How Do You Spell Obama?

In 12 months even democrats, especially democrats, will not know how to spell O B A M A…. At least one may hope so. That would mean that the mood has, finally changed. Instead of being in the mood of denying crucial social indicators, when Democrats would forget their obsession with Obama’s skin color, and would concentrate onto more significant characteristics, such as WHITE POPULATION LIFE EXPECTANCY.

By neglecting life itself, Democrats’ souls sold themselves to the Demon (yes, Demon, Satan, figuratively, but tellingly speaking; BTW, “Shatan”, Satan, also exists in Islam and has functional equivalents in Zoroastrianism, and, thus India).

Democrats indulged in demonic distraction: long ago, the leadership of the Democratic Party sold their souls. This happened under Jimmy Carter, a Democratic saint who ordered the secret attack against Afghanistan. (A fact democrats try very hard to not pay any attention to.) While the US was busy destroying the world, China was busy grabbing everything in sight, especially production (China also holds the largest amount of US government debt, which makes the… US as strong as the Pentagon):

If We Produce Everything, And You Produce Nothing, We Are Everything, And You Are Nothing.

If We Produce Everything, And You Produce Nothing, We Are Everything, And You Are Nothing.

[The real production situation is even worse, and getting even much worse, very quickly, when one looks at manufacturing; another dreadful twist is that South East Asia production is climbing even faster than China, although not in the graph above; see below.]

That attack against Afghanistan was a conspiracy of a Machiavellian index superior to anything Machiavel himself was involved in, or could conceive of. By orders of magnitude: Machiavelli’s activities were between Tuscany and the region immediately east of it, where Cesare Borgia was trying to build a power that could dominate (part of) Italy (although that Biorgia venture was obviously hopeless, considering the immense power of multimillennial France and the ferocity of the uppity Spanish empire!)

Whereas the Democrats, under US president Jimmy Carter encompassed the entire planet in an enormous conspiracy. That conspiracy was deliberately engineered to bring the downfall of the USSR, never mind the millions of Afghans killed in the process. Yes, it worked. The USSR collapsed, and then Harvard and its ilk served poison to Russian president Yeltsin (poison, figuratively speaking; these are not the dreaded “fake news“!). Out of Pluto abuse in Russia came the new Tsar, Putin (who apparently now blocks this site in Russia, just as Xi does in China!) It worked, but the Democrats paid their win with their souls. So when life expectancy of whites went up in the USA, more than 20 years ago, they averted their eyes, and diverted their souls.

Diversion of souls and brains? Watch Obama’s tweeter feed, obsessed as it is by sport teams; sport teams are little more than teams of thieves, as demonstrated by the tax evasion of professional footballers in the order of billions. Relative to Obama, Trump’s tweeter feed looks positively intellectual. Yes, I know, it’s shocking. But I don’t write Obama’s childish tweeter feed. The most admirers footballers in the world are actually some of the greatest known thieves in the world, something which in a demon-power world (pluto-cratic world, to translate…) is of course the best way to educate little children to become themselves demonic monsters.

“The Football Leaks documents “show how the Real Madrid star (Ronaldo) has discreetly deposited 149.5 million euros of sponsorship earnings in tax havens. The forward paid only 5.6 million euros in tax – about 4 percent of this fortune”, wrote Mediapart.”

One of these tax havens, central as a hub, to the tax thievery of people like criminal suspect Ronaldo are the British Virgin Islands, a part of the Brexiting “Great” Britain. Great at tax evasion, for sure. (British organize tax evasion makes Britain, or, at least, British plutocracy, wealthier…)

The preceding, according to the primitives billionaires who own the media in the USA, and, now, most of the world, would make me the author of “fake news”, as it involves “conspiracies”. Mr. Zuckerberg, who owns more than 50 billion dollars and now wears a tie, has indeed decided that “fake news” involve the belief that a “conspiracy” has happened. He knows no history, or then two or three books he claims to have read, so he could fake to be knowledgeable.  

So the Democrats had no more souls, by the time governor Bill Clinton was collaborating with Ronald Reagan on Iran-Contra, putting a remote airport at the disposition of the conniving Republican president’s unlawful venture.

Yesterday Trump saved a few thousand jobs. Obama sneered:Trump will not be able to save jobs, what is he going to do? Wave a magic wand?

Of course. Obama should have taken politics 101. The US president has a magic wand in his hand. Obama had a magic wand in his hand. But, like a dummy, he did not know how to use it. Mike Pence, Trump VP, ex-governor, ex-Congressman replied to the one who did not know how to use his wand: “Trump went to talk to the CEO of Carrier, American to American. We talked. We promised a 7 million dollar/year rebate” Obama could read his teleprompter, but not, really, talk. (The Democrats officially replied taxpayers would pay the 7 million. Well, of course not so. Does not work that way: the US government has several ways to create money ex-nihilo. Plus, he could pass laws to put the tax cheating CEOs in jail for real, and all their collaborators… I am sure the French and the Germans will be eager to help…)

This is a general phenomenon, this obsession with irrelevancies. It is not just about being Obsessive Compulsive about the “glass ceiling”. The Democrats were also Obsessive Compulsive about many mostly irrelevant and 100% misunderstood issues, which enabled them to ignore society’s greatest ills.

The Demoncratic elite was centered on its talking points and thoughtless visions: “Obama saved the economy”, “Quantitative Easing Worked”, “Obama added ten million jobs”, “Obamacare covered some who were not worked, so it worked”, that they did not focus on the obvious flaws of all these observations (Obama followed the Bush-Paulson plan to “save” the economy; in truth he saved the rich, and saved them some more with QE; the population augmented by 24 millions under Obama, but the situation of employment (not U2!) is close to the worse ever; health care in the US is a disaster relative to any other countries, and getting relatively worse, and ever more expensive, etc.)

Democrats were in their own epistemological bubbles, and they persevered: errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum. They persevere in their errors, by refusing to look at them. Thus they fully deserve the demoncrat label, plutocrat, in other words…

This is not just true in the USA. In Europe domestic production collapsed, in 16 short years, to a quarter of what it used to be, relative to Emerging Asia, The Economist just revealed, using IMF data. (Yes that excludes light weights such as South Korea, Japan, etc.) We have been led by the most incompetent leaders in a very long time. In Europe, and the USA.

It’s a collapse!

Let me repeat. Who are these fools who take themselves for leaders? Since 2000, the GDP manufacturing production of Europe has gone done 75% relative to South-East Asia.

The same problem is obvious with Islam. “Democrats” and their ilk in Europe, tell us Islam is a good thing, we have to respect it. And if we fear it, we have “Islamophobia”, and that’s racist. Whatever they mean, or whatever is meant, by Islam (there are more than 100 Islams, and they want to kill each other… It’s a religious duty). Meanwhile those loud Islamophiles carefully avoid the few evenings it would take to read and debate the Qur’an’s 400 pages leisurely…. And discover it is 100% incompatible with democracy, or, even, human ethology, let alone civilization. Hey, of course: they are comfortable, deep inside their folly.

Just as the “Democratic” elite, in its folly, thought that “breaking the glass ceiling” (of a woman becoming US President) was a more important factor that the fact that, under that woman’s rule, the White Population of the USA started to die more and more… It is folly to suppose most people, most of the time, will put survival below any other consideration. If human beings had minds like that, our species would not exist, let alone would have become Gods on Earth. Yes, I know, a heavy-duty.

Patrice Ayme’

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21 Responses to “How Do You Spell Obama?”

  1. kevishaw Says:

    Too true, the Afghanistan trap fell into by Carter’s team. It’s a tangled web they weaved, and the first of proverbial chickens came home to roost on 9-11-01. Then during this election year more chickens came in from the cold, from the whole population of the middle USA, after being ignored for decades by the political class. For decades, these voters took pay cuts and were abandoned by their own unions for the illusion of competitiveness as told by their CEOs, but without the profits of this competitiveness being returned to them. It’s difficult to call these voters ignorant– they did protest about the taking of their pay and benefits, many times over, but were left out in the cold after getting only bitter worthless promises from demons of both parties, These voters were at least smart enough to find a tiny door opened to the hen house by the fox Trump. This may be the type of wake-up call everyone needs, not only to realize this is a new fox in the house, but also to see the previous (Democrats) as wolves in-sheep’s-clothing. I would agree this is better than continuing the present collusion of illusion. But we must hope the lesson is not lost, as it will require the work of real progressives who are not climate-change deniers; and of journalism outside of the NYTimes and WashPost, or Breitbart news.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the comment, Kevishaw! When Carter was messing up in the Middle East, I remember telling fellow physics students, progressives like me, who were extremely friendly, family like, with me, that this would bring an inconceivable calamity, not just to the Middle East, but to the USA. They looked at me as if I were a lunatic trying to talk Martian. I never saw them again, although. or, rather, precisely because, they were Democratic aristocracy, so to speak.

      As you point out, Carter brought us 9/11. Through a chain of (highly) predictable events, and the rise of terror Islam (sorry about the pleonasm, which I rolled out with deference to the Islamophiles).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “Collusion of illusion” is an excellent expression. The fox Trump does not like, one should even say, hates the global wolves. So far, so good. He keeps on campaigning (whereas Obama at the same stage just cuddled with the biggest financial vultures he could find to guide him through their slave economy).

      As Eugen R was saying in a comment on the preceding essay, the economists are clueless. As I have said for years, they are worth thatn clueless: they are propagandists for the plutocracy. Krugman is a shining beacon of that. He knows enough to know he is just a propagandist, but he keeps at it, to earn his daily bread, his daily fame. Stiglitz is the same, he also has a Nobel, and he also hates the EU (although they both claim they don’t so are paid as consultants by the EU… To hate the EU from inside, I guess…)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      In my next essay, I relate what is going on with my “friends” in New York, who work in Main Stream Media. They are suddenly officially, “publicly”, as they insist, ordering me to stop commenting on their industry (or what they say, namely that Trump is the antichrist). Apparently, they are afraid of losing their jobs, because of the fact they are viewed as associates of mine (I involved my lawyer in reaction to their statements). Democratic corruption (is there a better word?) extends that deep: management in some major MSM publicly saying they have cut off all relationship with me, and ordering me to stop talking!!!!! [I have names, of course, and I will not use them, as these people used to be real friends, but now they publicly call me unflattering names… There is no reason to make things worse than the apparently emerging hatred, which is robust enough…]

      I should have seen it coming when major MSM censored me totally…


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Italian PM Mateo Renzi resigns, after losing his proposed anti-democratic change of the Italian Republic Constitution in place since 1945.

    Another self-inflating empty leading us into the abyss is disposed of. The clarity of garbage down the chute


    • Sil Via Says:

      Yes. He is/was the garbage of the country !


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Ah, at least someone who agrees with me! A young Italian! Here I am getting tremendous PUBLIC hate mail, because I was lucid about the Demoncrats… That was not appreciated, because all the graphs and facts I am looking at, people have been conditioned by the MSM not to look at. An interesting epistemological situation, or how fanaticism develops…


  3. Luigi Gally Says:

    Aujourd’hui in Italie et in Autriche on vote, moi j’ai voté il y a quinze jours. Populisme au démocratie???????!!!!!!! Lire aussi les commentaires de Paul Krugman( pris nobel d’économie) sur Tramp.
    A bientôt, LUIGI


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Krugman est completement corrompu, et, en plus, il n’a pas vu l’election de Trump venir. Tandis que moi je l’ai vu venir, depuis plus d’un an:

      Krugman est un membre de l’extreme droite Americaine Reaganienne. Il a travaille’ POUR et AVEC Ronald Reagan.
      Trump a fait campagne CONTRE Reagan dans les annees 1980, en particulier in 1987. Clinton a reproche’ a Trump d’etre Anti-Reagan, pendant un debat televise’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Krugman est un menteur de premiere categorie. A cote’ de lui, Mateo Renzi est un saint de la verite’ crue.
      Krugman et Stiglitz represente tous les deux la GLOBALOCRATIE (Globalocracy, in English, a neologism of mine). Ils sont extremement dangereux pour l’Europe, pire que toute la famille Le Pen + UKIP + AfD + tous les fascistes Europeans.
      Parcequ’ils sont des menteurs fascistes qui poignardent dans le dos. En fait, ils haissent l’Europe, et sont 100% pour la supremacie de la DEMONONCRATIE (demonocracy in English, another neologism of mine).

      Trump est beaucoup plus a gauche que la Demoncratie, a des tas de points de vue.

      For true informations about what is going on in the USA, go to my site, not the liars at the new York Times (qui me censurent totalement depuis des annees, nota bene).
      Patrice Ayme’


  4. Sil Via Says:

    Sil Via: Tous les italiens qui ont voté NON sont d’accord avec toi. Et savent ô combien Renzi était autogonflé de vide politique intersidéral.

    Des manœuvres mauvaises, mal entreprises, coûteuses, arrosées de l’hypocrisie et d’une bonne dose de manipulation d’un homme qui racontait n’importe quoi pour vendre son idée!

    C’était en réalité le pantin de Berlusconi, en pire, et la marionnette de Napolitano, qui malgré sa carrure est en train de perdre la tête à cause de son vieil âge. Donc, oui, le peuple a voulu se sauver et envoyer au casse pipe un menteur !!!

    Et c’est un grand jour, maintenant que la presse et les médias soient toxiques et prédisent un avenir incertain et néfaste pr l’Italie, c’est une autre paire de manches. L’avenir j’ose espérer que le peuple italien le choisira comme il a choisi de se débarrasser de Renzi ainsi que de son bilan catastrophique.

    All the Italians who voted no agree with you. And know how Renzi was autogonflé of political vacuum of space. Manoeuvres bad, bad companies, costly, watered of hypocrisy and a healthy dose of manipulation of a man who talking nonsense to sell her idea! It was actually the puppet of berlusconi, and worse, and the puppet of napolitano, who despite his frame is in the process of losing the head because of his old age.

    So, yes, the people tried to save itself and send to hell a liar!!! and it’s a great day, now that the press and the media are toxic and predict an uncertain future and harmful PR Italy, it’s a Another pair of sleeves. The future I hope that the Italian people chooses as he chose to get rid of renzi as well as of its balance sheet catastrophic.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The automatic translation is funny. We should translate it back in French for further fun and telephone Arabe… In a related observation, the energy of the vacuum of space was just observed directly (next to a neutron star because of its super giant magnetic field). La situation has long been catastrophic, and not just in Europe. Same in the USA. Even in the Bay Area, the engine of the US engine, there was just a fire which killed around 40, directly related to BAD INFRASTRUCTURE. Yeah, Trump is coming, no doubt bringing relief that way, with a Trump hotel every kilometer. I am NOT really joking. Simply in the ten million people greater SF Bay Area, one should probably build for 20 billion dollars a year of housing for twenty years, and more should be done…


  5. Luigi Gally Says:

    J’ai bien lu, je ne comprend pas.
    Krugman il à déclaré, que avec les travaux p. prévu, Trump va prendre dix milliard de dollars sans rien faire et encore et encore!!!!!!!!!!!
    Salut, LUIGI


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Il n’y a rien a comprendre: Krugman est un plus gros menteur que Renzi et le New York Times pas mieux que la Pravda Sovietique… Tout ce que dit Krugman de plus important, est un mensonge. Mais Krugman est dieu en Europe. D’ou les problemes de l”Europe. Approuver Krugman, c’est approuver le propagandiste de Goldman Sachs et autres plutocrates Mussoliniens…


  6. Luigi Gally Says:

    Tue, Dec 6, 2016 3:55 am
    Subject: Politique Italienne

    In Italie il n’y a plus de gouvernement, in effets le gouvernement il est absent depuis un an quand M. Renzi il à commencé sa propagande électoral.
    Pourtant les problème italiens sont nombreux/
    37% de chômage jeune
    10 puents de P.I.B. perdu in cinq ans
    2300 milliard d’euro de dettes
    Renzi catholique de centre, il a appliqué une politique d’annonce sens rien faire d’important.
    Loi travaille( on travaille beaucoup pour gagner moins, voir Fillon)
    Financement des petit e moyenne intreprise
    Pas des impôt sur la première maison, les Medecis a Florence sons content.!!!!!!!!!!
    Etc. etc.



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Obama a aussi fait une politique d’annonce pour le peuple.
      Par contre, aux Plutos, Obama a donne’ 8 trilliards (8000 milliards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) de dons genereux, montant la dette gouvernementale a 20 Trilliards: 20 000 milliards.
      Le problem origine aux USA, ou des menteurs comme Krugman et Stiglitz parade, exposant qu’il faut detruire l’Europe… (Ils pretendent que non, de meme qu’Hitler pretendait aider les minorities, et oeuvrer pour la paix…)


  7. Kevin Says:

    (China also holds the largest amount of US government debt, which makes the… US as strong as the Pentagon)

    Le Pentagone, combien de divisions?
    Question semi-sérieuse, parce que, en gardant à l’esprit la suprématie militaire US sur ses vassaux et ses rivaux potentiels, l’art de la guerre à l’américaine c’est quand même de produire de la merde, à grand coût.
    S’il s’agit d’écraser l’ennemi sous sa force supérieure, par effet de masse et d’attrition, les chinois peuvent en effet se défier du Pentagone.
    S’il s’agit de faire la guerre, hum…

    Les USA sont imbattables pour le théâtre militaire, avec toutefois un rendement déclinant et aucune guerre gagnée contre un adversaire valable depuis maintenant 70 ans, avec comme nadir les récents fiascos irakien et afghan (ou comment, sans jamais même chercher à quitter sa zone de confort, rouler des mécaniques avant de repartir la queue entre les jambes)… Aucun doute là-dessus.
    Quid d’une vraie guerre cette fois, contre un vrai adversaire, même la Russie Poutinienne déglinguée (mais en ré-armement effectif et rapide) et elle-même adepte du théâtre militaire? Contre une Chine qui se souvient de la guerre de Corée, de la magistrale déculottée infligée aux troupes de l’ONU, et qui a bien fait son chemin depuis?

    De toute manière, les USA ne sont *que* des Anglos, des bougnoules des mers, quoi, qui ont juste atteint la masse critique et fait leur réaction en chaine nucléaire pour devenir ce qu’ils sont. La guerre ce n’est pas trop leur truc, cela serait plutôt le commerce à main armée, l’embargo, le colonialisme, la guerre économique ouverte et/ou clandestine, a Nations of shopkeepers.
    La Chine est en ligne de mire, mais elle n’a sans doute pas trop à se soucier des nullards du Pentagone.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Kevin: Mattis, the Sec of Defense Elect, just said the Irak invasion would probably be seen as a strategic defeat.

      That’s disinformation.
      As I said, many times, defeating, annhilating Irak boosted the price of oil, making “TIGHT OIL” (fracking) highly profitable. Now fracking has been deployed, and stays profitable enough. USA is again world’s number fossil fuel producer.

      USA has plenty of islands, and allies, in Asia. Even China. Playing all them in 2 camps… You underestimate the might and innovation of the US military.


      • Kevin Says:

        Oh, je ne sous-estime rien du tout, je suis relativement conscient de l’écart entre la “military might” etatsunienne et celle de leurs alliés, et plus encore celle de leurs rivaux (pas encore ennemis).
        Tout ce que je dis, et pense, par contre, c’est que le jour où il faudra mettre les mains dans le cambouis face à un adversaire qui a du répondant, càd sortir du théâtre militaire pour aller dans la guerre, la baudruche se dégonflera vite et beaucoup, à mon avis. Pas sur qu’ils perdent, mais en l’état, leur force armée est une pompe à fric, qui déverse beaucoup de “hype”, et très peu de résultats.
        Sans compter que le modèle anglo-saxon de “all-volunteers force” est sans doute parfait pour faire la police de l’empire et aller casser du nègre, mais est totalement incapable de faire face à un ennemi conventionnel de taille et classe égale (ne serait-ce que par son sous-dimensionnement qui le rend inapte à encaisser la moindre attrition, cf. le mal fou qu’ont eu les USA en gestion du personnel pour leur occupation irakienne).
        Fort heureusement, l’American Way of War est devenu la norme occidentale, l’armée professionnelle de projection à l’anglo-saxonne (qui autorise le lâche soulagement et le désintérêt des citoyens du reste de la Nation of draft-dogers) est devenue la norme, y compris pour la France, en version encore plus dégradée car sans le savoir-faire, mettons, UK en la matière, donc tout baigne…

        Pour la guerre en Irak, je ne pourrai pas être d’accord avec vous, même si je n’en sais foutre au rien au fond, et si le côté “jeu d’échecs” est sans doute vrai (pétrole, contrôle de l’accès du pétrole au marché, encerclement de la Chine,…). Reste que l’aspect purement militaire du tout est une vaste foirade, une démonstration de force volontariste qui tourne à l’humiliation contre-productive. Les EUniens on voulu poser leurs couilles collective sur la table – résultat? Rien. Plantage, foirade, du rien, un duo de défaites, des guerres régionales perdues au prix d’une guerre mondiale – avec toujours, toujours, toujours, la pompe à fric.

        Après, comme je le note, je ne sous-estime rien, surtout dans le contexte d’un combat d’infirmes, entres les nains iraniens, les gesticulations russes, les efforts chinois, et même les européens, vassalisés dans leur têtes et leur servitude militaire (relative quand même, il y a de beaux restes, surtout pris collectivement) volontaires, cf. la volonté française de reprendre la main sur la capacité de fabrication de corps de bombes (abandonnée sous Sarko, pour favoriser l’achat sur étagère, notamment US…).
        Disons simplement que les USA sont une Nation de mythos, cela fait partie de leur caractère national, “period”, j’ai mis du temps à m’en rendre compte, jusqu’ 2007-2008, mais cela crève les yeux, autant que leur trouille permanente de “l’extérieur” et leur aspiration à s’en protéger/détacher; il y a une répondant, sûr, comme on pourrait attendre d’un pays riche, immense et populeux, avec un “MIC” hypertrophié comme une prostate de vieux, qui n’a jamais vraiment désarmé depuis 1945.
        Mais, une fois sorti de leur zone de confort, guerre clandestine, subversion,… il n’y a plus personne, sauf à s’attaquer à des nabots (et toujours en coalition, svp!).

        Enfin, bon, je ne vais pas vous convaincre.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Je suis a la fois d’accord, et pas d’accord. Le budget US de la defense est presque un trillion (1,000 billions), si on compte les budgets secrets et paramilitaires… C’est plusieurs fois plus que tous les enemis potentiels. Donc, meme avec une grande inefficacite’…
          Tout le monde de serieux a une armee professionelle… Sauf Deutschland, dont la force actuelle est une rigolade (la Luftwaffe est ni Luft, ni Waffe…)…

          Trump is installing a near military government (two 4 star generals, one 3 star; and others who have served as officers, including one who was first at West Point). In any case, a very serious government, determined to make the US military much better (there is a need, as anti-missile defnese needs to be 99%, not 30% as it is now…)

          US forces have shown both in WWI and WWII the capacity of taking nearly 100% losses, in a few hours. And not run. Respect.

          (As the Nazis found at Bastogne… The Nazis had made the mistake to believe their own propaganda…)


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