Thermonuclear Pearl Harbor Would Roast Democracy

Pearl Harbor Killed Few, An H Bomb Strike On US City Would Kill Much, & Not Just People, But the Spirit Of Civilization, As We know It:


In this age of the Politically Correct, military history is something which sounds too uncouth for the gutter poets who talk to us haughtily. However, military history is the prime mover of history, and it’s always full of surprises.

Look at Caesar, assassinated on the eve of leaving Rome with the largest and best army the Republic ever had, when he was intent to solve forever the problem of Germany and the Middle East, in one bold plan.

Or look at the Islamists, eerily driven by their lethal faith, taking to world by storm in a few decades, defeating three of the world’s largest empires (Oriental Rome, Sasanian Persia, Tang China)… until the Franks killed them all (715 CE- 748 CE)..

Or look at Genghis Khan, coming out of the very same part of Mongolia the Huns had come out from, and vanquishing more than a dozen civilizations, in a few decades.

75 years ago, the Japanese Imperial Navy attacked the USA on the island of Oahu. The Arizona battleship exploded, killing more than a thousand. .

Roughly as many people were killed in that other “big surprise”, 9/11.

Both attacks were a surprise. But they should not have been: the US had cultivated German fascist and vengeful minds.

“Radical Islam” is a pleonasm. The USA has cultivated “Radical Islam”, precisely because it is so deranged (both are, if you ask… but there is a method in the madness).


A famous Picture: French H Bomb Exploding In the Atmosphere, French Polynesia, 1970s An H Bomb exploded in rage over a Western city city would kill democracy

A famous Picture: French H Bomb Exploding In the Atmosphere, French Polynesia, 1970s. An H Bomb exploded in rage over a Western city would kill democracy.



The Nazi USA Connection Was Long Ignored:

Or opportunists such as Dr. H. Schacht, put to the head of the German Central Bank by 1923, where he engineered hyper inflation, to not repair France and Belgium which The German Second Reich had deliberately destroyed; Schacht was a creature of the US biggest banker, JP Morgan: later, being the most influential financier in Germany, and the connection with Wall Street, Schacht pushed for making Adolf Hitler Chancellor; Schacht then became Hitler’s economy and finance minister; exonerated at Nuremberg, and became very important again, after the war, especially with Spain’s dictator, Franco.

In the 1930s, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, Stalinist Soviet Union, among other fascist regimes, became all allies, and were confronted by the French Republic, which dragged Great britain, but not the USA, into the fight… Which France momentarily had to cease in June 1940, having lost the Battle of France.

However, the USA kept on doing business with Nazi Germany, as if nothing had happened. However, the entire world could see that the eradication of the civilian Polish population had been started in Fall 1939.  The USA chose to ignore this, led by its Main Stream media.

In the end, when the Nazis finally understood the trap closing on them, as Nazi tanks were mired in the mud on their way to Moscow, and then the Nazi Air Force frozen in place, a few weeks later.

Meanwhile, the imperial Japanese had understood nothing: they prepared to attack Pearl Harbor, even though Admiral Yamamoto, head of the Japanese Navy was against war. He had studied at Harvard. After the strike at Pearl Harbor he said:”All we have done is to wake up a sleeping giant”.

Meanwhile dedicated Soviet spies, like Sorge in Japan, had informed Stalin that the Japanese had decided to attack the USA. Some Nazi officers could see the golden bulbs of the Kremlin through their binoculars. However, Moscow had not been evacuated, defense rings around the city were deep, the NKVD “blocking sections” killed all retreating soldiers. Stalin ordered the Siberian army, 270,000 elite soldiers to take the train to Moscow.

In Pearl Harbor, magically, the aircraft carriers left Pearl Harbor to “conduct exercises”. When the Japanese attacked, the pilots had orders to hit the flat tops in priority. There was only one flat top in Pearl Harbor, Sunday December 7. But it was a gigantic training ship, made to be hit by bombs and shells. Japanese pilots dutifully hit it again and again and again: it was made to take a pounding, and keep on floating.

The Japanese admiral ordering the strikes, who later would lead the Kamikaze corps, and commit Seppuku, with his command, in violation of the Emperor’s orders, lost his cool: he refused to order the third strike, which would have taken out the fuel depots, and, most importantly, the dry docks.

Roosevelt made his “Day In Infamy” discourse. Omitting the fact the Japanese had to attack the USA, because the oil embargo against Japan strangled the Japanese invasion of China.

And still, the USA did not declare war to Japan’s “Axis” ally, nazi Germany.

Adolf Hitler put the USA out of its ethical misery, by declaring war to the USA, December 11, 1941.


“Conspiring” = Breathing Together: The Details Of A Conspiracy Don’t Have To Be Conscious:

Starting just after Yalta, the USA made an alliance with the worst Islam known. The Great Bitter Lake conspiracy. Obama, by lauding “Islam” (implicitly: the Great Bitter Lake Islam, Wahhabism, Salafism, real, literal thus radical Islam) is still making that alliance the cornerstone of US foreign policy.

Same idea as with Nazism: encourage the worst, while making beaucoup bucks. At worst, an excellent war will come out. As World War One, and World War Two.

I love telling young Germans what really happened with both wars, how the US presidency manipulated German leaders in wars they could only lose. And Europe too. To this day, that part of history is occulted. So it can be extended, duplicated, repeated.

An example is the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. General Mattis the Secretary of Defense Elect, retired 4 star general Mattis, just opined that “Invading Iraq may turn out to have been a strategic mistake…”

Well, it was certainly not a strategic mistake for US oilmen: by removing Iraq, with its reserves of conventional oil, the world’s second greatest, the US destruction of Iraq made “tight oil”, aka, fracking, profitable, during its deployment phase. Now that fracking deployment capital has been amortized, US fracking is still profitable, and the USA is the world’s largest producer of fossil fuels… A position the USA has had throughout most of the age of oil.


The Meaning of Meaning: Who Thinks What?

The nature of semantics is debated by logicians, category theorists, and, especially, computer scientists. Finding how to mimic meaning in a machine would be a progress, but then one has to understand what meaning is for humans.

Trump, or General Mattis, looking at the Iraq war cannot have the same feeling as an American oil man. Thus, they don’t attach the same the event. The same is true for World War Two: many different meanings for different people. However the meaning I attach to it, as a meta-conspiracy to further US plutocratic interests, is not in history books. Or, more importantly, in popular common sense.

Recently we saw a divergence between popular common sense and the official credo of the self-installed elites. The elites believe that the global political socio-economy they set up is the world as it should be, moving forward: they even use the “Nobel Prize”, widely advertised, to reinforce their wisdom. Popular wisdom has diverged, because common people, far from the self-serving elites hiding the mesmerizing foam of pseudo-intellectuals, have observed the catastrophe which they endure (the obverse of that catastrophe is the wealth of plutocrats and the comforts of degenerate pseudo-intellectuals, who literally feed on the catastrophe they generate).

An example is a fire which just happened in Oakland, California: in this center of political correctness, leaving in trash is viewed as a human right, and important advance. Construction of safe housing has long been viewed as Politically Incorrect by enough pseudo-intellectuals there to literally block any new construction for more than a decade. Instead, living in trash is revered, and the city provides services to help to do that.


Pearl Harbor Was Made Into A Surprise By An Arrogant Mood:

By 1939, Nazi Germany launched a program of extermination of the Poles, for all to see. The parents of the USA, France and Britain, declared war to the Nazis, and so did Canada, South Africa, India (whose national assembly voted for war, over the objections of Gandhi, self-declared friend of Adolf Hitler), Australia, New Zealand, etc. The USA ignored all of this, just as it chose to ignore to deadly attacks by the Nazis against US warships.

It was more important to pursue business with the Nazis. Why? Much of the American elite was involved that way.

An example: The Dulles Brothers, lawyers who had been agents of president Wilson had more than 1,000 Nazi companies as clients; the Dulles led US policy after WWII; one directed the CIA, the other the State Department; for them WWII was just a further opportunity to manage their clients differently. Companies like IBM had an even more seamless Nazi experience, before, during and after WWII.

So it was all comedy, in some sense. Anybody who has read the Qur’an seriously know that 9/11 is the most natural thing for a true believer of the Qur’an. And it’s why most 9/11 attackers came from Saudi Arabia (where the Literal Qur’an was, then, most believed). And why, until a few weeks ago, until overridden by the US Senate, and the US Congress, Bush and Obama obstinately refused to let US civilians sue the Saudi overlords: that would expose how Literal Islam is in the service of the rapacious globalocratic elite.

Anybody who had read the world correctly in 1939, and claimed to be sincerely democratic enough, not to racist, and endowed with common humanity, had to join the French Republic, ands try to block the Nazis.

The American elite refused to do so, because it had a different agenda. So news about the massacres the Nazis were doing got confined on page six of the New York Times even in 1941 (just as the same New York Times blocks all my comments, because its wealthy elite owners, and the pseudo-intellectual sycophants serving them do not like what I said about Quantitative Easing, or how to divert the People’s money to the richest financial elite…).


Why Would The Elites Have Taken The Risk Of A Nuclear Pearl Harbor?

(As I said above, it does not have to be conscious.) Because, the first time an H bomb strikes a big Western city, especially one in the USA, millions will die in minutes, and democracy, within the hour. At that point the only question would be to know whether the USA (hence the West) has become a pure military dictatorship, or one led by the present elite, the global plutocracy. Elites, subconsciously or not, do not like democracy… they call it “populism” and spit on it everyday, encouraging all to do the same, through frantic Main Stream Media (MSM). MSM considers that any attack against any hero of banks and the elites, such as the basically unelected Mateo Renzi (ex-Italian PM) is an attack of “populism”.

The US elite, in 1939, had interest to see the defeat of European democracies, so that the European influence would collapse worldwide, and they could conquer Europe socio-economically. As happened. So the policy of the USA in the 1930s and even during the entire Second World War, was to make a bad situation worse: hence why Roosevelt gave half of Europe to Stalin.

Increasingly the mood that Roosevelt was very sick at Yalta has been advanced to justify Roosevelt’s behavior. However, Roosevelt had advisors, the British, led by Churchill, were against it, and the whole thing had been prepared carefully, first by accepting to meet in Yalta, in the USSR, where FDR and Churchill were treated as honored prisoners. And second by not inviting the French and the Poles (the whole idea of Yalta being to occupy half of Europe with the USSR, the other half by the USA).

Then Roosevelt rushed to the Great Bitter Lake on the Suez canal, to make a similar deal with the Saudis, with now Abdulaziz Ibn Saud playing the role of Stalin, and Literal Islam that of Literal Leninism.


Did the USA Know Pearl Harbor Was Coming?

Thus Pearl Harbor was an accident waiting to happen. Some have said more, and that some US authorities knew an attack was coming and let it happen. There are many troubling indices that way. For example the US had broken the Japanese codes. Of course the Japs used codes within the codes (calling locales fancy names).

But, as the US showed seven months later at Midway, US counterintelligence knew how to turn around that (because of code breaking, the US Navy knew, weeks in advance, that the Japs were going to attack Midway by surprise, and ambushed the surprised surprising Japs, after further elaborate deceptions).   

And certainly Stalin knew the Japs were going to attack the USA (as he displaced the Siberian army prior to it).

However, other documents show the USA did not plan to go to war in 1942 (but the year after that).

In any case, it was not pretty. And a nuclear strike on the West would not be pretty, either. Actually, it would be way worse. Whereas Pearl Harbor reinvigorated US democracy, a nuclear bomb would definitely hit it (as the hysteria post 9/11 demonstrated, including the ill-conceived invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq).


What To Do?

The pratically minded often cut me off, and ask what to do. The first thing to do, is to learn, to learn what happened in the past. However, history is mightily distorted, mangled, and amputated. In the case of the Twentieth Century, the head is missing, namely why did the USA behave the way it did, which made WWI and WWII longer and more consequential that they needed to be.

If the USA had allied itself with France in August 1914, the war would have been over in less than 12 months. Same observation for World War Two. On top of that, in the case of WWII, the Japs would have seen the might and determination of the USA, had the USA declared war in September 1939 to Adolf Hitler. The Japs would then have concluded that Britain, France and the USA were bound to be in Berlin within months.

There would have been no Japanese attack on French Indochina, no attack on Pearl Harbor, no attack in the Philippines. The Japs would have been quietly strangled in China, deadly afraid to be overthrown as Hitler had been, and not having the means (no oil) to attack anyway.

By feeding the Axis before World War Two (and the Kaiser during WWI!), the USA threw gasoline on the fascist fire. (Literally, as the Nazis were motorized by US oil until 1941, and then synthetic US process oil…)

A similar feeding of a fascist entity has been indulged into with Literal Islam, since the great Bitter Lake conspiracy (among other things, it brought the installment of Islam Fundamentalist “republics” such as Pakistan; later, indirectly, Iran, as the US empowered Khomeini and company in the early 1950s…)

Obama also dropped the ball on North Korea, too busy was he ingratiating himself with all the US plutocrats he could find, by not confronting China. (Even Bill Clinton had been more rigorous with north Korea, than Obama!) Such non-actions are a form of action. Now the Obama administration is telling the Trump team that there is a big problem with North Korea.

Yes, it is called a possible nuclear Pearl Harbor.

Some will whine that surely the North Korean dictator, who gave his uncle to dogs for dinner, is not that crazy. Why not? Madness has its reasons that common sense does not have.

The head of the Japanese Navy was against attacking the USA, before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Even the extremely ferocious admiral who led the strikes, as ferocious as the most ferocious Japanese warrior in WWII, got scared after the two first waves of attacks: he feared exactly what would happened at Midway, seven months later to the day: ambushing US carriers.

So will a dictator like the one in North Korea not attempt a nuclear first strike? Don’t bet your life on it. But, come to think of it, that;s what we have all been doing.

Expect the worst: you will not be disappointed.

Patrice Ayme’

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20 Responses to “Thermonuclear Pearl Harbor Would Roast Democracy”

  1. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    Expecting the worst we got an oil man for EPA now


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      That’s a three dimensional tale, by itself:
      1) Trump used to rant against global warming (he was against the warming… as recently as 2009)
      2) Priutt, or whatever his name, does not deny global warming. Just like Russians, Canadians and many others, he claims it’s a good thing: Gross Primary Productivity follows CO2 ppv with a ratio of 40% or more (paper in Nature December 2016)
      3) Present EPA head admitted under oath that present EPA regulations have an impact on global warming of 1% of one degree…

      Fact is, Obama did nothing about climate, aside from giving money to his friends.
      California, Texas, and other natives did lots.
      By substracting money from FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH, Obama actually increased the damege to the climate.

      Make no mistake: I am the biggest climate fanatic around. I expect anyday tsunamis caused by global warming (clathrate gun). If I had a house next to the sea, I would sell it immediately.

      But, frankly, he present ecologists in the USA, at the Federal level, are following exactly the same pattern as their predecessors in France: they are just prima donnas, using politics to get money, power, a job.
      Only one thing will work: carbon tax… And FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH (what Obama cut, so he could give taxpayer money to his boyfriend Elon Musk…)


  2. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    .. & fa$t food fascist for labor.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I know nothing about that guy, but I know that Obamna had the parentally connected fossil fuel multimilionaire, dictator girl, Susan Rice, as National Security Adviser. She was probably paid in kind by all sorts of African dictators from Rwanda to Ethipia, and used to have a stake, in the millions, in the now stopped pipelines…

      Good to scream against Trump. But why did nobody scream against Obama, except for a few hundred Sioux???


      • Andrej Dekleva Says:

        I remember there was the 99% Occupy movement, pretty strong and well organized but dismantled with expertise and frozen out. So there was a lot of screaming…


        • Gmax Says:

          Yes, they even killed people from OCCUPY WALL STREET. Or let’say people died a lot


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Yes, but not right away, when Obama rolled out Lawrence Summers, etc. Occupy Wall Street was years too late. At least, with Kamerad Trump, they start early. I doubt they keep it up, though, once they realize Trump is nothing they insult him to be all day long… We will see. The amusing part is that by then I may have cogent critiques… Right now I have no facts, so no critique… I liked the Taiwan thingie, though… I am no friend of Xi…


  3. Gmax Says:

    So you distinguish between a PLOT (conscious) and a conspiracy (NOT NECESSARILY CONSCIOUS)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Exactly. Moods charge semantics with meaning, which, in turn, drive the logic. Conspiracies establsih moods, example: the mood that “free trade” is better, more just, more of a wealth creator, etc…


  4. benign Says:

    There has been a whiff of madness in the air for some time. The American people have been subjected to one cruel hoax after another. It does seem a Luciferian spirit hovers over America, with its Masonic capital city. The entire process of “judgment” may be unconscious at a species level, but yes, as the world has come to see what Americans have been blinded to about their country, it is likely America will experience more blowback, possibly more severe than 9/11 (and like 9/11, probably sanctioned by the elites).

    PS see the Reality Calls channel on YouTube for solid pizzagate videos.


  5. SDM Says:

    The typical history lesson in the 1970s was that the US populace was too isolationist and would not support entry into WWI and then again when WWII erupted. The plutocratic ties to the Kaiser or Hitler were never discussed. It never really made any sense- the US was always ready to attack, even as far away as the Orient with gunboat diplomacy. The real story needs to be told loudly. And the situation with North Korea has been mishandled for too long. Why has not the US worked with China to defuse this? Or does China see the lunacy as somehow beneficial to its interests?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks (deeply) for sharing my (deep) viewpoint. I had (US) friends who hated me for it, even seven, or 17 years ago…

      Xi (not his predecessors) like dangerous games too much. He is more dangerous that Putin, and for way worse reasons (Putin has some excuses). China uses Kim for blackmail:’Look at the maniac, he is real dangerous, only us can calm him down!’

      That’s why Trump taking the call from Taiwan (organized by Bob Dole) was smart. Two days earlier Chinese nuclear bombers had circled Taiwan… frankly, if Kim and Xi want to have it, it’s better to have it now. Of course, neither wants it now. However, Hitler in 1939 did not want war in 1939, either. Even after he officially allied with Stalin, France, correctly wanted to have it before Hitler was ready (that was going to be 1945…)… and that’s why Hitler lost.

      If Kim is allowed to proceed with his world war preparations, world war will happen, because Kim prefers that than to be eaten by dogs over an hour, as he did to close collaborators and his dear uncle… Dying in a nuclear blast beats dogs anytime…


  6. Kevin Says:

    ”All we have done is to wake up a sleeping giant”

    One small incidental correction in passing, before going to my dead-end job, and before reading this one more carefully : the above quotation is part of the ‘murka! golf bag of falsely-attributed quotes, the sister of the NRA poster-generated “a gun behind every blade of grass”. It is originally from an US Pacific war film, which title escapes me right now because I wake up less than an hour ago, but anyway, it’s a fictitious line.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I totally disagree. I consider the quote authentic. I have several Japanese war books and diaries, by top imperial Navy admirals, some 800 pages long, including by the admiral who led the attack on Pearl Harbor from the deck of the Akagi aircraft carrier. I came across the quote, and its ilk, I did not even know it was in the movies (which I never really saw, because I knew they were not factual).
      I have better things to do than dig through all the Japanese admiral war memoirs I have at home…It could take days… My job is maximal added value, not dead end. Clearly Yamamoto MEANT IT. In any case, and paraphrased it.

      Even if Yamamoto did not utter the quote word for word, he said the equivalent, and more than once, after the attack. Then he went to sulk in his cabin. Yamamoto had also resisted going to war with the USA, and agreed to plan the wear when ordered to do so. He knew the USA, so he was a natural choice…

      Here is Wikipedia on the subject. Although Wikipedia does not know the subject as well as I do, it depicts the mood:

      The line serves as a dramatic ending to the depiction of the Pearl Harbor attack, but it has yet to be verified that Yamamoto ever said or wrote anything resembling the quote. Neither At Dawn We Slept, the definitive history of the Pearl Harbor attack by Gordon Prange, nor The Reluctant Admiral, the definitive biography of Yamamoto in English by Hiroyuki Agawa, contains the line.

      Randall Wallace, the screenwriter of the 2001 film Pearl Harbor, readily admitted that he copied the line from Tora! Tora! Tora! The director of Tora! Tora! Tora!, Richard Fleischer, stated that while Yamamoto may never have said those words, the film’s producer, Elmo Williams, had found the line written in Yamamoto’s diary. Williams, in turn, has stated that Larry Forrester, the screenwriter, found a 1943 letter from Yamamoto to the Admiralty in Tokyo containing the quotation. However, Forrester cannot produce the letter, nor can anyone else, American or Japanese, recall or find it.

      Regardless of the provenance of the quote, Yamamoto believed that Japan could not win a protracted war with the US. Moreover, he seems later to have believed that the Pearl Harbor attack had been a blunder—even though he was the person who came up with the idea of a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. It is recorded that “Yamamoto alone” (while all his staff members were celebrating) spent the day after Pearl Harbor “sunk in apparent depression”.[3] He is also known to have been upset by the bungling of the Foreign Ministry which led to the attack happening while the countries were technically at peace, thus making the incident an unprovoked sneak attack that would certainly enrage the Americans.[4]

      Similar sayings[edit]
      In The Reluctant Admiral, Hiroyuki Agawa gives a quotation from a reply by Admiral Yamamoto to Ogata Taketora on January 9, 1942, which is similar to the famous version: “A military man can scarcely pride himself on having ‘smitten a sleeping enemy’; it is more a matter of shame, simply, for the one smitten. I would rather you made your appraisal after seeing what the enemy does, since it is certain that, angered and outraged, he will soon launch a determined counterattack.”[5]

      The other common quotation attributed to Yamamoto predicting the future outcome of a naval war against the United States is: “I can run wild for six months … after that, I have no expectation of success”.[6] As it happened, the Battle of Midway, the critical naval battle considered to be the turning point of the war in the Pacific, did indeed occur six months after Pearl Harbor (Midway ended on June 7, exactly 6 months later).

      Similar to the above quotation was another quotation that, while real, was widely misinterpreted in the US press. Yamamoto, when once asked his opinion on the war, pessimistically said that the only way for Japan to win the war was to dictate terms in the White House.[7] Yamamoto’s meaning was that military victory, in a protracted war against an opponent…


  7. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    Patrice, since you’re such a history buff maybe you sh9ould include a bit more context in your long discourses.. David Woolner wrote that in June 1939, which was three months before England declared war on Germany, “the roughly 180,000-man U.S. Army ranked 19th in the world–smaller than Portugal’s!”

    Woolner continued: “To bolster America’s security, FDR not only called for an increase in the size of the nation’s military budget, and the repeal of the arms embargo provisions within the 1930s neutrality legislation, he also quietly sought to strengthen America’s ties with Great Britain–the one nation whose combined military, political and economic strength might serve as a bulwark against a possible Axis aggression in the Western Hemisphere.”

    Woolner, a senior fellow at the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, told us by email his pre-war comparison to Portugal has appeared in many books over decades. “I should also point out here that the small size of the U.S. Army in 1938-39 is sometimes referenced as being ranked 17th in the world, sometimes listed as smaller than Belgium,
    Army Navy
    1940 269,023 160,997
    1941 1,462,315 284,427
    1942 3,075,608 640,570
    1943 6,994,472 1,741,750


    • Gmax Says:

      Neither here nor there. Patrice mentioned that Britain got in first world War with “NO ARMY”. It is Lord Kitchner who said that after being named minister of war in august 1914.

      Patrice also mentioned that Britain had a very small army in 1940. Of the soldiers evacuated in Dunkirk 200, 000 were British, rest were French. France had 5 million soldiers, more than 100 divisions, and UK had like ten, with just one armored division in combat.

      What was imporant was for the US to declare war. The rest was details. Patrice explained that German generals were looking for a pretext to make a COUP AGAINST HITLER

      As long as Nazis thought US was ON THEIR SIDE, they felt they had a chance.

      Roosevelt knew all this. US elite knew too. So they engineered the war to establish US SUPREMACY. That’s what Patrice says all the time and I believe her. Her evidence is strong


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Lord Kitchener, the British Secretary of War, died in combat June 5, 1916, when the cruiser Hampshire he was on struck a German mine and sank.

        Kitchener played a crucial role in August 1914, when, in full uniform, he ordered general French, commanding the BEF, to stop retreating and obey his (French) superior, Marshall Joffres. French resented to be told to obey the French by a cabinet member in full Marshall uniform, towering over him… But French obeyed, and thus obeyed the French… But lethargically, thus preventing to annihilate the German army at the (first) Battle of the Marne.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      That the USA had only a 180,000 man army in 1939 is a well-known fact. That does not take into account the Navy and the National Guard. That was also roughly the size of the british Army, and still Britain declared war to Hitler… Hoping France could hold off the Nazis, until Britain really had an army… This France would have done, if the French top general had not been so arrogant.

      The second in command of the top French general warned him against exactly what happeneds… but the Second British srmored divison was supposed to be deployed behind the French B Reserve infantery division… A comedy of unlikely, unforeseen errors and happenstances…

      In any case, the USA had a colossal Navy.

      And it’s all behind the point: had the USA declared war to Nazi Germany, June 10 1940, for having invaded Poland, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France, and having killed thousands of French and British soldiers inside France and Belgium, and having conducted mass air raids against the Nethelands, killing thousands of civilians, and air raids over France on cities, and also having bombed flour mills in Poland to starve the population…

      Had the USA declared war to bloody monster devil incarnate Hitler, the French Republic would NOT have called for a ceasefire. The French Air Force was mostly intact, and had state of the art planes. France could have pursued the war from Algeria, Corsica (Corsica was freed from the Nazis as early as 1943…).

      That would have changed everything: no holocaust of the Jews, prompt defeat of the Nazis…. But then Algeria would atill be “French”…. Ooopss: not so much of an American Century…

      This is the real reason. Of course Woolner will not tell you that, he will not even dare to think it… the man needs to eat, and the money to feed him and his family comes from blue ribbon US plutocracy… Roosevelt money…


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