European Leadership Imposes Islam

Islamist Lead The European Union: A Proof

The European Union leadership is violating separation church-state with an orgasm of Islamophilia. The European Union elite imposes Islam from the top. It’s not an opinion, it’s an observation. The EU’s top foreign politician said:. Islam belongs in Europe’s present and future. Like it or not (January 27, 2017). Here is foreign Minister and European Commission Vice President Federica Mogherini in a fuller context: “Islam holds a place in our Western societies. Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and – what matters most – in Europe’s present and future. Like it or not, this is the reality.”,

– said Mogherini in her address at ‘Islam in Europe’.

Does Federica also approve of the hundreds of Islamist attacks around Europe, which brought hundreds of dead, thousands of wounded? After all, it’s all in the Qur’an! Can we call to have her tried for high treason and calls not just to prayer, but to mayhem? Instead, what she does is to cry each time Islamist do their Islamist thing, and kill a some more Europeans!

The Islamist European elitists are guilty, and they know it, yet they persevere, because they are diabolical. The full discourse of the Islamist Federica was so damaging that the European Union removed it from its website. Unfortunately I had only a very partial copy of it.

Islamist Federica Mogherini. The necessity to separate church and state requires the firing of the Vice President of the European Commission and Foreign Minister. Islamist bimbos belong to Erdogan’s Turkey.

So, not only does the European Union executive body (the EC) make Islamist propaganda, but it covers it up. That means the European union knows extremely well that it is committing a crime, making Islamist propaganda, and then hides the crime, presumably not just to prevent punishment against Frederica the Islamist, but because the EU wants to do more of the same, probably under a more subtle form.

What does ambitious Federica think? How does she see her future? Being invited for more of these five stars conferences in the Emirates, with payments comparably to those of Clinton and Obama? Does she plenty of petrodollars in her future? Let’s listen to her satanic discourse some more:

“The idea of a clash between Islam and ‘the West’… has misled our policies and our narratives. Islam holds a place in our Western societies. Islam belongs in Europe…. I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture.”

“… the very idea of a clash of civilisations is at odds with the most basic values of our European Union.”

– Federica Mogherini,

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission (Brussels, June 25 2015, Call To Europe V: Islam Conference)

What is odd is that Europe let herself be led by vicious ignorant, well-connected bimbos.. At this late hour. Federica pretends she does not know that Islam is a religion, a peculiar  ideology, not an entire civilization. Apparently, in her crass ignorance of well-connected bimbo, she believes islam invented tajine, couscous, merguez, mechoui… These excellent culinary arts existed already in ancient Punic and Berber times, a millennium, or more, before the invention of the Islamist war and raiding ideology by an epileptic analphabet! Federica the ignorant does not know this. After all she got up in society because she is a pretty blonde, with an extremely well-connected father of the italian elite… And she got ahead precisely because she knows nothing: she just has a “political science” degree and  wrote, or more exactly probably plagiarized, as she sounds like a born duplicator of ideas, some sort of thesis on politics and Islam during a stint at the Institute for Research and Studies on the Arab World in Aix-en-Provence (France is full of idiots who think they are fair, balanced and intellectual, because they adulate islam).



Who Is Jihad Federica?

Federica Mogherini, born 16 June 1973 is an Italian politician and the current High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission in the Juncker Commission since 1 November 2014.

Mogherini was Italy’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation from 22 February 2014 until 31 October 2014 in the centre-left Cabinet of Matteo Renzi (himself nominated PM without an election!). The 41-year-old Italian was named the EU’s foreign policy chief, only seven months after she was plucked from parliamentary obscurity in Rome and named foreign minister of her own country.

She is a member of the Italian Democratic Party and the Party of European Socialists. degree in political science after

So what’s her connection to plutocracy and the high life? Her father was a top movies director in the 1970s, directing stars such as Marcello Mastroianni and turning out a series of thrillers and comedies. Now his daughter stars in one’s of the world’s top Games of Thrones. Her job? Selling Europe to plutocracy, in the guise of selling Europe to hard-core Islam.


Fifteen years ago, a French professor published a book, “La Fabrique du Crétin” (the making Of the Cretin) in which he observed that:“Nos enfants ne savent plus lire, ni compter, ni penser. Le constat est terrible, et ses causes moins obscures qu’on ne veut bien le dire. (Our children don’t know how to read, compute, and think. The situation is terrible, and its causes less obscure than one is ready to admit).”

Jean-Paul Brighelli claimed that the dominant classes had made the average student stupid, to rule better. I fully agree with this analysis. Some will label such an attitude “Marxist”. But then Nietzsche was a “Marxist”? Nietzsche indeed pointed out that Christianity was an ideology to make common people stupid and sheep-like, so that the aristocracy, which had embraced a value system closer to those of lions (“the blonde beast”), could rule.

Very recent studies in logic show that logical systems can pretty much have any sort of axioms. Even systems where a proposition and its contradiction are both valid are possible. Thus the concept of “rationality” can’t depend upon logic alone. It has to appeal to other values. What could these be? Well, over the last few billion years, life has evolved its own values. They pertain to survival. Facing “post-truth” and “alt-truth”, we have to appeal to those values, found in the heart. The heart, and art, of survival.

One doesn’t survive by embracing an ideology which orders one’s extermination. Thus the elite intents to kill the spirit of the commons in Europe, by imposing Islam on them, just like their spiritual ancestors imposed Christianity, first on the Roman Empire, so well, they destroyed it. Then, as plutocracy rose again, by 1026 CE (date of the first execution by heresy again, in centuries), they re-imposed hard-core christianism. They are hoping to do the same with islamism.

Many individuals, ravaged by greed and will to power, would do anything to gather wealth, riches, power and influence. An example is Mars One, a commercial outfit which claims to train for settling Mars. They live off publicity and selling TV rights on their Marian soap opera.

The truth? It’s a scam! The fundamental truth about going to Mars: we will need fast propulsion, that is nuclear engine (except for unexpected new energy breakthrough!). There is too much radiation in space to spend several months there.

The present civilization we have in Europe is millennia old, a direct ancestor of Egypt, Sumer, India and babylon, and the mastercraftsman of the Celtic lands, with their best-in-the-world metallurgy and ocean-going ships, Our civilization was fully formed, baby sized, when Islam tried to destroy it, 13 centuries ago. It survived, that, because the Franks nationalized the Catholic Church to pay the largest army since the heydays of the Roman Republic. That was not so that we can be led by Islamist now.

Federica Mogherini is an Islamist. Since Macron recently said the Islamist terrorists were “nothing”, she is nothing. Those who grab weapons to implement the principles of the Qur’an and Hadith (kill unbelievers, kill Jews, kill homosexuals, kill apostates, throw “hypocrites into the fire”, etc.) are doing so because Mogherini and her terrible cortege of traitors have told them that was all very civilized, and that it was exactly what anti-racists should do.

After 1026 CE, Europe suffered increasingly under runaway Abrahamism. The Catholics were just implementing some orders from Christ in the New Testament: Luke 19:27: But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me.

The result was half a millennium of wars, a near-destruction of Europe. And an important decceleration of progress. Finally the Christianism got defanged. Let’s now defang Islamism. It starts with observing that Islam is not anymore a civilization than Christianism is. Under Charlemagne, one could be a Christian, a Pagan, a Jew, and, yes, a Muslim. True, Charlemagne used Christianism as a weapon against the obdurate Saxons. But that’s another story.

Meanwhile, let’s fire Islamist Mogherini. One cannot kill young Jihadists returning from the collapsing Islamist State, when all they do was to obey the call of Mogherini and her ilk to defend what they claim is a “civilization”. That’s hypocritical. And hypocrites, remember, are supposed “to be thrown into the fire”, according to the Qur’an which is the future of Europe, according to Mogherini and her ilk… 

Patrice Ayme’  

18 Responses to “European Leadership Imposes Islam”

  1. SDM Says:

    It is disturbing that such non-sense is not more widely and roundly denounced. Islamism is counter to a rational and democratic society.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I do agree! When Federica was nominated, I was all impressed and approving. Then, however, I was floored to discover she was an Islamist propagandist. To some extent the situation is even worse in France (I didn’t write an essay yet on that, and Macron apparently saw the danger in the last 2 months… Before he, and other politicians, was real close to the Islamist union of France…). Amny top European politicos are such hypocrites! On one hand, killing the Islamists who go kill, as if they were rabid dogs, on the other hand, encouraging them to become Islamist….) BTW, that includes Theresa Sharia May….


  2. Gmax Says:

    How can such a sniveling bitch be a leader of the EU? When there were Islamist attacks, was she crying from joy? She led both the Jihadists and their victims to death.


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to “Where did god come from?” at,
    which WordPress pushed onto me, providing me with the link! Another example of Abrahamist propaganda from up high! WordPress has never promoted me!]

    Interesting that WordPress is promoting an Abrahamist site with just 28 followers. Who created Huichilobos? Oh Jesus, that one? Roman Emperor Constantine, of course, he said it himself!


    • Tom Naegele Blogs Says:

      Haha I think that’s the first time I’ve ever been labeled as an Abrahamist. Also, what?


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Glad to amuse you! 😉 Well, I have to simplify, with more than 100 variants of Islam, more Jewish and Christian sects than I can count, etc.

        Roman Emperor Constantine described himself humbly as the “13th Apostle”, and is celebrated as a Saint by the Eastern Orthodox Church. I don’t know if that’s because he had his son Crispus executed, his second wife steamed, or his nephew assassinated… In any case Constantine decided what Christianism would be, at the Council of Nicaea, in 325 CE…


  4. Domingo Fernández Agis Says:

    Pour moi, il est nécessaire de maintenir la séparation entre la religion et l’État. La religion devrait être quelque chose de personnel; il ne devrait pas imposer quoi que ce soit sur le plan politique


  5. سامي بن عبد الملك Says:

    سامي بن عبد الملك: M Domingo Fernández Agis , svp quel est ton opinion a propos de ce sujet important?


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    “Islam” is too vague a term: there are more than 100 types of “Islam”. Some are so different, they are actually NOT the same religion! To talk as if there is just one Islam, nowadays, is to claim that only petrodollars define Islam!


    • سامي بن عبد الملك Says:

      سامي بن عبد الملك j’ai voulu répondre, mais ton discours n’est pas modérer ni objectif. il est extrémiste, totalitaire, vide de fraternité (comme pretend le mur de ta page) exactement comme le discours des fanatique extremistes qui prétends présentés le vrai islam. je suis musulman, j’ai jamais attaquer le christianisme et le judaïsme. notre “épileptique analphabet” et le Coran nous a demander de les respecter ainsi que les prophètes Moses et Issa (jesus)


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Tu m’accuses avec diverses insultes que je refute. J’ai aussi ete’ eduque’ dans l’Islam, je ne t’insulte pas. Tu as voulu, tu as pas pu. Dommage. Je te rassure, j’attaque tout l’Abrahamisme. Le Christianisme et son Jesus somewhat diabolique (see Luke 19, 27) is the original fanaticism mimicked by Islam.. The fundamental hero of Abrahamism is a guy ready to slit the throat of his own child, JUST because his boss tells him to. Not a good paradigm to admire, IMHO! 😉

        Je n’ai jamais connu de Musulman que je n’ai pas respecte’ en personne. Je parle de systems d’ideologie, pas d’un tel ou un tel.


  7. Patrice Ayme Says:

    سامي بن عبد الملك: If you are a Muslim, in full, you know about the abrogation principle. You also know the likes of: Hadith 41;685: …”Allah’s Messenger… : The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will FIGHT against the Jews and the Muslims would KILL them…”


  8. Picard578 Says:

    Reblogged this on Defense Issues and commented:
    It is true that Islam belongs in Europe, past present and future. Just as Nazism belonged, belongs and will belong in Europe. There is no avoiding it. There may, however, be limiting it – but only if the radical Left (all Left in Europe today is radical, due to left drift of the politics on the Old Continent).

    Islam had always been at war against the civilisation. It still is at war against the civilisation, with the Western civilisation being its primary target. Clash of civilisations is a reality, but people hate reality. So they cry, they deny. And much like Quisling in Norway, today there are many Quislings helping Islam to conquer Europe.

    COnflicts allow plutocrats to rule. Islam causes conflicts (as does multiculturalism). Modern liberalism is an ideology of plutocracy. It is thus easy to see why and how have liberals come to adore Islam. They have nihilistic hatred against their own civilisation, and thus support islamic invasion. And since Islam is a military ideology, ideology of war and conquest, it is also a military problem. Strong army is built upon a strong society, and any society invaded by Islam cannot be strong.

    This is also interesting:


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Agreed to all, with the caveat that this applies to Salafist/Wahhabist/Suni Islam and Shia Islam (mostly Iran). They are/have been forms of Sufi Islam which are more modern and compatible with civilization than the present domineering Neoliberal/EC Brussels/Wall Street/Silicon Valley/All Plutocratic mode of socioeconomy. Unfortunately those advanced Sufi Islams have been nearly extinguished by the dominant petrodollar Islam…
      West African Sufi Islam, as found in Senegal, was highly tolerant of bared chested women and effective socialism providing a tight-knit welfare system. Muhammad was/is a secondary figure… The Saudis have targeted it intensely for destruction…


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