Return of the Nazis (AfD), Fascism, Antifa, NFL, etc.

Elections in Germany have brought what could be expected, after Merkel’s ill-conceived refugee policy. The elections of September 24, 2017 dealt the lowest scores for the two main parties in nearly a century (the SPD was already around more than a century ago). The elections produced 94 Members of Parliament to Alternative Fur Deutschland, (or AfD) the party for an Alternative for Germany. One of its co-leader, the exultant Alexander Gauland, called for Germans to be proud of their army… You know, the notorious one, the German army of the Second World War, in other words, for the “Volk” to be proud, again, of the Nazi army.

There was of course nothing to be proud of: instead of organizing a coup against the Nazis, as civilization and basic human ethology called for, the German army which launched the Second World War was crucial to the killing of 5% of humanity and the suffering of all of Europe, and much of Asia.

For those who don’t know, the Nazis were officially allied to the fascists in Italy, Spain, Japan, and, secretly, Stalin and its goons. The alliance with Nazi Germany enticed the fascist Japanese high command to go into a full-out war against China… A war which could work only if it were implemented with war crimes and exterminations.

Now, of course, Merkel, by opening the floodgates to 1.2 million refugees in 2016, cultivated her own defeat. The problem being that most of them come from the Muslim zone, and Islam was fabricated as an anti-civilizational weapon. Seeing women covered with veils on German state TV explaining that covering women with veils was the future, could only bring a reaction against this blatant sexism.


Leader AfD (on the right) with her Sri Lanka Born Wife; they have two children. Yes, she worked for Goldman Sachs, and lived years in China, did you need to ask?


Meanwhile a guy called Milo went to the UC Berkeley campus, protected by police officers from all over California. The cost of the police operation was 800,000 dollars. Milo stayed 15 minutes, didn’t talk in a microphone, said nothing of substance.

Why does Milo need to be protected so much? He is depicted as “ultraconservative”. Actually he is a very loud homosexual, keen to depict his sexual prowess. At the same time, Milo criticized homosexuality as a bad role model for children, and yet, condoned pederasty according to the old Greek system, as good for teenage boys (at that latter point, Steve bannon’s Breitbart News fired him). Milo is full of little ideas, many too provocative by half. However, it’s nothing to get deranged about.

Getting deranged can be most useful. For example, the spectacular breakthrough of the AfD in Germany should derange the consensus that Islam is a good thing. (And, to tell the whole truth about the AfD, it’s co-led by a woman, Weidel who lives with another woman, a Swiss originally from Sri Lanka, and they have two children…. So AfD partisans will tell you they are not Nazis; this ignores the fact that several of the top Nazis were… Jews! Some officially, some hiding in plain siht below good “Aryan” looks). 

It is really a testament to something terrible when the self-declared left got so enamored with Islam. After all, Islam inspired Hitler, including for the wearing of yellow star, a Muslim idea adopted by six centuries later by the Christian theofascists in the midst of the Inquisition, Crusades and other deranged horrors of the most vicious and infamous type..

And the mechanism is always the same: when the self-described “antifa” assault dementedly the likes of Milo, they are not just proving idiotic, they are doing exactly what the Masters of the Universe want them to do.

Not all protests are misplaced: when sport figures refuse to honor the national anthem, they join me in healthy protests across the decades. Long ago, I made lots of enemies, and not just in the USA, or France, by refusing to rise during the Republics’ anthems. It was a form of protest against the ambient fascism from the higher-ups, and the strangulation of the mind by vicious conformism. At the time, I was judged weird, crazy, impolite, and of low moral standards. But to honor the authority of the state publicly, when one disagrees with it, is not just debasing, it’s to admit one is so afraid that one does not live in democracy, that one has to debase oneself by a public display of adoration.

Ah, and time to realize that a lot of sports is just frantic nationalism in another guise… Those who get all excited for the local sport team are not fundamentally different, in some passions they honor so loud, from the average North Korean singing the praises of the Great Leader.

“Antifa” should hunt big game, not dust mites, frantically. Because fascism is big, not small, and smart, and well dressed. Now, of course, after eight years of talking falsely, I can understand the frustration. Young people are starting to discover that they were had by the so-called “Democratic” establishment. It’s high time, and we can only thanks that irritant, Donald, who trumps all, for that belated enlightenment…

Patrice Ayme’

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7 Responses to “Return of the Nazis (AfD), Fascism, Antifa, NFL, etc.”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Are you saying the anti are just fa? They are just ineffectual fascists in the service of The Man?
    And what of the AfD? Where does this go? What coalition will Merkel make?


  2. SDM Says:

    I take it that Antifa should be addressing the plutocracy and not just taking on neo-Nazi hate groups, white “nationalists”, etc. It is important that the public not be cowed by the violent overtones of such groups. The corporate media will disparage them of course nevertheless such resistance to those groups is not enough. Taking on the corporate grabs of natural resources will be met with the police and private thugs. How much force will be needed to counter such tactics? The XL pipeline is an example.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Exactly: the “Antifa” are just weaklings, hypocrites, banana slugs, ignorant and despicable, in their present state. I actually know a few, who called me a colonizer, a racist, a Muslim killer (90% of my closest friends in the USA are Muslims!!!! And they baby-sit my daughter several times a week, yeah, one of them wears a scarf, and I make fun of her, calling her “scarf-woman”… Actually her husband forces her to wear it, although, she is a strong woman…)

      So after all these astronomical insults, and a campaign against me on the Internet, some are now coming around, begging forgiveness, inviting me to parties, insisting to shake my hand… Nut jobs.

      “Antifa” should attack the real powers that be. (Something I am doing now huge time through channels not to be revealed.)

      Once I was targeted by a real fascist organization, 300 guys strong and they really threw a bomb on me (somebody else got disintegrated). Whereas right now in the Bay Area, the “Antifa” insist to beat literally on 3 guys who are professional provocateurs (it was in the paper)… It’s all completely idiotic, and a red herring. Thanks god, they started to attack Nancy Pelosi (but when they did, it was not right, BTW). They should have attacked those Dems 14 to 11 years ago. Now, OK, some of them were not yet in primary school…

      The Neo-Nazis groups, like those who killed that woman are another matter. But, once again, it would be smarter to co-opt them. For example some of the Bannon like crowd should be co-opted: they can be allied on a whole bunch of subject. Trumpo, especially, is not enemy: he was a Democrat until 2010, and was against the Iraq invasion at a time when people screamed at me for that, across tables, even in cities such as Berkeley. So logically enough, he passed his budget and DACA (work in progress) with Nancy and Schumer…)

      All this is good, in the sense that the passions are up. Many who were so irate at me last year (all I did was to support Sanders), had never been political before (the worst state imaginable…) Passions are up, so ideas will follow…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The pipelines were mostly developed under Obama (Susan Rice had millions invested in them: as a government employee, she became immensely rich….). He didn’t complete a few miles out of more than 1,000… So he could leave the clincher to his successor…
      Obama destroyed the US patent system, to facilitate the world take-over of his friends, GAFA and the like. I hope that gets undone under Trump, but now Bezos insists upon being at the White House all the time… However he is “worth” only 30 times Trump, whereas he was worth 10,000 Obama… So he has less clout now…

      In any case, I am ambiguous about “Antifa” and company. If they attack the real problems, fine. However what they are doing now is counterproductive (we need MORE free speech, not less; when I go to the New York Times’ site and they manipulate my computer, erasing some of my work, and some of my “friends” in New York applaud, while claiming to be in the “resistance”, I see this world is real mad…)


  3. SDM Says:

    Or should I say Dakota Access pipeline


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Patricia Ayme the crimes of colonialism (British, Belgian, French) or “American” imperialism (extermination of native peoples, removes Mexico from 51% of its territory, bombardment and destruction of Muslim countries, etc.) extend to Throughout history over a much larger period of time and doing significantly more damage.

    Make a list of nations attacked by the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. Make a list of the nations that attacked the territory of the United States, the United Kingdom, and France.

    Make a list of burnt offerings, worldwide.
    Forgetting the American Holocaust ?: Where do you see Native Americans in the United States?
    It is one thing to kill people in their own land (like Native Americans in the United States) and another thing is the holocauto of a people who invaded other people’s territories.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “Anonymous”: This sort of things has been amply addressed in past essays of mine.
      It’s a huge and complicated subjects, if evoked pele-mele…
      The “Muslim” countries thingie is itself immensely complex.
      First, way back, 13 centuries ago, Islam attacked. Then, three centuries ago, Wahhabism appeared…
      When I was a toddler, I lived in a region where Wahhabists were outlawed, always had been. Local Islam was fine with me, still is. I live accordingly, basically.


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