Europe Is Dead, Long Live Europe! And long live US publicly subsidized Pluto universities, too!

45 years ago Britain was a member of what became formally later the “European Union”. However, anti-Europeans in Britain, mostly on the so-called left (“Labor”) screamed that a referendum should have been conducted to see whether the British People really wanted to be part of Europe. The matter should not having been left to Parliament. One of these screamers presently leads the British Labor Party (Corbyn).

So a law was passed by the UK Parliament, saying that a referendum on belonging to Europe would happen, and would have force of law. Once again, 45 years ago. (NOT last year!) The referendum was conducted, and nearly two-third of British People approved that the UK should be in Europe.

In the meantime, Thatcherism happened. PM Thatcher, a strident nationalist, actually passed the Single European Act (SEA). SEA reformed the legislative process all over Europe by introducing the cooperation procedure and by extending the Qualified Majority Voting to new areas. The legislative process was also quickened. The SEA was supposed to create a better Single European market. Meanwhile, Great britain became ever more inequalitarian.

The British Are Most Enraged, Because Their Society Is Most Unequal.

So now here we are, and Great Britain wants out of Europe… But not out of the European Single market. That’s a complete contradiction. Indeed, understand that the obstacles to the single market are not tariffs: the WTO limits those to 3%… The obstacles have to do with laws and regulations, hence the necessity for the SEA. The point is that if one wants a single market, one has to have laws which are in common enough.

British PM May evoked Article 50, setting the exit of Britain from the EU within 2 years.

[In fairness, let’s give PM May a word sideways here. PM May tried to strike a firm but conciliatory tone, in her letter to Donald Tusk, president of the EU, declaring that the Brexit vote

was no rejection of the values we share as fellow Europeans. Nor was it an attempt to do harm to the European Union or any of the remaining member states. On the contrary, the United Kingdom wants the European Union to succeed and prosper. Instead, the referendum was a vote to restore, as we see it, our national self-determination. We are leaving the European Union, but we are not leaving Europe – and we want to remain committed partners and allies to our friends across the continent.“]

With all due respect, that’s just PC hogwash. To start with it hurts. Secondly, there is an amount of 60 billion dollars in committed EU projects that the UK is committed to finance. Secondly, to access the European Single Market, the UK will have to respect EU law, and pay for the EU infrastructure, just as Norway (or Switzerland) do.

So what happened? Plutocracy, that’s what. Plutocracy owns the media, and felt threatened by the EU government. Plutocracy depends upon tax evasion and (“elected”) government manipulation (and the more than 17 “crown dependencies, part of UK which are tax havens).

Plutocracy rules by mental manipulation. Example: look at the Ivy League universities in the USA. They are the elite universities where the children of the elite get together, live together, plot together, and get instructed on how the manipulate the naive rabble they are expected, and expecting to rule and exploit.

The Ivy League comprises eight campuses: Dartmouth, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Brown, Cornell, Penn have a combined 191 billion dollars in endowment. They got 41 billion in 6 years from US, and paid no tax on their profits (which should have been 9,6 billion dollars, too!

(Of course Obama went to Columbia and then Harvard; in Columbia Obama met ZBig, the guy who make Carter to attack formally Afghanistan on July 3, 1979… ZBig saw in Obama the ideal vehicle to pursue the Pluto empire…)

Average parents pay $33,000 a year for private universities , and $9,000 for public universities.  

Is there hope? Some of the buffoons are becoming more aware. Richard Dreyfus was one of the fanatics who voted for Hillary Clinton, campaigned against Trump, and ignored Bernie Sanders (as he readily admits; Sanders would have beaten Trump is the democrats had selected him, studies have shown). Now he is against Hillary. Why? He discovered she was “for Wall Street”. Hillary went to San Francisco, all dressed in black leather:”insist, persist, resist!” Actually she is pushing her latest book.

Still No Message Of Any Substance, that’s why people who voted for Obama, in a last burst of hope, in 2012, voted for Trump in 2016, in the crucial states, the famed “Blue Wall”.

The Brexit vote rested on an arsenal of lies, imparted to the minds of British voters by the Plutocratic media. Basically, all is false, therein.

Also the vote itself was fraudulent, as it was supposed to be just a “consultation”, not legislating. No worries: Great Britain is not really a democracy, but a rule of one (mono-archy).   

So what’s next? We will see. London did its best to sabotage the EU for decades, and it’s just more of the same. A few months ago, Teresa May threaten to turn the UK into a “tax haven”. That’s of course disinformation: the UK is already a tax haven, and that’s why real estate has never been so expensive in London, the most expensive real estate in the world, by far. Plutocrats from the entire planet are flocking to London, knowing full well that the British government has no choice, but keeping on playing the Plutocratic card…

The fact that the USA’s richest universities are getting positively enormous subsidies is revealing that, once one has captured the minds of the idiots, even in democracy, especially in democracy, one can get away with anything. A Manchurian candidate made it to the presidency for 8 years, and now the Wall Street “opposition” keeps on capturing the hearts and minds of the fake left. Alleluia!

And what of Europe? Same problem, plus a deer-in-the-headlights syndrome. As long as progressives have not figured out in which direction progress lays, the likes of may will rule, complete with leopard shoes high heels, just to make sure she overlords all the uneducated out there… Her “Brexit” has no meaning, and she knows it, but the lords she serves, the world plutocrats have no meaning either, all they want is ever more prerogatives… And they don’t intent to jump off the gravy train, anymore than president Putin and PM Medvedev in Russia. Massive demonstrations there have exposed the latter as the face of state corruption in Russia (his enormous palaces, for example next to Sochi have long been notorious; a bat researcher was emprisoned for taking pictures of Medvedev’s palace there, and protesting the destruction of bat caves next to it; ultimaterly he had to flee Russia to the UK…)

One may wonder why this global plutocracy problem seems so much alike all around the planet. It is simple: the democracy we have is NOT the real thing. The ideal of democracy we have (as espoused by Russia) is NOT the real thing. Clinton-Bush-Obama, this triple head hydra is the same problem as Putin. Basically. It does not matter if it’s Russia, or California.

Real democracy should be about We The People ruling directly, as much as possible. Instead, what we have is a parody of democracy. Brexit is the poster child of this absurdity: although there was a referendum, it was all about lies. The referendum was conducted in a sea of lies, under fake assumptions, and false pretense. So now Britain is going to spend, and waste, Europe’s time for the next ten years of its convoluted, unending Brexiting… Before asking to go back in, supposing in ever leaves, which is not really the plan.

The real plan is to make the British National Health Service a new source of profit for the US health “care” industry. Oh, by the way, do you know how many people are enrolled in “Obamacare”? Eleven millions. Another nine millions are truly in Medicare. Meanwhile, the subsidies to the health care for profit industry, just as the subsidies for US plutocratic universities, have much augmented. Alleluia! We may as well have fun, watching plutocrats soar into orbit.

Just to make sure we get the picture, British PM May wants us to know she is completely mad. On day first of the Brexit negotiations she let it be known that if the European Union will not submit, she will let terrorists do their thing to Europe. May’s words insist that there is an implied threat, the prime minister’s letter being explicit. “In security terms, a failure to reach agreement [with the EU] would mean our cooperation in the fight against crime and terrorism would be weakened,” she wrote.

It does matter that PM May personally lacks credibility. That’s the whole point: plutocracy will make people do, and submit to, incredible things. Reason is in the way, so it should be disposed of.

Patrice Ayme’


28 Responses to “Europe Is Dead, Long Live Europe! And long live US publicly subsidized Pluto universities, too!”

  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Ianmiller blog.]
    Ian, coincidentally, I just posted ten minutes ago an essay about Brexit which mention the Russia problem, incidentally… Basically, the democratic deficit is fundamentally the same… As in the West, the flawed democratic model…


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    All Anglo-Saxons should read this, which demonstrates that the war in Afghanistan was a US plutocratic plot:

    By the way, the main perpetrator, Carter NSC adviser, Zbig, was instructor at Columbia, where he discovered the hungry one, Obama (see reference therein my latest essay…)


  3. Heraclitus Ephesus‏ Says:

    “Real democracy ought to be about We The People ruling directly, as much as possible.”

    Heraclitus Ephesus:
    @Tyranosopher Agreed. As much as possible. Some of us are more interested also, more direct democracy would be good.


  4. ianmillerblog Says:

    As for plutocracy wrecking a country, think of Greece. Now just about all its assets of significance are owned elsewhere, and the Greeks are tenants in their own country. Whatever you think of Brexit, Grexit is for me a necessity. Then they can tax the plutocrats our of contention.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      So because the Greeks are tenants in their country, we should kick them out? Besides, can’t be done, it’s not constitutional. Brexit will not happen, BTW: the only way would be to drag Britain south east of New Zealand, something not tech feasible at this point, even for plutocrats…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I added a piece for the conclusion, tying up the madness exhibited, with the madness willed…


  5. Paul Handover Says:

    You know very well that I am a Brit, and very comfortable with my origins. (My mother, who died last November, aged 96, was a left-leaning liberalist teacher all her life.)

    I am much less comfortable with your observation of recent events a la Brexit. I am even less comfortable with the fact that I do not disagree with your conclusions.

    These are very unsettling times.


    • Paul Handover Says:

      Please edit out my mistake. My mother died at the age of 96, not 76 as I wrote!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes. Glad that we agree to be both very uncomfortable. A French writer living in London for 33 years, when she got married to her English husband Michael, and felt fully British since, learned she was not eligible to become a British citizen, so she may have have to leave. Weirdly, it’s easier for Michael (who does not speak French, nor ever lived in France) to get French citizenship. Michael called himself “disconcerted”. They are making emergency plans to settle in her native Britany… The distance between Britany and Britannia being smaller from where you are in Oregon to the middle of Oregon…

      Although the EU can be infuriating (especially when it neglects military spending when computing deficits), the UK, in the best case, will have it worse in any Brexit scenario, than it has it now…

      Unsettling times, indeed.


      • Paul Handover Says:

        If Michael is a British citizen by birth then I can’t imagine any impediment to his wife applying for and being granted British citizenship. That is the law, or certainly was up to the time when I left the U.K. back in 2008.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Right. Until 2008. However, the laws have changed. PM May is using the 3 million + EU citizens in the UK as a bargaining chip, although the Lords begged her not to do that!


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Ianmiller blog:

    Diabolizing Russia can only counterproductive at this point, and the extent to which it is presently done is sheer propaganda of the grotesque type. (However, I have diabolized Putin on my site, when Obama was doing nothing about him… But now is now. )

    US Deep State (oil men) policy has to use hard core Islamism to serve them and weaken We The People, so that plutocracy could rule. This is not new: plutocrats Roosevelt himself took the turn in 1945, shortly before croaking.


  7. Gmax Says:

    Scary. The Brexiters are completely incoherent, still they keep on going! Why not another vote? Because they are crazy?


  8. picard578 Says:

    1) Did you watch “The Brussels Business?”
    2) This is related, you may find it interesting if you haven’t read it already:
    3) Single market leads to greater concentration of capital in hands of the few. As such, it empowers plutocracy. It is no accident that imperialist plutocracies (US, UK, EU etc.) have always been the greatest proponents of the free trade and single market. The freer the trade, less free the people become. European Union begun as a project of free market, and continued as such. As a result, it is inherently anti-democratic. So, BREXIT is not a conflict of plutocracy and democracy. It is a conflict of two plutocracies, North American and European ones, whose influence intersects at British islands.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      No, I have been overwhelmed, and still I am. Next 36 hours don’t look good…

      The question of localism versus universalism was crucial in West Francia in the Tenth Century. West Francia imploded in 60 counties, duchies, free cities, monastic (es)states, etc… Nominally they were all part of the empire, and people could travel, and did. Yet, it was such a mess, the Vikings started to run all over the place. Also various brigands. Meanwhile the Roman roads were left to degrade (nobody would pay for roads or law enforcement)…. As I told Lovell, the problem with the Euro is technical, but in plain sight.

      Another problem is that France, which is defending all of Europe (mostly) all by herself, should not be ordered around by Euro bureaucrats. In particular military operations and even militaro-industrial spending should be excluded from deficit computations.

      US plutocracy has dimensions escaping European imagination…


      • picard578 Says:

        Yes, too much fragmentation is as bad as too little. That is why I am not against alliances, and would even tolerate a, say, European confederation. But I do not want European empire, which EU is turning into with its bureocratization and forcing plutocracy’s interests onto member states.

        Problem with Euro as a currency is the very fact of its existence. It prevents individual countries from taking fiscal measures to help their economies, and thus ties them to fiscal policies of the plutocratic ECB. Consequence of that is the reduced growth. Especially since ECB supports plutocracy-friendly austerity measures.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I need to write an essay on the Euro problem, and ASAP. Europe worked very well with common currencies for centuries, even millennia.
          In 1,000 CE, Roman currency was in use, led by the SOLIDUS, had been refurbished, and worked all over Francia, that is Gallia, Germania, Italia and everything in between… OK, let me try to squeeze something…


          • picard578 Says:

            It worked very well with common currencies only because those currencies were based on the gold standard. They were typically exchanged by their weight and value of the metal contained in them, and not by their nominal value. That is why Diocletian’s attempt at currency reform failed. But with current system of floating currencies (I don’t know the actual term, basically value is not based on gold), common currency is almost impossible to practically implement, and even if successfully implemented it would remove advantages that led to abandonment of the gold standard in the first place.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            I should displace that comment of yours on my latest essay, I mean the one of yesterday… Only the Solidus was gold standard. The Denarius was ubiquitous, and could not have real value corresponding to face value. Made no sense. Would not have solved the problem of counterfeiting… Which became acute after bishops took control just before 400 CE, causing the fall of the Occidental empire…
            I did not realize Diocletian failed in economy/finance. He used a partly Soviet style command economy… which worked OK until the Vandals took control of the Western and central Med…


  9. Lovell Says:

    Forget about Britain, what is killing the European project is the flawed, premature, and ill-advised monetary union.

    Get rid of the ECB, get rid of the bankers who are sabotaging the goals of the EU and there just might be hope that the project can be saved.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, I have written lots about this. Although I do still agree about my old very pro-Euro essays, new facts have come to light.
      I just checked a new idea I have had for quite a while, and intent to write it down. I checked it tonight with a top (French) banker, and he agreed…
      The ECB is not the problem.
      The problem is middle German banks. They are all bankrupt, thus provide Germany with a state subsidy, while all and any subsidy is forbidden to all and any other Euro nations.
      Weirdly, I seem to be the only one to have observed this.
      But this means I suddenly don’t mind protest vote in France for Marine Le Pen: she is the only one against the Euro (although not really… there is a 2 track system I think she is proposing…)


  10. Chris Snuggs Says:

    So, May is going to pay 50 BILLION for the privilege of trading with the EU!
    How much does all the REST of the world pay for trading with the EU? The latter must be worth TRILLIONS if everyone is paying such vast sums just to trade!
    HINT: The lunatics have taken over the asylum.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It’s a bit more complicated than that. For example, retirements of EU civil servants, some of them UK citizens, have to be paid, according to engagements taken in the past. And the cost predictions had to be adjusted to what the UK anticipates for its own civil servants. Indeed, it’s very valuable to be part of the EU, or the USA. There are economies of scale, to start with.


      • Chris Snuggs Says:

        Chris Snuggs: Payments of all kinds to EU officials are obscenely high. They could probably retire on their saving ALONE.

        We should pay ONLY WHAT IS SET OUT IN ARTICLE 50. The EU is so keen on treatires, so we should STICK TO THE TREAT OBLIGATIONS and pay NO MORE.

        I usually agree with you on everything, but not on the EU, which is corrupt, undemocratic and indeed quasi-fascist (FORCING federalisation on Europe, which NOBODY HAS EVER VOTED FOR, EVER, ANYWHERE), wasteful, manipulative, controlling, incredibly bureaucratic (bureaucracy = control).

        “economies of scale”? The UK is the FIFTH largest economy IN THE WORLD. We have our OWN “sale” and can made favourable deals with ALL kinds of countries.

        We might have stuck with the EU, but THE PRICE IS TOO HIGH:

        -30 MILLION euros per DAY, EVERY DAY
        – loss of 70% of our fishing rights
        – loss of sovereignty and control of laws and borders
        – INSANE French-style bureaucracy
        – inability to refuse entry to KNOWN RAPISTS AND MURDERERS
        – fanatical drive toewards federalistion, WHICH WE DO NOT WANT
        – the RUIN of Southern Europe

        FEW people on the Continent underdstand all this, but what is sad is they mostly DO NOT EVEN TRY TO UNDERSTAND.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I wasted time to read in detail what the UK payment involves.
          I don’t think we disagree on the EU. However, where we disagree is how to change it. Just trying to flee, or jumping in the ocean, and starting to swim, is no panacea. The UK should, and WILL stay, to change the fascist EU from inside. BTW, I support Catalonia to be recognized as a country (within or not, Spain).


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