“Right” and “Left” Both Agents Of Plutocracy

The “left” and “right” labels don’t mean much these days. The next French president, Macron, is going to be a 39-year-old Rothschild “banker”, who earned millions a year (being a future president, thus a Rothschild agent, in all appearance). Astoundingly, the 32 year old, unqualified in economics and finance, was making 60,000 dollars a week, from the world most notorious bank, which US President Jackson hated already, two centuries ago. Even more revealingly, Macron is the official “socialist” candidate, with the full might of french state propaganda behind him (my rather placid comments to French state media on how the Euro works, are censored)

Macron was economic and finance adviser, on the right side of French president Hollande always, apparently representing the powers that be, and then he was economy and finance minister, front and center.

In a presidential debate against his opponent, a lawyer, Macron exhibited blatant, baffling, mesmerizing ignorance in what he is supposed to be expert in, economics and finance. (However, because he speaks with total verve and self-assurance, exhibiting “finesse” as he mostly intimated, Macron was believed by all too much of the rabble Macron who watched him on TV.)

“Representative Democracy” is neither representative, nor a democracy.

In the presidential debate, golden banker boy Macron got the history of French unemployment, in the last few decades wrong (it’s the highest now, something he did not know, and which has everything to do with the fact the Euro is the direct tool of German plutocracy, with the complicity of the French plutos, who profit handsomely of the present ECB system!)

More surprisingly, Macron did not hide his initially baffled surprise when confronted by Le Pen about the history of the ECU (European Currency Unit), the predecessor of the Euro. Macron behaved as if he had never heard of the ECU, and as if Le Pen were out of her mind when she talked about an imaginary ECU (however, Macron just flaunted astounding ignorance with such aplomb that he convinced the watching rabble, all over France that he could only be right and Le Pen could only be wrong). Finally Macron, as part of his deep, yet subterranean, systematic French bashing, claimed that France was uniquely doing bad economically in Europe (so, by using uberization, and making France into a start-up, Macron will whip the French into shape…)

Whereas everybody is doing badly in the Eurozone is, except for Germany, the former explaining the latter. Why is Germany doing so great? Because of its hidden banking subsidies, of a sort which are outlawed in the rest of the Eurozone. (Great Britain is out of that exploitation scheme, because the UK has its own currency.) France used to have large banks fiancing small industry such as the now defunct Dexia and the Credit Agricole fulfilling that role. But no more since 2008. Whereas Germany has thousands of small, bankrupt banks financing its crucial “middle industry”.

Macron, the Rothschild roquet is the SOCIALIST candidate… Don’t laugh, this is serious: hordes of “socialist” sheep are voting for him, so that they can be be fleeced. Sled driving cars soon, self fleecing sheep, now! Macron, in his early thirties, without having ever studied economics or finance, earned money at the rate of millions a year. But now all his money is gone, or maybe not, and nobody serious asks where it could have gone (except for yours truly). In any case, he did not pay the ISF (welath tax) which is curious for someone so suddenly rich.

Macron is supported, loudly,  by Obama, the “left” president who presided over the greatest rise, and furthest height of inequality in the USA ever, after sending trillions of dollars of government money to the world’s richest men, to make their main assets, government bonds, more valuable..

Marine Le Pen, has plenty of really socialist propositions, but all the French establishment calls her “extreme right”, and the “end of the republic” to defeat her… and, more importantly making sure that the inequality machine which feeds them, with the European Central Bank buying bonds at the rate of three billion dollars a day, keeps on churning.

The crushing of those who have had enough, be they Melanchon (Unsubmitted France) and Le Pen (National France), and quite a few other rebels adding to another 10% of the electorate is working splendidly… this time. Yet this is probably for the last time. The Macron elite will probably not change what needs to be changed, because it needs to be changed at a European level. As those who strongly disagree with the present system total around 50% of the population (or more), after another 5 years led down the abyss by the same crowd, things will blow up (or well before then, thanks to Merkel obdurate financial behavior)..

Meanwhile in the USA, a (Republican, somewhat “Libertarian”) Senator such as Rand Paul, a Medical Doctor by training, is unhappy. with the modification of Obamacare passed by the Republican Congress. Rand Paul is viewed as extreme right by the established pseudo-left. But what Paul resents, I listened to him, is actually that Obamacare sends public money to private companies to make plutocrats wealthier… That sounds rather more Marxist, pro-equality, than “right”. So is Rand Paul extreme right, or extreme left?

Meanwhile “left” worshipped ex-president Obama gets 400,000 dollars to talk 50 minutes to Cantor-Fitzgerald, the sort of establishment outfit he helped trillions of dollars towards (Cantor-Fitzgerald mostly sells US government bonds to the wealthiest)… No problem says the “left” he is our guy (our “son of a bitch” as president Truman put it, speaking of a Central American president). And indeed, Obama sent a detailed support message to Macron. Obama is widely and wildly popular in France. (For reason having to do with generalized naivety, and lack of knowledge, French Political Correctness, the same reason which made the French vote for Macron, and being so complacent with the system they have… Until it becomes fully dysfunctional!)    .

Right versus left is so yesterday. What matters is truth versus fake. Schools such as Oxford PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics), French Science Po and ENA (Ecole Nationale d’Administration: National School of Overlording), and the US plutocratic universities (with their tuition equivalent to median family income) are just into faking democracy, while, and thus, ensuring the rule of the establishment.

Patrice Ayme

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25 Responses to ““Right” and “Left” Both Agents Of Plutocracy”

  1. EugenR Says:

    Dear Patrice, sorry your article sounds this time as cheap propoganda pamflet  while i don’t get where are you heading too.

    You start your essay with…….  The next French president, Macron, is going to be a 39 year old Rothschild “banker”, who earned millions a year………..

    Is it illegal or criminal to work for bank, even if it is for Rothschild’s? I hope you are not supporting those who are judging people by their image falsified by fake news and not by their acts and the results their acts bring. I’m sure you also understand, that any decisions or act in country scale has to be judged as processes on long run meaning years and not as an immediate result.

    Then you write………..France used to have large banks fiancing small industry such as the now defunct Dexia and the Credit Agricole fulfilling that role. But no more since 2008. Whereas Germany has thousands of small, bankrupt banks financing its crucial “middle industry”………

    Yes, the big French banks are in bankruptcy but not because of the subsidies of corporate kind of banking system in Germany but because of huge loans these banks gave to national sized public projects, that couldn’t be profitable, (like the tunnel under the Chanel). By the way also Deutsche Bank is in problems as compared to small banks, because they financed mainly large scale progects, like the Greek national debt.

    Then you write…………….Macron, in his early thirties, without having ever studied economics or finance, earned money at the rate of millions a year…,…..

    Luckily we live in world where to make money is not illegal, we saw what happened to places where it was otherwise.

    Then….. .. supported, loudly,  by Obama,……….

    Yes Obama was a big disappointment, yet at least he succeeded to put back the US economy on rails, as contrary to his disastrous predecessor, and we still have to wait to know what will be Trump’s era. Until know it is to chaotic to make any judgment, but it doesn’t give to good feeling anyway.

    As to Marine Le Pen, it is obvious she wants back the fifties and sixties, when France was still France, without Muslim emigrants, and with Germany still recovering from the shame and disaster it caused to the world, leaving France in leading position in western Europe. I would like back also this world, but the realities are now very different. You have about 10% Musim population in Europe, a process started by the way by Valery Giscard d’Estaing.

    As to the unemployment in France​, as compared to Germany, it is partly to the negative birthrate in German and different emigrant population there, if compared to France. (The Turkish emigrants seem to be more adoptable economically). In any case the technological advance will cause huge economic upheaval in the very near future, probably causing not only big unemployment, but will question the position of whole monetary system. The banks are losing ground to online systems and the  national based government systems of tax collection will find difficult ​to collect taxes from Uber, airbnb kind of non local companies acting very locally causing distraction to the exising systems.

    The world doesn’t need now in Europe an another Trump, unpredictable, confused and confusing, trying to change unchangeable, denying the realities, but someone, who can give a positive push to the European project. There is no real alternative to pro European policy except of chaos, with unpredictable consequences.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Macron had no background in economics or finance and ended, in his early 30s, making 2.5 million Euros a year. It was a pre-payment for his presidential service, in all appearance.
      Considering the involvement of the Rothschilds in governance, in particular of wars, suspicion is historically well-founded. President Jackson barred them from USA just for this reason, nearly 200 years ago. Not my opinion, but theirs (the Rothschilds)i.
      The financing of the middle economy (to use German semantics) was tied to Dexia and CA. Things are as I said.I checked documents and talked personally to top bankers to check my ideas out. They agreed.
      BTW, a top French bank paid one billion in hushed and hushing payment having to do with Libya. I am aware of much.

      Recent tweets of mine:

      A president more sympathetic to common people would object to central bank making the wealthy ever wealthier. Hence necessity of Macron!
      Why plutocrats want so much Macron to be president? Same as with Obama: QE. Three billion dollars a day from ECB, to wealthiest Europeans!


      • EugenR Says:

        What you call ….. billion dollars a day from ECB, to wealthiest….. You mean quantitative easing. This was the mos effective and probably also only possible way how to save the post world war, post Soviet collapse economic order from turmoil similar to the turmoil that happened in 1929. Furtunately even the advisers of Republican Bush had to accept that without federal intervention the scenario of 1929 will repeat itself.
        Yet the next collapse of the financial system will be of a very different kind from the one in 2008 and 1929. It will be due to new technologies, that will make most of the todays jobs unnecessary. Add to it, that the financial intermediation is slipping away from the traditional banking system and financial markets, and becoming more democratizatised by now tools like Bitcoin, Kickstarter, etc. Then you have the new virtual! economy, that leaves almost no footprint in the traditional economy of goods, services​, merchandises and its monetary cash floe representation. Even Christine Lagarde spoke very carefully about it in Davos. The remaining bankers try to hush the issue. But noone, not even Trump can stop this development, and it means no banking system, no financial markets ruled by the existing elites


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          OK, got to go to bed here 2 am local time. G W BUsh, a war criminal, followed Paulson, ex=head of Goldman Sachs’ rescue plan. They fetched campaigning Obama in London, and Obama signed on the plan. So Bush has ruled economically, for 16 years.

          The European Central Bank gives 80 billion Euros a months to the richest Europeans. That’s not saving the economy, that’s enriching the rich

          Please try to not nestle comments too much, and good night. (Nestling meaning too many replies to the same comment, instead of starting afresh with another comment.)


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            French “SOCIALIST” candidate for president when 33, got 60,000 dollars a week from a bank. It qualifies him as a perfect plutocratic leader!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am hyper pro European, but even more anti Pluto. In my theory of civilization, Plutos kill it. The present European system is a German subsidy machine.

      As far as insulting Trump… The fact that Trump is denounced as “unpredictable” is testimony to the stupidity of his critics. He actually makes much sense. Took him just 101 days for a new health law, whereas it took Obama more than a year. Trump is very predictable to me. First he surrounded himself with the top generals, to shortcircuit his enemies.

      Europe has already been destroyed, and first of all, by Merkler. We didn’t declare war in 1939, to surrender in 2017…

      You may scoff. However, if I am right, and if people find out, there will be hatred. Lots of it. Make no mistake: I know German Plutos. They buy giant properties in Hawai’i…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Trump administration plans to switch to a “TERRITORIAL” tax system, to handle Internet based services, in particular. Tax out of local revenue. The TRUMP towering Justice Department just started a procedure against Uber, Macron’s lover. Today.

      You did not understand what I said about the SMALL GERMAN banks, which are saved from bankruptcy by the LANDERS. They have NOTHING to do with Deutsche Bank (a giant bank). You are not aware of the problem, no doubt I expressed myself not very clearly, although I mentioned it for years. I view Macron to be a THIEF, by the way, for been given so much money for nothing. a T H I E F. Enough of mincing words, and excusing thievery. At least in his case its very clear before he became overlord.

      Too young to become Roman Consul, that thief!


  2. SDM Says:

    Exactly – there is really only one political party in the US- two flavors of the same plutocracy driven system since Democrats gave up on the labor unions and drifted to Wall street and the banks. Carter, Clinton and Obama were all right of center and abandoned the common good. Sanders -not an actual democrat- was scuttled by Clinton/DNC and this paved the way for Trump who, by the way, has given no real indication of addressing inequality. Already he is longing for his old way of life. That many believe Trump is a savior leads back to your previous post and the limits of intelligence and the effects of media, education and demagoguery generally among the populace. It is baffling.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      To adress inequality one has to go radical, global, legal, and put punishing taxes on some ways, means and the wealthiest. It starts with a world cadastre.
      Trump does not even know that’s an absolute good (I guess). However, his Goldman Sachs sec of treasury intends to switch the tax system to a “territorial” evaluation, he says (which is progress in taxing the world’s richest corporations, which presently escape taxation…). We will see when/if it happens.

      The lack of brainpower of the people is comfortable, like getting high with pot. It works similarly, shutting down the brain, walloping in benign hedonism. That’s partly why (like Trump) I don’t do drugs…


  3. Croatian Conservative Says:

    an hourDefense Issues
    “The “left” and “right” labels don’t mean much these days. The next French president, Macron, is going to be a 39 year old Rothschild “banker”, who earned millions a year. He was economic and finance adviser and then economy and finance minister. In a debate against his competitor, a lawyer Macron exhibited blatant ignorance, getting unemployment figures wrong, not knowing the history of the ECU (European Currency Unit) versus the Euro, and thinking France was uniquely doing bad economically in Europe (whereas everybody in the Eurozone is, except for Germany, the former explaining the latter).
    Macron, the Rothschild roquet (a yapping dog) is the SOCIALIST candidate… ”

    It is the same in Croatia. The so-called Socialdemocratic Party has always supported policies far more neoliberal than the conservative Croatian Democratic Community. Elected officials are plutocratic lapdogs, we need direct democracy either soon, or now.

    “Marine Le Pen, has plenty of really socialist propositions, but all the French establishment calls her “extreme right”, to defeat her. ”

    She is a right-wing candidate, problem is that people have a wrong view of right-wing… as I explained above, Croatian nationalists have always been far more socialists than the internationalists. Of course, both parties are almost the same now. But as Edward Bernays (?) said, it matters not what is true, but what people believe is true.

    Labels such as “extreme right” appeal to a significantly-sized portion of the populace that is simply too lazy to think.
    “Right versus left is so yesterday. What matters is truth versus fake.”


  4. Chris Says:

    Sparkasse (Kantonalbanken), Raiffeisenbank und Genossenschafts-Banken exist in Switzerland and Austria too – this is a system to dilute power and to strengthen local economies; I have no idea how one can not support such a system, especially when one wants to build a sustainable middle class. Of course, private banks do not like these… and France might be to centrallist focused on Paris to allow such dilution of power?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the help, Chris! Right, such banks are crucial, but they do not exist much outside of the Germanic world. Credit Agricole was invented for that, directed to peasantry, not high tech.

      France had a highly centralized state streak, ever since a few tens of thousands of Frankish warriors took control of dozens of millions of Germano-Gallo-Roman citizens, and they had to be taught to obey their elected kings who had decided they had all the powers of Roman Imperators!

      After Carolingian Roman emperor Charles the Bold was replaced, West Francia fell apart, as I have mentioned in a recent essay. It subdivided into 60 statelets, exactly the number Iulius Caesar had found in Gallia Comida (each with its own Central Bank and currency). Ever since the character trait of rebuilding the Roman empire with a strong military has been strong, but could not work in the legal, hereditary, more or less elective morass of the Middle Ages. By the late 15C, a titanesque struggle occured between France and her creature, Spain. While the one with the other French creatures, Britain and Germany, was still brewing. Then there was the question of the eternal war with the ideology of war known as Islam (exactly 1301 years of war, and counting!) The result is that France was pretty much built around her military capability.

      Hence the centralization.

      At this point, EU rules considers state help in France illegal, but below the radar in Germany. Personally, I feel now strongly that this has gone far too far, for far too long. I have been pretty polite, for years, just calling Merkler for what she was, here and there. But now I have had enough, and I intend to beat the war drum. France and the other should be able to provide with strategic economic help.

      I detailled the case of Alstom, a crucial maker of turbines and the like. The USA demolished Alstom, using its so-called “Justice Department” and a $60 billion gift to GE from Obama. Then GE devoured Alstom, and the French socialists and Mr. Punk Youngster Bankster from Rothschild, were too busy doing their Euro-Socialist thing and general Obama worshipping to notice anything untowards. We are starting to envision high treason here. Just for greed: being on the good side of the USA enables to proceeed with maximum legal global tax evasion, for example. So socialist corruptocrats and their allies can claim to have “no offshore accounts”.


      • Chris Says:

        Why is France not setting up there own local Banking System similar to the public ones or even use the opportunity to use New forms of Financial innovations, i.e. croud funding, Bitcoins, etc. ?


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          France, and especially Paris has more start-ups than other countries and cities in Europe. Crowd funding is well-known. But, even in the USA, it’s a joke, like bitcoin.
          The French state has set-up an investment bank. However, all this is tiny relative to the massive financing in Germany.

          I am all for it, once again. However, this needs to be generalized to all of Europe. Where should the money come from? European Central BankS. Notice the S here. The fight is between Germany and Italy there. Italy is right, Germany wrong.

          There again, they just have to look at what is done in the USA. California made its own money, a few years back. What California called “IOUs”


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Joel Dubow MAY 5, 2017
    Good Reply Ayme. It ought to form a separate article to counter the rampant political correctness the Syndicate feeds us.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Joel. PC is the opposite of the search for truth. It’s the search for comfort, laziness, hedonism.Real progressives don’t shoot that drug inside their soul.


  6. John Ellis Says:

    John Ellis MAY 5, 2017
    Er…Le Pen was widely reported by the French media to have got facts wrong, be ignorant of certain facts and lied about facts during the debate. Some French newspapers published lists of her gaffes!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      @ John Ellis: All lies. From the establishment. Things are as I said in the essay. I am not particularly pro-Le Pen, I am pro-European. And even more; pro-truth.
      You can read much more details on my site. Macron is there to insure the wealthiest in Europe keep on getting 3 billion dollar, every single DAY. Through the bank like Rothschild, Macron’s employer. That’s why the totally economically and financially ignorant Macron was paid 60,000 dollars a week when he was 33 years old. He is a plant, same as Obama. Same plan: Obama extended G W Bush economic plan of giving to the hyper rich, Macron is more of the same.


  7. EugenR Says:

    The main question is, who will have the will and the political capacity to ensure for the EU unification of monetary system, taxation and introduce a whole EU federal budget​. Without it Europe with all its cultural and economic achievements will be doomed. Only unified Europe has chance to continue its cultural heritage, and positively influencing the world. The choice is clear. No politician comes to the top with clean hands. Political activism is about corruption. Mafia style​ corruption. The difference between political activity and mafia criminal activity is the capacity of the politicians to legalize their doings​. So the question, if the candidates acts in the past were all morally perfect is not important for decision to whom to vote. The morally perfect people are apriory not in the political ring.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Before action, one needs cognition. That Germany uses massive disguised government subsidies is only SAID by yours truly (that’s me). What is said, by German politicos of the Merkler persuasion and Austerians, and the plutocrats who feed them (literally) is that government subsidies are bad, verbotten. So they are verbotten… to OTHER countries. This was the gist of my EURO CHEAT essay.

      French president Macron can sing the praises of Europe. If he does not understand the basics of reality, it will only be counterproductive. There is only so much abuse people can take, before they calmly prefer war to insult and injury. This is what is engaging in Europe now.

      I do agree that politics as we have it, is organized, legalized crime. That’s why we need DIRECT democracy. There is no democracy, but the direct kind.

      We need to replace whom to vote for by what to vote for.

      As you say, politics, as it is, attracts immoral people full of themselves, overwhelmed by greed, the lowest of the low, those who fancy that they ought to rule us. Not really fundamentaly different, in some important ways, than the worst of the worst.


  8. SDM Says:

    So is Le Pen anti EU or pro EU, fascist or antifascist, socialist or not, etc.? If France follows UK out of EU, then where does that leave “Europe”? Do France and UK partner up vs a Deutsche dominated EU? Very confusing media coverage here in USA – NY Times calls her “far right” candidate for what that’s worth.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      First it’s certain Macron will win, so all considerations are, in practice moot.
      Le Pen is definitively against the EU as it is.
      However she was elected a EUROPEAN MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT.
      She said contradictory things about what she envisioned for France and Europe. That’s understandable. She softened her anti-Euro stance, switching to a double currency system (as advocated here in the past).
      Situation is incredibly messy, as Brexit nonsense is enfolding slowly, with astounding self-contradictions.
      But I hold Merkel is certainly the one who made Brexit possible.
      The New York Times is a propaganda outfit, propagandizing for the plutocratic class: it is above it all that way.

      Le Pen (not to be elected THIS time), is definitely way left by American standards in some important respects. I mean left of SANDERS!!!! For example she wants retirement at 60 (after 40 years of contribution).

      New York Times bans me. If they say something completely wrong, factually, about French politics, and I point it out, they censor it totally. This means that, for the NYT, I am subhuman of the venomous type. It’s a continual debasement… They are too afraid I explian QE too well…

      Saying Le Pen is fascist is grotesque. But the Pluto propaganda says it, so it has got to be right. Similarly, to drag France in the mud, they accuse “France” to kill Jews in WWII, causing gigantic damage to France, Europe, and civilization itself, let alone truthful history. The GERMAN Nazis ordered those:


  9. Nathan Daniel Curry Says:

    Macron seems like another Tony Blair.
    Well better than Le Pen. Sounds like Macron is a Goldman Sachs Clintonesque ass kisser. But Blair was a new low the same way Bill Clinton was.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Clinton created the modern financial plutocracy, by annihilating the laws passed in 1933, by President FD Roosevelt (himself an hereditary plutocrat!!!). Can’t be worse.
      Le Pen is neither here, nor there. A big Le Pen vote would have scared the Plutos in charge of Europe. As it is, they are not scared. And they are wrong. Once We The People understands what I am talking about, the fact money, in particular the Euro, is created by giving it to the wealthiest, it’s curtains for lots of the present situation. We are heading towards MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, as with Brexit.


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    “Right” and “Left” Both Agents Of Plutocracy | Patrice Ayme


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