French Presidential Elections, First Round

Eleven candidates for the first round of the French presidential elections. Each of them has some good ideas. Meaning, all of them have some bad ideas. Four of them may hope to reach the second round.

The usual classification is this: Marine Le Pen, extreme right, Francois Fillon, right, Emmanuel Macron, center, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, extreme left. Well, I don’t agree with that classification. I have another, founded on different criterions. Let me give an example.

French Guyana is on strike: people there are asking for two billion Euros to put universities, schools and the health care system (hospitals, etc.) up to the average of the rest of France. However the (“Socialist”) government declared that there was no money. Reality check: the European Central Bank (ECB) is giving 2.7 billion Euros a day to some of the world’s richest banks, day after day, month after month, year after year. Guyane: zero. Richest managers in the world: all the gifts they can dream of.

France is not just a country, but a civilization which needs to be defended. Actually the one and only civilization we have. Tolerance of intolerance is not tolerant, just conducive to terminal abuse.

The ECB is duplicating the policy of Quantitative Easing of the Federal Reserve bank of the USA, under Obama. Such a policy only augments inequalities, because its aim is to make the wealthiest wealthier. The establishment will deny the obvious, yet, that’s what is going on: the money could be given to We The People directly (Quantitative Easing For the People).

Certainly, money should be provided for modern services to Guyane. But no, money is only for the hyper rich. Those who govern have interest to make the rich richer, in the hope the rich will remember it later.

Meanwhile, as I explained, the bankrupt small German banks are used as a vehicle to provide to German industry with massive subsidies.

Ironically, I used to trash Paul Krugman for being against the Euro. But, like Trump, I am ready to change my mind. Actually I didn’t really change my mind: Paul Krugman and other Euro-phobes were anti-Euro for the wrong reasons.

Paul Krugman and company are complicit in the Quantitative Easing way applied in the USA, and now the EU. So they could not have the correct objection. My own objection is different: the ECB (just as the Fed in the USA) has been helping the rich get richer (be they plutocrats, or the entire German economy).

Marine Le Pen and J-L Mélenchon have the same position about the Euro: re-negotiate, submit the accord to a referendum. I approve.


Islamist Judges and Their Ilk:

The other dimension which I find crucial is the will to defend civilization against fanaticism. We have seen it all before: starting shortly before 1100 CE, a new barbarity rose in Europe, the Crusades. The First Crusade was to some extent justified, however it was conducted under completely atrocious conditions, including cannibalism, from Alsace, to Jerusalem. It got even worse later, with ever worse crusades, including the extermination of millions of Cathars, the ejection of Jews, and the apparition of the so-called “Inquisition”, one speciality of, was to burn people who dared to bring books. This ever greater degeneracy culminated in outright “wars of religions”, which cursed through Europe for two centuries. By 1700 CE, Germany had lost a third of her population, the dictator of France, not content with kicking out the Jews, had tried to  kick out the Protestants, and so on. In the Eighteenth Century, all this was reversed… At least in France and Great Britain (Prussia/Germany and Austria was a very different matter: except during conquest by the French, Jews were racially excluded).

Now we have a similar development of intolerance, propped by Fundamentalist Islam, in both its Shiite and Suni variants. The degree of intolerance is considerable, as works of Voltaire on Islam cannot be shown today. The engine of the Islamist invasion is a whole class of intellectuals… But they actually do exactly what the great masters of plutocracy who lead Washington and New York want them to do, namely propped anti-intellectual, inhuman obscurantism, favorable to their own machinations. Melenchon said part of this. Le Pen and Fillon have claimed they would take much stricter stances against Islam.

(I didn’t mention Macron, a French Obama who studied philosophy: it’s indeed the same as Obama, a candidate of the financial statu quo ante, let’s tweak here and there. I may have to talk about him more, as he has a high probability to make it to the secondround…)

Human beings are naturally abusive, especially when there are too many of them. Tribal effects is how they get stronger. At some point, some tribes can go very wrong: consider Stalinism, Nazism, Spanish fascism, Maoism, Khmer Rouges, etc. Each killed millions, even dozens of millions of innocent people, just because they could, and to encourage the others.


Many say: “Oh, but Fillon is corrupt.” The same would admire Obama. Obama is dozens of times richer than Fillon, for a much shorter political career. And it’s not because the USA is dozens of time richer than France. Others will say:”But Le pen is racist.” No, Le Pen is not racist. Not anymore than Trump. Some fear that Mélenchon is a great danger. Well, he cannot govern along. Parliamentary elections are coming, they will determine the Prime Minister, who really govern. The President is more into directing nuclear fire where needed….


Time to stop the way the Euro is abused, time to stop Islamophilia. That’s what I recommend. That leaves few candidates to chose from. There is only so much abuse a civilization imbued Republic can take before reacting, lest it wants to be destroyed.

Patrice Ayme’


22 Responses to “French Presidential Elections, First Round”

  1. kevishaw Says:

    Wait, there is more. Support for Melenchon? Interesting, with tax against the hyper-rich, which he jokes could bring a “plague of frogs.” I like his rhetoric. However, I am confused about how a national French referendum on the EU treaties might work out. Does this mean allowing Germany to continue solo without the right influence? Or would such a referendum have a gravitational pull on the German psyche? In other words, could such a referendum send a message against the Islamo-pacifists and pluto-banksters throughout the EU? I am intrigued.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Melenchon and Le Pen have been very clear, and especially the former, that they would renegotiate first, with muscle applied. Macron also now is implying the same (along the nice line ‘we will make Europe good’, paraphrasing).
      I personally called for years, that the French presidency/government apply muscle. Fact is France has already more muscle than Germany, but does not apply it (from lack of knowledge, thus mental certainty, thus will). Sarkozy just wanted to be part of the Pluto club (he succeeded, as did his brother).
      Hollande just listened to Macron, the Messenger from Rothschild. Chirac knew nothing, Mitterand was Vichy recycled… Arguably the last OK president was the insufferable Giscard, decorated by the diamonds of the Central African “empire”….

      I have also called for massive taxes against the hyper rich, all over. However, presently in France, as in the USA, one has massive taxes on the middle class and upper middle class. The Plutos pay no significant tax, such is their definition.

      “Germany” is not “Germany”. “Germany” is a bunch of right wing politicians masquerading as friendly to the people, Bill Clinton style… Merkler is quite good at hiding what she is truly doing, maybe so good, she hides it from herself… She can be very bold, under her benign look, as when she dumped nuclear to embrace lignite… Under the guise of “ecology”. I personally know mini-Plutos from Germany, they are “friends”, they travel the world free, first class, buying properties in exotic expensive locales… All this because of the existing “German” tax structure…

      A good reason to send a strong message against the existing maleficent Euro structure, is to get the French government to move, and tell it as it is (I don’t think they understand presently).

      BTW, the 2.1 billion Euros for Guyana were found, at least conceptually, after my essay was published, and an accord was signed.

      Both Le Pen and Melanchon have been condemned by the establishment for the same crime, namely claiming that an economy should have as much money as it needs (which is how the UK, Japan, the USA, Canada, China, etc. work…). I have proferred this message for decades, and France can’t go on while controlled by the ECB in Frankfurt. If nothing else, it’s impacting French, thus European, defense.

  2. Heraclitus Ephesus‏ Says:

    @Tyranosopher: What do you think of Macron? He seems to me the best choice.

  3. Leroy Says:

    Leroy Added Apr 23, 2017 – 10:56pm

    From the title of your article, I hope to gain some incite to the first round of the French elections, but, alas, I was disappointed.

    Looks like the establishment parties took a beating with Macron and Le Pen coming out on top. All hell is breaking loose protesting Le Pen, just as it happened when Trump was elected. The contrast between the two winners couldn’t be starker. Macron is pro-EU and wants a tighter integration with the EU and unlimited immigration. He stands with the global elites. Le Pen is anti-EU and opposes unchecked immigration and is the enemy of the global elites. It appears, like Trump, Le Pen has no chance of winning the final round.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Leroy: Sorry to disappoint you. However, the result of the first round was within a fraction of percentage point on each candidate. I expected this, so I talked of other things. What you said is correct, except of the “unlimited immigration” about Macron. Official immigration in France has been very small. However, immigration has been gigantic in the UK, amounting to well above 8 millions, or 15% of the present population. Reason? No identification mandatory in the UK, differently from Germany, France.

      Le Pen, this time, has really no chance to win, she will do well if she goes above 35% (differently from Trump, who was nearly always ahead in the USC poll). She is truly working on next time. Should the Euro management not change, she is sure to win next time. I will post a link on another essay explaining the problem with the Euro (it’s not what “they” say…)

  4. John G Says:

    John G Added Apr 24, 2017 – 6:53pm

    The Euro needs to the way of the dodo. It was never going to work.
    If the French want to stop people migrating from muslim countries then you should stop your government waging war and regime change operations there.
    You’re blaming the victims of your own society’s failures.
    The zionist influence in France is far more dangerous to you than muslims.

    Oh, and Macron is an arch neoliberal scumbag banker. He’s like Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton rolled into one.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      John G: You think that because France wages war against fanatics, fanatics migrate to France? Strange. Actually, there is not much migration to France on the part of fanatics. True in some of the attacks, refugee flows have been used: 4 in the November 13, 2015 attack. And the guy in Nice was a Tunisian migrant.

      “Zionist influence”? Nothing new: there have been “Jews” in “France” for more than 2,100 years… France had Jewish PMs and presidents before, and the sky did not fall…

      The Dodo did not need to disappear, except that it was delicious. The Euro is half made, like a plane half constructed.

      I have an analysis on Macron along the lines you expressed, coming.

  5. Billy Roper Says:

    Billy Roper Added Apr 25, 2017 – 7:58am

    Le Pen is a coopted controlled opposition candidate surrounded by Jews, from her VP to her boyfriend, and homosexuals

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Billy Roper: I am not an expert on sex lives of presidential candidates, and I don’t obsess about homosexuality. Le Pen has 3 children. There no VP position in France. If the president’s office is vacant, the president of the Senate immediately succeeds, and presidential elections are called within 30 days. This happened once.

  6. Stone-Eater Friedli afronum Says:

    Stone-Eater Friedli afronum Added Apr 25, 2017 – 11:55am

    Macron is the continuation of Hollande. A faceless puppet idiot. I would have voted Le Pen. Just to get Frexit and out of NATO.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Stone-Eater Friedli afronum: There are also other reasons to vote for le Pen, such as frightening the powers that be into more rational positions.
      Like Obama, in a sense very similar, Macron is very smart. Very smart in some dimensions. Very smart into selling himself, yet apparently a bit less a puppet than Obama (Obama is a personal, or used to be a personal, friend of mine… Long ago.)

  7. Dino Manalis Says:

    Dino Manalis Added Apr 25, 2017 – 1:49pm

    Macron is expected to win, but terrorism and the refugee crisis will continue to enhance Le Pen’s popularity, so Macron should position himself center-right to deal with people’s economic and security concerns, as well as contain Le Pen.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dino Manalis: The refugee crisis has not impacted France much (except for the idiots from ISIS who used the refugee flow to infiltrate France).
      The real problem at this point in my opinion is the Euro Cheating Germany has engaged in, and which was NOT detected by anybody it seems, aside from yours truly…

  8. Leroy Says:

    Leroy Added Apr 25, 2017 – 7:45pm

    I lived in France when Le Pen’s father entered politics. He was anti-immigrant and antisemitic. He was so racist that he made me laugh with some of his outrageous comments, such as “The only problem with Uncle Adolf is that he didn’t go far enough.” He could never muster more that 13% or so of the vote at the time. He was a little ahead of his time on immigration. His daughter is an offshoot from his ideology, a kinder, gentler version.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Leroy: Apparently you are at least 90 years old! Congratulations!

      In November 1944, aged 16, Jean Marie Le Pen was turned down (because of his age) by Colonel Henri de La Vaissière (then representative of the Communist Youth) when he attempted to join the French Forces of the Interior (FFI). Against Hitler.

      Le Pen did his military service, then became a lawyer and joined the Foreign Legion

      In 1953, a year before the beginning of the Algerian War, he contacted President Vincent Auriol, who approved Le Pen’s proposed volunteer disaster relief project after a flood in the Netherlands. Within two days, there were 40 volunteers from his university, a group that would later help victims of an earthquake in Italy. In Paris in 1956, he was elected to the National Assembly as a member of Pierre Poujade’s UDCA populist party. Le Pen, 28 years old, was the youngest member of the Assembly. Ever.

      Now his grandaughter, Marion Marechal Le Pen, has become the youngest MP ever.

      In 1957, he became the General Secretary of the National Front of Combatants, a veterans’ organization, as well as the first French politician to nominate a Muslim candidate, Ahmed Djebbour, an Algerian, elected in 1957 as deputy of Paris. The next year, following his break with Poujade, Le Pen was reelected to the National Assembly as a member of the Centre National des Indépendants et Paysans (CNIP) party, led by Antoine Pinay.

      In the presidential elections where he defeated the Socialist candidate Jospin, JM Le Pen got 19% of the vote.

      Racist insults about other people being racist are still racist. Because I was critical of Clinton, some people I knew went all around media and universities, calling me a “racist troll”. When I asked them why, they said they knew very well I am not racist (I am from a multi-racial, multi-continental, multi-lingual, multi-national family), but they had to “stop me”.

      Stop what? Telling the truth?

  9. John G Says:

    Patrice: You think that because France wages war against fanatics, fanatics migrate to France?
    If you wage war against muslim countries you will get muslims fleeing those countries. Your government is in bed with the fanatics.

    Patrice: “Zionist influence”? Nothing new: there have been “Jews” in “France” for more than 2,100 years
    Zionism has only been around for 130 odd years and it doesn’t mean Jewish. I’m sensing that you’re probably an islamophobic zionist yourself. Am I wrong?

    Patrice: “The Euro is half made”.
    The Euro will never, ever work. It is not half made.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      John G: You reason tribal, feel tribal, expect tribal. I look down on tribal, and don’t partake in it, as much as I can get away with it.

      France does not “wage war against Muslim countries”. For example, the French intervention in Mali was because the government of Mali asked for military help. Also, define “Muslim countries”.

      France got help request from the Spanish republic in 1936. The government of PM Leon Blum (a “Jew”) declined, because of UK-USA opposition to French intervention. Huge mistake.

  10. Leroy Says:

    “Leroy: Apparently you are at least 90 years old! Congratulations!”

    Old, but not that old. I am referring to the period when he became a political force, not a wannabe politician. That started in the mid-80s. More specifically, the period referred to as the”Lepénisation des esprits”, in the late 80s.

    In 1988, Le Pen’s party received 9.8% of the vote. In 1993, 12.9%. Le Pen, himself, received 14.4% in 1988 and 15% in 1995. I wasn’t too far off.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Leroy: Jean Marie Le Pen was the youngest Member of Parliament at 28. And he was re-elected. Not exactly wannabe. In 2002, first round, Chirac got nearly 20%, and Le Pen nearly 17%. Not bad for a guy who started as an orphan, with no support whatsoever. The official PS candidate got just 6% in the latest elections….

      Make no mistake: I am extremely pro-European, and I was long anti-Le Pen. But the present Euro and EU systems don’t work. To the point of endangering Europe.

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