Eight Billionaires As Rich As Half The World, Thanks Obama!

What does Obama have to do with it? All the men below are globalocrats: they earn locally, avoid taxes, globally, and thus are used to the outlaw lifestyle. For example Bezos owns Amazon. Not making any “profits”, forever, he destroyed bookstores, worldwide, while being protected by his servants in the White House. Unsatisfied by this global heist and destruction, he bought for himself one of the four “newspapers of report” in the US, the Washington Post, violating antitrust laws more than a century old (he may have a problem after Friday, when Trump becomes president, as he is in The Donald’s crosshairs…) 

Thanks to Obama's Cultivation of The Richest, the Situation Has Got Much Worse Than This Prediction Of 2010

Thanks to Obama’s Cultivation of The Richest, the Situation Has Got Much Worse Than This Prediction Of 2010

Indeed the richest men exploit the mood of tax evasion, beyond tax evasion: that mood has mushroomed into legal evasion in all ways.

Most of the men below cooperate with the governments, to augment their power and influences, sucking on the health care system, or providing the governments with industrial strength spying, or acting as corsairs (say Gates doing business with Monsanto’s GMOs, and pesticides, worldwide), One can say they have captured the governments.


I will have a trick question. One can guess what it is, by scrutinizing the list. Here it is:

The world’s 8 richest people are, in order of net worth:

  1. Bill Gates: America founder of Microsoft (net worth $75 billion)
  2. Amancio Ortega: Spanish founder of Inditex which owns the Zara fashion chain (net worth $67 billion)
  3. Warren Buffett: American CEO and largest shareholder in Berkshire Hathaway (net worth $60.8 billion)
  4. Carlos Slim Helu: Mexican owner of Grupo Carso (net worth: $50 billion)
  5. Jeff Bezos: American founder, chairman and chief executive of Amazon (net worth: $45.2 billion)
  6. Mark Zuckerberg: American chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Facebook (net worth $44.6 billion)
  7. Larry Ellison: American co-founder and CEO of Oracle  (net worth $43.6 billion)
  8. Michael Bloomberg: American founder, owner and CEO of Bloomberg LP (net worth: $40 billion)

Oxfam’s calculations are based on global wealth distribution data provided by the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Data book 2016

The wealth of the world’s richest people was calculated using Forbes’ billionaires list last published in March 2016.

Remarks: Bill Gates’ wealth has been evaluated higher: 90 billion dollars. On top of that, Gates controls the Gates Foundation. The influence of that Foundation is well beyond 50 billion dollars.

Indeed, and moreover, passed some wealth, the influence of wealth is well beyond its mere size. At least three of the men above, and maybe four, are (extremely well paid) spies for the US government, operating worldwide. (When this was revealed in some of its full glory by E. Snowden, the US establishment went bersek: US high officials’ future salaries depend fully in keeping this sort of police and spook state not just secret, but unimaginable.)

The Facebook guy is under investigation in Germany for not removing death threats, holocaust denial and hate speech within 24 hours, as required by law (that case has been brewing for years). So are some of his multi-bilionaire underlings. They don’t care: evading the spirit of the law is their business model (as it is, for all the others!)

Buffet has long been interested by health care, and he has defended the health care plutocracy of the US, for decades. He is also a main pillar of the so-called “Democrats”. Guess what? He made more than ten billion in health care alone (some of it through HMOs).

Thus, do you notice anything?

Five of the eight richest men in the world are US citizens and were very much, and very loudly anti-Trump in 2016. (2017 will of course be the opposite story: since they couldn’t beat him, they will try to join him.)

Only fools will think that’s a coincidence.

Patrice Ayme’

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14 Responses to “Eight Billionaires As Rich As Half The World, Thanks Obama!”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    Wow! What an interesting article. It’s very easy to be tempted by a frivolous response. The one that comes to mind is: “Nothing succeeds like success.” Or my preferred version from my English days: “Nothing sucks seeds like a budgerigar!” (Translate to Parakeet for readers in the US of A.)

    Okay! Try and be sensible.

    As someone who back in 1978, based in Colchester, Essex, England, started selling software for the Commodore computer and who had an annual turnover in excess of $1m by 1980 I am familiar with the way that a successful business in a new, “exciting” business category attracts attention. That attraction leading to a regular stream of people coming one’s way with an ‘idea’ that they want to sell to you. Despite the majority of those ideas being worthless there was still the notion that maybe, just maybe, the next million dollars might walk in off the street.

    Fortunately for me I was at heart a salesman who lived for the close. As in the deal is not closed until the money is in the bank. So in 1986 I did sell my businesses (by then three) and escape to Cyprus.

    Ergo, there is a part of me that recognizes the addictive nature of being a successful entrepreneur and how so much of that entrepreneur’s world conspires to keep him or her going on, and on, and on, and …… (you get my message!).

    Clearly Goverments do not want to inhibit such business ambitions. Yet taken to excess, as your list might be classified, it does become undemocratic, unconstitutional and harmful to the wider society.

    The challenge, and it is always the challenge, is defining the boundaries. I don’t have the answer despite me knowing that eight persons owning the equivalent of half the wealth of the globe is wrong.

    If President Trump can responsibly identify those boundaries and legislate wisely I will be blown away. I hope those powerful winds of change come thundering across the political terrain.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Paul: we all hope. The situation is disastrous in so many ways, not just health care or quality employment: for example the Patent system was gutted. Americans are filing in the EU… or China!!!!!!!!!
      Clinton, Bush, Obama behaved like puppets of the biggest guys around (including their servants in the Deep State, such as Podesta). That, in violation of anti-trust laws.

      Your life experience is very precious. Did you sell your businesses to get back to reality? On a boat in Cyprus? As a thinker, I have to isolate myself from the crowds (including the WH crowd, which I could have joined!)


      • Paul Handover Says:

        No, I was very content in running my own business. It always seemed like the best job in the world. But there was a cost, primarily the conflict between work demands, that I rarely resisted, and being an attentive father to young son and daughter.

        However, when I was approached by the potential purchaser it was then 8 years of ‘self employment, the PC software industry was hotting up and each unit of net profit was getting harder to earn. Plus, the running of the companies was getting harder for me despite me have a fabulous General Manager (still remember you, Sid N.). Realise that at heart I was a salesman not an executive.

        In the U.K. in those days (1986) one paid Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on the gain between the purchase price and the selling price. So for me, with the former practically zero and the latter a tad higher 😉 , my potential CGT bill was significant.

        My accountant, a good friend, outlined my options; frankly not including one that was attractive. You have to appreciate that I felt I had already paid vast sums of tax over the preceding 8 years, on income, on profits and on employer’s tax (I had more than 100 employees) and it didn’t feel fair to pay out a huge slug on my hard work.

        My accountant then said, in a rather casual way, “Of course, you could always leave the country for four tax years, leaving before April 5th, and this year would be included in your non-residency years, for tax purposes.”

        A few weeks later I was on holiday in Cyprus and met a delightful couple who were selling their deep-water cruising yacht, a Tradewind 33, based in Larnaca Marina.

        In the blink of an eye that yacht, Songbird of Kent, was my new home.


  2. John Rogers Says:

    Great article, but two things:

    1. When they talk about the richest people (men) in the world, how come nobody ever mentions Putin? Russia is a very rich country (e.g., oil) and apparently 120 people around Putin own 37% of it.

    Russia is, in fact, the country with the highest inequality in the world.

    2. I can sympathize with Paul Handover’s hopes for Trump, but the man is either a Narcissistic Personality Disorder or a classic psychopath. In either case, all he cares about is what’s in it for Trump.


    • Paul Handover Says:

      John, in your opinion, how long do you think it will be before either of those psychological ‘traits’ is clear?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear John. Well, right. This is only indicative, Oxfam’s diminutive view. I view Bill Gates’ control closer to 200 billions. By some estimates, Putin indeed controls billions, maybe dozens of billions. He controls some through surrogates. He has an important property on the French Riviera with 3 heliports (I was told personally by people in the know; it’s also next to my modest abode there…).

      Also the Walton family, for example, was not in the Oxfam classification, although they control more than 100 billion among four siblings… Billionaires love to be below the radar…

      Frankly, whether Trump is a psychopath or not, is besides the point: all these people are. Today I had on the phone people who are part of the machine granting last minute pardons. They take themselves for gods, and they are just children. So they are psycho too.

      What matters with Trump is what he is going to do, and not even he knows this, and the more psycho he is, the less he knows… In some way the out-going gov, contrarily to repute, and with due respect to my good friend Obama (whowazkind2me2day!!!) is the most corrupt in the known history of the galaxy (after duly considering AH!) I shocked someone who knew Obama for 45 years by saying this yesterday, but then I explained… And convinced (coming essay I will have to write).

      All lunatics (respect again) in high governance, are just this, first of all, lunatics. Did you ever talk to them? They are like gods! So Trump is a god, so what’s new? What’s new is that he marvels about it.


  3. Gmax Says:

    Only fools… But there are lots of fools out there. The whole anti-Trump hysteria has reached incomparable heights. These infuriated idiots are beyond grotesque, I can’ t believe what I read. Don’t they have eyes to see?
    Ellison bought himself one of the largest Hawaiian islands, Obama put the Gates in charge of American education at some point. It’s feudal outta there

    And all those fools programmed by the media are chanting all day long how great Obama was. And Obama said: “YES WE DID!”. Did what? Lie? It’s all very pathetic, a festival of the callous herd.

    Don’t they see the horrendous failure? Like this war in Yemen Obama supports through Saudi Arabia, and that you posted on your Twitter feed this morning. Children dying by the thousands. Hospitals bombed. Why do you think Obama wants Yemen destroyed, but did nothing against Assad?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Right up the alley of my answer to John… That’s why I put the Tweet about the dying child. The policy of S Arabia ia horrendous, at this point and the young jerk is same age as North Korea’s King, I mean, Kim, and that’s not a coincidence…


  4. SDM Says:

    Chris Hedges’ interviews with Michael Hudson explain much of this quite well. Wall Street and big oil have the 99% by the throat. The inversion of classic economics and casino capitalism hollowing the economy with debt extraction techniques.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      My explanation is the exponential known as the plutocratic effect.
      Debt is an aspect of it.
      That Rome collapsed because of debt is a silly statement: not what happened.
      But certainly the wealthiest escaped taxation, and that in turn caused problems which mushroomed, including stupidity to hold people down, etc.
      I have written on this for years. I should find time for a book.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I tried to look for it in writing. I have Chris Hedges books because they look like titles I would make, but then can’t get to read them, they remind me of white bread with industrial leavening (which I can’t digest, having Crohn’s disease…)


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