The Letter & The RE-ENTRANT MIND

Yesterday I got a letter from Barack Obama.

This gracious gesture left a lasting impression. This real fact in the real world, brought my mind to create, all on its own, a reality that had never been before. And will ever last, as far as I am concerned. It’s not just the multiverse, it’s the private multiverse.

Before you think that I am, at last, humbling admitting I am nuts, let me perfidiously add that we all do this, I am just ahead of my time, in observing it, as Nietzsche would modestly point out, if he was writing on my behalf. A core way in which wisdom progresses is by introspection. Introspection: one does not get more core than that. Deeper, more penetrating introspection is future civilization. Perceiving more correctly what perception is was central to the Quantum revolution. Don’t laugh, the inventors of Quantum Mechanics analyzed in-depth what to “experience” meant; an indignant Einstein was reminded by Heisenberg that he and his colleagues were just following the general philosophical principles set by Einstein of considering carefully what was experimentally perceived.   

Last night, I had many dreams, on many things, but in one of them, pretty short, figured Barack Obama, sleeping like a babe, on a makeshift black leather couch system. A running commentary said he was sharing the (very large) room with the US military chief of staff. I was milling around. Something tense about the state of the world was coming down…

After I woke up, I remembered the dream as if it had really happened. So now in my memory system, there is a vivid picture of Obama sleeping as described above. Although it never happened. (I never met Obama in such circumstances.) 

We mostly perceive… what we think. Thus the world as we perceive it, is the exact opposite of what the ancients imagined it to be.

So there was a part of my history, relative to someone else, created by my own mind in the context of the relationship with that person. And it’s pure fiction as a historical fact outside of me, yet, a historical fact as far as my neurocircuitry is concerned.

Plato never talked about such things, nor the parrots who repeated that tyrant lover, ad nauseam.

Plato’s Cave is a rather stupid, certainly very condescending picture of the universe. Moreover, it misunderstands the wall of the cave: it’s actually the universe itself, a universe we partly created ourselves, the universe of our minds, and it’s much richer than the outside world, which only excites, entices, encourages our perception further along.  

This sort of self-made movies does not pertain to my fertile imagination alone. Everybody does it, although the degree of awareness of its genesis varies. From the real world input of sensations and experiences, human minds create a much more complex world amplifying that input in special ways pertaining to their own history. It’s Plato’s cave, in reverse, with much added.


Sad was my mood:

What happened is that, after I got the letter yesterday, I had a poignant feeling of what a waste my friend’s presidency has been. Nothing that the innocence of sleep can ever repair, however strong we imagine differently. I remembered the spark of hope, ten years ago. True, a few things were achieved by his presidency (the fact that health insurance companies can’t deny from pre-existing conditions). But much was lost too (inequality has never been so great, and Obama has his name written all over that, including the unresisted and wildly encouraged rise of tech monopolies and the demolition of the Patent System). Pluto-Democrats devoured it all…


While my guitar gently weeps…

Patrice Ayme’

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6 Responses to “The Letter & The RE-ENTRANT MIND”

  1. Benign Says:

    So what happened? Was he a CIA cutout from the beginning? Were there threats or bribes? Surely the answer will only come in a dream, and in observing his decadent behavior since leaving office.



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The communication was of a highly intellectual nature.
      Now as far as Barry is concerned, my spouse was a classmate, for years, since they were ten years old (they are separated by four days in birth). I don’t think Barry was aware of his family’s background until well after he made it to Harvard, or maybe earlier, when he met, and got mentored by (National Security adviser and CIA maven) Brezinsky at Columbia. For Brezinsky-Carter lethal circus:

      Power makes one decadent. Even before Barry became president, as I related in these pages, even in my own family, individuals became completely insane, including my 2 brother in law and two sisters in law. Like total nuts. Me and my spouse were the only one to keep our cool, because we have such high opinion of ourselves. However, we got severely affected by this insane spectacle. People who never knew Barack were parachuted, and make a quick ten millions, etc.

      We made no money, or power, whatsoever, and paid the price in having no influence, whereas idiotic lunatics who see UFOs at every street corner (I am trying not to use names) are viewed as idols by most of the so-called “Democrats”. I saw people who didn’t give a hoot about politics, inequality, etc., go for Clinton, in the hope of staying on the gravy train. When that didn’t turn out, they turned against me in a rage, as if I had created Trump (whom I excoriated more than 10 years ago…)

      One thing I would let know is this: some people are cowards. Both my spouse and I are mountain climbers, and have done (all too much) solo climbing.

      My spouse surfed in Hawai’i, solo, and nearly drowned more than once. NON-Cowards are not afraid of whatever those others were so deadly afraid of. We laughed at their fears. They hated us even more, just for that. I spit on their mental graves.


  2. Alexi Says:

    This post resonates with me. I do not see how the damage that has followed Obama can be reversed. In the wasting of the potential of his presidency, he was greatly aided by the Republican Party and a hardcore base of rabidly anti-American US citizens.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Alexi, your comment touches me.
      Retrospectively, I was struck how Obama looked innocent, sleeping in my dream. I meant to add a sentence or two about that. I will add them. I think he is trying to make up for his presidency which came so short relative to what it could have been. He suggested medicare for all: his entire cabinet let alone Pelosi, blocked him… As I am a registered Dem, and I was at the core of the process, I don’t mind Reps doing what they did: it’s like complaining about rattlers doing what they do. For me, the problem was, and still is, Dems. A friend of mine was elected mayor of a major Cal city last year. She is disgusted by the NIMBY she is blocked by, trying to build towers for affordable housing (the financing is lined up!) and the Dem Party (she belongs to). She told me she will get back to lawyering after her mandate (although she would be handily re=elected). It’s just plain impossible to help We The People, even when banks cooperate…


      • Alexi Helligar Says:

        That Democrats are complicit in the destruction of the American experiment is without question quite accurate.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Indeed. And sincere Democrats don’t know what to do. My friend the mayor of that California city, who reads this site, was grimly determined to shake up the Democratic Part from inside, and after being elected, ran for the highest Democratic internal committee in California, but she was not selected. Now she is deeply discouraged, and, just by talking to me, acknowledges that I was right all along. In particular, although she talks well, and now officially thinks well, Pelosi, who now claims that Democrats have to stop being reactive, and have to present their own ideas, is deeply corrupt.

          The problem is that the Democrats had no new ideas since JFK/Johnson. It’s Nixon who introduced and launched the HMO system and the EPA (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Obamacare was written by Susan Fowler, a VP at health insurer Wellpoint, under the umbrella of 5th generation plutocrat Senator Comici.


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