In  Sub-Quantum Patrice’s Reality (SQPR), Matter Waves are real (in Quantum Theory Copenhagen Interpretation (QTCI) the Matter Waves are just probability waves of… knowledge… hence the insistence that “it came from bit“). There has been no direct evidence that Matter Waves were real. So far. But times they are changing as the other one, Bob Dylan, a gifted yet not too deep singer who got his Nobel today, said.

Both Dark Matter and Dark Energy are consequences of SQPR. So: Observing both Dark Matter and Dark Energy constitute proofs of SQPR.

The prediction of the deviation of light by the Sun was twice with “General Relativity” than the one predicted in Newtonian Mechanics. The effect was minute, and detected only in grazing starlight, during Solar eclipse of 29 May 1919 (by the ultra famous British astronomer and physicist Eddington). Thus, as 95% of the universe matter-energy is from Dark Matter or Dark Energy, my prediction carries more weight.

SPQR also predict “fuel-less” production, in a variant of the effect which produces Dark Matter in SQPR (also called PSQR below): 

Dark Matter Pushes, Patrice Ayme Says. Explaining NASA's Findings?

Dark Matter Pushes, Patrice Ayme Says. Explaining NASA’s Findings?

How does Dark Matter create propulsion? Well, that it does is evident: just look at galactic clusters (more details another day). A Matter Wave will expand, until it singularizes. If it expands enough, it will become so big that it will lose a (smaller) piece of itself during re-singularization. That  piece is the Dark Matter.

Thus visualize this: take a cavity C, and bounce a Matter Wave around it (there is plenty of direct theoretical and experimental evidence that this can be arranged).

Make a hole H in the boundary of C (this is not different from the Black Body oven the consideration of which led Planck to discover the Quantum).

Some Dark Matter then escapes. By the hole. 

However, Dark Matter carries energy momentum (evidence from Galaxies, Galactic Clusters, etc.).

Hence a push. A Dark Matter push. (Notice: the Dark Matter is created inside the device, it doesn’t have to be “gathered”. DM propellant speed could be many times the speed of light, hence great efficiency…)

The (spectacular) effect has been apparently observed by NASA.

Does this violate Newton’s Third Law? (As it has been alleged.)

No. I actually just used Newton’s Third Law, the Action = Reaction law. So SQPR explains the observed effect in combination with the Action= Reaction Law, “proving” both.

How could we prove SQPR? There should be a decrease of energy-momentum after a while, and the decrease should equal the observed push exactly.

Patrice Ayme’


Warning: The preceding considerations are at the edge of plausible physics. (Groups of dissenting physicists are always busy making theories where Dark Matter does not exist (and they should!) Should they be right, the preceding is nonsense. The consensus, though, is that Dark Matter exists, but is explained by a variant of the so-called “Standard Model”, using “Supersymmetry”, or “WIMPs”, or “Axions”. My own theory, SQPR is, by far, the most exotic, as it uses an hypothesized Sub Quantic Reality, obtained by throwing Quantum Theory Copenhagen Interpretation, QTCI, through the window, as a first order theory.)

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19 Responses to “DARK MATTER PROPULSION Proposed”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Supposing that’s true, can we go to the stars?


  2. ianmillerblog Says:

    While I am an advocate for a physical wave, I don’t see how the existence of such a wave perforce generates dark matter and dark energy. You need a little more explanation on this.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I already explained quite a bit in preceding essays.
      Got to run right now, will be back.
      The essential idea is that the QUANTUM INTERACTION proceeds at FINITE SPEED (not infinite as standard QM has it).
      If such is the case, the collapse has got to give remnants at great distances. That remaining junk is DM, and it weakens gravity at intergalactic distances


      • ianmillerblog Says:

        That the quantum interaction proceeds at finite speed is very sound. Interesting you say this weakens gravity at intergalactic distances. Presumably that means dark energy is merely a reduction in the expected gravity, or have I got the wrong?


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Thanks Ian! Yes, well, right. I am not sure what Dark Energy does, because the basic data is not in yet. As it is, what we know about DE SEEMS compatible with a simple weakening of gravity at intergalactic distance.

          On the other hand, I feel confident about Dark Matter (although there is a noisy group of rebels claiming there is not Dark Matter, and MOdified Newton Dynamics, MOND, or a variant thereof, does it all… Some with a holographic universe (I have no idea what that is… Sounds mysterious enough, though, all this holgraphic stuff…). We increasingly have hard data about DM, and my theory gets it easy.

          I laughed with a physicist this morning that if this is all true Einstein is one millimeter, and the theory above a full yard, and he joked back pretty flattering stuff… Anyway, we will see… Soon…


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  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Ian Miller: https://ianmillerblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/03/the-need-for-and-the-problems-of-recycling/%5D

    Number one problem of civilization is clean energy. Really clean energy. PV solar is getting there (although not yet cheap enough, and not available up north!)

    By clean, I don’t mean weak. I meant; much higher energy density AND clean. Say portable fusion with something to catch all neutrons clean; or then Dark Matter Energy, if it exists:


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Ianmiller]
    We will need nuclear fission to get humans to Mars for real, and probably small fusion plants to thrive there.

    Although maybe there will be an energy miracle:


    • Chaz Arne Says:

      I can see cosmic rays with crt tubes in old tvs I think I can collect it with that and magnetic and cold same goes with dark matter and energy to make purpolsion energy and dark energy is just recycled energy from everything living that dies. Are soul when it passes on is dark matter, I wish people would understand that .


  6. Ian Miller Says:

    on July 13, 2017 at 2:11 am said:
    Patrice, I love the imagination behind the dark matter propulsion. However, since, if it exists, it does not interact with anything, it may be a little troublesome to collect.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Ian:
      Well, there is a push (apparently an experimental fact). Pulsate it, that creates a thermal or electric, or magnetic engine (like a magnetic induction plate for transmitting electric power in the close field over a small distance; these induction plates will become familiar to charge electric vehicles without contact; the latest BMW hybrid, model 2018, comes equipped with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Already for sale in Germany!)

      Thanks for the love, BTW, much appreciated, even treasured! 😉


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The point is that DARK MATTER can be GENERATED INSIDE THE DEVICE by making electromagnetic radiation go back and forth enough before singularization/localization/collapse wave/decoherence…
      Speed of the DM “propellant” may be as high as 10^23 c, hence a significant, highly efficient push… Ad Astra!


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  8. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Back in the real world… Patrice Ayme‏ @Tyranosopher

    Voyager 1 is nearly 20 hours of light travel away. That’s about 1/5000 of the distance to the closest star, Proxima Centauri (which has an inhabitable planet). Technologically scalable imaginable ion thrusters propulsion could reduce travel time to PC to no more than 100 years.Patrice Ayme added,

    NASA commanded Voyager 1 to fire its thrusters for the first time in 37 years. 13 billion miles away, off in interstellar space, the probe responded perfectly. https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?release=2017-310


    • Picard578 Says:

      December 2, 2017 at 9:43 pm
      Actually, I remember reading about various warp drive theories. Seems like faster-than-light travel may not be an unobtainable dream.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        December 2, 2017 at 11:00 pm
        Only plausible warp drive would use the fact speed of “space” is not limited (see cosmic inflation which supposedly would go at 10^23 c…). Not clear what space is, and what that would entail… In my own subquantic SQPR, there is an enormous, similar speed. 10^23 c. But I have no idea how to use it.
        I have a much more concrete proposal for “Dark Matter Propulsion”. That would get us to the stars fast enough to make a galactic empire:

        Even scalable existing ion propulsion powered by nuclear fission reactor would be enough to create a galactic empire, sending robots ahead first to geoengineer and inform…


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