Macron Needs To Declare War On Germany

Declare war to German policy, as it is, because it is not just driving us to war, but is already part of the increasing war against civilization we are experiencing in so many ways… The refugee problem, and the terror problems are, basically, military problems, and German, and pseudo liberal, or pseudo-leftist obscurantism have been the drivers (as they profit global plutocracy!) Fundamental French problems are global. And global starts next door with a selfish wealth captured German policy. Those global problems which affect the French Republic severely have to be solved, otherwise, la République se retrouvera en marche arrière….

The Need To Teach Those Who Are Supposed To Think, and Act, For Us. Whether we like it, or not:

Merkel, although she was endowed with a physics PhD, although she was raised in East Germany, the child of a pastor who emigrated there, in spite of all this, her world vision is limited (so is Macron’s, although he went to Nigeria as part of ENA in 2002). Nowadays, in this world endowed with lots of immigrants, some, like yours truly, have experienced, and have been raised in maximally opposed cultures (I was raised in Muslim countries with Islams wildly superior to the abominable Islam presently promoted by Middle East plutocrats, and their obsequious servants).


Wars, Colonialism, Built Civilization, That’s Who We Are:

Actually Macron basically said this, while… Macron expressed a childish, uninformed, wild hatred of colonialism (“a barbarity, a crime against humanity“). Clearly, Macron didn’t think, when he said that, that exhibiting a knowledge of history in-depth was crafty at that point. In truth, we live in a colonial world. Even basic European agriculture is a product of colonialism: Middle-Easterners migrated to Southern Europe, bringing wheat and the like. The Celts were also colons. Estruscan and Greek colons taught cow herders called Romans that reading and writing had its merits. Without Etruscans and Geeks to come around and teach greater intelligence, the Romans would still be living in thickets. Without higher and higher civilization propagating, cannibalism would still be the way.

Most of the world population descend from colons, all the way down to Bantu South Africa. Colonialism is not, per se, evil. The devil is in the details. German colonialism in present day Europe is complete self-destroying nonsense. It’s an economic war, in alliance with global plutocracy, and it’s destroying not just European civilization, but civilization itself.

Notice the explosion of German production after introducing the Euro. It has been a war, and a counter-attack is on the way. Brexit, in a sense, however nonsensical, is part of it. The rise of US production under Obama is related to spending freely money the USA created out of very thin air. Those who really don’t like it, and try to do something about it, will be shot out of the sky. Any question?


The French Are Getting Angry, The Last Warning against Pluto Europe Was Proffered:

In the last presidential elections, more than 46% of the French voted against Europe as it is. They are not “anti-European”, they are against plutocratic Europe. The official political establishment, the “Socialists” and the right were kicked out. Macron is the eighth president of the Fifth Republic. Why five republics? Because France is in the middle of Europe, across the three easy trade routes between the Mediterranean and the boreal regions. Thus France became the head of the European empire (which itself consisted of up to hundreds of states competing with each others, under complex treaties… Treaty, in Latin Foedus, gave the name of the period, Feudalism. It was launched by the Roman imperial State in the Fourth Century). On and off, France was the largest state, the most organizing, and the most involved in continual wars.


The pursuit of civilization has been indistinguishable with that of just and correct, successful wars, over the last six millennia:

This has to be said to Merkel. That poor know-nothing of much importance person, is blinded by pacifism, an inhuman streak. European leaders, in general, have learned an erroneous feel-good vision of the world, where all which feels good is best. Fundamentally, it’s a sort of hedonism.

The racist fascist murderous exploitative streak, culminating in Nazism, which came to rule Germany was not persuaded by flowers, but rendered inoperative by millions of tons of high explosives. Prussia had turned the way of the holocaust again in the Eighteenth Century, encouraged and financed by Britain. Its undoing came when France persuaded its ex-vassal Britain to join in militarily destroying the Axis (Germany, Italy, Japan, and explicitly in the end, the USSR).

Ultimately, the Romans, having become civilized, intelligent and progressive, thanks to them, kicked out their Etruscan and Greek overlords. The Etruscans were no pushovers: they had deliberately migrated to the iron rich region of Italy, from Syria, which they had previously invaded as “Peoples of the Sea”. The Greeks were the fiercest warriors of antiquity, with the most advanced tech.  

To master Greeks and Etruscans, the Romans had to become relative supermen, with a super “mixed” constitution. However, the Romans never reached the mental, intellectual creativity of the Greeks. That stay unsurpassed, until the Franks implemented the master strokes of outlawing slavery, tolerating all religions, making universal education mandatory, and minimizing the fascism needed to manage the state..

In the first two centuries of the Merovingians, the Franks fought wars to defend secularism, tolerance, and defeated the Huns, and other non-Frankish remains of Roman military power. Then Clovis’ Franks crushed the Goths in 507 CE, something the Romans could never do, however hard they tried. Then the Franks extended Roman power into Germany, where the Romans had failed to sustainably stay, and went beyond.


Germany Installed a European exploitation scheme:

The snakes around Kanzler Merkel will deny that they injected Europe with poison. But that’s an outrageous lie, just look at the facts: since the imposition of the Euro in 2002, German industrial production has climbed 50% relative to the rest of the Eurozone (contemplate the graph above). Therein a trick. It’s not because the Germans, who are increasingly old and decrepit, mutated into supermen. It’s because they, in cooperation with global plutocracy, instituted a super trick where only the wealthiest of the rich get financed, and the rest of society is left to die.

Not only did Germany practice social dumping for years, forcing slaves to work for one Euro an hour, in exchange for basic social services (this has been lately discontinued by Merkel, as a minimum hourly salary of 15 Euros or so was introduced; suddenly German labor costs are comparable to the French ones.. But there is lots of inertia in the system: once a French company has disappeared, it can’t re-appear…)

A 2017 Bundesbank report supporting what I said about German banks! (See EURO CHEAT)

Last year only 60% of German banks were not bankrupt according to GAAP. That means 40% German banks were bankrupt, but enabled to keep on financing the economy, thanks to hidden local state subsidy. That’s cheating in the same mood as making a fortune out of cheating the Jews out of their properties in the 1930s. Except now the Europeans are the new Jews.

Only 60% of German banks covered thru earnings their cost of lending (estimated at 8%).

Within 32 months, it’s expected that only 20% of the German banks will be profitable…. And it’s the Deutsche Bundesbank which says that… Not an enemy of German Euro Cheat, but a collaborator in setting-up that thievery……/2017/2017_01_27_dkp_01.pdf…


The Rebellion Clock Is Ticking:

The French have a long rebellious streak, that’s why so much democracy and human rights originated there. Even under the Romans, Gaul revolted, establishing at some point a “Gallic Empire”, complete with legions. Later, in 358 CE, Paris elected the philosopher and Caesar Julian “Augustus” (head of the Roman empire; Julian unfortunately died in present day Iraq, on the battlefield).

Let’s try positivism. Elected King Macron goes see head of Germany Merkel Monday. The Franks elected kings for 12 centuries (300 CE until Jean I in 1315 CE; a baby born a king and poisoned as a king, probably, 5 days later; this is when things went down big time). After that, elections were more sketchy. Hopefully King Macron is going to Berlin not to take orders, but to tell Merkel that she has to change her ways, right away.

Merkel has to start to be told the truth: her antics about refugees caused Brexit. The best way, when confronting an infamous regime, mass violating human rights is not to accept half of the population as refugees, but to go to war and destroy the regime. In other words, France was right to declare war to Hitler September 2, 1939.

I don’t fancy the concept of king. But let’s be positive, there have been good kings. Clovis was certainly a good king: in very difficult circumstances, he scored like 100%, philosophically, politically, religiously, militarily. Bathilde, Charles Martel, Charlemagne, Henri  III and Henri IV were also excellent kings, also in very difficult circumstances. So let’s float (once again!) some ideas which could make Macron a good king.

If Macron does not implement right away the right, and biggest ideas, he will fail, and quickly. In a way, he is well positioned: the biggest most important ideas pass through Berlin. So Macron should give Berlin a very hard time, while going easy on the French population before the legislative elections.

Indeed, the problems of France have to do, first of all, with how the currency and money making finances the entire economy.

Many do not understand this. France SHOULD NOT BE a household with only so much money at her disposal (given by the Gross Mutter somewhere). The American, Indian, Russian and Chinese economies work by creating money where and when needed strategically.

In the USA money is created in many ways. Federal government spending is just one of them.  

Sure enough the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, who is in a wheelchair because he was shot long ago, let it be known that France could get her (Federal) State Deficit below 3% (Euro rule). France is at 3.4%. What Schäuble forgets is that it is the French Republic, not Germany, which is fighting fascism. That costs money. Not just the fighting, but financing the military-industrial complex which makes the weapons.  

In 1940, the French Foreign Legion, then 33,000 strong, disembarked (twice) in Norway, which had been invaded by the Nazis. The French tried to cut the Iron Road”, which was bringing the world’s highest grade iron from North Sweden to Hitler. The french defeated the Nazis, and got ready to cut perfidious Sweden in two. (However France fell then, thanks to the crazy Hitler throwing most of his army, undetected on three small roads in the Ardennes mountains… a performance to be half repeated four and a half-year later!).


Germany has to share the economy, and give France the means to ensure the defense of civilization, beyond Trump (and the incoherent Theresa May).

Germany has also to let France have the means of her social policy. One cannot tolerate any longer that US, or world laws which put France at a disadvantage, are tolerated by Europe. For example, the US closes its government markets to EU goods, but not reciprocally. GMO foods of non-EU origin are sold in France, but the French are forbidden GMOs.

In the USA, when money is needed, it is made. By the GOVERNMENT: that’s how the US swallowed French giant Alsthom. Swallow enough French giants and France will become a dwarf, clearing the way for the final victory of plutocracy, 225 years after French guns won at Valmy.

That frre creation of money is called the deficit, and, as Trump would be happy to tweet you (and any US policy makers behind closed doors) debt is OK, as long as you are the one with the gun, and the only sheriff in town. In the USA, the deficit is allowed to run wild.

Germany, of course is different. Like many countries who have done very bad, it prefers to die off, with a dismal reproduction rate. So it’s not friendly to debt.

A French helicopter, the Airbus X3, has the world speed record of 487 kilometer per hour (fast copters generally do not make more than 300 km/h). High technology is where the future of Europe, if any, lays. It has to be fed by the best science (Enrico Fermi who discovered the neutron inches ahead of Irene Curie, later became scientific head of the US nuclear bomb project).

Merkel has no choice. Macron is the last warning. She better listen to him carefully, there is infinitely worse getting mentally ready out there. Next time the patriots are not going to be as dumb and unprepared as Marine Le Pen, or Melenchon were in the last campaign. It’s not just a question of being anti-German, or anti-EU. As it is, the present EU governance and the present German governance are anti-Europe, and pro-global plutocracy. If we explain it long enough, and if official censorship can be turned around (not an easy task!), We The People is going to get the picture. Sparks will fly.

In retrospect, there was nothing terrible about the First French Republic. It was a mistake for the world’s plutocrats to have unified against it (as British PM Loyd George would admit, 120 years later…) However, at the time many (such as the Rothschilds) crowed for all to hear that they acquired government control from it, no less. Alright. But history does not quite repeat itself, when people know about it.


Conclusion: Institute Quantitative easing for We The People (instead of the present form, which is only for the wealthiest). Let French deficits run, while feeding the French military money as needed (and lots is needed, because it’s to Europe to re-establish order in its own suburbs like the Middle East, Africa. Accepting 500 million refugees is not the humanitarian solution, the humanitarian solution is just wars, and imperial control by higher civilization). Another interest: it would bring the Euro way down, something needed considering the overall employment crisis.

Block and, or tax, all imports into the European Union from countries doing social dumping. Such as T-shirts made by children in Bangladesh, or Medical Doctors imported from India. Impose a carbon tax, massive (it’s OK with the WTO).

Macron should also impose the referendum habit, by modifying the Constitution (Referenda are what make Switzerland and California rich) . Why not organize pan-European referenda, for example about the carbon tax, or a tax on financial transactions?

Macron can’t make any serious reforms in France in the next month. But he can operate a sickle move, by cutting the grass under queen Merkel’s feet. That would increase Macron’s popularity in France. So what’s not to love?

A man character is his crate. Macron wanted to become king. He is. I believe kings are so yesterday. Meanwhile, advanced philosophy shall collaborate with reality, namely that people want kings, and queen. Since it’s all about the power, make the forces of oppression and regression feel it. The Republic has to march, or it will falter, and so will civilization.

Patrice Ayme

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15 Responses to “Macron Needs To Declare War On Germany”

  1. Chris Says:

    Dear Patrice, thanks a lot for the Bundesbank report link.

    However, I have a different understanding of the outcome of the report:
    Quoting page 17 (on the specific germanic banking system which I believe is a great one):
    “The findings of this study should be understood against the background of varying stakeholder expectations in the three pillars of the German banking system. Commercial banks follow profit maximization to a greater extent than savings banks and credit cooperatives, which have a special focus on serving the deposit and loan needs of the local communities.”
    Quoting page 18 (on the current situation):
    “…the German banking system should, for the time being, be able to withstand the recent challenges posed by the low-interest rate environment.”
    Quoting page 20 :
    “… showing that the whole German financial system is solidly backed through open and hidden reserves for the time being.
    The analysis put forward in this study highlights one of the German banking system’s most important safeguards against the “worst yet to come”: open and hidden reserves will provide a cushion that supports short and medium-term adjustments through a buffer effect.
    All in all, the multifaceted implications described here in depth should be taken into account in order to accurately assess the appropriate level of cost of capital.”


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I maintain that 50% of the German banks can’t cover their lending at this point.

      Beyond the interpretation of arcane details, the grossest picture is the most pertinent: for whichever reason, Germany has a banking system to support it s medium industry. France does not. France used to have DEXIA (which disappeared in 2008/2009, from lack of state support), and used to have the appropriate arm of Credit Agricole. Both giant banks, both gone in the relevant activities. True the French state has intervened a bit, but it’s mainly prevented to do so. By Euro rules.
      The USA and the UK ran giant deficits and enormous QEs, plus, in the case of the US an arsenal of hidden spending. France should have done the same, but was prevented by Euro rules…


      • Chris Says:

        The devil is in the detail, isnt it ;).

        I do not understand you:
        Yes, the germanic system (also in Switzerland & Austria) has a banking system which is able to support the middle class (independent of the monetary details: like with Deutsche Mark in the past, the Swiss Frank or the Euro now).
        However, instead of figuring out whats positiv about it and promoting such a system also in other western world countries; you support the destruction (by increased deficit spending of the governments):
        In the current set-up, deficit spending would only supports huge private banks (as they are next to the generation of liquidity) to support huge cooperations, which will undermine political sytsems to even further threngthen plutocraty….
        Only evolution or revolution is possible (in my opinion): revolution might fire back (as so many times shown in the past); so how about evolution – and supporting such?
        I would start with the political system, grass root activities, etc. that might take dozens of years; but technology innovation play into the hands of the common men (bitcoin, AI, industry 4.0, etc.). However, calling for war against Germany (a counutry which is in full swing for ‘evolution’) is totally counterproductiv and supports plutocracy to allow the tech innovations to be used against the common men. So, I really do not get you anymore?


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Chris: “In the current set-up, deficit spending would only support huge private banks”…. Well, far from me the idea that the current set-up is something to embrace!!!!
          Also the notion of “deficit spending” is insufficient to define spending as practiced in the USA. (Switzerland, however admirable, is not a superpower like France, or a hyperpower, like the USA. France and the USA have independent military industrial complexes. Only Russia and China have them, although India is trying… Britain buys his nuclear submarine deterrent in the USA.)

          There are four ways to generate money in the USA. France has just one, and does NOT control it.
          BTW, I was long a European and EU, and Euro fanatic.

          My objections are not at all those of Europhobes such as Paul Krugman and other servants of global plutocracy.

          Revolutions, overall, have worked. This is what history, all the way back to Egypt 6,000 years ago, shows.
          The title “war against Germany” was obviously tongue in cheek. Germany has to realize that the present crew Schauble, etc., is destroying Europe. Macron, if the present system perdures, will not even finish his 5 years. Le Pen’s campaign was way too extreme, for the present situation, but not for what it will involve into, should Merkel go on and on with her present policy. People voted against Frexit, this time. But, and in part depending upon Brexit, things will change.

          Make no mistake: I hope Macron can force Merkel to acquire brains, and reinforce the EU by making concessions.

          Meanwhile, the graphs talk for themselves (like the one I showed). BTW, I have always driven German cars, I have learned German as a child, I am fanatically pro-European (as long as it is a progressive Europe, leading). But Europe is not supposed to be a lemon Germany presses. Such an union will end up in the trash can and is already half way there.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          From my own:
          Long Live The Euro: 3) Exiting By The Top
          “SORTIR PAR LE HAUT”:

          The Euro is one of the elements necessary to unify France and Germany. Fully constructing the supporting apparatus the Euro needs, entails, by itself, an entire hierarchy of unification projects subordinated to it.

          So the problems the Euro creates are supposed to appear, and being solved, thereafter. How? By “coming out on top”. Division and bitterness, is coming on the bottom. Coming out on top means higher ideas, unification, harmony.

          To reconstruct a European state is as if one were constructing a cathedral: one has to do the following. One decides to build it, and then make it so. Cathedral construction was modified, as needed. Arches were progressively added, and, when problems were found, they were fixed. When it was discovered that the gigantic Amiens cathedral was bulging out, and was going to collapse, and enormous iron belt was added to its waist. It survived the world wars.


        • Chris Says:

          Just to clarify, I also do not embrace the current set-up. But if you want to break it you have to adress other players (not be found in Berlin/Germany):
          May I suggest to first start with the Bretton Woods system, the IMF, World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

          Starting to adress the issue in Germany is playing into the hands of the above mentioned institutions, as you propably know anyway – and I do not understand that you still not getting into the rout cause of the issue (imo). Or is it, that you just want to distribute money without changing the set-up as outlined above (that would be quite hypocritical, wouldnt it)?

          Anyway, as far as I know the political situation in Germany – w/o changing the EU democratic backbone; there will be no common finance minster, common budget or ‘eurobonds’ (due to ‘No taxation without representation’-issues):
          However, as soon as France (Paris) is willing to share meaningful power (representation) with the european parlament (and other european organizations) – the german politicians will agree to full monetary union (taxation).

          I agree with the ‘construction of the cathedral’ picture; so let’s put in the enormous iron belt and transfer power to the european parlament – everything else will easily follow!


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Chris. Bretton Woods was the object of a US coup d’etat. Basically so it was, as the US contrived a false document, the one precisely KEYNES did not want to be signed. IMF and World Bank are US proxies. So is the $ as world currency system.
            BIS is even older, it was once a NAZI instrument.
            To go ask the tools and weapons to change their ways, without talking to their master is inconsequential. (Ah, yes, because the USA was also behind the Nazis, thus the BIS; see the Morgenthau-Wall Street plan; yeah, Morgenthau was Jew…)

            So we are left with the USA which is the spider at the center of the world plutocratic web. What’s the USA? Not Trump yet (Trump is trying, but it’s hard). Even worse.

            The European Parliament has significant powers at this point, as demonstrated by the 20,000 lobbyists in attendance… The problem for years was the UK, which was more busy sabotaging the Eurozone and other efforts towards a federal Europe. However, there is little time left for significant progress. As I said, 47% of the French voted AGAINST the present EU system at the first round of the presidency.

            Concretely, a carbon tax and retaliation against US protectionism can be taken decided right away. The US protectionist laws are at least 50 years old, so it’s not really tit for tat. A financial transaction tax could be decided too.
            The EC is already getting ready to repatriate Euro DOMINATED financial activities from London (zehr gut!). My main point: we need results NOW (before the French elections in 4 weeks!) The New French PM is not just a boxer, he speaks Deutsch!


  2. Paul Pieter Kruijmer Says:

    People don t buy German cars because of the euro. Other reasons.
    German cars are populaire, about 80% of total German exportation.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I drive German cars (I live outside EU). Always did. However German car industry is made possible by the Mittelstand. A slight quibble with your assertions, from German stats:

      Germany Exports Notes

      Germany is the third largest exporter in the world, with exports accounting for almost an half of its economic output. Germany main exports are: vehicles (18 percent of the total sales); machinery and equipment (17 percent); electrical products (10 percent); pharmaceutical products (6 percent); optical, photographic (5 percent); plastics (5 percent each) and aircraft (3 percent). Main export partners are: the US (10 percent of the total exports), France (9 percent), the UK and the Netherlands (7 percent each), China (6 percent), Italy and Austria (5 percent each). This page provides – Germany Exports – actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news. Germany Exports – actual data, historical chart and calendar of releases – was last updated on May of 2017.


  3. Heraclitus Ephesus Says:

    Was a good one. I need to look up more on that graph/stats on production. Merkel def. has to change her ways


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Defense Issues, May 20th.]
    Yes, I was going to publish something similar. Worse in some ways. A long counter-attack against Macron’s opinion that “colonialism is a barbarity”. But it’s hard to point out that “colonialism” was a vector of civilization nowadays. Often, one gets stigmatized right away, with no debate. All is achieved is more shallow hatred, completely useless.

    If “colonialism” had not intervened, human sacrifices would rule all over, from the Americas, to India, the Pacific… Even the Celts had to quit human sacrifices under Roman “colonialism”.

    Macron is, fundamentally, a prostitute, or should I say a seductor, going here, there and everywhere, like Obama, establishing the love, and subjugating that way. It’s all about power groups. It should be about ideas.

    Macron made his first trip to Berlin. Merkel didn’t look amused by his message. Then Macron went to visit the French army fighting across more than six countries in the Sahel (and mentioned the German army which is playing a support role).

    We will see. Macron has to subjugate Germany to get serious things done:

    Will he? It’s a tall order. I do believe Macron is sincere, at this point, though. Meanwhile Trump is in Saudi Arabia, and Rouhani was re-elected on the first turn in Iran (he was opposed by a Muslim fanatic of high order…)


    • Croatian Conservative Says:

      May 20, 2017 at 8:43 pm
      Problem is that humans are idiots, which is why ideologies such as progressivism exist. Life is far simpler if everything is reduced to “good vs bad”, black and white with no nuances. And in modern West, self-hating has become fashionable. Hence the election of Macron. He is a symptom of suicide of the Western civilization, which has foregone its roots and forgotten its identity, deciding instead to drown in the multicultural swamp. To Macron, and to modern “liberals”, everything Western is bad, and everything non-Western is good. Nevermind that Islam explicitly allows paedophillia while at the same time homosexuals get thrown from the roofs. That is why progressivism and Islam are such good partners… both ideologies forgo reason in favour of emotions, and to reason with person who considers reason useless is impossible.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Once again, we will see if Macron we saw is Macron we will get. The third and fourth rounds of elections are ahead. I am not too impress by the local candidate of Macron. His program so far has to do with his sexual habits… However Macron’s number one minder/mentor follows yours truly…
        For the rest, I pretty much agree with you…


  5. Neomercenary Says:

    Modern German “soft colonialism” is subjugating and destroying European culture and society


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