I think, Therefore I Turmoil


Did you see experienced sheep being fleeced? The sheep lies on its back, in the warm embrace of the one fleecing, and rise its legs as needed to be completely shorn. Sheep fleecing is practiced in Australia. I sneered about the Royals to a top Australian mathematician. It surfaced that they cost more than 50 million dollars in direct subsidies last year (indirect subsidies are many times this). The prize-winning mathematician chuckled back that the Royals were a perfect opium for the people, they were extravagant just enough to make people think of other things besides inequity.

I keep fighting with some Buddhists, and their ilk. Actually they are on the attack, strangely enough for those speaking about clam all day long. I used to be attacked by Muslim Fundamentalists on this site, but, for some reason, they have completely given up. Maybe they died on the real battlefield? (Many have, but most of the Jihadists are fleeing to other countries, now that they are on the run in Syria and Iraq… But let me stick to the subject at hand here, namely those who scream for calm…)

Praying At The Foot Of Sequoias, California, June 2017. Praying & Meditating Are Good, But Not Enough For a Higher Human Comprehension. Turmoiling Action Is Even More Important.

So why are Buddhists so often calling names those who recognize conflicts as subjects of interest? To qualify my robust considerations, some have used terms such as”height of arrogance”, they ask me to look at the creature in the mirror, and conclude that I ask questions and criticize String Theory, or the Big Bang, let alone the concept of infinity in mathematics, because I suffer pain. As if other animals never suffered.

Pain can be suffered. Yes, it has to be suffered. Pain can also be ignored (cross-country runners, mountaineers are particularly good at ignoring pain, some of their training being to learn to ignore pain!). And, of course, pain can be inflicted. All top thinkers, throughout the ages, have inflicted pain on lesser minds: the revelation of deeper truths is literally painful when the neurology does not exist. I will give an example with mathematics further down. 


Typical of the Buddhist-New Age objection complex is Nathan Daniel Curry , who opined that:I am going to step away from our interaction Patrice for quite some time. All hatred, as far as I have seen, is a form of self-loathing. Those who understand this do not judge. This is the difference between insight and recrimination.”

Hatred? Which hatred? And why would hatred be so terrible? Hating Hitler is OK in my book. Speaking of Hitler, he could have done with quite a bit of self-loathing. Or, more exactly, we would have done better if Hitler had proceeded with self-loathing in a timely manner, killing himself before his niece, or another 100 million people (5% of humanity then)…. Rumors of the badness of viciousness are much exaggerated, sometimes.


Pain is part of the human experience:

Pain is a teacher, even a master. Also one best to be overcome, when fully grown-up. Those desperately searching for pain avoidance are fussy lifers. Roll over Buddha, and stop whining!

Pain, of course, can be an atrocious thing: it defines atrocity. However, precisely, it has to be respected. Ignoring, or deriding others’ pain, is lack of compassion.  

Buddhists, or New Age neo-Buddhists, have ordered me to find “inner peace”, as if I suffered from inner war. I remember facing this famous San Francisco architect, a devoted Buddhist, Tibetan style. His mansion if full of expensive Tibetan paintings representing various “Buddhist” deities. He thundered across the table:”And if you want to change the US Constitution, nobody will take you seriously, ever!”  Wow. That reminded me of when close associates of the Dalai Lama killed each other in Darjeeling, for obscure reasons…

Some are desperate, religiously searching for inner calm. If they had it, they won’t search for it.

Solo climbers have inner calm. Or they won’t be. Instead of going to the temple, it’s certainly more educative to go to the cliff! The cliff definitively selects those with inner calm. The others stay on the ground, or crash.


Inner Calm Does Not Replace Mental Force:

Quanta Magazine had a very interesting story of a 34 year old Korean mathematician who became one through the friendship of a now 86 year old Japanese stars of mathematics, who got the Fields Medal in the past. The youngster may himself win the Fields Medal. However, he feels he betrayed his mentor, because he left the subject (singularities) of the mentor, to forge his own. And why did  he do that? Because (basically) he didn’t understand the senior mathematics, which is too advanced. I know this feeling well. One can feel completely incapable of understanding some pieces of mathematics others fly through. It’s similar, but worse, than listening to a language never heard before. At least in that case, one can point at something known, and associate a sound to it. In mathematics one does not understand, one points at something, and one has absolutely no idea what that is. And the more the other explains, the less one understands.  


Much turmoil, for a better brain! Wisdom, key to peace, if not self-satisfaction, is a child of mental storms:

A slug is calm. However, not brainy. What made our ancestors increasingly brainy? The will to power, the will to know, the will to experience, the will to imagine. In any case, the will NOT to be satisfied with what they had. Thus they created new ecological niches, new worlds they could colonize. The first amphibians were refugees from the ocean. However, they didn’t ask continents to respect oceanism. Instead, they changed themselves.

The first fishes who walked on their fins, in the mud, were not calm. They were no clams, full of inner calm. Instead, they struggled. They fought the elements.

Those who, full of turmoil and invective, ask for inner calm should ask themselves: why all the turmoil about turmoil? Turmoil is an excellent, indispensable mental tool..

Turmoil is irreplaceable when it fosters mental activity. Creative mental activity always causes turmoil, because mental creation means mental annihilation (of errors), or (energy costly) neurological construction of otherwise absent neuronal circuitry. (This is why those who don’t have the circuitry don’t get the math; learning math is about building circuits, and the brain can use up to 43% of a human’s energy!)


Summer, Interrupted In Its Anticipated Splendor:

Turmoil comes from the Middle (Ages) French tremouille “mill hopper,” in reference to the hopper’s constant motion to and fro, from Latin trimodia “vessel containing three modii,”  related to modus “measure.” Attested earlier in English as a verb (1510s). Turmoil is also related to the contemporary French “tremousser” (funny sort of writhing).

Submitted to some of the preceding, Nathan Daniel Curry opined that:”Only fear begets pain Patrice. Hate is one of the paints in fears palette. You may go on with your tired neurological palette. For a while. Yet, pathos, ethos and logos go deeper than the shadows on Plato’s cave.”

Well, Plato didn’t know the word “neuron”. Had he, maybe he would have realized networks of neurons could make his “forms”.

To claim that only fear begets pain means one has lived under deep anesthesia, all of one’s life, perhaps because one’s heart has been torn out. Fortunately, I had the occasion to experience raw physical pain recently:

I broke 2 bones, tore three ligaments, 6 weeks ago. I was not afraid, but it hurt. And ruined the most ambitious version of my summer to come. I still had to run 4 miles. First thing I did was to yank on the affected limb, to settle the articulation back into the joint. No fear, no hatred. No hatred, although the fall was caused by a city having put straw in a steep ravine. (Straw is nearly as slippery as ice…)

Reading this, I tried to stay calm under this traditional Buddhist broadside, similar to been attacked with a wet noodle full of tomato sauce. Confusing “pain” and hatred is similar to confusing victim and perpetrator. Weirdly common. Perhaps from suffering too much, or too little!

Humanism in full is what I defend. No drug, no placebo. No claiming that it is not, what it is. Face it, and love it.

And war is part of it, as even Islam has fully observed. Jihad, a war-like effort, inside oneself, or outside, is a central concept of Islam. It’s superior to laying supine like a sheep. This is why Islam could implant itself so powerfully (and not so nicely!) in India (pervaded, as India is, by various derivatives of Brahmanism. Much of the long and sorry deliquescence of Asian civilizations has to do with metaphysics too friendly to the fleecing of sheep being pervasive in too many minds. This stasis of Eastern progress is of course over now, as most of Asia has adopted much Western secular aggressively progressive metaphysics…  

Patrice Ayme’

5 Responses to “I think, Therefore I Turmoil”

  1. Gloucon X Says:

    Yep. This fighting attitude is another important theme or mood that you frequently talk about that I cherish. It is essential to instill it in people if we ever hope to defeat the plutocracy. The left has largely abandoned it. I’m reminded of this quote from dissident American rocker Frank Zappa: The meek will inherit NOTHING!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Homo is a fighter. Indeed. There is a very deep connection between thinking and high energy, the spirit of… Jihad (in the good sense of the term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) This is becoming understood now, and this is why silly SETI like organizations claim now that they have stopped broadcasting Earth’s position…..


  2. benign Says:

    Your moody scribblings are great clickbait!

    In the face of the massive crimes of the elites today, it is easy to expend energy foolishly, however, in advance of any opportunity to do something constructive.

    I’m reading Peter Turchin’s new book which presents a “cliodynamic” model predicting that whatever passes for civil war in America within the next decade.

    It is easy to be pissed off. Take care.



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      If there is one place that should escape civil war, it’s the USA!!!!!!!!! That’s my first impression… Indeed the country is immensely rich both in fossil fuels (peak production now, and increasing!!!!!!!!!!!), and renewables (plenty of wind, sun…). The first serious trouble is going to be sea level rise, especially in Florida….

      As far as clickbait… Hmmm. Happy about that, I guess. But I write essays which are the exact opposite of most of the Internet cut and paste superficiality… And the fundamental ideas are mine. If I wanted clicks, I would focus on cats, dogs, hamsters, pet iguanas, French cooking, self-help, sex, etc…. Instead I am into grumpiness, like Nietzsche on steroids… I am into ideas too. I was watching yesterday this super star, super blonde, super young, French novelist, 26 years old, having written already written 9 novels, some prized. French TV considers her a hyper intellectual, interviews her religiously. This is today’s world. The reign of superficial, made up, fake…. And increasingly a world which falls apart…


  3. Humanism Versus Buddhism | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] in the obscure spiritual caves they roam.  (Interestingly, I made a Google Search of this fact I know to be true; however, Google informed me that, under European Privacy Law, this search was omitted:I’m now in […]


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