Merkel, Europe’s Destroyer, Suffers At Trump’s Hands

Trump Not Embracing Merkel, And Why Should We?

Trump refused to shake Merkel’s hand in the Oval Office, although the press asked for it, and Merkel called Trump’s attention to it, and asked him to. Instead Trump, looking quite angry, totally refused.

Merkel long looked like a nice mother for us all, at least, to some of us, yet, she is arguably a Europhobic snake, envenoming us all, herself included. It became quite obvious with the treatment Greece got, a few years ago, it has gotten worse.

Among Merkel’s crimes:

  1. Demolishing the economies of many European countries, by abusing the Euro single currency system, in conjunction with thousands of failing, bankrupt German banks which  constitute a disguised subsidy for the industrial substructure of Germany, the Mittelstand..
  2. Since 2000 CE, the German industrial production shot up 50% relative to the French industrial production. Cause? My mom thinks that’s because the French are lazy: however, the French work clearly more than the Germans. High unemployment was caused mostly by business failure. So the real cause? What I just mentioned. France’s banking structure of very large banks can’t help anymore: those who helped local communities failed and were not replaced, thanks to the “Free Market” cult of France’s enemies. Whereas the German small banks keep on going, state subsidized… Germany refuses to speak about them! So the Euro monetary system was captured to serve German industrial production: no subsidies for France, plenty of subsidies to Germany (through a low Euro, low as a German currency… while pouring subsidies to German Mittelstand companies…).  
  3. Merkel caused Brexit, by frightening the British with the sudden influx of more than one million Muslims (many semi-savage) refugees, in a few months. Merkel speaks of her humanity, but that’s not enough: Hitler, too, spoke of his humanity, and his attention to minorities (I am an extensive Adolf Hitler and general Nazi reader, I always found this highly instructive…)
  4. Germany spends only 1.3% of GDP on defense, leaving most of the fighting to the French and American Republics. France and the US have also to feed, at ruinous cost, enormous military-industrial establishments upon which their military depend, and upon whose research German private industry profits, when it reaches the private domain! (That’s particularly onerous for France whose completely independent military-industrial complex is very expensive. For example, the French Rafale, the best stealth fighter-bomber in the world, has French engines, whereas the Swedish Gripen has US engines, and other US equipment). Donald Trump tweeted to demand that Germany “pay more” to the United States for its defense, only hours after meeting with Merkel. By undermining Europe, hopefully without even understanding she did, Merkel deserves a lot of scorn. Here is why:

Christianization provided with a mystical cover to unify Europe linguistically, culturally, legislatively, intellectually, civilizationally, and militarily. The more recent cult of the nation-state has worked against this unified spirit, replacing it by plutocratizing selfishness feeding on tribal hatred of the most satanic type… This is why a political European Unifying Confederation is needed now.

At this point, a grave crisis exists: Brexit will happen, some of the louder mouths and advisers of Trump, including Trump himself, understand Europe even less than Bill Clinton and Obama. Stephen Bannon, about whom a lot of vicious lies are told, does indeed approve of Brexit (I used to have a very educated Brexiter commenting a lot on this site, Chris Snuggs, who claimed I helped launch his passion for Brexit… clearly an unintended consequence…)

Trump speaks of the USA as a “country”, and it is, even though it is full of immigrants and their offspring. Speak of a paradox! Russia, and China are also countries (especially now that everybody in China speaks Mandarin, and not just one of the 100 languages there). However the three of them, US, Russia, China, are also empires (empires, because they are gigantic countries). But there is more.

Russia and the USA are also European colonies (with Russia all too influenced by the doomed, but everlasting Oriental Roman empire, and its enemies, the Bulgarians, who, like the Mongols, were stupidly and criminally rejected by the Vatican, so they embraced Eastern Christianity, just as the Mongols ended rejecting Christianity they had long embraced, for Islam…).

As colonies of Europe, and descendants of Europe, the USA and Russia owe much to Europe. For example, their souls.

The question then becomes: what was Europe, how did European ideas come to rule the planet?  That’s a question for Trump and Putin too, because European ideas made them what they are.

The answer is vast, and incomprehensible for those who have learned history as it is taught conventionally. Pundits come and say stupid things about Europe having originated in Jerusalem, Rome and Athens. Yes, right, but also the Fertile Crescent 10,000 years ago, Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, India, Phoenicia, Crete, the Celtic world, Cro-Magnon, etc.

A piece always forgotten is the role played by the Franks and their official resurrection by 800 CE of the Roman Empire. Thereafter, Europe was pretty much united by the same law, the same separation of church and state, and the same lingua franca, which was actually Middle Age Latin.

This went on until the furious religious wars which culminated in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (but started with massacring Jews at the onset of the first Crusade, by 1095 CE, and then extended with annihilating millions of Cathars in the Thirteenth Century, unleashing the demoniacal Inquisition, then hunting Vaudois, etc….) The religious wars did not happen by accident: they enabled the rise of the nation states. That happened all over: Henry VIII of England created his own religion to better kill or exploit his enemies. But that was many centuries after Portugal got liberated, and exploited religion along similar lines (the king of Portugal obtained from the Pope the authorization to enslave Africans, faithfully imitating the Muslims who had just been kicked out).

Thus the greatness of Europe arose from a common unicity of language, thought, law, freedom of travel, etc. (that was a direct extension of what happened under the Greco-Roman empire).

It is urgent to maintain enough union in Europe. Brexit is a travesty (it’s organized by plutocrats who hate to pay taxes), and a tragedy. Encouraging it is not wise. However, passing under silence Merkel’s bad acting, is even worse. (Some of the German back acting relative to the EU is older than Angela: for example, in conjunction with Goldman Sachs, letting Greece join the Euro at twice parity: that gave a boost to German exports, ruined Greece…)

Romanitas (the Roman spirit) was conveyed in part by a mystical superstition, Christianity, for more than a millennium, bringing along common languages (Latin in the West, Greek in the Orient), and common law (Roman law ruled all the lands of the old Greco-Roman empire, and more). Nation-states mangled this unity to great cost. This is why the European Union has to be preserved. But that does not mean preserving its errors, nor preserving its non-dits (“not saids”, a useful French philosophical concept).

My objections against Merkel are quite ancient. See my essay: “Merkler?” I didn’t wait for Trump to be born again. Merkel dug Europe’s grave with too much short-sighted Germany first selfishness (although some of his policies, on education and science were excellent, effective, and important). Her holy than thou attitude when the French Republic finished the Libyan dictator which France had been fighting for

Raus, Frau Merkel! SPD’s excellent Martin Schulz would make a much better chancellor!  

Patrice Ayme’

4 Responses to “Merkel, Europe’s Destroyer, Suffers At Trump’s Hands”

  1. Nathan Daniel Curry Says:

    I like your posts versus the news because it incorporates history…radically 3000 years of it. It’s very hard to see the woods for the trees otherwise.

    My view (and it a view born of hindsight based on the economics I have read about it) is that the single currency was not well thought out and the German-Frank alliance which Europe depended on got somewhat gutted by the heavy lifting of Germany. European governments under a Swiss style proportional representation seems critical. And yes the UN. After Trump just dismantled the EPA one wonders who (to quote the Lorax) “will speak for the trees?”

    I wonder what you advocate on European currency Patrice…because the Euro seems like it was a good idea implemented 20 years too early. Where do you come from here?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for quoting me extensively on Facebook, Nathan! Germany and Brussels have not understood they went too far, destroying the EU that way, although BREXIT is happening! (And the refugee crisis, in combination with no guidelines for hard Islam, has a lot to with it!)

      Indeed, it is impossible to understand how people feel and think today without knowing what happened before and why. It’s pretty much all entangled, and millions of years old. History is now blended with archeology, paleontology. It’s not just an election of hope, but a selection of what works… Over the last few billion years, in the end…


  2. Nathan Daniel Curry Says:

    I think Germany is in a difficult position militarily – there is a fear in it and in the world (similar to subconscious profiling of black people) of a strong German military. It’s a weird but real thing.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Merkel could support the French military massively. Instead she does it just a little bit… Hence the German proposal to use the French nukes for protection, which makes total sense.


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