Globalocracy, Obama, Trump, High Water

A week ago today, Trump was sure to lose, the globalocrats were saying from every roof. A week ago today, the plutocracy owned media was red-hot hysterical against Trump, a lonely guy, while Hollywood was surrounding Clinton, singing, praising, celebrating her, insulting him. Bruce Springsteen made a long speech before a concert, psychoanalyzing Trump, telling us what a pervert egoistic psychopath he was (I am sure horny Bruce is trying to be invited at the White House now).

A week ago, the establishments, from dumb academia to corrupt Main Stream Media, were sure that my year old prediction that Trump would beat Clinton was assuredly madness. Intellectually corrupt Krugman was filling up pages of crooked polls supposed to demonstrate Clinton’s intrinsic superiority and manifest destiny (as if how well one polled had anything to do with ideas, and was of any bearing! But that is what one expects from dumb people grasping at straws). 

A week later, the fascist corporations which profited so much from Obama’s rule are down 10% on the stock market. The aghast Googles, Booked Faces, Bad Apples, Tax Cheating, Ruthless Amazons, & their captive or capture media, Corrupt Electrifying Generals, Micro Softs in the head, etc. They had a good deal with the Deep State: pay no tax, then expand on the empire worldwide, using corrupt justice and corrupt political leaders, worldwide…Trump was very clear he was not going to persist with that deal, thus joining Snowden, Wikileaks and yours truly.

Having Discovered The Wall Already Exists, Trump Concedes that "a fence will be enough in some places". Existing Wall Between USA and Mexico.

Having Discovered The Wall Already Exists, Trump Concedes that “a fence will be enough in some places”. Existing Wall Between USA and Mexico. Notice there is also a fence. And two patrolling roads.

Idiots will bemoan the collapse of corrupt technological monopolies doubling as spy agencies. The opposite is true. Those giant fascist corporate monopolies of the global corruptocracy have ruined technology and the Patent System, in particular.

Obama gave a press conference. Obama was subdued, meditative. Trump’s election has made him much more reflective. One should say: philosophical. Politics is practical philosophy. In substance Obama said: People have spoken D T will be the next president. That’s how democracy works. It takes a while for people to reconcile themselves with that new reality. We differ on a  whole bunch of issues so I am concerned, yet the office of the president changes the office holder, including his/her mood.

Obama praised Trump for his connection with the American People. He said that Trump saw some things others had not seen, and created a movement. Indeed, he did: the post-election analysis is out, and the results are shattering. Compared to Romney, Trump gained 8% on Hispanics (so Clinton touring with a would-be murderess once promoted by Trump, did not turn out as well as expected, surprise, surprise…)

One thing I disagreed with was Obama drinking from a styrofoam cup. What about one of these nice White House embossed ceramic, re-usable cups? Styrofoam, and no-use plastic things are going to be outlawed. Show us the way, Barry!

Obama legitimately said that his was the most ethical administration. Yes. And well, no: Obama did not control to lobbying mood. High level officials left his administration early, to go out and earn multi-million dollars incomes. The way out of that is to outlaw lobbying for years after leaving government (Trump has suggested a lobbying block of five years; I would make it ten years against income, five, free of charge).  

On the globalocracy, Obama said correct things. Finally. But he was not very clear that globalocracy should never, ever, contradict local democracy (except when it is a war authorization, as the French Republic got from the United Nations before striking in Libya to save Benghazi.

By the way, on Syria, Obama said the situation was now a mess, and there is nothing obvious one can do. Right. That’s why Assad, and his closest entourage, should have struck down, when France was ready to go it alone with the USA. Nothing wrong about the two top military powers of the West striking together a rogue, mass murdering dictator. Rogue, mass murdering dictators should always be struck. First, because of the danger of contagion through example. 

My idea was just to replace him with some other Alawite general. On Libya, the ball was dropped. Now it has to be picked up again. An empire has to be extended.

Obama was asked what he thought of Trump, after talking to him one on one for 90 minutes; he called Trump “pragmatic”. Trump will need pragmatism to sail the Acqua Alta. Here is a picture of Venice, November 2016:

Flooding, Worldwide, Is Accelerating. As Expected. Trump Has Already Made Noises That Renewables Are An Economic Asset of the USA.

Flooding, Worldwide, Is Accelerating. As Expected. Trump Has Already Made Noises That Renewables Are An Economic Asset of the USA.

I think that the interdiction of being elected more than twice in a row is correct, but somebody like Obama should be able to run again, sometimes in the future. So an advice to Obama: get your loud mouth, smart ass wife in politics. She would make a good president, sometimes in the future, come to think of it.  

Trump spent 90 minutes talking one on one with Obama. In a tight schedule, the meeting was supposed to last only 15 minutes. None of this is demanded by the US Constitution. And some transitions, even modern ones, have been extremely nasty, complete with ripped phones. Trump talking about Obama:“I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that.” Trump said he also looked forward meeting with Obama many times in the future, apparently to profit from this well of wisdom.

Meanwhile Trump was interviewed, and was boringly reasonable all over. Yes, the Wall with Mexico could just be a fence in some places. On hundreds of miles, the present wall is just deadly desert. A Wall would save hundreds of lives a year.

Trump is forced by law to accept a presidential salary. So he will take a one dollar a year salary. (instead of 400 K). He also says:”there is so much to do, we will not be big on vacations.” Trump is also digging in about terms limits for politicians, in a full confrontation with the Republican held Senate.

Trump was given a security briefing, a while ago, with top generals. He listened. Then he asked:”Do you know what a continuous pour is?” Nobody did. Finally a top general confessed his ignorance. So Trump explained what it was. Superficial message: I know stuff, too. The Economist was dismissive of Trump, saying he knew nothing. I think that it is rather the editors at The Economist who know nothing outside of what their masters tell them. Actually Trump may be the best prepared president. Ever. After all, he is a 70 year old builder of great buildings, and a business empire. When Obama got to power, he was smart, but all too young and inexperienced.

(And please don’t tell me JFK was experienced. Yes, he was a great war hero, and that made him experienced. And a Senator, and a scion of plutocrat, worth billions. However, as Allen Dulles pointed out:”That little Kennedy, he thought he was god.” Hint: nothing that a few bullets from several directions could not cure… JFK had uncautiously fired Dulles from his own creation, the CIA… But now the CIA has created the Daily Kos, which feeds the sick minds of the little protesters in the streets, and the situation has got worse…)

So what is a continuous pour? When building a great building, the foundation, a giant concrete pool, meters thick, has to be poured in one flow. So concrete trucks line up, sometimes for many city blocks in the case of a giant skyscraper (like Trump Tower). Then the pour is effected, in a matter of hours, truck after truck, with up to 16 trucks dumping concrete simultaneously. In California, the world’s largest pours have seen more than 40,000 tons poured over 24 hours (giant towers in California have also the world’s deepest foundations, around 80 meters, out of respect for giant quakes).

Obama did not know about continuous pour. That is why he waited the end of his doomed presidency for a constant pour of executive orders. A president who wants really to change things will have to engaged in a continuous pour. Trump is perfectly aware of it, that was his secret message. (BTW, FDR did the mother of all continous pour; his transition from Hoover was full of hatred. FDR cruised on a yacht, for weeks, full of contempt for the lame duck president…)

Meanwhile, the super Moon, in combination with global warming, flooded Miami Beach. Trump is getting flooded, even immersed, by reality. Right away. Expect him to love it: that man loves to fight. The Wall he will have to build is the one with the ocean.

Patrice Ayme’


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42 Responses to “Globalocracy, Obama, Trump, High Water”

  1. Gregory Milla Says:

    [I first blocked that comment below from Gregory Milla, because it is insulting and a gross misrepresentation; I actually blocked other comments of his, when he accused me of various hate crimes; they were completely unwarranted, and a deliberate confusion between criticizing a system of thought and hating a category of people; other insulting comments about my neurology from other Clinton fanatics were also blocked, because, aside from characterizing negatively alleged pathologies of mine, the comments were strictly content-empty; the funny thing is that this is the first time such a wave of pure insults arises. And we have had some pretty hefty extrmists on this site… If I feel better about the whole thing, I may reinstate some, because their intensity is revealing of how hatred arises, and that’s instructive. Gregory Milla is a “foreman” somewhere…]

    Gregory Milla: Patrice you were crying like you always do about how the election was rigged, hence you thought Clinton would win hence you are a compulsive liar and everyone knows it. If you continue to make false proclamations online don’t cry when someone points out your obvious falsehoods you may have lost memory but the world has not-

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Milla: You are engaging in cyber bullying towards me. Defamation is a crime.
      You obviously read not enough of what I write in my essays, to form a reasonable opinon. You have expressed your hatred for me with public insults and complete misreprentations of my statements, to the point of accusing me of hate crimes. Those comments have no merit, and have been blocked here (although they can be found in other places on the Internet, an obvious legal problem with the Internet!)

      I did indeed predict many times that voting for Clinton, against Bernie Sanders, would bring Donal Trump’s victory. For example in April 2016, I even had that well informed opinion in the title:

      • Gregory Milla Says:

        Gregory Milla you cherry pick your facts Patrice . Why did you exclaim the election was rigged,obviously because you thought Trump would lose. you may have stated he would win a long time ago, recently you thought he would lose

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Milla: Who cares? Such an uninteresting controversy! I never said the election was “rigged”. Trump said so, Krugman said so. Both many times. I said that the media, the MSM is plutocratically owned, and thus biased the debate of IDEAS away from plutocracy and gloabalocracy. Voting Clinton against Sanders was voting Trump.

          That is what I said many times in several essays, long ago. Due to an excellent diffamatory campaign by Clinton, it was much closer than I expected. Democrats who agitated against Sanders and for Clinton, I argued way back, like Andy Outis, truly deep down inside wanted Trump. Anyway these are very extemely small potatoes. Who cares about who predicted who was going to get elected when? What matters is to elect IDEAS. People are secondary.

  2. Gmax Says:

    That Milla guy is obviously obsessed by you. I saw the vicious comments they made about you elsewhere on the web. One would have thought you were the Donald himself. Krugman accused the Donald of antisemitism, they did the same to you.

    Just block them, they are so unworthy, they pollute our atmosphere. Can’t think with fuc king insults being all the debate they can engage in.

    • Andrej Dekleva Says:

      Jeez you are nothing but an echo chamber, haven’t heard an independent thought from you ever… feeling powerful all of sudden?

      • Gmax Says:

        I am a showgirl in Vegas. I have no time to read fake news like the MSM. I learned enormously from Patrice. She even got me in extreme running. I voted for Obama twice, and for Sanders. Now I will see. I sure believe in climate change, and I will watch Trump like a hawk on that. Obama climate initiative just happened, most of his stuff is tied up in court. Hoover dam is nearly dry I have disagreed w Patrice in past, but I found her always right in the end. I don’t see why people on the left have such a need to insult everybody. They voted for Ms Corruption, isn’t that good enough already????

  3. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    This is harder to read then accepting fake blond brute as a leader, too mach hate even on this thoughtful blog. BTW, a continuous pour is not a great technological feat, it’s just sequencing of large fleet of trucks. No brainer – which I don’t know why you’d hold in such high regard. I hope you awaken from this philosophical stupor, it’s not eloquent at all.

    • oatmealactivist Says:

      It’s not a technological feat, it’s a logistical feat requiring careful planning and deliberate execution. It’s pretty clear why she used the metaphor, to contrast with eight years under the roi fainéant Obama.

      • Andrej Dekleva Says:

        If you knew anything about construction you’d know that a developer has absolutely nothing to do with any construction ligitics or methods, they call and pay the bill. It’s all up to contractor to execute, therefore it’s a completely wrong metaphor… even Romans figured this out.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Andrej: Obama could have done everything in the first three months.

          He did nothing, I go back on that again in the next essay I am writing now. Trump mentioned the “continuous pour” because that is what he is going to try to do, obviously. Maybe he did not think about it consciously, but I doubt it. In any case, that is what has to be done. Weirdly, Obama just admitted this in Athens (quote in next essay). Trump is the contractor in chief… What the French call an entrepreneur.

          A guy building a house in France is called the same as one building a company in the US. The French also use the word in the same way as in the USA. As the word is French, one would guess the French know better how to use it… Did I mention that Trump had a giant yacht anchored of the French coast between Menton and Cannes (mostly Cannes), when his children went to school in France????

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Thanks Oatmealactivist! 😉 I read and approved this message, Patrice Ayme’

  4. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    … both candidates were fake blonds…

  5. aaron Says:

    ….” after all. he is a builder of great buildings and a business empire…” Patrice, you have really drunk wayyy to much of the kool aide ……don’t bother to answer me, i am done reading your blog. history will prove you wrong.

    • Gmax Says:

      Patrice: you should answer that guy, even if he is gone. Here in Nevada Senator Harry Reid is notoriously corrupt: huge wealth, never had a job but politics in his life. He of course hates Trump.

      Sanders, Warren are going to work with Trump, so what are those sewers of hatred talking about?

      BTW, Trump lost only 1% of woman vote

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Aaron: That you get upset by reality (‘great buildings and a business empire’) is typical of the main problem that people on the pseudo-left have. History will prove me wrong?????? About that???? The Trump building in Chicago is nearly 400 meters tall, and Trump’s empire has several buildings in New York. Idiots out there, simply because I pointed out that “Democrats” are demoncrats abusive to the US and the world, deduce that I am for Trump. Frankly, idiots are not missed on this site.

      Intellectual fascism does not make the beholder a Stalinist, just an idiot:

  6. oatmealactivist Says:

    Tribal identity trumps reason; or virtue signaling trumps real virtue. There is much hand wringing and teeth gnashing and pearl clutching over the Trump victory, all to the same tune: he’s every nasty -ist and -phobe in the book. One doesn’t need to criticize policy when your enemy is ‘literally Hitler’ – and that is what many on the ostensible left have been brainwashed into believing. I see it in the media – both traditional and social; I hear it at work; and I see it in comments on your posts. We, people associated with liberalism or the left, imagine that we are the rational ones; this election is proving that maxim false.

    There is much I like about Amazon, Apple, Google, etc – but they are also bullies and gangsters. Serious moral thinkers need to consider what role and power corporations should have. The illiberal left is only willing to do this with the corporations they dislike (Exxon, Monsanto, etc), and look the other way as Silicon Valley has raised an army of lobbyists to bend government to their will.

    Am I wrong in suggesting that Trump is facing the greatest burden of an incoming president since FDR? Economic stagnation, global instability, rampant corruption, civic ignorance and eroded social cohesion.

    Continuous pour – excellent metaphor. Trump is imperfect, and we will be disappointed at times. (Example: I think Trump will increase US coal production but also spur the domestic manufacturing of solar panels, etc. If coal is to be burned, better it be burned here than in China’s dirtier plants. Best if he encourages these solar panel factories to be built in coal country, so miners have jobs to transition to and not simply abandoned by capitalism and the government alike.) There are sectors of the Republican voter base and congressional caucus he needs to keep content, but I can’t help but feel invigorated by him.

    • Gmax Says:

      Ah, someone who makes sense! I voted for Trump because I am a progressive, not a fascist. And I am slightly colored, and a woman, and scary independent

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I have an Apple computer, I use Google, Facebook, I have used Amazon, ONCE. They are indeed gangsters, all too often.
      The fascist hysteria on the (pseudo) left is astounding. If it turns out, Trump will do more for the left than Obama (ready to bet on that one…be ot only because he has little choice…) Monsanto was a Gates surrogate, until that became so untenable, he got rid of it, a few weeks ago.

      Obama is talking right, that merans left, in Greece. But that’s just posing: he could have done it when it mattered, years ago.

      It’s good that Trump is arriving under such a hate cloud. Indeed the worst since FDR. That will help him, just as the opposite helped to corrupt Obama

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Trump has to please coal country. We will see how far that goes… I doubt it goes very far, coal is unprofitable…

  7. Gregory Milla Says:

    i remember one post of yours was titled “How to rig an election”. Your biggest fear is the truth Patrice and everyone knows it

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Milla: I just had a cursory check of my essays titles, none of them in entitled this way.. Recent essays were up to 6,000 words long (my longest essay is 11,000 words long). That I uttered such a sentence is no doubt true, but not a main train of thought. Sure, the abominable propaganda by globalocracy and plutocracy has misled most of the “left”… making it into a right. For example, Quantitative Easing was a give away to the world’s richest people, but Obama does not understand this yet, although I tried hard to explain it to him. Misled by Reaganites like Paul Krugman.

      If you really think that my biggest fear is the truth, you are a complete idiot. But of course you do not, you are trying to irritate me, as you know quite well that I am the philosopher of truth, afraid of nothing but my most deadly enemy, complete, irreversible idiocy and malevolent mental retardation. Actually rwriting an essay on this presently, and thanks for the abundant material, much obliged..

  8. SDM Says:

    Why do you say that the CIA created DailyKos? And what exactly is the ax you have to grind with it? Not that I read it all that regularly but is it that it fails to attack plutocracy? No doubt it focuses on many cultural issues as much as politics and also climate change.
    You seem to give Trump a pass on his climate change denial as well as his Veep choice – a religious zealot, anti-gay, anti-choice,etc.- and his white nationalistic/alt-right cohort Bannon.
    Also,the tax policy is still less than equitable in that while he may go after some major tax cheat corporations he also wants to eliminate the estate tax, has offered nothing on taxing interest and dividends at the same rate as wages or other earned income, and the progressive tax brackets are overall quite low. This is to be celebrated?

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      SDM: Just a thing I know, like another zillion things I know. It’s like asking me how I know Allen Dulles creates the CIA. Just Google it.
      I have an axe to grind, because the Daily Kos actually manipulates the protestors towards ineffectual moods and issues. Chomsky does the same. (Not Ralph Nader, not Michael Moore.) The fact they ban me is enough, anyway. (They also use government means to find who is who.)

      I give no pass to Trump on ANYTHINg. Simply he is NOT governing yet.. I am following the appointments carefully. Trump is nominating some people who hate each other, it’s going to be interesting. I don’t know anything about Pence, except his debate performance, which was impressive, he is obviously much smarter than the Clinton VP. I had no idea he was a “religious zealot”. But I know very well that Obama sounds like one, and does not believe in it a bit.

      Trump tax policy is already under question inside Trumpocracy. We will see when we see it. What I think MAY happen are the FOUR extremely important reforms of lowering corporate income tax, repatriation of tax cheated assets, forcing thee likes of Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple to pay taxes (a plus for Europe), and the punishment of outsourcing companies (Obama tried ineffectually to do something about that, and only in small part, in the last year). I look forward the collapse of crony corportions, and the connection between Fed judges and fascist corporations. One may even hope that Trump may do somrthing about the disastrous patent system of SCOTUS/Obama.

      In any case, stuff will happen, no stuff would have happened with Clinton.

      Plus another twist: one can imagine that Trump will use Warren and Sanders… I followed events on Thursday carefully: the Rep Senate shot across Trump’s bow, while Warren and Sanders announced they looked forward working with him… Interesting times…

      • SDM Says:

        As for Dulles, his story has come more to the fore in recent years
        Where would you say the deep state stands on the election given Trump’s questioning of NATO, comments on the nuclear arsenal, trade deals, etc.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The Dulles story starts with Wilson’s maneuvers starting in May 1914. Wilson was the ultimate devil. However, he was excellent for the US empire. The price was Europe’s destruction. The Dulles were central, especially in Nazi management.

          The Deep State got increasingly idiotic and flabby since LBJ…. The destruction of Iraq was a master stroke: it enabled fracking, making USA number one again in fossil fuels.
          However the threat is nuclear world war, and here the signs are all wrong: the West has lost military tech edge. Trump has to work with the likes of France and Britain to revive the West, and bring back Russia on the right track… One nuke over Los Angeles would make Nazism a walk in the park…

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          NATO is a joke, I agree with Trump. France is presently waging war in at least 6 (SIX) African countries (5 in Sahel, plus Libya), plus Iraq and Syria. But then the clowns in Brussels come to whine France has a deficit in excess of 3%… I say: send the French tanks to Brussels, and Luxembourg, to extract unpaid taxes (hey, Switzerland submitted). The UK is also massively tax cheating, but France is not (but for tiny Andorre and Monte Carlo)….

          Trump should help France by requesting all Euro countries to give 2% to defense… or then to France (!), be it only by letting France run a massive deficit.

          UK has the only significant force aside from France, and runs an even larger deficit (armies cost a lot).

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I have been saying the Daily Kos is a CIA asset since they banned me in 2009, no explanation provided, but threat that they knew who I was:

      KOS, funder of Daily Kos, explaining, or, rather, disinforming at the Commonwealth Club that he “never had a problem working for the CIA… a very liberal institution“:

  9. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    Perhaps continuous pour is the right metaphor for Trump – there is no activity besides coal burning that is more polluting or generates more CO2 then production and distribution of concrete. In other words it can be called carbon dumping…

    • Andrej Dekleva Says:

      …cement is enourmously energy demanding to produce, it better hold up something useful for all, not just plutocrats..

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Indeed. Labs have been hard at work re-inventing Roman cement, superior in nearly all ways.
        Making cement produces huge amounts of CO2. Roman cement much less so.
        Trump hotels are not particularly for Plutos. Skyscrappers… well, there has been chronic under construction for decades. One million skyscrappers need to rise… In San Francisco, they made no skyscrappers for 20 years, and demolished some for the middle class. Conclusion: prices became stratospheric, 60% of people rent. Solution: let one million Trumps build all over (just an image)

        • Andrej Dekleva Says:

          Prices in SF did NOT rise due to lack of skyscrapers (as they’re made of all luxury units) but because the economy in Bay Area could support more then existing housing… You know that well as you live here, so why state otherwise? The luxury condos in skyscrapers will never fill needs of working population, let’s not pretend otherwise. Making huge statements without facts has sadly become all too typical on this site.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Nothing says that high rises have to be only luxury, and it sure did not use to be the case in the past, in 1950s, 1960s, 1970s…

            Most Bay Area cities along BART lines have asked for authorization to build high rises around BART stations (it was refused by the so-called Bay Area government and brought to a halt by NIMBY people). Now finally five story buildings are going up in places (say in Berkeley). But that’s not enough. I know the Bay Area and SF extremely well. I remember when vast highrises with thousands of appartments were dynamited… to be replaced by townhouses.

            This said, I do not iunderstand your statement (I did understand the insult at the end, unsupported as insults tend to be… What I do not understand is how you claim that “luxury condos in skyscrapers will never fill needs of working population”… Who said condos have to be luxury???

            The only thing that makes sense in the Bay Area, as in many other cities, is to build thousands of high rises. It’s the most ec onomical, and the most ecologically correct way to do it. Oakland built no new high rise in 20 years (now several are breaking ground), in part because of NIMBY people. So now prices in Oakland are through the roof…

            In the entire Bay Area, less than ten skyscrappers for condos were built in the last 20 years (all in SF). Meanwhile the population went up 15%, now reaching seven million in the inner SF Bay. Anyway, thank for the insult, much appreciated.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            I lived in Manhattan too. I can certify that, even on the Upper East Side, not all apartments are “luxury condos”, even on the 38th floor, with a view (most appartments in NYC are neither luxury, nor come with a nice view)

  10. Patrice Ayme Says:

    For all the pseudo-progressive posers out there, full of hatred, imbecility, & following each other butts as they do:

    [Thank to Meghan Ward, for sending me this!]

  11. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to WashPo blog on the fake, CIA Op, the Daily Kos.]

    I am very much on the left, and a friend of Obama. I am for Medicare For All. For that reason alone, because I attacked early proposed versions of Obamacare, on the ground that they had no cost control, I was banned from the Daily Kos in 2009.

    Now there are plenty of people manipulated by the like of the Daily Kos which voted for Clinton, against Sanders. With the predictable result (I predicted it on my site, long ago) of electing Trump.

  12. Gregory Milla Says:

    i agree with you on a lot of things

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