Outlaw Islamist Face Coverings

Islam is founded first on the Qur’an the word of God, as related by Archangel Gabriel to the Messenger, Muhammad. Islam is deeply anti-woman. Don’t insult me, you the ignorant ones: read the Qur’an, or then plenty of quotes from the Qur’an, in context, such as “Islam’s Shame: Lifting the Veil of Tears”. (Astoundingly, Muhammad’s prescriptions for girls and women, was progressive in Seventh Century central Arabia.)

Niqab in Arabic: نِقاب‎‎ niqāb , means “veil”.

The French Republic (Parliament, Senate, President) banned the integral Niqab (= Burqa, Hijab), on the ground of public safety (face coverings are unlawful in France, except for excellent secular reasons, such as bike riding, skiing, etc.) Islamist organizations went, screaming incoherently, to the French Constitutional Court, which approved the law. Other European countries are following France. Angela Merkel just suggested to ban the niqab.

The Economist, a plutocratic newspaper, plutocratically owned, complete with tax avoidance through Luxembourg, and other tax havens, pontificated that banning the niqab was a “mistake”. I agree that The Economist should say that: if you are a plutocratic entity or person, anything that decreases the rule of Pluto, decreases the plutocracy, and thus is an act adverse to the owners of The Economist, and, thus to the little scribes at The Economist who earn their lives by pleasing their wealthy masters. 

Covering Women With Drapse As If They Were Garbage Is A Terrible Thing For Children. It Tells Children A Woman's Face Is A Terrible Thing, & It Prevents Children To Learn The First Language Of Man, Facial Expression

Covering Women With Black Junk As If They Were Garbage Is A Terrible Thing, and Message, For Children. It Tells Children A Woman’s Face Is A Terrible Thing, & It Deprives Children From Learning The First Language Of Man, Facial Expression

Not only are faceless women terrible for children. A problem with Islam is that stupid women brought up stupid children, making for stupid adults we now have to try to make intelligent, a hopeless tasks, when the networks and synapses are plain not there…

What is The Economist going to suggest next? That those who want to be treated as slaves in public, chains, whips and al. be allowed to do so? That we conduct public auctions to sell people if some want to take part in these? Just because some people feel so “modest” that they don’t want to be free, anymore

Literal Islam as found in the Qur’an is sexist (women are worth half of men in court, etc.) Aisha, who married the middle age Prophet, when she was just six insisted that the version of the Qur’an which the Third Caliph, Uthman, imposed was sexist, and not at all what her husband, the Messenger of God had said the message of God was. From what we know of the life of Muhammad, she was right (she herself had great freedom, even by contemporary modern standards).

Uthman imposed a Qur’an which was so controversial, a Muslim religious war started, which is still going on, and explains why Islam is divided in 100 Islams keen to kill each other.

Uthman’s Qur’an, the one we have now, is actually full of lethal orders (read the Qur’an or:


Uthman’s Qur’an has to be outlawed, just as the Aztec or the Celtic religions were, and for the same overall reason: calls to murder of various categories of people cannot be tolerated. The god in Uthman’s Quran orders to kill unbelievers, apostates, pagans, homosexuals, those who disagree with “Allah” or his “Messengers”, and, in remote places of the book, even Christians and Jews (the Hadith says all Jews have to be killed so that the Last Judgment can happen).

The calls to murder of Literal Islam are insults and attacks against human ethology (that is, normal human behavior).

Not only the Qur’an says nothing about women being covered like pestilential garbage, but forbidding the showing of human female faces was explicitly forbidden by Muhammad!

Some Hadith clearly state that women must not veil (niqab) their face and hands/ It was taught by the Prophet Muhammad himself to his companion Abu Bakr’s daughter Asma’ bint Abu Bakr:

“O Asma’, when a woman reaches the age of puberty, nothing should be seen of her except for this and this; the hands and the face.” [ Prophet Muhammad, (Narrated by Sunan Abu Dawood]

Another Hadith which forbids (haraam) for women to veil (niqab) their face during Hajj and Umrah that was taught by the Prophet himself in accordance to his Sunnah: “It is forbidden for a woman who is in the state of Ihram to cover her face.”

— Prophet Muhammad, (Narrated by Sahih al-Bukhari)

So why has it become so important for the proponent of today’s Literal Islam? Because veiling the face of women is an attack against human ethology, thus civilization, and advantages the demonic side. Indeed, in normal human behavior, there is little difference between males and females (that’s called low sexual dimorphism).

By pretending that there is a huge difference between human females and males, a religious difference, the partisans of Literal Islam, including The Economist, are asserting that human nature is wrong, and that there is a religious reason for violating said nature.

Let me rephrase this slowly: partisans of Literal Islam are making a religion of violating human nature.

In a way, it makes sense: the dozens of categories of people which the Qur’an orders to murder occur naturally. Paganism, homosexuality, not believing in Islam, or not believing in Islam anymore, and all sorts of religions, some much older than Islam by dozens of centuries, all occur naturally. They are part of what humanity naturally is, or gravitates towards. Literal Islam orders to kill them all: that’s an extreme violation of human ethology. The fundamentals of human ethology are indeed love, care and solidarity (say, against wild beasts).

Murdering other people because of what they believe is not just un-natural to humans, it is an attack against the need, for humans, to think better. To think better, one has to tolerate different beliefs, and one has to tolerate debating these beliefs, that means, one has to tolerate, and even enjoy debate between contradictory beliefs.

However the dictators that Literal Islam enables with its Fascist Principle want to violate human nature. O YE WHO BELIEVE! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger and OBEY THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE IN POWER.” (Qur’an’s fascist principle, Sura 4; verse 59)

Civilization is itself a balance act between freedom, human creativity, and the sacrifices and duties that living in cities constrain us to enjoy.

Literal Islam is financed by dictators and plutocrats. They want to violate human nature. But they know they have to start small. So they start by covering women’s faces, as if women had to be modest, ashamed of themselves, and objects of revulsion so great, they have to be hidden.

Covering female faces is a foot in the door, or rather a foot in the face of civilization and the face of woman.

It looks innocent, to the unintelligent, but it is a Trojan horse against humanity.

Literal Islam has rendered what used to be the world’s richest area, the cradle of civilization, into one of the poorest, most conflict laden zones, where civilization goes backwards.

Let’s start by refusing its Trojan horses. I have called to outlaw Literal Islam completely: anybody preaching it, or defending it, should be condemned under anti-hatred laws.

All religions justify a particular self-elected elite’s evil ways. This is why 99.9% of religions are now outlawed. Civilizational progress is pretty much identical with outlawing obsolete systems of thought, including evil religions tied to ways that progress came to consider evil.

And why are so many in the West pushing on us this anti-human, anti-civilizational religion? Precisely because that is what it does: the Main Stream Media in the West are held by plutocrats who fear both civilization, and its bedrock, humanity.

Patrice Ayme’

P/S: 1) In other news, Hillary Clinton condemned “Fake News”. That’s amusing, as her and Obama claimed for years, that the companies which profited from TARP reimbursed all of it. Right. But also FAKE NEWS: the companies, mostly banks and their ilk, got much more money, from Quantitative Easing, courtesy of the Federal Reserve, another branch of the government. Those recipients of QE then used QE money to pay TARP. Fake news, yes, and important ones (only me has ever noticed that little detail, it seems…)

2) The South Korean president. Park, was impeached. Daughter of a Korean dictator, she was into Shamanism and corruption. When that came out, her popularity, once towering, collapsed to less than 5%… After the French president Hollande announced he will not be candidate to his succession, and Renzi, the Italian PM, a piece of establishment trash, was thrown out.

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16 Responses to “Outlaw Islamist Face Coverings”

  1. brodix Says:


    The point I keep making against monotheism in general is that a spiritual absolute would be the essence of sentience from which we rise, not an ideal of knowledge and judgement from which we fell, as an absolute state would indivisible, thus lacking any distinctions to judge.
    Christianity only became a Roman state religion because Constantine wanted to consolidate power.
    I suspect that if you dig into the political dynamics of why the most authoritarian form of Islam proved dominant, it wasn’t an accident, but a consequence of a belief system based on civil and cultural principles as absolute, consolidating around the most rigid and authoritarian views of society.
    Democratic Athens and Republican Rome evened under pantheistic religious systems. Having the Gods argued, versus the Big Guy in charge, affects one’s political assumptions.

    The proper metaphor for the spiritual source would be the new born babe, not the wise old man.


  2. brodix Says:

    evolved, not evened.


  3. Gmax Says:

    That savage religion we are supposed to respect, says Obama, it’s just a trick to divide us. That’s so obvious only dummies don’t get it.

    Tent on their heads people should go to jail to check their brains. Really. If I go around in the street with a blanket on my head, how long before a police cruiser stops by, lights flashing? And checks on me?


  4. Paul Handover Says:

    When one reflects on humanity the only ‘miracle’ I perceive is how we humans made it so far!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Humanity has made it very far, but the biosphere itself has become the fuel which propels it. Or, at the very least, the biosphere is just in the way. There are half the number of giraffes than there was 30 years ago, and the species is now globally threatened with extinctions. Just because of human pressure: giraffes get eaten, and have no more trees to eat (they need between 7 and 70 kilograms of leaves a day).

      All religions justify a particular self-elected elite’s evil ways.
      This is why 99.9% of religions are now outlawed.
      Outlawing religions is synonymous with progress.

      With the evil ways of the Saudis, the evil of Salafism. Outlawing that, would be progress.


      • richard reinhofer Says:

        Giraffes are doomed as are all large species. Humans will kill all of them except for the lucky few that humans protect from other humans.

        It comes down to numbers, if .0001 humans want to kill a large animal all large animals will be killed.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          In the present world politico-ethical system, yes. And Advanced countries are number one perpetrators, because they exterminated the large animals. A few wolves in the US or Europe cause a lot of screaming… although only a rabid wolf attacked a human in Canada in 1934 or so…


  5. John Michael Gartland Says:

    “All religions justify a particular self-elected elite’s evil ways.
    This is why 99.9% of religions are now outlawed.”

    John Michael Gartland: In the USA, home of free speech and religious freedom, only one religion is zealously protected from criticism and ridicule.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Right. And that religion would be… Islam. For example I have Christianophobia, sort of, at least I certainly fear some aspects of Chrisitanism, but nobody accuses me of… Christianophobia. On the other hand, I have been accused to hate…. Muslims…. Last I counted, I have more than 12 Muslim friends right now… As I explained in many essays, Islamophilia is used as a Trojan Horse against civilization itself: less civilization, more plutocracy…


  6. SDM Says:

    The rise of plutocracy appears to be linked in some respects to rise in religion in politics. Lack of critical thought as exemplified in “faith”, better to be a believer than a thinker, suits well the plutocrat. The public captivated by the supernatural is more easily manipulated than the public that questions authority or the status quo. The corporate propaganda machine is effective. The cult of personality is promoted regularly with great effect. Fake news abounds and is swallowed up readily. Defund education, ridicule the educated as godless elites, sanctify blind patriotism, worship the flag and other symbols, denounce anti war sentiment as disrespecting the troops, etc.
    As for radical Islam, the US establishment/plutocracy ties to Saudis may be the worst alliance ever. The US support of the Saudis is a blatant endorsement of radical Islam but US public appears essentially unaware of how the Saudis promotes it.


  7. picard578 Says:

    I found a good reading about Islam, you may find it interesting:

    Click to access Statistical_Islam.pdf


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