Catalonia Should Be Much More Independent

Independent of Madrid and the rest of Spain, that is, not of the rest of Europe, it was traditionally more bound to. Having just a little, too little, history can be poison. Yet history is a teacher, it should be learned, but in full, not partially as a partisan. Only then does history make one more intelligent:

Catalonia is to Spain as Ireland is to England. It should be more independent. For nearly a millennium, England went to invade and occupy Ireland, and now finally Ireland, or most of it, is a free Republic. The Irish speak, mostly, English though.

Whereas Catalans speak Catalan. Catalan is not Spanish. Sometimes it sounds just like French, not Spanish. And that’s no coincidence. Way back, Catalonia was part of Marseilles’ empire. Then came Hamilcar Barca, the Carthaginian general and plutocrat, who gave Barcelona its name. Marseilles fought Carthage, but a modus vivendi was found. Pytheas of Marseilles went on to discover Iceland and the obliquity of Earth’s axis. Carthage let him pass.

Finally Rome defeated Carthage, and the Narbonensis province extended over the region. That lasted seven centuries, until the Visigoths, repelled by the Franks, took over in the Sixth Century. In 711 CE, the Muslim Jihadist took Spain over in three years, Barcelona fell in their torturous, massacring grasp. Then the Jihadists went over the Pyrenees, and their gigantic army suffered an enormous defeat at Toulouse, at the hands of Dux Eudes (721 CE). The war with the Islamist invaders went back and forth, inside Francia, with enormous loss of lives, until the victory of Charles Martel in Narbonne (748 CE). Same Narbonne as above.

Catalonia (“Marca Gothica”) and the Marca Hispanica were carved by the Franks in the Eight Century, As They Repelled the Jihadists

Under Charlemagne, Catalonia became part of the Renovatio Imperium Romanorum, as did Aragon, Castile, and the Basque Country. The Jihadists were pushed south. In 998 CE, Catalonia got its independence from France (as did Aragon, etc.)

Later, Catalonia merged with Aragon. Still later, Aragon went to the Dark Side, on a rampage, and grabbed enormous territories in the Mediterranean, such as Sicily and Southern Italy, which the Normans and French had freed from the Muslims, and where they had legally ruled for centuries. Aragon also put in power the sinister (Aragonese) Borgias in Rome, and, pushed for the rule of the Inquisition (to which Isabella of Castille reluctantly agreed, due to the rabid insistence of her husband, Ferdinand of Aragon.

The Inquisition was a fascist abyss for Spain. However, emperor of Spain and Rome, Charles V, born in Bourgogne (he spoke French as his native language, and was born very close to his great competitor, Francois I; they were both elected to their positions) was a great humanist, and that hid the subjacent theocratic cancer ravaging Spain. However, with his son Philip II, a full fascism of the worst jihadist type, was instituted, and Spain went down. First it had to be ejected from the Netherlands (thanks to the French), then the famed “Spanish Squares” were annihilated by the French army. Then Louis XIV married the Infante of Spain, who was related to his mother (Anne d’Autriche, ex-regent of France), and with whom he would have many children (most of whom died during Louis’ long reign) . In the following act, Louis XIV went murderously crazy and committed a holocaust of French Protestants (said holocaust lasted 20 years, and ruined France, and soon enough, Europe).

Then the Spanish king elected the grandson of Louis XIV as king of Spain, to succeed him. Resentful Protestants helped make this into a massive war, the “War of the Succession of Spain”. France came out of it destroyed, famished, exhausted, and lost territory, but the Catalans found themselves with a monarch, a Bourbon, whom they could truly hate.

The French plutocratic heir, Philip V fought Catalonia, with plenty of satanism. A true fascist as his mass murdering Catholic fanatic grandfather Louis XIV, Philip V banned all Catalan political institutions and rights, and incorporated Catalonia into Castile. Philip V also imposed the French Sallic law (by then more than 14 centuries old, that is older than Islam is today).  

The Second Spanish Republic confirmed the autonomies of Spain’s traditional autonomous regions, including the autonomy of Catalonia and the official use of its language. Like Madrid, the Basque country and much of Spain, Catalonia fought hard to defend the Second Spanish Republic in the devastating Nazi and fascist attack and invasion (so-called civil war) of 1936–1939. With the defeat of the Spanish Republic by the bloody tyrant general Francisco Franco, who killed millions of Spaniards lacking enthusiasm for the fascist dictatorship, the autonomies were cancelled, and years of massacres ensued.   

The successor of Franco was put into very low Earth orbit by the Basque Separatists, thanks to an improvised explosive charge, but Admiral Carrero Blanco missed his rough landing, on top of another building and died in the hospital. The European Union then required Spain to become democratic to get in the EU. Catalonia voted enthusiastically for the new Constitution which gave it autonomy.

However, Spain transformed Catalonia in a nourishing cow. Catalonia pays each year, 10 billion euros ($12 billion) more in taxes to Madrid than it gets back, or around 5 percent of regional economic output. It is as if California sent 100 billion dollars more to the Fed than it gets.

Interestingly, California pays 13 billion dollars more in taxes than it gets from the Fed. However, California has 5 times the population of Catalonia and the seventh largest GDP in the world. $13 billion for California is around half a percent of GDP.

So, yes, Catalonia, with twice the population of Ireland, should be free. Catalonia can be viewed as a part of France, rather than a part of Spain, for a whole host of historico-geographical reason. “Pays Catalan” is presently a part of the French REPUBLIC, and has no problem (a Catalonian enclave in France, Llivia, voted 95% for Catalonian independence: they pay taxes to Madrid, and are fed up with it).

Spain recognizes Montenegro as an independent country. Montenegro speaks Serbian, and has only 700,000 citizens. Spain is hypocritical, it wants to keeping milking its Catalan cow.

[Full revelation: Let me add I don’t hate Aragon: an ancestor of mine was made Count by the king of Aragon, 12 centuries ago. Just telling it, as it is.]

Last point: Catalonia, even if more independent of Madrid, should stay in Europe. No, not just an allusion to the Euro: countries have used the Euro as currency, even while NOT a member of the European Union: Montenegro did, and does, this. I am more thinking of defense. There is a need for a global defense system, and everybody needs to pitch in. The only really independent countries in Europe, in matter of defense are Russia, and France. So Catalonia should buy the Rafale, and not follow the treacherous Belgians, who suggested they would buy the ineffectual, hyper-expensive but AMERICAN F35. (Greatly because of the treachery of Belgium and the Netherlands, were the anti-Nazi forces defeated in May 1940, that should always be kept in mind!]

You want Union? It exists, and it has a name: the European Union. Catalonia should not submit to kings and fascists, with a long track record of monarchy and fascism. I didn’t escape my attention that two giant banks announced they would withdraw from Catalonia: nothing scare the financial masters of the universe more than the freedom of the People.

Patrice Ayme’

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22 Responses to “Catalonia Should Be Much More Independent”

  1. ianmillerblog Says:

    You are a little tough on Belgium and the Netherlands re 1940, Patrice. Be fair – they had no answer at all to the Wehrmacht.


    • Gmax Says:

      I think Patrice accused them to be neutral until the start of hostilities, and that caused the imbalance of the French army, big time. They went north, got caught from behind


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The answer to all the Wehrmacht was to become allies of France and Britain, which declared war to Nazi Germany, after an ultimatum, September 3, 1939, in the morning. “God have pity on us if we lose this war” said Goering, after an horribly long silence of Hitler, looking at Berlin, while nobody in the numerous assistance made the slightest sound. Then Hitler savagely said:”Now what?”

      Well, in the end, Hitler’s genial attack capitalized on the “neutrality” of those traitors, Belgium and the Netherlands. The successful Blitzkrieg of May 10-May 20 would never have worked had French, and, or British units be previously disposed there, in Belgium and Netherlands. One can see the treacherous nature of those two traitors in their systematic refusal to use French equipment, and, like Poland, buying obsolete US war planes… too this day. Sweden too, played a horrible role which enabled Hitler, by giving him top grade iron ore he desperately needed, and a tech marvel like the Bofors 88mm. Ireland and Switzerland were also traitors.
      This is all a warning to Catalonia (or Scotland). Independent, sort of, OK, but “neutral”, no.


  2. Gmax Says:

    What do you think of the king’s speech? He sounded to me quite fascist and angry, furious against Catalonia


  3. Marie Claude Says:

    You wrote:’You want Union? It exists, with a name: the European Union. Catalonia shouldn’t submit to kings & fascists, with a long cruel track record!’
    … but the EU doesn’t want Catalonia, cuz thousands of regions would argue to have the same pass.

    depends on if you’re a partisan


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Marie Claude: It’s indeed a problem. Small “neutral states’ enabled Hitler crucially in World War Two (if all the small neutral state had obeyed the French Republic wishes, Hitler would have been defeated by 1940…)

      The EC loves Spain, because Spain has proven fascist-financial, first class. Yet I don’t see Spain being very helpful against Jihadists. And it’s related to how the Roman State collapsed (I am writing an essay on that exactly at this moment). The European Union, as it is set-up, can’t survive: Belgium said it would buy bad US planes, because they want to be US slaves, and prefer this to French warplanes.

      Defense is a problem in Europe. There is a Goldman Sachs Europe, there is not much of a European Defense or a European military Industrial complex.

      Catalonia should get closer to France, but then should help France’s war against the enemies of civilization, and should also be FORCED to help the French military system, which is the only independent one between Washington and Moscow. As it is, the EC is just the lapdog of Goldman Sachs, and Junkers a professional Pope of tax evasion (he agrees with that observation, BTW, and adds he had no choice…).

      Anyway, let me get back to my super deep essay, on history nobody reads anymore, and how it connects to Catalonia. I don’t see Madrid helping France all over Africa and the Middle East, BTW… Whereas five US soldiers just died in Nigeria, in an Islamist ambush, and the islamist State is getting killed by precision shelling and bombing from US and French planes and guns…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am a partisan of thinking


  4. Marie Claude Says:

    ‘Catalonia receives nearly $20 billion LESS a year, than it pays to Madrid in taxes. Scaled up to USA size, that’s nearly a $trillion/year!’

    Marie Claude: avec ces histoires de dettes nationales, les populations deviennent égoïstes, les Bavarois peuvent dire la même chose que les Catalans, ils subventionnent les Landers de l’ex Allemagne de l’est, il suffirait que les Nationalistes Bavarois demandent un referendum pour devenir indépendants du budget federal de Berlin… La Catalogne avait le même statut politique que les Landers allemands ont dans une fédération


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Bavaria is doing OK, so is California. California profits from the Union. If California lost 150 billion dollars to Washington a year, California would declare independance. Actually California is not invaded by the US Guardia Civil. In California, the National Guard is under California control. The present mono-ruler of Catalonia is a direct descendant of the French Hitler called Louis XIV, who killed, tortured and expelled millions of Protestants, before devastating all of europe in the war of the Spanish Succession..


      • Marie Claude Says:

        Marie Claude The Bourbons on the throne of Spain are rather like the Queen of England, they have no power, it’s the parliament prerogative. BTW, I’m glad that Richelieu managed to give natural borders to France, Pyrenees at the south, and Rhine at the east. Hmm never heard that Louis XIV tortured many protestants, he revoked the Edit de Nantes, not at the beginning of his reign, but when he was involved with the bigot Maintenon. Didn’t also know that the french Protestants were so numerous… several thousands would most likely fit reality.

        The Spanish succession war was necessary to Louis XIV for insuring France borders, that the Habsburgs and Britain were threatening


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          There were millions of French Protestants, and they had children, for generations, before Luther or Calvin were born. Louis Hitler 14 caused the destruction of France with his holocaust against Protestants. War of Spanish succession was just a consequence.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “Cutting Catalonia from EU” is a ridiculous notion. Montenegro, not in EU, uses Euro.


  5. Kevin Berger Says:

    Ceci dit, autant je ne peux pas blairer ce pet foireux Catalan et l’unanimisme de sa couverture – bien fissuré maintenant -, autant je bîche de voir l’Espagne se manger ce petit retour de karma.
    Après Aznar et l’épisode irakien,ou même l’Espagne fasciste en bon factotum des fascistes US & Allemands anti-Français pendant la guerre d’Algérie, c’est quand même bien fait pour leur gueule. Surtout si le grand frère US est à la manoeuvre d’une manière ou d’une autre.


  6. Kevin Berger Says:

    October 9
    Beaucoup de romantisme et de dramatisation, pour un prurit régionaliste nourri depuis 40 ans par une bourgeoisie, en quête de son petit carré féodal. Et l’éruption récente, crise de 2008, casseroles judiciaires un peu pressantes, surenchère/fuite en avant liée à la politique locale, petit coup de pouces de nos amis UK-US? En tous cas, égoïsme drapé d”idéaux”.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, nobody should have to live in a monarchy. Especially one descended from Louis XIV…


      • Kevin Berger Says:

        Alors il faudrait laisser s’établir de little fiefdoms, gèrés par de little kings? Ce qui se passe en Catalogne est une affaire Espagnole, la Catalogne existe, mais le régionalisme en oeuvre actuellement est une horreur égoïstement bourgeoise; que les “indépendantistes” arrivent déjà à convaincre les Catalans. Pour l’instant, il s’agit d’un coup d’Etat, avec tous les usual suspects qui pointent le bout du nez (ou montrent le bout de l’oreille, pour ceux qui se dissimulent encore sous une apparence plus présentable, type Assange). Le tout semble assez inoffensif, risquant plus de finir en pet foireux, mais cette crise a largement de quoi rebondir, avec bien des conséquences tragiques (et l’on ne parle pas ici de répression policière bien moins violente que contre les indignados, photos détournées et “storytelling” bien rôdé inclus).


  7. For A Republican Catalonia, For Some Small States, & Against Others | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] Republic, yes (within Spain, why not?). Much more Europe is necessary, […]


  8. Patrice Ayme Says:

    May 31 2018

    Catalonia persecutor and provocateur extraordinary, right wing Spanish PM Rajoy, corrupter in chief, and an ally of austerian Merkler, finally falls, a Socialist is set to replace him as Spain PM. A light at the end of yet another tunnel…

    Bloomberg: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s resistance was finally broken Thursday, overwhelmed by the drumbeat of corruption revelations that has grown throughout his seven years in office.

    Rajoy, 63, didn’t even turn up to the parliament in Madrid for the afternoon session as one party after another declared its support for Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez’s no-confidence motion. By the end of the session, the government ranks were peppered with empty seats as ministers and backbenchers abandoned the chamber.


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