Australian Thunderstorm Or GMO Asthma?

Comic Relief From Plutocratic Media: People Are Allegedly Poisoned By Thunderstorm. Instead, We Suggest Man-Made Poisons Are Mostly At Fault:

I read to my lawyer the Thunderstorm Asthma story, out of Melbourne Australia. When told that there were several millions hectares of pasture and agriculture just where the thunderstorm came from, my lawyer sneered: “this is a bogus story. They are hiding the fact it is all about GMOs, insecticides and herbicides. I was stunned by my lawyer’s perspicacity.

Here is the story, from the New York Times:

Thunderstorm Asthma’ Kills 8 in Australia, NOV. 29, 2016

SYDNEY, Australia — When David McGann left his office in Melbourne just after 5 p.m. to cycle home, a stifling heat had settled across the city, and the temperature was peaking at 95 degrees.

A hot, gusty northerly wind picked up. Rain clouds had gathered across the skyline, but there was little relief. “It was the hottest day of the season,” said Mr. McGann, 35, who manages accounts at a law practice. “By the time I got home and had a swim, my chest had started to tighten.”

[When] Mr. McGann’s partner… returned, he was on the couch, sitting quietly, struggling for breath. The inhaler he found after rummaging through drawers was five years past its expiration date.

Mr. McGann was one of thousands of people in Melbourne having an attack of thunderstorm asthma. They flooded the city’s emergency rooms, swamped ambulance call lines and joined lines around pharmacies during six hours on Nov. 21. All were struggling for breath. About 8,500 people went to hospitals. Eight have died, and one remains in intensive care more than a week after a thunderstorm surged across Melbourne, carrying pollen that strong winds and rain broke into tiny fragments.

Perennial ryegrass seeds were swept up in whorls of wind and carried from four million hectares of pasturelands (about 9.9 million acres) that lie to Melbourne’s north and west. If broken into fragments, they are so fine that they can be inhaled.” 

Actually what also lie north and west of Melbourne are giant fields of canola. Consider the following propaganda picture (later I will show the truth, namely technicians going through said fields in chemical hazard suits):

These Fields Are Poisoned At Such A Level, Plants Have to Be Genetically Modified To Survive. Question: Have These Children Been Genetically Modified By The Gates Of Hell, Too?

These Fields Are Poisoned With Herbicides and Pesticides At Such A Level, That Plants Have to Be Genetically Modified To Survive The Added Poisons. Question: Have These Children Been Genetically Modified By The Gates Of Hell, So That They Can Survive, Too?

Here is the New York Times again:

“So many people became ill so quickly that some of the state’s crisis medical teams were stretched beyond their limits. Firefighters and police officers stepped in where paramedics were overloaded. Triage centers at 10 hospitals struggled with admissions across Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, with a population of 4.4 million in the greater metropolitan area and suburbs.”

And then the New York Times plunged into the mysteries of how ryegrass kernels could get deep in the lungs. At this point, we are getting into disinformation. Full information would observe not only that the cases have augmented:

“An earlier episode, in November 1989, sent 277 people to hospitals, and 47 were admitted…

Grass pollen is usually too large to enter the small airways of the lungs…
Emergency services were surprised by the number of so-called silent patients. “They appear O.K., but their airways are so obstructed that they are concentrating, really focusing, on staying upright and just breathing,” Dr. Baker said.

Mr. McGann did not end up in the hospital. But by the time he found a pharmacy open late, he was beginning to panic. “Every breath I took made the next breath harder,” he said, adding that he had no family history of asthma. “I just didn’t realize it could have the effect it had.”

Grass pollen is the primary source of allergies in southern Australia, and tracking the data allowed scientists to forecast high levels of grass seeds in the atmosphere on Nov. 21. Still, Ms. Hennessy said, the government was taken by surprise.”

Surprise, indeed, this did not happen before, by two orders of magnitude. How come so much more severity?

My lawyer’s theory is different.  It evolved from my own observations and theories of why asthma and allergies, let alone weird cancers, have been augmenting spectacularly. There are around 150,000 artificial, man-made chemical products in use. By medical drug standards, they are untested (in earlier essays, I mentioned 80,000, which is the number brandished in the USA; however, French specialists talk about 150,000 untested chemicals.).

Canola (or rapeseed), Brassica napus, is an oilseed crop which is cultivated for its high quality edible oil used in many foods (eg. margarines and cooking oil) and seed meal (the fibrous material left after the oil pressing process), which has a high protein content. That makes it highly desirable as a stock feed.

In 2010-11, the Australian state of Victoria, where Melbourne is located,  produced 476 thousand tonnes of canola with a gross value of $293 million.

Control of weeds, particularly weeds from the Brassicaceae family (broadleaf), through herbicide application during the canola-growing season, significantly improves the quantity of the grain produced. Weeds compete for space, nutrients and sunlight. (African countries have dismissed that the quality of GMO seed is higher, in contradistinction with US propaganda; quite the opposite, they say)

Two genetically modified (GM) canola varieties have been developed in Australia, Roundup Ready® (by Monsanto Australia Ltd) and InVigor® (by Bayer CropSciences Pty Ltd). For maximum effect, each GM variety has been developed to be tolerant to and hence used with, a specific herbicide. The result is the mass poisoning of the planet, horizon to horizon.

Our Workers Are Protected With Hazard Suits. Your Children Can Get Cancer, We Will Sell You Drugs, To Alleviate Their Pain, With Obamacare

Our Workers Are Protected With Hazard Suits. Your Children Can Get Asthma, Cancer, Attention Deficit Disorder, We Will Sell You Drugs, To Alleviate Their Pain, With Obamacare, Or Its Ilk.

The same poisoning trick is used for insecticides. To boot, the poison resistance spreads, demanding even higher doses of poison to be used in the grand outdoors..

In other words, massive quantities of poisons are put in the soil, and from there, are kicked up, in the air.

Exposed to this life destroying poisons, the body reacts by shutting down all pores. Asthma.

Some will say that we have no proof of what we advance. True. But what is a proof? Logicians themselves are not too sure (Kurt Gödel famous showed that there are always unproven truths, in any theory which allows one to count with integers). What we have here is the beginning of a proof: mass asthma in the State of Victoria started coincidentally with mass poisoning of the State of Victoria. Thunderstorms did not start yesterday, nor did ryegrass. Two new factors surging simultaneously: if one has more intelligence than journalists in Main Stream Media, one will suspect that they are correlated, and maybe, even causally related. The burden rests on the side of those who dismiss the plausible causation. Especially considering what is at stake.

But Obama just gave the Gates the “Medal of Freedom”. The Gates have been immense promoters of GMOs and Monsanto (from which they got employees, and in which they are invested, so they can become ever richer). Through their “Foundation”, which ostensibly cares about health (health or death, that is the question).

Some countries have started to outlaw Monsanto. Their leaders were not paid enough, and, or, they speak French (as in Burkina Faso).

Gates of hell.

Patrice Ayme’

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11 Responses to “Australian Thunderstorm Or GMO Asthma?”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    Patrice, in a rather serendipitous way Jean and I were at our local Humanist and Freethinkers meeting yesterday (Saturday) morning. The guest speaker was William H. Kotke. (Whoops: evening meal just being served. Will continue later!)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the heads up, Paul! Never heard of the gentleman. I googled away, and found:

      There is a growing school of thought that projects a catastrophic socio-economic collapse in this century. The timeline varies from one commentator to the next, but the scenarios are much the same: the inhabitants of the earth will suffer through a difficult period of population recession when the real cost of poor resource management comes due on the planet. Once considered heresy, now trickling into the main stream, this projection follows closely with the 100-year extrapolation of the Club of Rome’s no-change-in-the-way-we-live curve that some call “the die-off.” It is also directly connected to peak oil, global warming, the collapse of the ocean fisheries, and worldwide pandemic potentials. As visionary writer William H. Kötke might say, it marks the end of empire. Kötke’s The Final Empire is the environmental classic. The whole story. How we’ve gone wrong. And how we get back on track. Garden Planet is his short, concise blueprint for restoring Earth’s natural garden paradise after the fall.

      My general approach is that civilization CANNOT fail. Not just should not fail. But, in a bad, the worst, scenario, seven billions could die. To believe we can start like a new Neolithic (the new new stone???) is irrealistic: exhausted resources will not be back. Can’t reinvent metal, or coal once the surface mines are exhausted… as they are.

      But I am all ears, and you can mention my site to the perplex, BTW. I got lots of hatred from the Trump election (as if Trump were my baby!), so more love will be well appreciated!


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    Wow, you were quick to reply! 🙂

    Anyway, let me leave you and your readers a link to a recent interview of Bill Kotke:

    The video is 27 minutes long but well worth viewing. Bill is local, relatively speaking, to us here in Southern Oregon.

    I will return to my response most probably in the morning. I am especially interested in your assessment (and your readers) of how widespread, especially at government levels, will be the acknowledgement of huge societal upheavals in the near term; say 5 to 10 years.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      One thing I know is that local government is pretty much in evidence in California, on a scale dwarfing Switzerland… But with 3 of the 4 largest market cap companies in the world. The inner Bay Area is 7 millions, nearly as large as Switzerland (8 millions). With Sacramento and a few other towns, we speak ten million people.

      What is stunning is that in the latest vote we had 12 California wide plebicistes, plus another dozen of local ones (some at city scale, some region scale).

      This said, local is nothing if an H bomb comes our way, or the possibility thereof. This is the big problem. Still is.


  3. Paul Handover Says:

    Patrice, I accept the ‘side’ threat of a nuclear strike but that still doesn’t, well not to my mind anyway, illuminate your thoughts (and others; hopefully) as to when we might see real concerns from Governments as to the urgency of the threat of the widespread loss of human life.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The Obama presidency has been 8 years of Sleeping Beauty, after 8 years of Bush lunacy… Trump is surrounding himself with some of the best generals, most strategic and deeply informed. This means Trump understands we are on the verge of military disaster.

      Yes, does not look like it, just as in 1914, when Britain had “no army” (Lord Kirchener), or 1939, when Britain had not much of an army, the US Army was a tenth of that of France, or less, and the French top generals wildly underestimated Nazi armor, while both French and British Air Forces had been careful to learn NOT to use their weapons (they learned in a few days after May 10, 1939, but, by then the British and French armies had been cut from behind…)

      The raw truth is that KIM of Korea, who is Western educated, gave several of his closest collaborators, and his uncle who put him in power, to very hungry dogs who ate them alive (took an hour). Kim is busy developing thermonuclear first strike capability on the USA (and Xi in China irresponsibly views all this as giving him some leverage).

      The Obama administration now (after the election) shares this analysis, and has informed Trump and Al. I think that’s why they are going to pass a special law to allow Mattis to become Sec. of Defense… They finally see the danger…


      • Paul Handover Says:

        Thank you. What I am hearing from you is that in terms of threats and the potential for massive loss of human life, the Korean threat is first and foremost the biggest challenge for the ‘free’ world. Yes?

        Ergo, taking our focus off this would be the equivalent of fiddling while Rome burnt.

        (And here’s me thinking I was going to get a decent night’s sleep tonight!)


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          You are OK in Southern Oregon, come what may… ;-)… The real danger is in the metropolitan areas… And also in what would happen next (thermonuclear martial law).
          This danger was allowed to resurface. It was pretty much gone in the 1990s… Now it has superseded the greenhouse itself as a clear and imminent danger…


  4. What to say to the kids. – Learning from Dogs Says:

    […] was a recent essay from Patrice Ayme in which he wrote about the Australian Asthma Thunderstorm. Just read this long extract from that […]


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Sardonicky Karen Garcia, Feb 27, 2017.]

    Glad the New York Times still publishes your comments: I always found them very interesting (and that’s how I discovered you). The New York Times banned me from ALL comments (even in their philsophy section). It was an efficient manner to reduce my notoriety. Since then I have understood that the New York Times is just a propaganda outfit: I never sent a comment which was not decent, serious, well researched.

    I have also been a NYT full subscriber for decades. I had heated exchanges with them during their propaganda for the 2003 Iraq invasion.

    I prefer the term “plutocratic media” to MSM. Indeed the media is all owned or influenced (NPR< PBS, BBC) by plutocrats.

    I have completely stopped reading the NYT opinion. I am still vaguely reading some of the general articles, but it's just a matter of time before I cancel my subscription. There is no more reason to have it than one to the "People's Daily" of the Chinese dictatorship.


  6. GMax Says:

    Nice essay. Just looking at in 2018. Funny how these things are kept under cover. Gates keep on posing as a great ecologist


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