Nihilism Can’t Debate

One cannot have intelligence, if one does not learn to debate. Debating does not mean to utter groundless insults, without any basis in reality, as pseudo-”liberals”, pseudo-leftists, pseudo-intellectuals, and others, full of hatred out there, now that their masters have stuffed their otherwise empty minds with fake, false, fallow and misleading news.

The first thing to know,and to accept, when debating superior intelligence and superior civilization, is that there is something called “superiority”, a well-ordering of epistemological values. I just used a mathematical notion, well-ordering and a philosophical one (the theory of knowledge).  Call that the civilizing principle.

However, under the influence of “postmodernism”, a movement which is pretty old by now, a systematic destruction of all values became the province of a class of pseudo-intellectuals. This was actually exactly the sort of nihilism Nietzsche feared. 

Renouncing the Rule of Reason is a Mood. All Those Who Respect Superstitious Fanaticism Partake in It

Renouncing the Rule of Reason is a Mood. All Those Who Respect Superstitious Fanaticism Partake in It

Islamophilia (accusing those who criticize holocaust books such as Bible, Qur’an… of being bad people) is an example of renouncement of reason.

For example Nietzsche destroyed Christianism as a slave religion. Obama did his best to revive it (his sponsors love extreme inequality, that is, slavery). This corresponded to the general mood of irrationality. Pseudo-intellectuals established the mood of making attacks against Christianism’s daughter religion, Islamism, into an infamy (whereas it is infamy to support infamy). Never mind that Islam supports slavery explicitly in its sacred text; that was the whole point: Make Infamy Great Again (MIGA). Supporting Islam, by brandishing Islamophobia was a devious way to support “god” that is, Christianism. And sure enough the leading contender for the French presidency is campaigning on Catholicism, the first time this happens in a century…

Those intellectual roaches greatly influenced society and universities. , because the plutocratic masters were delighted: they always advocated nihilism, to deprive those they subjugate of any value (this is an all-encompassing generalization of what both Marx and then Nietzsche, said; Marx attacked more “Das Kapital”, yet mostly forgot the banks; Nietzsche concentrated his critique on Christianism and tribalism, especially pseudo-Germanic tribalism).

The Islamist State seized Palmyra again, and just destroyed more monuments, in their anxiety to demonstrate that their stupid, vicious, criminal, rapacious cretinism they call Islam, is all that ever ruled the Middle East. The Russians, busy in the north, could not stop them. Civilization’s armed forces are nowhere to be seen…. (Obama sent US bombers against Islamists in the last two days of his presidency, killing hundreds of Islamists: too little, too late, but I appreciate the gesture; it’s like saying: ‘you were right’ to the likes of Trump, or yours truly.)

Learning to debate and to gather value added knowledge, is not just a question of being smart instead of being an idiot. Perception can drive the evolution of observable traits, a study on bats and the flowers they feed on, has demonstrated.

Patrice Ayme’

4 Responses to “Nihilism Can’t Debate”

  1. EugenR Says:

    The last elections, but also the previous ones since Nixon is the prove that democracy doesn’t works. Nixon maybe was not a great democrat, but at least he made some big decisions, that changed the world for better. Already Plato predicted, that democracy will make at the end the policy of the most ignorant, since he is the most authentic representative of the majority of the people. Obama has done very little out of his promise and what is necessary to do. But at least he did not spoil things too much. He even quite successfully cleaned up the economic turmoil Bush left.
    I hope Trump is not as dangerous as it looks.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Relax, and please read my latest essay…
      Plato was an aristocrat, and such aristocrats would have considered Trump one of their own. That democracy led to tyranny was something they would always say. Whatever. Plato was not the be all, end all, that mediocre philosophers always claim him to be. They voiew themselves as “footnotes to Plato” a bon mot which fits those idiots…

      Trump may be the Molotov cocktail the doctor ordered… And the world is hyper dangerous, first because of Launch On Warning, not Trump. Obama did nothing about it, so proved hyper dangerous…


  2. Michael Says:

    Trump is the Greatest Precident the USA has ever witnessed. Fearless,Willing to die and risk it all in order to free his people. Will look straight in the face of the devil and ask to joint in the prayers for America. Not a member of the (322) or the secret no longer a secret. God bless Donald Trump and may the Blood of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit keep him strong and safe and that he may lead this country in the best direction. He is Neo, He is THE ONE.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Welcome red blooded Trumpist!
      I am a bit baffled, and dazzled, don’t know what to add at this point…
      Let’s notice, though that Teddy Roosevelt didn’t hesitate to tackle the monopolies… and Trump, who was supposed to do so, with GAFAM, has been hesitating….


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