Plutocracy Banking On Obama, Macron

Finance Self-Finances By Financing Your Leaders:
Obama won’t go to Wall Street he certified to “60 Minutes” just before leaving the White House. He may as well: when lying is one’s speciality, one has to practice all the time, and break the lying sound barrier. This is what happens when as critics focus to yesterday’s lie, one has moved to the next one. Adulated minutes with Wall Street powerhouse Cantor Fitzgerald will bring Obama $400,000.

As Obama wrote a greatly fictionalized autobiography. However he let slip as an important slip, his greatest philosophical principle: the important thing in life is how to navigate. This is certainly the case for the puppet leaders we enjoy nowadays. It’s actually their definition: they would do anything to exert power on other people, and, as they start with nothing, they are ready to do everything.

We know this sort of creature. History has seen it before, especially when called upon by a corrupt state of affairs. Even Elizabeth Warren, who likes to pose as a far-left Massachusetts Democrat, had taken Obama’s $400,000 contract to speak at the big-money Wall Street firm.
‘I was troubled by that,’ she said during an interview about her latest populist book (is she still troubled by it, no more, the next day?).
‘One of the things I talk about in the book is the influence of money. I describe it as a snake that slithers through Washington. And that it shows up in so many different ways here in Washington.’

Obama the slithering snake, in many different ways, and that is the truth?

A creed for our degenerate, abysmal times. Obama: ‘I Slither, Therefore I Am. What’s your problem? That I am a winner and you are a loser? Faust was just a book, losers! There is no nefarious pact with the devil, any devil, when there is no soul to lose! Enjoy staying ahead while you can! If nobody makes you gifts, ain’t my fault!’

Cantor-Fitzgerald is not any financial firm: it’s one which profited handsomely from 8 years of handsome giveaways from the US government, trillions of dollars of them, during the gigantic “Quantitative Easing-Twist” programs. Those programs were the essential stimuli of Obama’s reign. Instead of financing We The People, or the economy of the entire USA, those programs financed the wealthiest financiers and their managers.

Understanding this is beyond the reach of the media, even the smartest (New York and its ilk, The Economist, Financial Times). And if it’s somewhere in the Internet, besides yours truly, I am not aware of it. This is deliberate, because that’s how the owners of these media are getting ever wealthier, powerful, and mind controlling. The end result is that 99% of the population have no knowledge of the fact that the government which nickle and dime them, gives trillions to the wealthiest. Actually those trillions have been stolen, because it is the agent of the wealthiest (like Goldman, Cantor, etc.) who gave that money to their masters.

Victor Hugo wrote about these things, nearly two centuries ago. In “Les Miserables”, Jean Valjean steals a bread and is sent to hard labor. In 2017 France, a man was condemned for having stolen 20 Euro CENTS. With 20 Euro cents, one can buy just not even a fifth of the cheapest bread. That man was sent to prison. This is Macron France.

The USA is not any better: California has sent people to jail forever, for stealing a pizza slice, and stealing $31 of candy will accomplish the same.

At the same time, Macron says, Obama like, that, “France has no culture” and “colonialism was a crime against humanity“… Meaning that Julius Caesar committed a crime against humanity, when he made the more than 60 nations of Gaul into one? Money is, for the elite, the only culture worth having.

One has to remember that the inherited feudal system which grew out of the early Carolingian empire, appeared exactly that way: government positions turned into inherited, ever richer families
The only thing Obama knows really well about finance is that if you finance the wealthiest finance, as a great leader of the so-called free world, finance will finance you. This is not just the past, but the present, and the future. Just as self-described American democrats voted for the Goldman Sachs bank by voting for Obama, self-described French socialists are getting ready to vote for Banque Rothschild.

Have we ever seen more ridiculous times? As the other one would say, at least the Nazis tried to hide what they were doing. But now no more: the leading candidate to the French presidency, 39-year-old, used to be a banker, making millions of Euros a year, merging companies, firing workers. Guess what? He does not know, nobody knows, what he did with all this money. Guess even better? The plutocratically owned French media don’t care, and when Macron says his many millions are now just 300,000 Euros of total property, they don’t smell a rat.

Obama went to a private island resort next to Tahiti where it costs $11,000 a day. So in 4 days, Obama spent more on his leisure than a median family of four in the US earns in a year (post-tax). And he probably paid nothing, just as he paid nothing frolicking on a 500 foot yacht afterwards, or on Branson’s private isle (there, a retinue of 100 people accompanied him, also at taxpayers’ expense).

Cantor Fitzgerald specializes in the sort of investment the Obama presidency made, with Quantitative easing, so we can view this as a quid pro quo. In 100 days, the Obamas already piled up 61.9 million dollars in payments I know of. At this rate, it will take 15 years for Obama to become as rich as Trump. Not a bad deal, for the wealthiest, as the wealthiest never got as rich under a leader, as under Obama, in the entire history of humanity.

This is a time of progress, down the abyss of inequality, and the flaunting of corruption. We are led by greed machines, obsessed by power onto other people, and otherwise vacuous: Clinton, Obama, Trudeau, Macron, Putin, May, Renzi, etc.

Trump? Of course Trump is a will to power machine, but he can afford a soul, a will of his own, something the ones I just mentioned could not, and cannot, afford, otherwise they would not have been selected to lead us all, in this mesmerizing puppet shows, while, behind the thrones, feudalism keeps on growing, like the metastatic cancer that it is.

It is easier to  change things, to confront an opponent (like Trump) when one knows what said opponent really believes in. Authenticity is an asset for progress. When the opponent is maximally lying (as Hitler or Mussolini, or Stalin and Mao), the task is more difficult.
Patrice Ayme’


17 Responses to “Plutocracy Banking On Obama, Macron”

  1. SDM Says:

    In what way is Warren a “poser”? And where does Drumpf show any soul? Between Warren and Trump, it is clear that Warren is more anti-plutocracy than Trump. He is all about Goldman Sachs now that he is in office and shows no indication of any attempt rein in plutocrats as he aims to profit from public office.
    That the opposition party has been inept at addressing plutocracy does not change the fact that Trump is a climate denier and money-grubbing windbag who is more focused on cashing in than addressing economic exploitation by plutocrats.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I don’t remember what she did in the last 3 weeks to raise my ire, but she said something so outrageous, I couldn’t believe it. I used to be very pro-Warren before she became Senator, BTW. Since then, she has increasingly disappointed me. BTW, lest you think otherwise, I used to be tops with the dems, and I am still contributing to the Party, and I have friends there, some mayors, some retired prez, HOWEVER, the state of proposals of the Democratic Party is grotesque: why no carbon tax demands? Why no financial transaction tax demand? Why no making the hyper rich pay tax, including Apple with its 1% joke in Ireland. On latter point at least Trump is floating something out. But dems? N O T H I N G….

      All dem politicos I know are just obessed with themselves, exactly like the Donald, just smaller. Like very small tiny cockroach compared with big roach.

      I had a fight with my mom about Trump being a climate denier. He is on the record saying it’s a hoax, but also a tragedy… Whatever. Statements are nothing out of context. If Trump puts a carbon tax, he will have done something for climate. Obama did nothing (however, Texas !!!!!! did)

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Warren is clearly more anti-pluto than Trump, the ways she talks. But it’s like with the ecology: short of carbon tax, nothing much. Similarly, short of financial transaction tax, taking out (most) derivatives, nothing much. I don’t see Warren EDUCATING the rabble about these issues. So I don’t think she really want to change matters. Thus my accusation of “poser”. Same holds for Sanders, or any dem I know of. Should that persist, I will stop my appartenance and involvment with the Democratic Party

      • SDM Says:

        Educating the rabble is not easy. Propaganda spewed forth by corporate media has been quite effective. The bogey man of “socialism” is still too scary for many and the mere mention of the word is enough to trigger a reflex response of “un-american” or worse.
        Despite the extreme failings of “trickle down” economics, it is still alive and kicking. All plutos need to do is hint that even a dime of a taxpayer’s money is used to help “the other” and that will pave the way for tax cuts for the wealthy and budget cut austerity. Except as always for the glorified military – support the troops, keeping us safe!
        Try getting past that mentality.
        Reagan’s attack on government as a problem rather than a solution is still alive and well, especially when identity politics is invoked. Welfare queens, immigrants, unions, etc.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I agree with all you say. I have been at “Democratic” events, and being told explicitly NOT to talk politics to the great man or woman at hand, the elected politician. Thus one can be in presence of the top of tops, and told explicitly to shut up at all times, while one sees children of plutos aged four making donations of $32,000, or more.

          The disease came before Reagan (maybe when the JFK assassination was not sorted out… itself a continuation of the Dulles and al., itself a continuation of the instauration of Nazism by US Plutos in Germany). Although Reagan, this Alzheimer, drunk series B puppet was fully noxious. Reagan started his evil ways when he introduced a tuition to the University of California. Carter launched deliberately, cynically the war in Afghanistan:

          Trump makes an important work of truth which reminds me of the times when the unelected Ford was president and the somewhat criminal activities of the CIA were revealed.

          This being said, Trump has soured on Wikipedia, or, at least he wants us to believe that. It’s true that the last revelations on the tricks of the intelligence agencies are hard to swallow for those who care for safety. What’s next? Revealing how the North Korean missiles keep on explosing?

          I am 100% with Wikipedia. However, some military secrets and methods should NOT be revealed. When the French government launched its nuclear weapon program, in January 1938, all patent and public information on the chain reaction were withdrawn (However, Irene Curie had already informed Otto Hahn and his subordinate colleague Lise Meitner, through an extensive correspondance… Fortunately Lise Meitner was not dumb, and a Jew… So the plenty enough Nazi Heisenberg stayed in the dark)

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          If the French nuclear bomb effort haf been revealed in January 1938, the consequences would have been unfathomable. Nazis and Japs would have seen the danger, and taken it into account. Germany never had an all-out nuke program, because Heisenberg and company thought nukes couldn’t be made. However the Japs had THREE nuke programs! In contrast the West had just one: the Franco->Franco-British->Manhattan Project… which was led by Italian anti-fascist nobel Enrico Fermi…
          The Manhattan project started in Paris in January 38, the Japs started many years later… Manhattan developed much faster, as the USA had gigantic GDP, relatively, and the science was clear and clean (so to speak).

  2. benign Says:

    Martin Armstrong recently posted a link to Herbert Hoover’s memoirs of the 1920s and the Great Depression (below). They are worth reading.

    Hoover writes bitterly of the corruption of Wall Street in the late 1920s as the cause of the subsequent crash and entirely forecastable great depression. He tried to control the credit excess but was opposed by legalists who supported the Fed’s independence. The Fed is and always has been Wall Street’s whore.

    Hoover complained that without reform Wall Street would take America into a state resembling the Middle Ages! And I thought I was original in calling current developments “neo-feudalism” a decade or more ago. Hoover spoke of some of the people on Wall Street in his day as purely “evil.”

    Capitalism seems to devolve into wealth inequality, immiseration of the proles, and political corruption over about a long lifetime. Too bad they didn’t get rid of the Fed last time; and institute term limits; and ban private funding of elections….

    Trump is a bad joke, the latest Empire’s Fool.

    We’re f****d. As Armstrong says, we can only hope that we’ll crash and burn bad enough to inspire true reform.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      In his last (apparent) comment on this site, Dominique Deux declared that I was fundamentally an eternal optimist (because I was looking at the good side of Trump, sometimes). The way I look at Trump, is that it is a lick in the antmill.
      It is sure that the antics of Ivanka are grating. Also she has impossibly long legs and a rather small head, especially considering other, rather ample features…

      But we will see. Kushner is another nepotism artist. But I would have done just the same had I been in their position. Supposedly Kushner is for a carbon tax. I care about the carbon tax, not the antics.

      My point here: the sort of gov we have now is not just grotesque, but terminally bad. However, whereas Obama did nothing good beyond a few details, Trump and his cortege of the privilege, could still do better. Trump is not for sale: he already bought himself, and dated his daughter (at least in his mind, did he announced to squealing TV personalities…)

      Anyway, will look at link. By coincidence I tweeted earlier:
      Hamilton? The inventor of the idea of the Federal Reserve Bank? The idea which President Jackson hated so much? Maybe rightly so?

      Central Banks, as prez Jackson thought, are just Pluto device, when not under strict We The People control…

  3. SDM Says:

    Corporate control of the media is perhaps the number one obstacle for any undoing of plutocracy. Controlling what gets broadcast is a powerful tool. Number two may be the undermining of public education. These two go hand in hand. Manufacturing consent and fomenting divisions within the 99% has been working quite well for the 1%.

    Eradicating net neutrality is the next attack.

    Media outlets focus on the divisions and steer clear of what would help to unite we the people against plutocracy. Occasionally a story gets some attention but if it starts to get any traction, the spin machine goes into high speed before it can spread further.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “Corporate control”???? The largest shareholder of the non-voting shares of the New York Times is Carlos Slim. He is a thief, and one of the richest men in the world. Basically a pluto, several generations of plutos. Then his politcos agents got him Mexican Telecom for pennies on the dollar. Not different from Obama sending billions to Cantor Fitzgerald and then 499K for 50 minutes.
      NYT never criticizes Slims, and bans me just as scrupulously.
      The voting shares are dominated by the same families *mostly one) since the 19th century.
      So what we have here is flesh and blood plutos…

      It’s true corporations can get criminalized. Some German and US corporations cooperated with Hitler (thousands), some did not (I think Siemens did not give a pfennig…). However, at this point the .1% are hidden behind the tax code extremely well… There again top dems are silent like carps…

      • SDM Says:

        no doubt corporations are directed by flesh and blood -they just use corporate entities to do their dirty work and the tax code is their shield.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          What I tried to say: Corporations are only one of the interfaces of (flesh and blood) plutocracy with the world. Anonymous companies, Trusts, Politicos, Media, Universities, Foundations, Deep State, some of the others.

  4. ianmillerblog Says:

    From what I can make out, Macron has got where he has got by being “different”. Soon they will find out how much so.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Different yet just the same. Macron is the Uberification of French society.
      Hollande was doing just what Macron told him to do. Nobody in France seems to understand that, but I got it from watching, several times, a movie of the early Hollande presidency. Paying careful attention to body language.
      Macron: the roquet de Rothschild.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Just blasted all self-described experts in latest essay, not just Macron…

  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    To: patriceay
    Sent: Fri, May 12, 2017 12:51 pm

    Qui, de vous ou d’elle, est le plus stupide ? Le débat reste ouvert Clignement d’œil

    Jean-Maurice PARNET
    International Business Advisor


    Cell: +336.10014317

    Je ne veux plus UN SEUL MUSULMAN DE PLUS en France

    « Tolérance et apathie sont les dernières vertus d’une société mourante ».

    Saint Augustin : « L’Espérance a deux filles superbes : la colère et le courage;
    la colère pour que ce qui ne doit pas être ne soit pas, et le courage pour que ce qui doit être soit »

    “L’Etat islamique, c’est l’islam. L’islam, c’est l’islamisme au repos. L’islamisme, c’est l’islam en action”

    ”If you aren’t willing to fight for what you believe, do not cry about what you will lose.” – JMP

    ”La force de la cité n’est pas dans ses vaisseaux, ni dans ses remparts, mais dans le caractère de ses citoyens” – Thucydide

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