Obama: “American People Voted To Shake Things Up”

Yes, that is what Obama said in Athens, Greece, November 15, 2016, about the US vote for Pluto Donald Trump. Yes.

Obama did not shake things up, but, according to Obama himself, Trump, a fixture of the US plutocratic scene since the early 1970s, will? http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/nov/15/obama-says-voters-wanted-shake-things-donald-trump/

From the horse’s mouth, says Obama: “The lesson I draw … is we have to deal with issues like inequality, we have to deal with issues like economic dislocation, we have to deal with people’s fears that their children won’t do as well as they have… Frankly that’s been my agenda for the last eight years. The problem was, I couldn’t convince a Republican Congress to pass a lot of them.”

We have to deal with inequality? Wow. That’s news. “Democratic” news. Well, with all due respect, that is was Obama’s agenda, is a misrepresentation: the problem is that there was no SERIOUS plan for SERIOUS change, and no SERIOUS will for SERIOUS change on the part of the Democratic supermajority, crammed with plutocrats and their sycophants.

Then Obama said of the election results, “Perhaps the view of the American people was just to shake things up.”

Wait: where not you, Obama, supposed to “shake things up?” What happened to you? To your shaking?

Obama himself explained that the presidential office grows on you, transforms the beholder… And that it will happen to Trump. Obama gave the example of himself, that he was all disorganized when he got to the White House, and then learned organization. All too organized, I would say, around a few plutocratic principles…

Truth: Obama was a child, a child who thought he was fully grown up. A child who, being at the right place at the right time, posing in the right way with an all-inclusive message, got elected president. However, Obama had strictly no idea what he wanted to do with his presidency. (Whereas Donald Trump is on the public record about some of the things he wanted to do as president since the 1970s…)

G. W. Bush, the self-described “Decider” ordered Obama to the White House, in October 2008, and the ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs, Hank Paulson, told Obama what the plan to rescue the US economy from the devastation caused by the financial plutocrats was going to be. Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat heading Congress, had signed on it, after Hank Paulson had gone on one knee in front of her.

Most Of The Newly Created Money Went to Plutocrats. Rest of the West Got “Austerity”

Most Of The Newly Created Money, Above the Trend Exponential, Went to Plutocrats. Rest of the West Got “Austerity”. Most of the Media Never Talks of This.

[In the graph above, notice the brutal take-off under Obama; Quantitative Easing kills commercial banks, thus kills the real economy; at the same time, it fed, & feeds, financial speculators, “investment banking”.]

As a good doggie, of the obedient type, Obama signed on the Paulson plan. After all, when you are going to be president, you may as well sell your soul to Goldman Sachs, no? What about when you are president no more, won’t they take care of you? Navigation, navigation. Then Obama spent his first two years enacting said Goldman Sachs plan, using all sorts of tricks to cover-up was truly being done. And not done. 

TARP, Transferring Assets To Rich People, was then covered-up, in turn, by “Quantitative Easing” and “The Twist”.  That was pure rhetoric, pure dishonesty. In practice, all newly created US money was sent to the richest of the wealthiest. And the same demented, unfair policy was extended throughout the West. Thus it was rather ironical that Obama was in devastated Greece, thoroughly unawares of the devastation he visited on Greece. (And why are not the high executives of Goldman Sachs not prosecuted for what they did to Greece?)

Out of the ashes of 2008 a new, stronger plutocracy arose. Proof? A certain Steve Mnunchin, ex-Goldman-Sachs partner, profited immensely from the Obama’s administration friendliness to financial manipulators (Mnunchin made 40 million dollars personally, thanks to Obama’s financial policies…).

Amusingly, Bannon, another Trump support, and now nominee, in charge of “strategy”, declared that his new boss, Donald Trump was “selling to Wall Street”. It’s a bit complex: if I were Trump, I may nominate a financial manipulator to help “drain the swamp”. In many cases, what matters is not who one supposedly is, but what one does.

In any case, all those who voted for Clinton, the Goldman Sachs candidate, should feel better: their much admired puppet master, Goldman Sachs, knows how to hedge. Mnunchin the munchkin is there to munch them down, the way they like it.

The son-in-law of Trump, the 35-year-old Kushner, is an immensely wealthy real estate developer, himself son of one. Kushner bought his own media at 25 years old. As an observant (!?) Jew, he defended Trump from the grotesque charges of anti-Judaism leveled at him, by the likes of Paul Krugman.

Trump has asked for the high security clearances for Kushner. So, no worry, we are not going to run out of plutocratic targets.

Meanwhile, a smug Joe Biden told the press, next to VP elect Pence, that there was a lot of immensely secret (paraphrasing) things nobody who had not been as high and as long in the system as he, Biden, knew, and know he was telling them all to Pence.

My lashing answer to the Goldman Sachs/Clinton nostalgia:


The truth is that the left, indeed, has let the left down. It has been corrupted by its corrupted luminaries. Now they are waking up. Nobel Joe Stiglitz, a part of the establishment with Paul Krugman said: ”Eighty percent of the activities revealed through the Panama Papers didn’t actually take place in Panama.” What’s needed is reform in the EU and US. But this reform did not happen under Obama, or the EU governments. “There is a widely shared perspective that these tax havens only exist because the United States and Europe have looked the other way.” Stiglitz suggested that empowered lobby groups on both sides of the Atlantic blocked progressive tax reforms for decades. It is not just this: even the suggestion of progressive reforms have been censored out of the Main Stream Media.

The solution is to establish a world cadastrum, a public registry of the true owners of companies and trusts (I said so, long ago, in connection with old Roman Republic anti-wealth laws; hence the word “cadastrum”). I have suggested this forever, Pickety suggested it last year. And now Stiglitz. Why did it take so long. Why is it suggested now? Because the world, the world of plutocracy, is now in Trump’s safe and trusted hands?

One reason plutocrats have been opposing Trump desperately, is that this Trump adventure makes the control that plutocracy imposes on the whole planet, not just disorganized, but all too obvious.

Patrice Ayme’

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16 Responses to “Obama: “American People Voted To Shake Things Up””

  1. oatmealactivist Says:

    Patrice, I don’t mean to hijack this article, but I’d love to read a future post with your thoughts on Facebook’s and Google’s announced plans to “fix news.”


    • Gmax Says:

      Patrice talked about that problem of fake news, fake data, fake knowledge, in the past, and some idiotic philosopher in New York called Massimo made fun of her. And then blocked her from the sites he controls, in a show of typical male chauvinistic abuse, after accusing her publicly to ‘ make things up’.

      Patrice had accused Marcus Aurelius of viciousness against Christians, with detailed quotes, and Massimo the professor went completely batty.

      That’s’ the problem of truth. If one does not do CW, one gets abused


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Yes, I should have made an essay of this entire exchange: True Wisdom, TW, against CW, Conventional Wisdom. I did not, and lost the data. The Massimo, a chaired philosopher in NYC, was wrong as wrong can be, thus got all enraged, as is typical of such cases. At the time, I did not realize that was a terminal conflict, that’s why I did not document it thoroughly. Massimo accused me to “have made things up”, because I had found some illuminative correspondence of Marcus Aureliue, a saint to stoics (CW). Actually MA was seriously part creep.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      They have “fixed news” for a very long time. And not just them. BING will systematically block all and any reference to essays of mine such as the following, which is mostly a compendium of quotes from the Qur’an:

      Wikipedia also contains entire giant articles in history which are 100% made up. For example, where Germany won the First World War….

      My solution is to make a Ministry of Truth. Sounds Orwellian. But the situation we have now is already extremely Orwellian: see the pseudo-democrats like Krugman advocating Quantitative Easing (for their freiends), for years, and everybody thinks that’s very “liberal”. Nobody knows otherwise, as the NYT, where Krugman officiates, blocks me 100% (precisely because I am against QE).

      We have a FIA (Freedom Information Act). We need a FRA (Freedom of Reflection Act).

      Anyway, big subject.


      • Kevin Says:

        “Wikipedia also contains entire giant articles in history which are 100% made up. For example, where Germany won the First World War….”

        Oh, that France lost WWI (and/or was bailed out by the USA, cue-in the ‘back to back World Wars champs!’ BS) is an article of faith in the (online at least) anglosphere, to the point a major Nordic video games designer can safely design a WWI version of its best-selling 1-st person wargame that utterly omits France… on the West front! Where, obviously, only the Brits, the USA, and Germany mattered.
        Reality does not matter, as loing as you control the narratives.

        To be fair, Germany is painted with the “Nazi” brush, especially whenever it is suitable to put it down a bit, but OTOH, it also means that Germans and Germanic people have been elevated to a demi-Gods of War status. Because, otherwise, plucky lil’ UK and USA wouldn’t have had any merit defeating them completely single-handed, those poor underdogs (check any US WWII flicks for the last… 70 years+, and you’ll notice that the US *always* are in an underdog position, yet prevail through grit and inner fortitude), you know…
        Besides, Germans are family, ultimately, what’s important is to keep the French down and demoralized. Even, and especially, if that means a “stolen valor” (sic) imposture of historical proportions.


      • Kevin Says:

        You might be delighted to learn that at least part (how significant don’t know, but it does exists, and I believe it’s growing) of the (again online) anglosphere believes that France lost the 100 years war, and/or that it was a case of England successfully invading France, only to be repelled by a girl (“lol, the French only win when their women fight instead of their men”).

        “Crecy! Agincourt! Waterloo!” : it works.

        As for your take on the 100 years war, I’m aware of it, and even if you are right, it doesn’t matter, ultimately, IMHO.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Well, I have lots of different takes on history, and not just in the West, in the last two million years. Even I believe the mammals, than the asteroid or rather the hypervolcano, did in the dinosaurs (they ate the last egg…) So make that 250 million years.
          Philosophers write for the clever ones in the future. Not just the fools now. The degree of hate and idiocy has been a sight to behold, in the case of righteous Trump against crooked Hillary.

          An example? There are 6 noneuclidean theorems in Aristotle. One century before Euclid. What role they played? Officially none. However, I suspect that those six made the difference, because the three who launched, or rather, relaunched noneuclidean geometry, knew Aristotle.

          Now with the Internet, ideas and moods can propagate. As far as I know, I was first to use massively plutocrat, especially in my sense, demoncrat, and now globalocrat… Also many of the ideas I defended in economy, for more than two decades prior (and hoped Obama would implement!) are now defended by Trump (making crooked economists scream, the Paul Crudeman and the like…)


  2. Gmax Says:

    Patrice, did you see that WikiLeaks about Citigroup chosing Obama’s cabinet, a month before his election, in 2008? Can you comment?

    Obama is such a clown! Yeah, dumbass, we wanted to shake things up that’s why we wanted change we could believe, a**hole The guy doesn’t even know why he was elected


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Will look into it. Not surprised, though. I saw it all November 5, 2008. Then there was worse, way worse, and I got depressed. Well, the plutocrats gained 8 years and counting. Trump seems to be installing a team full of major contradictions. Excellent.


  3. Paul Handover Says:

    I find myself, having just read out your latest post, Patrice, to Jeannie, conscious of two possible (very emotional) responses. The first is much anger simmering away, that I am loathe to allow to boil over, as to how my generation has been so stupid; on many issues. The second is to hide behind humour along the lines of why we have never been visited by aliens? (The answer is that alien travelers have not observed on Planet Earth any signs of intelligent life!)

    Let me leave you with this question: Do you truly believe that President Trump will lead an administration that will turn out to be as reformist as the world’s peoples now so clearly need?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      We are all looking at the nominees Trump is floating for his cabinet. One cannot be too optimistic: Trump needs to relay and amplify power. That means that he needs to use individuals who, themselves, have already a lot of power. That is why the names of Giuliani, Bolton and Jamie Dimon have been floated around. The three of them are powerful, terrible individuals, each powerful in his own way. Giuliani has a security firms entanglements all over the world, Bolton is a pope of Neoconservatism of the worst sort (and ex-UN ambassador), Jamie Dimon was, and is, much admired by Obama, and nearly made it to Obama’s cabinet 8 years ago.

      So, no, not too much hope should be put in Trump.Politics has to rebuilt, but mostly by MODIFYING present INSTITUTIONS, or completing them by Direct Democracy, and Raw Truth.

      That means that the problems of FAKE NEWS, and FAKE KNOWLEDGE, FAKE WISDOMS, will have to be adressed…. In many ways, the Obama adminstration was 100% fake and hid its genuine Neoconservatism, somewhere way right of Reagan, below soothing rhetoric, a form of anesthesia…

      A least with Trump, hopefully, the patient will suffer pain, and wake up. As Dominique said, I am an optimist…


  4. dominique deux Says:

    Patrice, I think that for all your independent thinking, you really are an unreconstructed optimist, and prone to projecting your (sane) ideas on undeserving persons.

    Didn’t the lesson of your earlier support for Obama serve?

    Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and really a plutocrat to the core. He’ll implement everything that’s nasty in his agenda (against minorities, women, human rights and the environment) and do absolutely nothing about plutocrats, except further enriching them.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am not at all “supporting” Trump. Trump is a wolf with a pot of acrylic white paint splashed on him, and he is mad as hell. Has been that way for fifty years, as he head to hide his German origins, which made him undergo part of the psychological mechanism Hitler explains at length in “Mein Kampf”. Giuliani would be an irritating, Pluto choice as Sec. of State. Bolton, would be a return to the worst of the worse: an invader of Iraq, fulminating agaist France…. And ironical, considering he was one of the worst Neocons… (But, well, Trump is trying to shut down the Neocons, who are extremely angry…)

      Nothing wrong with optimism: it gets things done. Time and time again, last time last summer, I found myself in dicey situations in the wilderness, typically on some mountain peak, and optimism pulled me through without hurt.

      Obama was different: I knew him personally. My family was ultra close to him, and the family exploded, as I was viewed as critical. Some family members wrote to me, telling me I hurt them personally in various ways. I was told one could never know what I was going to say and write, etc.

      This being said, there is minority abuse in the USA right now; more than 11 millions known illegals, and they are there to enforce the law of the jungle, by stealing jobs from white Americans (my family is non-white, BTW). Just looking at the facts. Trump will NOT deport more than one million illegals. If he succeeds to do 100,000 that will be a bit more than Obama.

      About taxes, I will speak. There is a vast idiocy of the “””left””” about corporate taxes. The real Plutos pay no taxes, now. And then Obama feeds them taxpayer dollars. Just look at how GE swallowed Alstom… With help from Obama’s DOJ…

      I agree that Trump, a healthy Pluto, could turn out to be as bad as the Demoncrats, but the bar is high…


  5. SDM Says:

    What is your issue with Chomsky?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      First his language theory is 100% wrong.
      Second, although I agree 70% with his mood in politics, he exaggerates so much on many points that he becomes ineffectual, barking up to the clouds, instead of the right trees. I keep on buying his books, and they are getting better. But generally I can’t read more than a few pages without scoffing.

      Third, and worse of all, his philosophy is 90% wrong (that’s probably related to his ridiculous theory of language).

      It’s a rare case where I agree with the mood in politics, but not philosophy. My latest essay, just out, coincidentally is all about the biggest difference with Chomsky.

      MIT uses Chomsky as the flag floating on top, demonstrating that they are not… what they are.


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