Trumped By Jurassic Climate Nonlinearly Erupting

Trump is climate skeptic, it is said, but the climate is not skeptic about Trump. Humanity is the crew, and Earth the spaceship. Trump is now in charge, if anybody is in charge, after eight years of … boyhood. It’s supposed to be a racial insult, I learned. But question: where is the insult, when a 47-year-old (age of Obama when he was sworn in) is supposed to lead the planet, knowing what few other know (as Joe Biden reminded us this week).

Obama went to Germany, and sang the praises of Angela Merkel, her wisdom, etc. Arguably, however, Merkel has been disastrous: her austerity policy, combined with her refusal to support France militarily in a significant way, by re-establishing peace in Syria, manu military, has brought more than one million refugees to Germany, and a near economic and political collapse of Europe (think Brexit, exodus from Portugal, etc.)

All what Obama knows is that his financial sponsors and paymasters tell him austerity is great, Quantitative Easing is great, inequality is great, but we can live with it, etc. 

Spectacular Heat Is On Where It Hurts Most: The High Arctic

Spectacular Heat Is On Where It Hurts Most: The High Arctic. November 2016.

Meanwhile, Earth’s climate is acting up. The temperature in the Arctic is way above normal. A full twenty degrees Celsius above normal (that’s 36 degrees F above normal). As a result, ice is having a problem forming. Should the situation perdure until the sun starts shining again above the Arctic, a complete disappearance of sea ice, comes next summer, is imaginable… Sea ice levels in at the North Pole are at a record low, by a long shot.

Planetary climate is self-regulating… Except if pushed too far. Planetary climate consists in several entangled machines. The overall climate pattern in place in the last three million years is a Carnot engine, with a heat source, the tropic, and a cold sink, the poles.

Right now, the poles are still very cold, but more energy has been pumped into the tropics, from the increasing greenhouse (what’s called “climate forcing”, 60% due to COE, 17% due to CH4, and the rest completely from man-made gases like NOx). Thus the climate engine is roaring more than ever (it gets more efficient, from an equation Carnot discovered nearly two centuries ago). An effect, as I predicted long ago, is that more energy will be stored dynamically (jet stream twisted all over) and potentially (high and low pressure systems both more so).

This is what we observe.

How will it evolve? Among the entangled machinery, some is (still) dormant: fabulous quantities of methane are locked in a sort of ice in medium depth sea floor, and more in the tundra. Should those be released, the temperature of the planet would go up five degrees Celsius nearly instantaneously, and, in turn, huge quantities of CO2 locked in the northern latitudes would be released.

Once the latter happens (it’s more a question of when, not if, barring vast technological advances), Earth would go back to Jurassic conditions nearly instantaneously.  

What can one do? First have everybody understand the danger. Differently from the dinosaurs, or the mammals who lived under them, we have the means to understand and act.

Obama had as National Security Adviser a politically, dynastically connected woman, with lots of stocks and connections, but not a warrior. Trump just selected as National Security adviser a four (no, three, thanks Richard Reinhofer!) star Lieutenant General, Michael Flynn. Flynn, ex head of the Delta Force, became Director Army Intelligence in 2012 (however, Obama never met with him, and fired him for being too tough about Radical Islamism). That’s a rational choice. Flynn is a “registered Democrat” (that is, not GOP).

The general considers “RATIONAL” to be afraid of Islam. And then recommended to propagate that message, because rationality is not afraid (OK, agreed, Flynn made the mistake of saying “afraid of Muslims” instead, as he should have, “afraid of Islam”.)

General Flynn ✔@GenFlynn

Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL: please forward this to others: the truth fears no questions...

5:14 PM – 26 Feb 2016 Or this:@FieldofFight Obama and Hillary’s Refusal to Name Radical Islamic Terrorism: Aiming to ‘Dumb Us Down’ – Breitbart

As the New York Times puts it: “General Flynn…sees the United States as facing a singular, overarching threat that can be described in only one way: “radical Islamic terrorism. All else is secondary for General Flynn, and any other description of the threat is “the worst kind of political correctness,” he said in an interview three weeks before the election.

Islamist militancy poses an existential threat on a global scale, and the Muslim faith itself is the source of the problem, he said, describing it as a political ideology, not a religion. He has even at times gone so far as to call it a cancer.

For General Flynn, the election of Mr. Trump represents an astounding career turnaround. Once counted among the most respected military officers of his generation, General Flynn was fired after serving only two years as chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He then re-emerged as a vociferous critic of a Washington elite that he contended could not even properly identify the real enemy — radical Islam, that is — never mind figure out how to defeat it.”

I have argued that Literal Islam is totally incompatible with civilization. And the best proof is that what was long the world’s richest area, the Middle East (including the Fertile Crescent, Syria, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia) became one of the poorest.

Clearly the voters agreed (Trump destroyed the famed “Blue Wall” of states Democrats thought were secured, and thus got a large Electoral College victory).

Islam, a savage-from-the-desert Middle Age system of thoughts and moods is nothing much, a self-destructive obsession. However, as it has invaded the Western psyche, it has become a distracting cancer. To handle the serious problems, like the planet blowing up, we have to reduce this sort of maddening distractions. Nor can we talk falsely about Islam, while talking truly about the climate. The mood of telling the truth has to be global. Irreverential. The Obama administration and its poodle regimes (Merkel, France, etc.) have been talking falsely not just about Islam, but also about economics, society, globalocracy, plutocracy, taxes, taxes on the wealthiest, corporate fascism, dark money, etc.

They talked falsely about Islam, precisely because the Obama adminstration, and the Deep State

Obama, talking at Der Spiegel: “Many people who voted for me, voted for Trump… I think that’s indicative that there is some impulse towards some sort of change, politicans have to be more sensitive to the desire for change.” where have you been my lost son? Obama sounds increasingly like Sleeping Beauty waking up after eight years’ slumber…

In any case, Trump is telling the truth about Islam, or even Mexicans (“terrific people”). Let’s keep truth momentum. Trump seems willing to replace wishful thinking by rationality (just as the pivot to Russia, however worrisome and potentially dangerous it is, is better than Obama’s boiled noodle opposition).

Meanwhile, there is little doubt that the climate has started to act nonlinearly.  It will be rational to also act even more nonlinearly in return.

Patrice Ayme’

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15 Responses to “Trumped By Jurassic Climate Nonlinearly Erupting”

  1. richard reinhofer Says:

    re: as National Security adviser a four star Lieutenant General,

    Patrice, A Lt. General is three star. And that’s what he was.


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    I struggled to follow your line of reasoning regarding the warming Arctic. Not the facts for they are beyond dispute. But whether or not President Elect D. Trump’s stated view that global warming is a Chinese tactic to undermine the West is a sensible strategy or not?

    Of course Nature’s force will override all if we humans give up on changing our ways. That would be the end of humanity as we know it. Surely you don’t support that? Or more accurately support an American President who supports that?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Trump sometimes said whatever to get elected. I don’t believe a second that Trump really believes the Chinese organized the climate warming “hoax” (except to sell solar panels below cost, something even the German government concluded was the case)… The Chinese emits the most CO2 and the pollution there from coal has been terrible.

      Trump was greatly elected by the coal belt. He had to give it red meat, even if his coal country voters know, deep down inside themselves, that it is just a placebo. In full cost, coal is not profitable anymore, it’s as simple as that.

      Maybe I explained myself poorly.The point is that Trump is rational about many issues: unequal, unfair trade, rapacious plutocracy, carry interest, a maddening tax structure, too complicate, too unjust, too tax killing. And of course Islam, and the distortions brought by the imbalance of NATO, etc. He is going to be forced to look at the climate rationally. However, in Trump’s agenda, the climate is not going to be number one. Nor should it be: I live in the Bay Area, and consider with increasing nervousness the first strike nuclear capability of North Korea (not a problem you have in Southern Oregon, I admit). Obama, and Bush before him, let a whole bunch of problems grow, and now they have to be eliminated. (A solution maybe to let South Korea and Japan handle Kim… a problem with Xi…)

      A nuke will ruin all of our days much faster than the rising seas. Believe me, in case of a nuclear strike on the West, one can kiss democracy good bye. The best way to prevent that is technological superiority. It is also the one and only way to mitigate the climate catastrophe.

      We will see what Trump will do with fundamental research. Obama did poorly: he confused it with other things…

      Does that answer your worries???


      • Paul Handover Says:

        Patrice, what an interesting and comforting reply. Thank you.

        You sound so confident of Pres. Trump’s future actions. Both my natural curiosity and my awareness of not being born an American prompt me to ask why it is that you are so confident?

        Is it your declared closeness from time to time to Pres. Obama or other aspects of your world? (And I wouldn’t be offended if you chose not to be too specific in your reply!)

        P.S. In the late 60s I worked as a freelance journalist for a Finnish magazine and that particular old habit has died hard! 😉


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Paul: thanks for allowing you to be comforted (you know this feeling, when it happens with a dog… no offense meant).
          Obama thinks, as I do, that Trump will be OK. From his point of view, he had to campaign for Clinton. But he was (partly) aware of the shortcoming and blind alley that the power structures he presided with, and on, led to.
          I say “partly” because he still values Merkel and her dreadful austerity/refugee madness (see Brexit to consider what Merkel led to; or the dreadful situation in so many European countries).
          I see who Trump starts to cloak himself with, and, contrarily to the hysteria out there, I approve.

          I am not a Trumpist. As far as I can see, it’s rather Trump which is promoting now ideas which I long (more than a decade in public) defended in excruciating detail.

          BTW, the Feds announced that the drought has killed 102 million trees in California alone (that means wildfires and desication).

          Another point: in the next essay, to be published within an hour, I consider the will to see only goodness out there, at the cost of reality…. thus bringing forth hatred.


  3. Gmax Says:

    Seems to me the essay above means that Trump will be trumped by the climate into doing the right thing with climate too. Rationality is one


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Whether he likes it or not Trump and his entire business will have to change, effective immediately, indeed. For example, he has to put all his assets in a blind trust (and his children too, except the ones he wants to keep, but then they themselves have to go blind…)


  4. John Rogers Says:

    I think with Trump we’re going to be talking about government by whim – Caligula without the toga. His latest nasty tweets as president-elect certainly seem to bear that out.
    And I don’t think Trump has to put his business in a “blind trust”.
    Other politicians may have, but other politicians released their tax returns too. Has Trump really respected any convention so far?

    Trump is one sick puppy and probably thinks his election has simply confirmed that he is the never-wrong super-great “winner” of-all-time who can do pretty much anything he wants the way he wants.
    And I think that means monetizing the power of the presidency for the benefit of him and his family. Again, not unlike many of the Roman emperors.
    Sure, there will be lip service of some sort to cover it (like when he couldn’t release his tax returns because of an “IRS audit” – which was demonstrably false, i.e. a lie) and they may even use the term “blind trust”. Incidentally, LBJ had a “blind trust”, but he directed the investments in it, so it’s not like we haven’t been here before.

    My father was a Member of Congress for 16 years (1950-66). He said he always believed that election to the presidency, whatever the individual may have done or been involved in before, so sobered a person up with the majesty of the office that they then acted better and in the interest of the United States and the American people. I think that’s sort of what you are saying here – Trump will rise to the occasion.
    After Nixon, my father said he no longer believed that.
    Sorry, but I don’t believe it about Trump either.

    In other news:
    “Trump’s newly renovated hotel a few blocks from the White House, on Pennsylvania Avenue sold out quickly for the inauguration, many for five-night minimums priced at FIVE times the normal rate. . .”
    That would be $2,000/night and up or $10,000+ for 5 nights for people (oligarchs?) wanting to be seen favorably by him?
    So it begins.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear John: Going into Nixon’s psyche is a long adventure, starting before 1950. Ike was involved. Speaking of Ike, I wish Trump would become Ike.

      Some will say:’Oh how do you dare, you cretinous little Trumpist, Ike was a superb mind, whereas your hero is a sewer rat!’ (Sorry for the omitting the really more robust insults I have been exposed to, out there on the Internet!)

      Well, I have pondered Ike much much much more than Trump. I do not know any horror Trump got involved. Nope, none (please nobody roll out chicken excretion such as Trump university: that’s NOTHING). But I do know several horrendous maneuvers (like in military maneuvers) Ike got involved in. Not involved: masterminded, as if he were the president (whereas he had both Marshall and FDR above him!)

      However Ike was a great president… except for letting the Dulles Brothers run US foreign policy (that had severe consequences, all the way to this day, coming from very severe causes and strategies…) Ike was smart: he did not get assassinated (by the Dulles), and then accomplished most of what MLK got credit for….

      Obama clearly just said he did nothing for eight years (that’s news, coming from him!). As I have said for 8 years. Hi, Barry, glad to have you back!

      Looks like Trump may launch the horses of the apocalypse of massive economic growth. As I have advocated for a decade.
      And how will Trump do that?
      With ten Democratic Senators… Mark my words.

      You will see.

      OK, I may guess wrong about Trump. Maybe he is just a very big, fat, rat. However, I see a possibility that he will really do what he said he will do. Contrarily to Obama.


      • John Rogers Says:

        Well, that didn’t take long.

        Trump May Use New Hotel to Profit Directly From Presidency


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Did you read the “story”???? It’s a nothing story. Yes, diplomats are thinking to go there, sure. So? What does Trump have to do with it???

          You yourself said: ‘And I don’t think Trump has to put his business in a “blind trust”.’ I do think he does. I agree with you that past blind trusts (like LBJ) were a joke. Way worse happens with the FED, BTW…

          The Wall Street Journal editorial suggested that Trump should sell all its propeties, and put the cash in a blind trust. Frankly, after 8,000 billions given to friends under Obama, what’s a few billion dollar business favored?????????????? GE got 60 BILLION from Obama, then the US condemned French Alstom to pay more than a billion, then GE bought Alstom. Now THAt is real gangsterism. So far, Trump’s maneuvers are micro tiny…


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    H. Kissinger says Trump “has absolutely no baggage”, & differently from all his predecessors owes nothing to anybody


    • SDM Says:

      Kissinger chimes in, he must be itching to get in favor with Trump- that is a recipe for disaster. Trump is lining up a slew of plutos for his administration,including climate skeptics. He may yet have some horrors of his own.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        They are all, those greedsters, lining up. I vaguely follows the cabinet formation, and so far, well… Trump will call the tune. They guy he named for climate is not a skeptic as far as I can tell, but an apologist… of warming. But what we are going to get is Jurassic. That’s different. All what counts is that fundamental research on new energy sources be energized. Trump is now “open” on climate. It looks as if he formed a cabinet of rivals and contradictors, with the idea of using them like tools, or weapons. Funny that he wants Romney, though… Or maybe he does not, he just wants to believe he does…


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