Islamophobia Is Historically Justified

With Islam, As With All: No Maximal Context, No Maximally Wise Truth:

Christianism, whatever its merit, was a horrendous system of ideas. Getting rid of its rule is how we should define the end of the Middle Ages. However, all along, Christianism was rarely the master. Roman secular law, was the basic organizing principle (at least for the Franks, and their paraconsistent Salic law, written by Roman lawyers; it’s this legal superiority which empowered the imperial supremacy of the Franks, ultimately.)

When Muhammad took control of Mecca, he had to concede that Mecca’s main industry, religion, would be preserved. That required him to preserve some element of the Pagan religion prior, with its 360 deities, presided by the Moon. Hence the symbolic role of the Moon in Islam. We of course love the Moon, mosques, and even a few ideas of Islam...

When Muhammad took control of Mecca, he had to concede that Mecca’s main industry, religion, would be preserved. That required him to preserve some element of the Pagan religion prior, with its 360 deities, presided by the Moon. Hence the symbolic role of the Moon in Islam. We of course love the Moon, mosques, and even a few ideas of Islam…

Recently, the self-contradicting haters of the self-adulating, self-described “left” organized an enormous march in Washington, to trump Trump (they hoped in their naivety). The organizer (one of two) was a fanatical Sharia woman, and all the pseudo-left loved the message, which is basically to subjugate women in the name of tolerance (next we will tolerate cannibalism, because it satisfies the masochistic urges of a few loud mouths paid by plutocrats, as the Sharia woman is!)

That Islamist ideas are gaining in the West means that Islam is winning the war. Time to wake up. The very latest polls in Europe show that We The People is starting to understand there has been enough tolerance for the enemies of civilization. It is time to remember that an Islamist army attacked and sacked Rome starting on 21 August, 850 CE (one of countless attacks by Islamists on the heartland of Europe from the Seventh Century until the Nineteenth Century)…


Why All The Islamophilia? Because One Hates The Enlightenment?

 Islam-love has been increasing over the last few generations. Voltaire wrote a play called “Muhammad ou L’Intolerance” (Muhammad or Intolerance), even before the American war of Independence. The anti-Muhammad play was played. It was, rightly felt to be an attack not just against Islam, but its ilk, Christianism.

Recently, the play could not be played anymore: Intolerance has become a religion. The grotesque violence ordered in the Qur’an is viewed as sacred, objecting to it, is called racism.

What happened? Well, short story, the USA and oil happened. Long story, a subtle, extensive, multigenerational conspiracy by the Deep State. When you, children, read novels, even science fiction novels, you will not encounter a tale so devious. Machiavelli is left far in the dust.

Public opinion was brain-washed, and brain-constructed, to play along.

Fortunately, public opinion in Occident is finally understanding that feeling that Islamophobia (fear of Islam) is racism is part of a racist plot to destroy civilization and create a new rule-of-the-best (that is what aristo-cracy means). A majority of Europeans are now of the opinion that Muslim immigration has to stop.

The pseudo-intellectuals will scoff. But they don’t know history. The Roman empire collapsed under immigration waves (Later German immigration waves came armed and did not take no for an answer).  

The functional equivalent of Islamophilia and Sanctuary Cities for aliens existed in the Late Roman Empire (Fourth Century). Namely the progenitor of Islam, Christianism, imposed the view that the death penalty and other severe punishments should be discontinued, and they were. Crime shot up, highways (the Via Romana) could not be used anymore, trade collapsed, plutocrats thrived (protected by their slaves, their private armies, in their vast villas and the bishop seats they owned; they did fine as immigrants terrorized other places; actually, the more terrorized We The People, the better Plutos do).

Maximally organized civilization (that is, empire, Roman, or Persian, or Chinese), progress, have been at war with a peculiar ideology for centuries. That ideology is Islam. Weirdly many who claim to be “on the left” (left of what? George Bush?) have embraced that system of thoughts (order from God, actually) which embraces most of the pitfalls civilizations should be careful not to fall into (superstition, one-man rule, sexism, war, lethal alienations of all sorts)


Truth is always relative to context. Full truth requires full facts:

Picard in Defense Issues: [There is] “a danger of knowing facts without context. It is a fact that Israel is bombing Palestine: but context is that they are only doing it in self-defense. It is a fact that Europe had colonized Islamic world: but context is that said colonialism was merely an act of self-defense against Islamic aggression. It was very successful self-defense as well, forcing Islam to fight against infidels on its own home turf, instead of coming over to fight in Europe.”

The full context, with Israel, goes back 3,200 years or so. This is also the full context of Islam, as Muhammad’s fundamental justification for Islam is that Jews and Christians were not respecting “the Book” (that is, “the Bible”, as Byblos means Book).

Another justification for Islam was given by Muhammad himself: the huge war between Rome (capital Constantinople) and Persia has left both empires at their weakest in more than 1,200 year, and the Arabs have thus their best shot at starting large-scale raids upon the rich Greco-Romans. I am not making this up: it’s in Islam’s most sacred books (Qur’an, Hadith).

Islam then proceeded to destroy Persian civilization, eradicating its 2,700 old religion, and 3,700 years of secular laws and proto-democratic systems (Sumer cities invented the bicameral system, 5,000 years ago), replacing civilization with sexist tyranny of the “Successor” (“that is what “Caliph” means).

Thus it is progress itself, not just Israel, which has been under Islamist aggression, ever since there was Islam and it thrived.

Islamists quickly destroyed the whole adult male population of Syria  in the 730s. In the following decades, Persia was annihilated as an independent civilization. However Constantinople, protected by its walls and its Grecian fire equipped Navy, was able to resist. The Islamists then conceived the plan of seizing North Africa, and then Europe from the West (ultimately, the plan was implemented somewhat accidentally, as Visigothic defenses proved weak). Spain was conquered in a few years, 20%, or more of the Catholic population was killed (although the war was between Arian Visigoths and Muslims).

By 715 CE, Muslim spearheads were fighting inside Francia (Imperium Francorum, Western Rome). In 721 CE, the Franco-Roman Dux, Eudes, fled next to Toulouse from a huge Muslim army, then caught the stretched out enemy between pincers, and annihilated it (killing around 100,000 Islamists).


Defending Against Islam, starting in the Eighth Century, Made the West Smarter, More Progressive, More Powerful, Civilized:

The Franks completely changed the nature of their society to oppose Muslim aggression. The Eighth Century was crowned by the coronation of Charlemagne as Roman emperor (with the agreement of Constantinople, then ruled by a regent). However, that was just the crown for generations of spectacular progress: the Franks nationalized the church, thus paid for the largest professional field army since the apogee of the Roman Republic. The Franks also forced the church to implement mandatory, universal education (creating the school and university systems).  

Islamists lost giant armies at Poitiers (732 CE), Narbonne (748 CE), and many smaller battles. Devoid of its dead “martyrs”, the Damascus Caliphate fell  (and was replaced by the Abbasids, Arabs who fronted for vengeful Iranians).  

Centuries of Islamist attacks against Europe and the Mediterranean were followed by centuries of counterattacks. Islamist raids, for centuries came all over France, Italy, even Switzerland. Ultimately, the Franks threw Muslims out of Italy, Sicily, while the Reconquista in Spain took 8 centuries. Vienna was besieged twice, saved at the last minute. Athens got freed from the Islamists only in 1834.

Not coincidentally, the Franks also known as the French, had just reconquered Algeria (the French authorities actually argued to the baffled, ahistorical natives, that they were reconquering in the name of Rome).

Islamist aggression against Europe would last… to this day.   


Islamophilia: A Modern Disease of the West, with a modern cause:

So how come so many in the European intellectual class are Islamophiliacs (Islam lovers, my neologism, found in undisguised analogy with hemophiliacs)?

It has to do with whom has profited from Islamophilia.  

[Hint: That crowd is not too hard to find. It’s the same one which holds the media, worldwide. It’s also two generations removed from its ancestors, who organized and nurtured fascism, and its accomplices, in so many places during the 1930s. The Deep State from way back, ancestral to the profiteers and Deep State we enjoy today.]

Islamophilia is not an accident, but an ancient mode of oppression. It works so well, it keeps on being recycled. A washing machine for brains, always handy for oppressors.

Indeed, the fear of Islam is not just historically justified. It’s also geographically justified: the region Islam has made so poor and full of strife, was the world’s richest, just prior.

It is no wonder, when one analyzes Islam: among other problems, such as a tendency to order to kill most of humanity, Islam makes, through its fascist principle, Sura 4, v 59, the apology of tyranny.

But may one should revert the logic: it is precisely because it got dessicated that the world’s richest region became most prone to a tyrannical thought system from the primitive desert.

Patrice Ayme’

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27 Responses to “Islamophobia Is Historically Justified”

  1. Picard578 Says:

    Picard578 said:
    February 16, 2017 at 6:44 pm
    “The full context, with Israel, goes back 3,200 years or so. This is also the full context of Islam, as Muhammad’s fundamental justification for Islam is that Jews and Christians were not respecting “the Book” (that is, “the Bible”, as Byblos means Book).
    Another justification for Islam was given by Muhammad himself: the huge war between Rome (capital Constantinople) and Persia has left both empires at their weakest in more than 1,200 year, and the Arabs have thus their best shot at starting large scale raids upon the rich Greco-Romans. I am not making this up: it’s in Islam’s most sacred books (Qur’an, Hadith).”

    Indeed. In fact, a close reading of islamic texts reveals that Islam started out – in part at least – as a divine justification for Muhammad’s personal enrichment. In islamic holy books, it is written that a part of the looted treasure is always to be given to Mohammad, and by his death Muhammad was the richest person in whole of Arabia.

    “Islamist aggression against Europe would last… to this day. ”

    And we are seeing it all over the Western Europe.

    “So how come so many in the European intellectual class are Islamophiliacs (Islam lovers, my neologism)?
    It has to do with whom has profited from Islamophilia.”

    …to be continued and posted as an essay on my site…”

    Looking forward to it!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Muhammad also stole wives. Not just from enemies (including a famous case with a Jewish woman), but also from his companions (there again, there is a famous example, the evocation of which generally drives Islamists crazy…)


  2. Gmax Says:

    It seems to me that you are winning the war against Islam. Majority of Europeans now agree with you. Last polls…


  3. picard578 Says:

    Reblogged this on Defense Issues and commented:
    “Phobia” means “fear”, whereas “phillia” means “love”. Islamophobia – fear of Islam – is historically and logically justified. To fear something dangerous is only logical, and cannot be called hate. Conversely, Islamophillia is a type of the Stockholm syndrome that the Left has long engaged in. It is not generally spoken about, but mainstream Left has a tendency to worship mass murderers – much like radical Right and radical Left. This is seen though many T-shirts with image of mass murdered Fidel Castro being sold. Has anyone seen T-shirts with Adolf Hitler or Ante Pavelic? Probably not. So Prophet Muhammad is merely one in a pantheon of mass murderers being worshipped by modern West, from Constantine the Great to Napoleon.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed, indeed…
      Let’s remember Caesar’s assassination, set-up by a number of plutocrats in the Senate. After the deed, the conspirators were surprised by the violence of the reaction of We The People, whose chief, chief of the “Populares” had just been treachorously murdered.
      There has always been two tendencies on the left among intellectuals: the genuine progressives (Pericles, Caesar, Julian, Charlemagne, Henri III, Henri IV, many Enlightenment thinkers in France, but rarely elsewhere, including De Sade, Proudhon, Schumann, Teddy Roosevelt, Monnet, Camus, etc.) Many of those were at the head of philosophical movements and got philosophical support (Pericles particularly; Caesar had Cicero, and was an intellectual by himself, Julian studied philo in Athens, Charlemagne had Alcuyn and many others, etc.)

      Then there are the fakes (Joan of Arc, FDR), or the flawed (Saint Louis an example; Church Founding Fathers; US Founding Fathers; Lenin, Stalin; FDR again).

      Some are pretty genuine, brought real progress, although fake and flawed on some major issues: Saint Louis (modern Justice system, even used in US today), FDR are examples.

      The reason for fascist, highly supportive gathering behind a mass murderer has to do with baboon ethology: it’s very deep.


      • picard578 Says:

        Problem is that today’s educational system does not teach philosophy. It teaches ideology, regardless of wether such ideology is “conservative” or “progressive”. Universities are typically “progressive” as they can seem “enlightened” without having to actually think. Because one thing that is typically not taught in the educational system is thinking, critical thinking. And without thinking, humans default to the herd mentality. Biologically and psychologically, we are herbivorous animals, who normally mindlessly roam around in groups, and when spooked engage in an equally mindless stampedo. Take a look at Left’s reaction to Donald Trump’s victory and Marine Le Pen gaining popularity. They are explaining it with everything from conspiracy theories to lamentations about stupidity and/or gullibility of the people. Reason for this is precisely the ideological indoctrination I’m talking about. They have not learned to think, and were taught whitewashed politically correct version of history (assuming they were taught history at all). Consequently, it does not occur to them that their core beliefs (globalism, multiculturalism) may be wrong. Yet to someone who knows history and actually thinks, such a conclusion is obvious: humans have always been tribal animals, and unless separated by borders, they have always engaged in conflicts. Thus, while alliances may be good, multiculturalism is not, because it promotes mixing – and, thus, conflict.


        • Gmax Says:

          Patrice is a philosopher who knows science and math, a rare species. Plato said only those who knew geometry should study with him. Now the world is full of philosophers who know no science and journalists who are taken to be philosophers by their wealthy paymasters and the bone headed public

          Liked by 1 person

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Teaching philosophy should be, first, teaching the art of debate, while introducing new ideas informed by advances in FACTS. How to weave new facts into new logic, new debates.

          However, most people teaching philosophy nowadays have no inclination to consider new FACTS important. In particular they overlook science and math and logic.

          “Progressive” means nothing that would resist a thermonuclear war, let alone allow to win one. So it’s not progressivism, just self-serving BS…


          • picard578 Says:

            Indeed. Philosophy is the origin point of all sciences, so teaching anything without teaching philosophy first is like building a house without the foundation. Yet that is precisely what is being done today. Even philosophy courses that exist are, to my knowledge, primarily courses about philosophers, not teaching philosophy itself.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Absolutely. Philosophy, as it is taught today, is little more than a celebrity cult.

            Massimo Pigliucci, a chaired “philosophy” prof in New York, whose business model is to preach “stoicism”, banned me from his sites after I rolled out anti-Christian madness in letters of Marcus Aurelius (a sort of Jesus of Stoicism, although the thing was invented in Athens, 5 centuries prior). Marcus wanted to burn Christian for no good reason, so Massimo fired me!

            Nothing philo about Massimo! And that’s typical. I had a showdown with “philo” Searle at UCB, somewhat similar…

            Unrelated: Maybe you should mull Trump’s proposal about the F18 v F35… 😉


          • picard578 Says:

            Yes, as Boyd recognized, problem is the patterns of thinking. They are the most difficult to change.

            I’ll have to look at details of that proposal first, but yes I might do it.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Not just the patterns of thinking drive tribes, but the moods, the emotional chemistry behind, below, and bathing them, which has a mind of its own, so to speak…

            Liked by 1 person

  4. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    You know what is not historically justified – philosophers backing vulgar leaders.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed, indeed… “Vulgus” comes from “vulgum” meaning common people in Latin. My long support for, and providing of advice to, Barack Obama looks, retrospectively, unjustified. On the other hand, we don’t know what would have happen otherwise, do we?

      If I could re-write history, clearly having the Obama we knew president was a giant mistake… He went to the Dark Side in a flash (by August 2008, when he selected Larry Summers as adviser)…

      What counts is the battle of ideas. Certainly the anti-intellectual wave is getting blocked here and there. Islamophilia is now denounced by many intellectuals in a country such as France (when none would have dared, three years ago). Also blocking credit access to vulgar people is now receding (that was one of the great “reforms” of Obama…) It’s not just my opinion: I talk to bankers, up to senior executives of top major international banks…

      Vulgar people have been played like violins, the sound they made was melodious to plutocrats’ ears. Now, though, some object to be just music to Plutos, so there is a cacocophony out there… Progress! 😉


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Anger helps wisdom get out of the box.


  5. EugenR Says:

    You ask “So how come so many in the European intellectual class are Islamophiliacs (Islam lovers, my neologism, found in undisguised analogy with hemophiliacs)?”/

    My answer to you is that Europe did not heal from its sickness that brought the 80 year war, that started at 1914 and ended at 1992, with the collapse of the most successful empire of evil, the Stalinist empire, that not only never lost a war or continued to exist for 75 years, but poisoned the minds of the best intellectuals of the world.
    The same sickness of European public, that created the Nazi regime and all the collaborators, (including French ones) created and supported the Stalinist regime, today continues, under the pretext of humanism, socialism and liberalism, to delegitimize the very existence of Israel, as if a leftover of the European “criminal” colonialism. As reaction to the European criminal annihilation of Jewish European people and their culture, act in which participated voluntarily most of the Christian European countries, today they try to delegitimize the very partial Jewish existence in Israel, and the easiest way is to support the newly found enemies of the Jews, the Muslim Arabs, who recopied all the anti-Semitic Nazi pamphlets, to legitimize their hate towards the Jews. The problem is that the Jews, who participated on the creation of European consciousness, had major influence on the European culture, are not conceived by the Christian and Muslim population as people, but as a symbol of…. For Europeans a symbol of, greed, oddity, betrayal (Judas), etc. This attitude did not exist in the Muslim world until the establishment of Israel. But with creation of Israel it emerged with all its ferocity. This new hate towards Jews in the Muslim world seems to be universal. Once i visited the University of Kunming in China and in the cafeteria started a conversation with two Chinese students, who were from some villages. It happened, that when i told them i am from Israel, one of them asked me, where is Israel, and the next question was what is a Jew? Kind of Christian? The other student did not say a word. Then as we spoke i asked them if i could visit their village, to see the life in there. The other student, who until then did not speak, said, you can’t visit us because we are a Muslim community. This is quite amazing, how fundamental had become their hate towards the Jews. I have an explanation to it. Israel became for the Muslim world a symbol of their own incompetence. They can’t understand, how can such a small country defend itself against all the Muslim world, and even thrive economically, politically and culturally, while creating a democratic state, where all the Muslim countries failed so colossally. But instead to make a check up of their cultural, religious values, they blame others, mainly Israel, and while doing so, the European lefties just clap their hands for them. It is not an accident, that in almost every terroristic attack in Europe, the target is also some Jewish institution. By the way, in every European city i can see constant anti Israeli demonstration. Never saw an anti Syrian demonstration, maybe i am a bit blindfolded.
    It seems the question, if the Jews have right to exist as human beings is again an agenda of many people. And of course, all the lefties should know, no humanistic, liberal, rational, socialistic philosophy can penetrate the shield of faith in GOD and its prophet.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Eugen, thanks to the long comment, will study it. I started to answer it, with this:
      It is true that hating “decolonization” boils down to hating Israel. Hating “decolonization” also boils down to hating the past, thus reality.

      I have been on the receiving end of this, a weird Internet campaign against me was started by a number of people, some of whom I know personally.

      Tellingly they admitted that they knew well I was NOT a racist, but that was “the only way to stop” me.

      Meanwhile I noticed a (somewhat) related essay in Aeon, and I have to write a comment/essay on that.

      That Aeon essay is in much needed deepening… I do agree with you about the anti-Judaism of Europe, and it comes straight from the theocracy imposed in the Fourth Century (although extreme Judaism was a lot a cause of the disasters affecting Israel, as Elie Cohen himself seems to have recognized…)

      So I will come back, but let me write that essay…


    • Kevin Says:

      RE your last paragraph, and when I read yet again a new iteration of your (among others) trope of “European suicide”, I can’t help to think that this is such a Jewish thing to write, and, feel that, no, Jews have no right to exist as human beings, as long as they harbour that kind of coy, underhanded hate/supremacism. To put it more clearly, why should any European feel any sort of kinship with the strain of Jewish thought that you support? Again, the “death of the West” (White people, basically) is not a suicide, it is a murder; and while the Jews are not the main culprits, more like hired help/red herrings – and probably, scapegoats and fallguys – to the Anglo cancer, they still are instrumental in that murder (cue in any serious enough antisemite source, listing any given country’s movers & shakers in the open borders, globalist, screw Whitey-type anti-racism, and the disproportionate Jewish cadre. Where’s IV when one needs him?).

      Your kind of falsely lamenting, victim-blaming, guilt-shifting smarmy jeremiad is infuriating each time I read it; disgusting self-righteousness, disgusting tribalism, disgusting ethnocentrism (no, Europe doesn’t live and die according to how the Chosen People are seen and treated). Give me old time France, the one that “ate Jews”, IE made French people out of them, give me that long lost Lady anytime.


      • EugenR Says:

        Kevin all I have to say is wau,,😱. And I thought your kind of people learned how disastrous it is to support Nazi kind of ideas. The nazis murdered not only the European Jews, but the European confidence in their moral right to distinguish between what’s right and what’s wrong. And if some leftovers of European spirit are still there, people like you will finalize its annihilation.


        • Kevin Says:

          Wada, wada… I am not a Nazi, FFS, I am not even rightwing, and I am not even an antisemite, even more so in that I am not obsessed by the Jooooos unlike dear IV. But, you’re right, I’m a Nazi; my neighbour is a Nazi; everybody’s a Nazi; my chair is a Nazi; the phone book on my right (ha ah!) is a Nazi.
          What a joke. Your standard comments here support “European spirit” just like the rope support the hanged man, only with a sorry, smarmy regretful tone, that is all, and that always press my buttons.
          Anyway, I’ll still be reading this blog, but this is my last comment here. You have, after all, the preséance of age, and of “European spirit”.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Kevin: You completely miss the point. It’s a complicated point.
            An article in Aeon turned around the problem:

            The “spirit” thing is the same machine in reverse as the Tasmanian problem:

            This is not a “blog”. It’s not about publicity or pleasing imbeciles. As Montaigne said a l’intoduction de ses essais: passant, passes ton chemin. I don’t write for idiots, but to advance the spirit of understanding.

            People like me want to understand why Europe, and China, and the Middle Earth, dominated technology for 3,000 years. These facts, and the theories one can attach to them, are poorly known, they have to be debated and known.

            My family did the anti-Nazi fight. It was horrible, much of my family died, actually. To boot, my young leftist uncle was killed by an Islamist in Algeria (he was in uniform, yet friendly with the local FLN; so killers were sent for an ambush, and De Gaulle was implicated, as weird as it may sound). I had three died in Algeria (and all the properties, and country, gone). As I said, the family was “left”. And I am.

            There is a lot of blame to pass around. My family saved more than 100 Jews in WWII, and a few fleeing resistance types, taking giant risks (until someone at the Gestapo (!!!) warned them that the Gestapo was coming for them; they fled with seconds to go). I came to be shocked when i slowly realized they got nothing from it, except for doing the right thing. So that’s what I do. That’s where the wealth is. The wealth is not in insulting people for no precise reason.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Agreed Eugen. This sort of viciousness is becoming endemic, I have gone through lots of it in last feww months, it generally aims just at hurting people. The creeps suffer from their creepiness, so they lash back. Preferably against the innocent, that’s less trouble.

          Europe is a Phoenician princess, and the Franks knew this, when they named her, while fighting the Islamists in 732 CE. Lesson? Middle Earth is deep in our minds, from Ireland, to India.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Wow, Kevin! I don’t see what you read in Eugen which is so bad (especially to the point of calling for the extermination of Jews, just as Luther did, and earlier Christians). I don’t mind Jewish, or black, or Chinese, or American supremacy, be it only because I don’t mind supremacy, as it is the mountain we should all climb.

        It was perfectly legal to be a Jew (or a Muslim!) in France, twelve centuries ago. Charlemagne called himself “David”. That’s how I like it.


  6. Kevin Says:

    Seeing how I am a bit pissed off, and a bit in an hurry (having to go check on my grandparents, feed them, and clean up their feces, basically), one quick, rude (?) question : what would be IMHO at least, the logical end of this text thoughts path? To me, it’s rather clear.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Whatever. Go back, read Montaigne. That was 5 centuries ago, and you will find the same: essays say things, they just don’t say one thing.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Cleaning feces of ancestors is a great honor. It should be a pleasure. You should celebrate it. I would like to be able to do it. I had immense respects for my grandparents, those of France and those of Algeria. They were all dedicated to progress and understanding, and loved me immensely.


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