Watch This Ocean Of Galaxies, And Tremble!


Observations of galaxies and galaxy clusters in the local universe accounted for only 10% of the “normal” particle, baryon content inferred from measurements of the cosmic microwave background and from nuclear reactions in the early Universe. Locating the remaining 90% of baryons has been one of the major challenges in modern cosmology. Cosmological simulations predict that the ‘missing baryons’ are spread throughout filamentary structures in the cosmic web, forming a low density gas with temperatures of 10^5−10^7 Kelvins.

Using the acceleration of photons by very hot plasma (“Inverse Compton Scattering”), The estimated gas density in these 15 Megaparsec-long filaments (that’s around 50 light years) is approximately 6 times the mean universal baryon density, and overall this can account for ∼ 30% of the (Big Bang hypothesized, thus deduced) total baryon content of the Universe. This result establishes the presence of ionised gas in large-scale filaments, and suggests that the missing baryon problem may be resolved via observations of the cosmic web.

Hubble Ultra Deep Field: Galaxies forever. Something very simple and deep here: where is everybody? More galaxies have been seen than there are grains of sand on Earth. But any civilization in our style would show up very quickly, thanks to the large structures it would build, none of which are observed… So tremble: all the imaginable explanations are rather ominous…

Think of it: there are probably there may be 40 billion Earths in our galaxy alone! Then remember that 10^12 galaxies loom out there…

That partly solves the missing mass problem for normal matter. It has nothing to do with the missing mass problem for Dark Matter, or Dark Energy. I suggest both arise from a (Sub-)Quantum Effect, a prediction from a theory more general than Quantum Physics as we know it today. The basic idea is that there is something one should know as the “Quantum Interaction”, and it proceeds at a finite speed.

he “Quantum Interaction” would be the Entanglement speed and the Collapse speed. Over cosmological distances, it leaves remnants: Dark Matter. It also weakens gravitation over cosmic distances, accelerating the universe.

Some will scoff. However, basic ideas in physics can be simple.  Often the simpler, the deeper.

If I am right about Sub Quantum Physics, all our physics establishment looks rather pathetic… All the more as experiments could be made…

Back in 1969 the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich paper predicting the effect of hot plasma on Cosmic Background light came out, The interaction of matter and radiation in a hot-model universe. It would be decades before the effect was first detected. The paper was written almost entirely by Sunyaev, with the famous Zel’dovich (“Cosmic Inflation”) merely adding in how difficult the effect would be to detect. Nearly 50 years later, it has been used it to detect the missing normal matter in the Universe. However the fundamental idea is just Inverse Compton Scattering. Nothing new.

Prizes such as the Nobel lionize, erroneously, a few people misleading us in how the achievements of humanities in the matter of science are achieved (even Scientific American agrees a bit with me now). The nearly dozen scientists mentioned in the present story related here, however meritorious, were eminently replaceable, but their discovery was not.

Science needs to be supported by all (taxes! redistribution!), and can rise, only if shared and appreciated by all. Modesty, when looking up at this immense universe, is of the essence. It may well be full of life, but empty of any advanced intelligence. Why? Hubris. Hubris is mostly to be suspected there. Even our most advanced thinkers are just monkeys on a beach, looking at pretty shells. They should admit it, and to themselves first of all… (Thanks to Isaac Newton for the basic idea here: he said he was just a boy on a beach, picking up pretty shells…)  

Watch this ocean of galaxies, and tremble!

Patrice Ayme’

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3 Responses to “Watch This Ocean Of Galaxies, And Tremble!”

  1. Gmax Says:

    What do you think of Musk Mars colonization plan? Do we have to tremble?
    No serious, good essay but we have to look at the practical


  2. EugenR Says:

    Zel’dovich, Dr Strangelove. Used his genius to give Stalin atomic power in secrecy, and by doing it he shaped the history of world for the next fifty years, and for ever. Without atomic bomb backing, Stalin would not have the courage to take over brutally whole Eastern Europe, he would restrain his policy in Middle East, Korea wouldn’t be devided, and Mao Zetung would not have the guts to murder 50 million Chinese just because he had the authority to do it. Et.c., et.c. We live on the edge of a brink, and there is no power we can trust. Sorry for being in such a devastated mood. Seeing Donald the Great running the world, or rather mishmashing it, it is hard to find condolence in the reality. I wonder where he will start his A War, just to get more attention from the world. His lust for attention is infinite, so never enough.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Trump is exhibiting (some of) the problems. Even Obama told him North Korea was the greatest problem, didn’t know how to fix it. I used to tell him Pakistan was the greatest problem, but Pak just released hostages (who fled to Canada, because they father was afraid of being arrested by US authorities as he used to b married to a notorious jihadist…)

      Fact is, Obamacare didn’t work: totally surprisingly, I found my entire family without insurance in July, and learned it after paying $2000 for insurance that month… Obamacare gave total power to private insurers in a weird way. Anyway, i am still without insurance (or maybe I have it, not too sure… Rest family seems to have it under so-called “Cobra” now…). OK, more later…


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