Rogue Missiles, NSA, 1984, French Nuclear European Defense?

The world is changing fast. The New York Times was full of a story by journalist Davis Sanger and Al. that the US is using voodoo (“cyber warfare“) to bring down North Korean missiles, and it works! The evidence? A failure rate of 88% in launches of Hwasong 10/Musudan Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile. I smell some disinformation…

Another story was about the  increasing number of German officials thinking of using the French nuclear strike force as Europe’s ultimate defense. In light of the full history of Europe, over the last two centuries, or even, the last 1,200 years, this makes a lot of sense: much European misery arose from alienation of France and Germany, starting with military alienation.

After the Franco-German Frankish Roman empire suffered the torture of alienation from 1,000 Brexit cuts, it was assaulted from all over (Vikings, Magyars, Islamists). Europe survived that (although it took 1,100 years to get the Islamist armies out of Europe: Athens was only freed in 1834 CE…) But then fell victim of a millennium of internecine wars… So a Franco-German military unity is paramount.

The white pointed thing below the French Rafale above, is a 300 kilotons thermonuclear bomb at the tip of a ramjet jet mach 3 cruise missile with a range of 500 kilometers… The US does not have such a weapon. Some of the other missiles that one can see below the wings above, are Mach 4, 50 gs Infrared MICAS, another weapon the equivalent of, the US does not have. Infrared MICAS could easily identify and kill the so-called “stealth” F35 from 60 miles away… The F35 is extremely enormously visible in Infrared, and, moreover is slow and incapable of maneuvering at high acceleration (to duck missiles). On these white pointed things the peace of the world depends, whatever tree huggers hope to believe…

Over the weekend, Imam-led Iran launched two anti-ship ballistic missiles. The second one destroyed the barge which was its target. I am sure the US Navy is not scared, but, clearly, “on notice”. (The Navy is equipped with the Standard Missile 3, a Mach 15 anti-rocket rocket, which was used long ago, to take down a satellite… This being said, the anti ballistic missile systems better be in good order, and many…)

Not to feel overlooked North Korea fired four missiles 1,000 kilometers in the sea of Japan..

There was a big noise when Trump called Obama a “bad (sick) guy. We already knew this, that Obama was bad. To want to be an US president, and not bad, is a contradiction in adjecto. Obama is known to have ordered directly the killing of particular US citizens whom he knew by name, all too well (overseas). Obama even got the teenage boy, also an US citizen, killed by drone strike on a beach (and a few of his friends, too).

So Obama is that bad but would have never ever ordered to wiretap any?

NSA can get copies of all conversations in the USA (fixed, cell, and even strokes on laptops, if one is having a conversation with oneself; also you don’t need to be on the Internet, WiFi, or Bluetooth, as Snowden revealed…).

Obama could have legally ordered NSA to spy Trump 100%. No need for a warrant, judges, the eleven secret judges of the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act FISA, the FBI, etc. Somehow, in the last few days before the elections, when it seems that the Obamas had doubt Clinton could make it, the temptation to look if Trump had an Achilles heel somewhere would have been irresistible. Why would a teenage boy beach killer resist? If I were a teenage boys beach killer, i can’t imagine why I would resist…



The French Republic Has Indigenous Weapons (Independent of USA), Most Advanced, Short of the USA:

And sometimes more advanced: the Rafale and its stand-off supersonic nuclear missiles is an example. French submarines are also the world’s most advanced (as the Pentagon readily recognizes, and urged Australia to acquire French Barracudas, in their non-nuclear versions; the idea is to be able to sink the Chinese fleet… If need be.)

The ramjet cruise missile Air-Sol Moyenne Portée-Amélioré ASMP-A (improved ASMP) has a range of about 500 kilometres (310 mi)[5] at a speed of up to Mach 3 with the new TNA (tête nucléaire aéroportée) 300kt thermonuclear warhead (20 times Hiroshima). It entered service in October 2009 with the Mirage 2000NK3 of squadron EC 3/4 at Istres and on July 2010 with the Rafales of squadron EC 1/91 at Saint Dizier. A replacement ASN4G (Air Sol Nuclear 4th Generation), flying at Mach 8 is studied.


When Refugees Bite:

The FBI self-leaks: out of 1,000 cases of “terrorism” it is presently investigating, 300 are about individuals who came in US as “refugees”!

What world is this? The tree huggers and new age aficionados have claimed that, as time flows, humanity is ever more peaceful: but the crime and murder rates spiked dramatically in the USA in 2016 (perhaps because of video cameras, which prevent the police to exert their terror secretly; a spied on police is less feared…).

True, there has been lots of peace, in part because of the present world governmental system: that gave full (nuclear weapon power) to just five states: the Permanent Security Council Members: France, Britain, USA, Russia, China.

For a number of reasons, these are among the less prone to war of aggression countries in the world ( would need a 5,000 words essay to justify this statement…).

However, the mass of humanity is blooming at an alarming rate, well beyond the sustainable rate of increase, and even above the absolute maximal population sustainable, given the present technology.


Solution: ever more technology:

Proof? Proof that ever more technology is the one and only solution to (most of) our problems? Suppose we had suddenly only Polynesian technology: once we have eaten all the ants, we would have to eat each other (most of animal mass is human, or then from insects). Some may scoff that they just would eat grass. Right. Good idea. One could start by eating those. Because some of us, the survivors, believe, even on a full stomach, that the continuation of intelligence on Earth is the highest moral duty.

Patrice Ayme’

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8 Responses to “Rogue Missiles, NSA, 1984, French Nuclear European Defense?”

  1. SDM Says:

    The North Korea issue is one that the Security Council should be working to resolve and soon. There seems to be no initiative by the Chinese to take on North Korea on this. Or the Russians. Is this because China or Russia is complicit? Or is there something else at work here?
    Trump for all his bluster has not given much to twitter on this – he is more concerned about the size of his inauguration crowds, Arnold and his Celebrity Apprentice series, Ivanka’s merchandising and other such more pressing matters. Nuclear weapons and climate change just don’t cut it with him.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Trump is leading on the idiots out there, giving them crumbs, which fascinate the pigeons they are. Meanwhile he is rushin THAAD to South Korea, ahead of schedule, cooperated with Russians about Palmyra (after discreetly sending US tanks to the Baltics in his FIRST week, there again doing 6 months ahead of schedule, stealthily, etc.)
      Similarly, most importantly, he is getting tight with Abe.

      In other words, Trump is maneuvering to go to war with North Korea, and that’s excellent: there is no other choice.(After 16 years of boiled noodle style opposition from W Bush/Obama; Bill Clinton was tougher!!!!!!!!!!)
      Hopefully NK generals (supposing they were not all killed first!!!!!!!!!!! by Kim!) will understand they have to make a coup.
      I am actually starting to get impressed.

      Xi’s China is a sorry mess. Xi is full of contradiction, and he has been playing a jingoistic game in South “China” Sea, antagonizing half a billion people there alone… The joke in China is that “WEST” Korea is close to disintegration (any Internwet post mentioning “West” Korea gets removed by the 50,000 Internet censors there…) Naturally, this site is blocked in West Korea which is too bad, as your truly is fair, smart, balanced and overall fascinating (I guess Xi wants to keep all the fascination to himself…)


    • Gmax Says:

      North Korea has been China’s violin


  2. Monica Lamb Says:

    “NSA can get copies of all conversations in the USA (fixed, cell, and even strokes on laptops, if one is having a conversation with oneself…”
    This info is amazing


  3. Benign Says:

    Patrice –

    The “continuation of [human] intelligence on earth” (I am ignoring the obvious narcissistic content of the remark) is actually *destroying* the [habitability of] the Earth.

    The Spirit may have a different moral agenda.

    cheers, benign


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Life has always progressed, that means, destroyed what was there before, to make something more complex. Consider the many episodes of Snow Ball Earth… Which were caused by the devouring of the methane atmosphere by oxygen producing new forms of life.

      The strong methane greenhouse gave way, and glaciers overwhelmed the entire planet. Life is progress. To be against progress, is to be against life.


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