Covenant (With Plutocracy)

A  covenant is a formal alliance or agreement made by a Creator, a God, with a religious community or with humanity in general. Covenants are omnipresent in old religions. They will even more important looking forward, as Artificial Intelligence (and, even worse, Artificial Consciousness) become capable of autonomy (= self-management). This the theme of the movie “Covenant” and its prequel, “Prometheus”.

The Covenant between the Mexicans and their gods, especially Huichilobos, led them to fight to death the Conquistadores, although that brought the systematic annihilation of their city, stone house by stone house, canal by canal, over 93 days (said Bernal Diaz; the Conquistadores, suffering themselves 50% losses, filled in the canals with the stones of Aztecs’ houses, to enable their armored cavalry to charge).

Aliens Have Landed on Planet Paradise, Strangely Reminiscent of New Zealand

It is also of interest to We The People presently: there is a covenant with what views itself as our creator and master, plutocracy.

The present covenant is ludicrous. What’s the Covenant plutocracy and its obsequious servants believe we have? That greed and power, collectively known as the “market”, are all the laws worth having (yesterday’s laws are in the way; as a plutocrat told me the other day: ‘I don’t care if i go to jail!’; he knows that whatever he does authorities will look at his $200,000 car, and let him be.).

God is generally known first as the “Creator”. In the movie “Covenant”, an anthropomorphic robot faces his creator, in this case, a human being. The robot asks the human who created him, the human, and then goes on to observe he will live on after his creator dies. The human affecting wizened gravitas labels the question of who created the Creator as an eternal question. Maybe, but we have had an answer ever since Lamarck and Cuvier established evolution, 217 years ago.

The question of who created the Creator, has become very naive. It’s conventional, ignorant naivety.

In truth, we were created by evolution, a progressive process. And we, in turn, have been accelerating evolution deliberately for more than 10,000 years. We will now evolve Quantum Consciousness robots: we have already started that process of evolution (one qbit at a time!) Ridley Scott, just a great writer and movie producer, does not realize this.

In “Covenant” producer and writer Ridley Scott assumes that the robot David, full of feelings as he is, is fascinated, even dominated, by an obsessive desire to study “creation”, which he does by creating species. So man-made robot David experiments, and creates various aliens. Those aliens start as nano-assemblies which amplify themselves by hijacking human genetics.

David is managed by five emotional sets: the desire to create species, as I already said, a resentment against humanity in general, the will to power, the will to create something superior, and the arrogance to believe that power is all the law that counts.

Of course these philosophical emotions have dominated the Nineteenth, Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries. So no wonder that Ridley Scott considers them: those moods made history. They dominated in philosophy (Nietzsche being the most blatant example), in politics (Marxism-Lenino-Stalinism, Nazism, Maoism, US Neoliberalism), and now in socio-economy, the so-called “NEOLIBERALISM” (21C mass inequality, mass-disinformation).

So is this a danger? Yes, and it’s a danger now from the present plutocrats: they are the ones behaving like man-made robots. We have seen David before: he heads a well known “social” network.

Patrice Ayme’

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  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Learning From Dogs

    The worst aspect of inequality is that it makes civilization so stupid that it collapses. I have played that theme like a violin in the desert, for decades. Hopefully I die soon, before civilization does! 😉


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