everybody of one mind, behind the chief (right now Trump).

In a civilization, if more than one fascist movement appear (say the Communists at the same time as the Nazis, as in Germany in the 1920s; or Syria now), civil strife ensues. This is what happened to the Moche, and in such a violent manner, that the civilization collapsed.

Something similar, a super drought in the Seventh Century, accompanied by civil war and ecological devastation, nearly eradicated the Mayan civilization, thereafter a shadow of its former self (until the Spaniards showed up, 6 centuries later).


“Hydraulic Dictatorships” And, Or Fascist Over-Reaction?

The basic problem of the zone where Islam festers, has been ecological. A massive, epochal drought, tied to the interglacial cycle, started more than 6,000 years ago, triggering the Egyptian civilization. The drought forced the Egyptians to get along with agriculture, in a very long and narrow valley, and vast associated oases, where hydraulic was crucial. Fernand Braudel rightly introduced the notion of “Hydraulic Dictatorship”. And the reasoning is obvious: big hydraulics means big society, armies of workers, relative wealth, hence big army to protect the whole thing, etc. So I supported that reasoning (which I had developed on my own). However, I am starting to have second thoughts: after all, many Western societies, including some Greek city-states, and Rome for much of her history, and the various regimes which descended from the Franks/French, including England, did not fall into the same pattern (nor did Egypt, mostly, for that matter).

After all, the entire region was long the richest in the world, where many Neolithic and civilization basic techniques were discovered, invented and blossomed. And the climate got desperately dry 6,000 years ago, when the deserts became basically uninhabitable. Still, the area was at the very forefront of civilization until the massive Celto-Greco-Roman (“The West”) took over, starting 23 centuries ago. Some of the degeneracy occurred before Islam, or even just before the Hellenistic civilization of the Trojan War took off. However Babylonians and later, the Achaemenid empire still made civilizational innovations. And yet the fact the Achaemenids’ greatness depended mostly upon one man, Darius The Great a sort of Zoroastrian Muhammad, with more brains, experience and statesmanship, reveals the truth: the Middle Earth had become way too fascist already 3,000 years ago, used as it was, by then, upon depending on just one individual. A climate of intellectual fascism had come to rule. (It’s no coincidence that the monotheism of Abrahamism, blind obedience to the Lord, mauling all and any human decency, came to fester there.)

So what could be going on? The mental climate may have over-reacted to the increasingly desertic situation. A climate of intellectual fascism had come to rule, and rightly so. Yet, in my view, there was an overshooting of the fascist mood. A bit like an immune system over-reacts, and a lethal auto-immune disease develops. True, strong government were needed, associated to strong religions, such as Judaism, and Constantine’s “Catholicism”. A bit of the Dark Side is often necessary. But Islam ended changing the mental climate way too far to the Dark Side (contemplate the quotes above).

Political and intellectual fascism can self feed, through religious effect (= the madness of the crowds), similarly to the self-feeding of the climate we are witnessing now (the ever crazier ending of the Nazi regime is a case in point! The more desperate the military situation was getting, the more insanely lethal the Nazis became, including against their own ilk!) Thus, as fascism arises from bad situations, as a healthy, and most effective defense reflex, it can bring in an even worse situation, through its own actions, which, in turn, ask for even more fascist action. Just as, the higher the temperature, the more methane and carbon dioxide released, hence more greenhouse, more temperature, thus more methane and carbon dioxide, etc…

The climate is changing, whether we want it or not. We have to do as the Egyptians did, 6,000 years ago: change minds, moods and civilization. We have to do much because now history is moving at the fastest clip ever. And history shows that civilizations which lasted many centuries, or even millennia, can collapse in days, and commonly do so in years.

Patrice Ayme’


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21 Responses to “CLIMATE CHANGES: CO2, Islam, & The Eternal Return Of Fascism”

  1. indravaruna Says:

    The EU is dead, Trump will be elected and kill NATO, is which Tribe fighting for their own now.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Let’s not get overexcited. The EU is NOT dead, or maybe it is, Long Live the EU!

      I think May is going to delay until Franco-German elections in 2017. Then the EU will die, and be re-born, and May will organize a Brexin referendum.

      Trump is going to kick the ant mill. The NATO ants will be required to give 2% to defense as they are supposed to. Only France and of course Israel (not in NATO, but in the US), do this… Only thing Trump is going to kill is plutocrats through heart attacks, and, maybe, his wife… He may even make Putin more clever…


      • Kevin Berger Says:

        AFAICT, the EU was (and is) an extension of the US-centric immediate post-WWII order, a kind of Raj system applied to the former colonizers by the former colony. Is it able to become something of its own (IE, European), instead of just being an important cog in the Anglo system (what you call Plutocracy)? This is a rhetorical question that likely will remain unanswered, or will be answered only if/when this Anglo system collapses, draws down, downsizes,…


  2. picard578 Says:

    Reblogged this on Defense Issues.


  3. picard578 Says:

    “Admitting refugees (which I am for) is one thing, welcoming the mood of the religion which has caused the refugee crisis is something else: it is in an absolute contradiction).”

    “Refugees” implies that they are running away from war… but many if not most come from countries where there is no war… Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc. They are, for the most part, economic migrants, not refugees.

    “What is the reason for this sharp spike? Fundamentally the global rise in temperature is driven by the man-made GreenHouse Gases (GHG: CO2, CH4, NOx, ClFs, etc.).”

    I think CO2 is the least important of those, I don’t get it why it is always listed first… methane from cow farting (those huge cow farms) probably contributes almost as much to global warming than all artificial CO2 sources placed together – in atmosphere, methane breaks down into CH3 and water vapor, in addition to being hugely potent greenhouse gas itself (200 times as potent as CO2).

    “I was watching a top, senior, just retired, French judge, and she calmly pontificated that youth who committed assassinations of unbelievers in the name of Islam perverted Islam. Well, if you read Islamist sacred texts, you can judge the judge. I judge that judges like that, who pontificate that fanatical Jihadists “pervert Islam” are themselves perverse idiots and could well be viewed to be a deeper source of terrorism than the youth who commits such assassinations, to start with. Yes, some will say I am out-Trumping Trump. But think about it: the white judge just claim that Islam, Literal Islam, is perfect, and youth was perverse. OK, then the judges say that the quotes above are perfect, while accusing those who act on them of what, exactly?”

    That is liberal political correctess at work. Fun fact: Hitler liked Islam, and Hitler’s Waffen SS was the most ethnically diverse military force in human history: Germanics, Slavs, Arabs, Africans, Hindu, Turks, Kazakhs, even some Koreans, Mongols, Japanese, Indonesians. Yet liberals will term anyone opposing multiculturalism to be a Nazi – when they themselves act like Nazis when enforcing multiculturalism and destroying ethnic and cultural diversity which was the basis of human advancement through history. Importing Islam, a totalitarian system of thought which tolerates no other, is a step towards destroying diversity. In Islam, Islamic identity takes precedence over any national / ethnic identity; that is why Muslims cannot integrate into Western societies which are built on nationalism (as much as some like to deny it).

    “Hence the imposition of (fascist, mono-dictatorial, lethal, jealous, imperious) Christianism, between Roman emperors Constantine and Theodosius (both initially generals, reigning absolutely on the entire empire) changed the climate completely. Instead of having a state of law, one passed to a state of caprice of the emperor, sultan, prophet or caliph at the head. Or, as Constantine modestly depicted himself “thirteenth apostle”.”

    That actually started with Diocletian, who made himself a God (until then, Roman Emperors were declared to be deities only upon their death; Diocletian was the first who declared himself a deity). Constantine was Diocletian’s student, and in using Christianity to reinforce his power, he merely followed Diocletian’s example.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the comment Picard (and the reblogging!) This deserves a long answer, especially about the judge(s). But I am rushed today.
      “Economic” refugees don’t mean much: was there ever another sort? When the Huns came knocking, were they desperate or opportunistic? Probably the former, considering the risks they took (so were the Goths, desperately fleeing the Huns, but also tempted by empty Thrace; after Adrianopolis, the Goths discovered they were the masters, though…)

      About the refugee crisis, I found the following enlightening:

      I also think the refugee crisis is overblown in most countries (especially the UK!!!) But, for, say, Hungary the crisis is real, and I can understand the government is bringing up the barbed wire…


      • picard578 Says:

        There are many types of refugees and migrations… some are running away from war (not to get killed), some are in genuinely dire straits and want to ensure survival, and some are out to conquer other peoples. And Islam is a fascist ideology which creates the mentality of conquest… without its followers even realizing it.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Your observations about the diversity of the SS and the divinization of Diocletian are right on target. With the SS, it’s rather ironical, because the French army was also diverse in 1914-1918 (there were entire “Senegalese” divisions, hated by the Germans to death, and reciprocally). Hitler campaigned lots for racial purity, and sterilized the progeny of German women and colored French soldiers…Yet the Waffen SS went multi-racial, multi-ethnic. But, way too late. If the Nazis had been really smart in Ukraine, and enrolled Jews in the SS (hahaha; sounds crazy, but it could have been done), they would have won. Netanyahu, plenty of them, Netanyahus, could have made the Nazis win. (UK philosopher Isaac Berlin famously said the founders of Israel had “listened not to us, but to Hitler…”)

      The Nazis were completely intoxicated on their own toxic ideology… And they dropped it in the end, most of them (not the hopelessly uneducated Hitler). Funny to see Himmler scrambling to save thousands of Jews in April 1945…


      • picard578 Says:

        And in NDH, Ustashi (which were not Nazis but rather a continuation of Croatian nationalist movement from 19th century) were actually busy saving Jews… many Jewish businesses continued to operate, and many Jews were in NDH military and government (as well as many Serbs). Out of 132 generals in NDH, 28 were Jews and 13 were Serbs. True catastrophy for Jews in NDH was not the establishment of NDH, but the formation of Yugoslavia… that is when many lost their property, and even their lives.


  4. Gmax Says:

    More impressive than ever. I guess you have more example of this fascism feeding on itself like the greenhouse is fwedding on itself? ROME is the poster boy? Nazism?


  5. Paul Handover Says:

    I find it difficult to comment on any specific themes mentioned in this post other than to intuitively agree with your closing paragraph.

    These are the strangest, most unsettling times I can ever recall (and I’m 71) and, frankly, they are very difficult to call. In terms of “….change minds, moods and civilization.” I sense significant uncertainty within me as to whether we, as in humanity, will change in time.

    Yet there’s a personal anecdote that suggests that maybe change is already well under way.

    That is that my sister who lives in Tokyo has had a cottage in NW France for many years. A few weeks ago she came back to England and went out to France to see the cottage and decided to place it in the hands of a real-estate agent. Elizabeth spoke of the selling price being pretty low and I came back suggesting that it would take months and months to sell, even at that low ticket price.

    “No,” said Elizabeth, “There have already been a good number of enquiries. Mainly from Dutch people.”

    “Dutch people!”, I said with surprise in my voice, “Why are the Dutch interested in a small cottage in rural Britany?”

    Elizabeth replied, “Because of rising sea levels!”


    • Gmax Says:

      Also the Franks were DUTCH. French and Dutch readily turn into each other. It is true that the fighting again’t the rising sea is getting into high gear along the flat low coasts of the Northern German plain. In vain, we can only surmise


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Wow Paul. Thanks for the answer. You have a far-flung family. Amazing.
      Is your sister making her own “Brexit”? ;-)!
      [Brexit will not, de facto, happen, BTW. Hopefully, the EU will change, after the Franco-German elections next year. The last two real Brexiters now are Junckers and Hollande…]
      The State of California is changing at a pretty fast clip. Even faster is new solar cell technology. The edge of that has solved the greenhouse problem already.
      We “just” need to massively invest, but the technical solution is at hand!!!! That makes the present situation, massive denial, rather weird…


  6. EugenR Says:

    The problem of immigration is not the amount of people crossing the EU borders. After all 1-2 million immigrants make up less than half percent of EU population. The problem is the cultural values they bring to Europe, the same cultural values that brought the societies in Arab and Sunni Muslim states to catastrophe and who knows, maybe even at the end it will bring to final annihilation of this culture as it was practiced for more than millennia until very recently. The same happened in Europe after the religious wars of the 17 century. The secularization of Europe from 18 century, was result of this devastating civil war.

    I am not an expert on the Muslim culture, but it is relatively easy to observe the social and political consequences of this culture. If to analyze the happenings in the Arab-Sunni-Muslim countries, you find several characterizations, common in most of these countries.
    1.The legislation doesn’t separate the state legislation from the religious legislation. With it comes the zero tolerance of the Muslim states to other belief systems and other cultures.
    2. Within the Arab-Sunni-Muslim societies there is no freedom of choice of faith citizens of these societies are allowed to believe in. Atheism and multi-theism is forbidden and brutally punished. Other monotheistic religions have to be subordinated to the Islam.
    3. Society is hierarchically leveled, while females are subordinated to the man by law and by daily practice.
    4. Family is seen as a sacred social institution, with rights to enforce acts and behavior within the norms of the family code, and punishing severally nonconformism and expression of individual choice, (even with penalties of death, or crippling injuries within the families).
    5. Education is strictly limited to values corresponding the religious truth in Islam. Scientific and philosophical ideas, even if the technology it creates are adopted, are strongly opposed.
    6. Islam supports political system of autocracy. It supports censorship, opposes free expression of opinions. The result is no functioning democracy exists in any Muslim state, except if its legal system is not based on religious code.
    7. There is no place to cultural diversity within Muslim state or Muslim society.

    So the problem of immigration is not about the numbers of immigrants, but the European response to the Muslim cultural identity. If Europe wants to sustain its opened, secular, pluralistic, multicultural, sociopolitical culture, that it achieved after so many historical events of agony and destruction, it cant be indifferent are even less, positive to a flourishing and well organized religion, that opposes exactly this, and with militaristic means.


    • Gmax Says:

      Something similar with Rome: the invaders were very small in numbers, but they came in with their own Sharia. That was enough for toppling…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Agreed that the immigration of unwanted moods and systems of ideas is the problem. In the case of Islam, that ideology was deliberately constructed as an anti-Greco-Roman democracy machinery. So it makes the situation even more acute.


  7. Kevin Berger Says:


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Extremely interesting, Kevin! I did not heard of these blue lakes in East Antarctica. I am NOT surprised, though. I have long argued that East Antarctica is where the disaster will strike most. I should write a small essay, explaining that the Alps told us so, but I have no time right now.


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