Vel D’Hiv Roundup ORDERED By The GERMAN NAZIS, NOT “France”

When people have forgotten the details, all they remember are the moods they led to. Moods, thus, are what’s left behind, and they drive most human behaviors.

On Mount Athos A monastery proclaims in giant Cyrillic letters: “Orthodoxy Or DEATH”. On Mount Athos, a very long towering peninsula, female animals are outlawed. A human female transgressing that law can be imprisoned for a year. Revealingly, that law was agreed to by the European Union in 2003. This is an example of the “multicultural” mentality reigning in the Union. Meanwhile Merkel was in Saudi Arabia, signing contracts. Saudi Arabia plans to execute a citizen for stopping to believe in Islam. Just a detail, says Merkel, and her followers, through her acts.

The secret of the success of the present civilization is that it is closer than any alternatives, to the true nature of the genus Homo. Multicultural means, in practice that one accepts the primacy of values violating civilization, and thus, human ethology itself. Multiculturalism is what used to be called “nihilism” in Nietzsche’s time.

A way to feed nihilism is to deliberately misinterpret history, by making the good look terrible. This is efficiently done by accusing France of Nazism in World War Two. One of the two remaining candidates to the French presidency, Emmanuel Macron, is doing this in several ways. Apparently to advance his globalist, global financial plutocracy agenda, Macron is busy accusing France of crimes against humanity. If France is a criminal against humanity, why to have her old principles guide us? It’s much better to obey the orders of global plutocracy.

Marine Le Pen had estimated on April 10, 2017, that “France”  “n’est pas responsable du Vel d’Hiv” (France is not responsible of the Vel d’Hiv round-up). On the face of it, it’s an evidence, whichever way one wants to define “France” and “responsibility“:

Those who claim that “France” ordered the arrest of Jews in Paris in 1942 are either ridiculously ignorant and, or, culprit of grave accusations against France, the civilization which declared war against Nazism. Or then they are vicious liars through and through, who, by accusing France accuse precisely the force that fought plutocracy organized mass murdering fascism. The map above shows clearly that it was the German Nazis who were giving the orders, and NOT the fascist punks (in the US recognized Vichy coup junta).

However, in 1995 French president Jacques Chirac, not an intellectual, had recognized “the responsibility of France” in the round-up of July 1942. 13,000 Jews had been arrested through Paris.

The short of it is this: France, the French Republic, declared war to Hitler, and the Axis on September 3, 1939, finding herself de facto at war with Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and the Soviet Union. The enormity of the enmity and task which faced the French Republic is all too neglected. Hitler, in particular, wanted to kill all the French, not just all the Jews.

For some weird and complicated happenstance, no help but, instead, hostility coming from the USA, France had to ask for a ceasefire on 22 June 1940. The Battle of France had killed around 200,000 soldiers, and was the deadliest battle of the Western front during the five and three-quarter years long Second World War in Europe (not counting the three years prior that in Spain).

As a result, France was occupied and cut in four pieces: a part controlled by a junta in Vichy in the South, a part controlled by fascist Italy in the South East, a part controlled by Nazi Germany, and a part which was Nazi military exclusion zone.

Paris was deep in the part occupied and governed by the Nazis directly. Under Nazi orders, the French police was compelled to arrest refugee Jews (many of them from Germany). Those Jewish refugees were stuck in France, as the USA had refused them entry. The US only accepted celebrity refugees, such as Nobel Prizes and the like (Einstein, Fermi, Teller, Ulam, etc.)

By the way, at the time the Holocaust of the Jews was not official knowledge, anywhere. It was kept secret by the Anglo-Saxons, the Nazis, and other powers that be.

So the responsibility of France in this?

It exists: France declared war to Hitler. And many still regrets this, apparently.

But the Junta in Vichy was not giving the orders in Paris. The Nazis were. Also the Junta in Vichy was not France: it was a coup. OK, that coup was recognized right away by US President FD Roosevelt, who immediately sent his right-hand man, four star Admiral Leahy. FDR was busy pursuing his business opportunities with Hitler.

So what’s Macron’s game? Making the French ashamed of France, and anxious to pay their respect to Macron’s employer, Banque Rothschild, which gave him millions. And their ilk. Meanwhile Le Pen proposed a double currency system: the Euro as common currency, plus a local Franc. Europe used a similar system for more than 15 centuries, at the time when it invented the civilization we enjoy now.

Macron is a vicious liar, or an arrogant ignorant. Not a comfortable perspective for those who want to resist the increasing power grab Nazism itself was only a part of.

Through foundations, trusts, anonymous companies, plutocratic universities, media ownership (some dating from the 19th century, as with the banning and censoring New York Times), the same class and its descendants are pulling the strings, not just in one country, but worldwide. They are united by greed, and the will to power, not race: already Hitler got support from the rabidly anti-Jew Henry Ford, and thousands of German Jews (some plutocrats, as the Warburgs, who got even associated to Zyklon B and the extermination program!) . US President Jackson was already infuriated, even on his deathbed, against the Rothschild bank. He would not have been surprised one of its employees is running for French president…

Patrice Ayme’

7 Responses to “Vel D’Hiv Roundup ORDERED By The GERMAN NAZIS, NOT “France””

  1. benign Says:

    Just had time to pick out one bon mot: “Multiculturalism is what used to be called “nihilism” in Nietzsche’s time.” Nice.

    cheers, benign


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Benign! Yes, that’s a good one, I notice it too, now that you point it out! Sometimes I write fast (other things to do, like life), and may not really notice what I am saying (although I generally approve my own messages later on)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Here is another one: When we indulge in passion, the mysteries become irrelevant, and life an obvious good.


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Project Syndicate, May 7, 2017…]

    There is no evidence from her mouth that Le Pen is a racist homophobe. Quite the opposite, she was very clear on this. Some of the policies advocated by Le Pen, such as national preference in government deal making have been US LAW for generations. Nobody calls the US names for that, and the EU, and France are fully open to US abuse in this respect. How much “left” is it to keep on ignoring US nationalist abuse of Europe? But that is exactly what the left has been doing for decades now.

    French peasants are supposed to farm, hands tied in the back. They can’t use plenty of modern methods, by French “left” law, opr European “law”, but then the French market is open to unfair compatition. For example, GMO grains and beans are forbidden in France, yet, if produced overseas, they swamp the French market.

    GE, with enormous help from Obama, bought Alstom, and Macron said alleluia. No wonder Obama who loves fat checks, loves Macron.

    As far as accusing Le Pen of Vichy, those sort of hateful, racist accusations are grotesque. Jean Marie Le Pen (not a friend of mine!) tried to enroll in the FFI (Force Francaise de l’Interieur). However, Colonel Tanguy, the Communist head of the FFI, told him he was too young to do so. The FFI was killing Nazis.

    Another thing is that a casual look at what happened shows that the Vel d’Hiv round-up was odered by GERMAN NAZIS, not by “Vichy”. Although I hate the junta in Vichy, the truth is Vichy did not give the orders north of… Vichy. The round-up thanks to Bousquet (a collaborator life long friend of Vichy Francois Mitterand) was reduced to foreign refugeee 13,000 Jews instead of the 200,000 French Jews the Nazis initially wanted.

    The self-declared “left” cannot get milleage from outrageous lies. The more of those, the greater the risk that people will realize they have been manipulated into the exact opposite of what they should be, and the more democracy will go Trump.


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [To Varoufakis, PS]
    I really like Varoufakis, historically speaking, and I have lauded him on my site in the past. However. Instead of telling lies about what happened in World War Two, to insult resistance to plutocracy today, one should learn to look at maps depicting what truly happened:


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