A Good Election It Was

An election should be a debate of ideas, and it was: Trump raged against global plutocratization: Clinton saw the risk, she made a 180 degrees AGAINST globalization and condemned the TPP she had negotiated.

Trump was against Obamacare. Sure enough, Bill Clinton condemned Obamacare as the “craziest thing in the world”. That’s a debate: Trump persuading Clinton to change from black, to white.

Another positive: herds of bleating sheep who never cared about politics, suddenly had fire in their bellies. Indeed, today is the day when millions of hypnotized losers will vote for their torturer, Goldman Sachs. No wonder, they are so enraged.

In all states, the election was much more than just a presidential choice: there were votes for Senators, Congressmen, local state officials. In California, the election was much more than Trump versus Clinton: there were three other candidates, including an ecologist (Dr. Jill Stein) and a libertarian. One could “write in” anybody else (including Bernie Sanders). More importantly, California had 17 statewide “propositions”. If they pass, those have force of law. One proposition outlawed the death penalty. Another Californian proposition extended a supplementary tax on the rich by no less than 12 years. 

US Voting Ballot, November 8, 2016, California, Inside This Ballot There Are More Than 60 Voting Acts, I Studied It For Weeks

US Voting Ballot, November 8, 2016, California, Inside This Ballot There Are More Than 60 Voting Acts, I Studied It For Weeks

To add to these statewide California propositions were region wide, county-wide, and city-wide propositions. In the SF Bay Area, one proposition proposed to raise 3.5 billion dollars for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART, a sort of fast, and noisy metro). It was alone in the back of a page, I nearly missed it.   

I was called all sorts of names by individuals who claim to care about the causes Hillary Clinton loudly embrace (and which I approve of). The hysteria was often total. A guy called Jim Herson, who has never bothered to reciprocate the salutations I addressed to him when I came across him, in the last few decades, called me a liar. Said he:”You lied about the supermajority, and you lied when you said Obama was president in 2006”.

Of course, I never said Obama was president when he was Senator. But hysteria is hysteria! Alleluia!, and the Dems had indeed a supermajority in 2009, so they could have passed all the American Dreams they could dream of. But in truth all the dreams of the Demoncratic elite were about seducing all the plutocrats.

Pseudo-leftist posers who confuse reflection and insults need to learn that being excited, although necessary, is not enough to have cogent opinions.

Obama census bureau showed, a month the median income is lower today, by more than 5% than 17 years ago, while inflation is through the roof in non CPI elements such as health care and education. Obama was a nullity. Except for the elite pulling his strings. Trump may show him how one governs for We The People, instead. Lots of garbage to move.

Wall Street indices have collapsed and have been halted. The Wall Street candidate, Hillary the hilarious Clinton, its candidate is threatened, so Wall Street is collapsing.

Patrice Ayme’


37 Responses to “A Good Election It Was”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    It’s coming up to 10:30pm here in Oregon and it really does look like a win for Mr. Trump. I am delighted to be a resident of this great nation at such an interesting period. Fascinating!

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, Brexit was a terrible thing (and it will not happen, as I said in the past). And Brexit was passed with lies. This, like Brexit, rests on very justified rage. However, differently from Brexit, it’s done, and completely right.

  2. Gloucon X Says:

    It’s over. Trump won Penn. Looks like turnout was way down. Too early to tell but it looks like black turnout may have been down enough to doom Hillary. Patrice was right about Hillary’s negatives–they doomed her. Because california remains mostly uncounted Hillary may still win the national popular vote like Gore did, it’s going to be close, a few hundred thousand vote difference. The national poll ave was off by 3%. Total shock.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for saying I was right. Clintons put more than one million people in Fed prison, more than under any president. My spouse, a lawyer tried to get some out. Black, all of them. All of them caught with less than measurable quantities of rock cocaine. Real racism, I tell you.

      The Blacks were right to stay home. They are becoming smart. Revolution means revolution, not assenting to continual oppression from mellifluous oppressors.

      I took enormous abuse on the Internet in public (not on this site) for just telling things that were true. I was called racist, xenophobic, a liar, anti-Muslim people (by coincidence I took care today of a Muslim’s friend 7 year old daughter today, who was sick, and gave her her medication)… and more. Even today an old friend in New York said I had OCDC… Such rage could only be explained by a confused feeling of inadequacy. But, well, out of thousands of professional Dem politicos, could they only really choose only the obviously most corrupt one????

      Trump selected for VP, Pence who is obviously very smart and decent…I mean I know lots of not so smart and indecent Republicans…

  3. dominique deux Says:

    No mourning for Hillary.

    The world situation is now clear: the regressive Anglo-American Empire is back, and it may have some right instincts but is mostly a biohazard for the planet, beginning with climate change denial and the coming onslaught of unregulated plutocrats – yes Trump fingers them, like Adolf did.

    The European Union, firmly plutocratic and conservative, now is the only remaining force for some kind of watered-down progressive policies, from climate change to workers’ rights. It has a duty to step up to the plate, and won’t do it.

    So, China? Well at least its ancient wisdom provides us with the right analysis tool for the coming years – its curse telling us “may you live in interesting times”.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Obama did nothing for climate. The states did everything, led by California and Texas (!!!!!! Yes, Texas…) OK, OK, I may have shamed him into taking executive orders with the EPA… (As I advocated stridently)
      Trump is arguably much more progressive than the lying, regressive Demoncrats:
      Clinton and Obama are the most regressive presidents since Coolidge…

    • Kevin Berger Says:

      “The world situation is now clear: the regressive Anglo-American Empire is back, and it may have some right instincts but is mostly a biohazard for the planet, beginning with climate change denial and the coming onslaught of unregulated plutocrats – yes Trump fingers them, like Adolf did.”

      I find it interesting that, in both the Brexit and Trump voting, the dominating globalization dogma has been rejected by the core Anglo grunts (England, the southern US, bred-for-being-henchmen, WASP “Scot-Irish”), IE the former imperial cannon fodder that had been relegated to the dustbin of unneeded tools.
      This is quite an ironical (White) vote, the now unnecessary hired help, in the process of being outsourced outside and replaced inside, revolting against the triumphant Elites who had rightfully deemed them irrelevant. Poor, say, Chris Snuggs, who maybe has vaguely realized he is just a subhuman like the rest of us (hence why he’s been shat on just the same), as compared to the Masters Of The Universe, but still is ensnared in the Anglo supremacist mindset.

      I wonder if this attempt at a sort of inward escape, away from globalization and back into the soft, safe, womb-like security of their respective world-island (“UK first!”, “MAGA!”) will have some sort of actual repercussion on the world stage, in addition to whatever will be let loose in the USA & UK?
      I mean, does this “regressive Anglo-American Empire” keep more on less on the same track, with some red meat thrown to the above-mentioned rejects, or does it “goes its own way”, screw the world, I’m going home?
      And, if the later, does it go “inward”, isolationist, whatever, in which case there is an incredible opportunity for civilization to get back on track after a 200 years detour/hijacking while they are busy licking their wounded insularity and exploiting each others – or, does it go “predatory” and start feeding on its dominion?
      I’m not being very clear, but you get the basic idea I guess.

    • Kevin Berger Says:

      “(The EU) has a duty to step up to the plate, and won’t do it.”

      Will not, or shall not, or even cannot?
      If it *won’t* because there is such an empire of the Anglo dominance over the minds, the spirits of the EU people, hell, even of the European people themselves, through historical inertia, deep and unrepairable acculturation, and sheer soft-power seduction, then it doesn’t matter; (collective) we are now just an appendix of that “regressive Anglo-American Empire”, and will go along it, down, most likely, in a big global crash.

      If it cannot, because the EU as an institution, and the various European gvts & orgs in varying degrees, are projections/extensions of this “RAAE”, then it will have to do it, regardless, because at some point, survival will trump (heh) interest. Cf. the USSR precedent.

      The question is, does Europe still exists, even with its power structures willingly colonized? Are Europeans still able to think of themselves as a separate entity or even separate entities, or have we been digested into this big brew of poisonous nothingness called Americanism?

  4. kevishaw Says:

    For sure, take the heat from commentators Patrice (at those other places of comment). It is just hot air. You can then fill more large balloons with their hot air, and use them to rise above it all. This will be incredible to watch unfold over the next year, and also to see: how will the old-guard of Wall Street Dems spin this one.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      They won’t be able to spin anything. As they got away with anything since Carter declared secret war i Afghanistan (July 3, 1979), and Bill Clinton became the linchpin of Reagan’s Iran-Contra, and ever since Bill Clinton added more than a million Federal prisoners, and abrogated FDR’s Banking Act of 1933, and then elected brown clown Obama so that he will brown for eight years, while feeding all sorts of plutocrats with tax payer money and Quantitative Easing, they have deduced they could get away with anything, like destroying Iraq. So their brains atrophied. Trump is fully smart, and he thinks like a predator, he is going to eat them alive. Trump will probably do more in 8 days than Obama in 8 years.

      Ford has already hinted it will reconsider its plan to flee to Mexico. Not bad for first day Trump.

      Demoncrats need it hot:

  5. EugenR Says:

    What next????

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, I am writing an essay on that. Kiss Elon Musk good bye. Kiss Bezos and Amazon good bye. Etc. The corporate fascist state is going to be dismantle, at least in its global version.
      GLOBALOCRACY is on the run.

      • EugenR Says:

        So back to the nationalistic state? With, “Amerika uber aless”.?

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Nope. Illegal Mexicans, incredibly, gather to get work, a hundred meters from young white Americans living in garbage. Try same trick in France (even in France!), get arrested.

          Plus: as I tried to explain, Nazism and also the Kaiser were international phenomenons, crucially propelled by US plutocrats…

  6. aaron Says:

    what next you ask ? first, he’ll go after his political enemies, then next up will be the media. with the fat man, christie as a.g., he’ll proceed to go after the left. when he’s done feeding off then, he’ll turn on the right, cull those who is perceived as not ‘ loyal enough ‘. it’s simple really…just follow the playbook. in two years, less, you wont recognize amerika. facebook, hell, the internet, will be under gov control, if it exists……

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Corporate fascism is already here: look at my essays (!!!) Trump is smarter than you seem to think. He is obviously not up therejust to grope women. And as far as having no honor, and being motivated by the basest instincts, I learned enough about that next to Obama, eight years ago. Trump is deprived of one motivation: making a billion dollars. Or ten million for that matter, as the galaxy of clowns around Obama was obsessed by. I maintain Obama advanteged the richest, most powerful people in the world, in a qui pro quo. Trump is different: he does not want to beg them to feed him, he wants to torture them.

      • John Rogers Says:

        I hope you’re right. I think a lot of what powers Trump is raging resentment at the NY and European elite class who never accepted him and regarded him as a buffoon. Remember how Obama made fun of him at that White House Press dinner?

        I suspect Trump is going to rule (not govern) in the style of Mussolini or one of the really bad tzars. We all remember things like Nixon’s “enemies list”. Trump’s probably going to make that look like good government, Obama used to do “drone target Tuesdays” or whatever it was. Trump is going to target those individuals who have “wronged” him with hands on directions to his minions. And, of course, he’ll be able to do it with our post-911 beefed-up national security state and it’s wink-wink-nod-nod attitude to the Constitution and civil liberties. Think of it as sort of like Caligula without the toga – government by imperial whim.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I am myself very boycotted by the same elite. I am banned from many outfits, especially in academis… while I do believe that what I say is much more cogent. Of course, I was long, all too long, in academia, and I am not surprised: it’s like saying in school, primary scool, all too long…

          Thecensorship the NYT is particularly glaring: the elite views it generally as the world’s “premier” newspaper… Trump has accused Amazon to use the Washington Post for propaganda (Bezos bought it). I think there is room for a number of law. Any media outfit should be submitted to OPENNESS LAWS. This site is managed this way, and that’s why I have not censored either Nazis or Muslim Fundamentalists (the latter have given up, the Nazis have calmed down)

  7. SDM Says:

    Now we shall see how much the tax situation will change. Enforcement of the tax laws demands the money to make it happen. It takes tax collection effort so lacking presently (except as to the 99% who lack the power to challenge the collection).

    Will there be the will to spend for an infrastructure plan, and where does the money come from? Obamacare will be gone. What will replace it?

    The GOP -tea party is of the mindset that any government is probably too much government so is mass privatization on the horizon? Let us see what unfolds and what happens with the plutocrats. Trump is very against paying taxes.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Trump hates the tax free corporations tied to Obama, like Amazon. Obama intervened against the EU, to preserve Apple 1% (ONE percent!) tax status (20 years old), a few weeks ago. I doubt Trump will do that. Quite the opposite. Apple is known to have 250 BILLIONS of illegal tax free profits stasched overseas, out of reach of US and EU, its two main victims…

      Were I Trump, I borrow and run a huge deficit. The idea being to start decent inflation again. Interest rates are around zero, or even negative (France, Germany). It’s killing commercial banks. Thus the economy.

      Mass privatization was supposed to happen with Obama engineered TiSA (!!!!!!) Trump program is traditional Colbertism seems to me. Something that stupoid Nobels such as Krugman, knowing nothing historical, call “Keynesism”, or whatever they call it (sounds good as Keynes was a filfthy racist Lord Plutocrat, who invented one of the most important Nazi ideas; actually Henri IV of France and Marshall Sully invented the idea in the XVI th century…)


  8. indravaruna Says:

    The EU is dead in the water, France can’t sell its helicopters to the Polacks, thinking a little about it, France couldn’t sell its Rafale jets to a SINGLE European country, the biggest arms deal France had in Europe was with Russia, the Mistral and and also Thales target pods.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      ? Thales is building the two large UK carriers. The Eurofighter is Airbus. MDMA the missile company, is doing great… With all sorts of missiles, some anti-ballistic. Anyway Trump is going to ask the Euros to spend on weapons and NATO. As only France can project serious power at this point, it’s going to help France (which is in hot war in seven African countries, 5 of which in the Sahel with US cooperation…) The question of the jets may come to a head, if Trump decides to do something about the F35…

  9. Gmax Says:

    Still dazed here. Thanks for all the heads up. Maybe you helped getting rid of Ms Goldman Sachs. New dawn. This time we are going to get real change, not like with Obama

  10. picard578 Says:

    And Trump won. What is more, seems like quite a few non-white people voted for him, which belies the accusations of racism. Because rhetorics are one thing, reality another.

    To quote my own post from a forum:
    “That CBS guy has correctly identified the problem, but it is wider than just journalists. Elites are by their nature separated from the society at large, be it political elite, academia, or the media. This is especially problematic in the media which is owned by the rich for the most part, as is the political elite itself. Over here, many of the so-called elite are dismayed that the Trump had won, but really, what was the choice? To let the Hillary – a proven traitor – win? More importantly, Trump’s victory is backlash against the non-human system which has thrown the people to the streets, backlash against the elites which sent the common man to dig through garbage dumps just to survive while they live on bribes and bonuses.”

    This broken system broke the expectations. Trump is bad, in some ways, but he is still better than any president United States have had since I started following the elections. Reason? He is unpredictable, he is not a politician, so – maybe – he’ll give the plutocratic class a spin ride. He has already shown that he is not easily controlled (ironically enough, that is likely because he himself is a plutocrat), and he’s not afraid of speaking his mind. Just because of that I did not think he would win, since people do not like anyone outspoken, but maybe it helped that he is not a thinker, but an emotive. And feelings were always more powerful than the intelect.

    I would really like if this turns out to be true:

    However, I have my doubts. Even if he does decide to shake up the system in the correct way – which by itself is questionable enough – there remains a question of his ability to do so. Presidential power is limited, even in the US presidential system.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      One third of Hispanics in Florida voted Trump. I know “colored” people who votedd Trump.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The Daily Kos has banned me since early 2009. It’s actually a CIA creation and asset (not kidding). Very strange as CIA is not allowed to operate inside the USA. Trump will exert maximum power eatly on: he really want to bite his fellow plutocrats from the globalocracy.
      Obama did not want the hand which fed him, and now will feed him some more. That is the MAIN reason why he failed. Consider:

      • picard578 Says:

        Most newspapers are in the hands of the plutocrats, so it is not surprising to see a CIA newspaper as well. And yes, Trump is isolationist.

        Thanks for the article, really good read, and it shows what I had said for the long time: that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicians in the US, and likewise no difference between Liberals and Conservatives in the UK or SDP and HDZ in Croatia. They are all in service of the plutocrats, and thus same policies will be enacted whoever is in power. And that means austerity, which is merely a codeword for “enriching the rich”.

        And I’m starting to like Trump after reading that article.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Trump is a plutocrat, yet a plutocrat at war against other plutocrats, for excellent reasons… Trump was actually a democrat up to 2010, giving huge money, when he took serious dislike for Obama. He did so 2 years after I discovered the truth about Obama, November 5, 2008… BTW, I view myself as a real progressive, and I do not doubt Trump wants progress. The Clintons and Obama, though, sorry to say, wanted money and power, and that’s why they got in politics. These things, Trump already has, and, like JFK, or FDR, or Teddy, or Ike, or even LBJ, is pursuing higher pursuits…

  11. Nathan Curry Says:

    But then Trump’s financial man is a Goldman Sachs story

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      We will see… If I were president, I may well recruit a GS guy. Or, at least, someone who knows the Devil of finance. I know some bankers myself, they agree with me. Baking situation is complex. Commercial banks versus investment banks, is the first distinction.

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