Self-Described “Jew” Hides Who & What Caused Holocaust

The high-class Prussian-Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt personally resisted the Gestapo (she was arrested for that). She escaped to Paris, then the USA. She took flak for stating in her 1963 book Eichmann in Jerusalem that without the assistance of the Judenräte, the Jewish Councils, the registration of the Jews, their concentration in ghettos and, later, their active assistance in the Jews’ deportation to extermination camps, fewer Jews would have perished because the Germans would have encountered considerable difficulties in drawing up lists of Jews.

In France, relatively few French Jews died (most of the 75,000 who did were Jewish refugees), whereas in the Netherlands, lists, from IBM and religiously discriminating Dutch law, existed, and most Jews, 125,000 of them, were exterminated.

In general, active resistance by the Jews, and loud screaming, would have handicapped the Nazis, especially inside Germany, where they had only 7,000 Gestapo agents, and they lied to the German population about what they were doing with the Jews..

Hitler’s business was US business. IBM collaborated with Hitler throughout his entire reign of terror. Including during the entire war. US bomber streams seem to have, unbeknownst to the crews, deliberately avoided IBM German factories. Of the 35 IBM factories in Germany, none was significantly damaged (one got its roof blown off)

In occupied Europe, the Nazis entrusted Jewish officials with the task of making such lists of Jews and their belongings. The Judenräte also directed the Jewish police to assist Germans in catching Jews.

In her book, Arendt wrote that: “To a Jew, this role of the Jewish leaders in the destruction of their own people is undoubtedly the darkest chapter of the whole dark story. […] In the matter of cooperation, there was no distinction between the highly assimilated Jewish communities of Central and Western Europe and the Yiddish-speaking masses of the East. In Amsterdam as in Warsaw, in Berlin as in Budapest, Jewish officials could be trusted to compile the lists of persons and of their property.” (well, no, not in France!)

One could reproach to Arendt to consider mostly the duration of the war. However, even in Germany, there was collaborations of leading Jews with Hitler well before Kristallnacht (1938).

Well, in my urge to make more enemies, I go much further than Arendt: the supine character of Jewish resistance was a worldwide phenomenon. Particularly spectacular that way were American Jews. And it is still going on.

I just had an example of it: when I pointed at US plutocrats as a crucial ingredient of.Nazism, I was censored. I think a newspaper which does this sort of thing, should have its licence revoked. (My comments are in the last section, much of what’s below gives the context, but not being  from me, is as clever as the sort of shallow swamps full of alligators and snakes typical of the Everglades…)


The entire US establishment was already pro-fascist, before it helped bring the Nazis to power.  General Butler was head of the US Marine Corps.

Roger Cohen:  On Yom Kippur, last month, I was in Berlin. I am not a religious Jew, but on the High Holy Days I like to be in a synagogue, listen to the ancient lilt of Hebrew prayer and allow my mind to drift from daily cares. It is a form of respite. We all need that these days. Worry has become an early riser.

I closed my eyes. The sounds of Jewish worship in the Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue were followed from time to time by instructions or explanations in German. This linguistic alternation, in Berlin, was more freighted than it might be elsewhere. It was an affirmation of healing, but not without a shadowy undertow.

My mind turned to the poet Paul Celan’s phrase, “the thousand darknesses of murderous speech,” and to the complications for a postwar German Jew, or indeed any German, of having a mother tongue that was also the murder tongue. Nothing after the Holocaust is ever straightforward in Germany, not even the jovial smile of the rabbi who conducted the service that day.”

So far, so good. Celan committed suicide in 1970, by jumping in the Seine. However, Roger Cohen believes that “buffoonery” is the world’s big problem:

This is a time of growing fears, in Europe and the United States. Ghosts have stirred. Humanity never quite grows out of the buffoon’s attractions: the scapegoats he offers; the fast money; the rush of violence; the throb of nation and flag; the adrenaline of the mob; the glorious future that will, he insists, avenge past humiliations.

The Enlightenment was not the end of the story. Nor was 1989, that giddy moment for the liberal democratic idea, deemed self-evidently all-conquering. An autocratic, nativist, xenophobic, nationalist reaction is now in full swing on both sides of the Atlantic — as the election in Austria demonstrates again. It demands resolute vigilance. It also demands that we listen, try to understand and resist fracture.”

Hitler met many times with the head of GM. Ford and GM, among other US car companies furnished up to nearly 100% of the equipment in some Nazi campaigns, for example in Spain.

The only good elections are the ones which bring a Macron whom ex-president Hollande accused (in Seoul, Korea) of being the president of the rich: “Tax policy must favour investment not rent. I am not against success, but it must not be of those who get richer while they sleep.”

Cohen apparently is unaware of, or doesn’t care about, the declining reality of the US, or French, or British, middle class, and “working” class. For Cohen, it’s all about those who hate foreigners, it’s not about financial derivatives being twenty times world GDP, and the hyper wealthy ruling the world. Why should he? He works for a newspaper founded (in the nineteenth century by a family which still owns the controlling shares of the NYT), and where the major shareholder is one of the world’s greatest crooks (notice: no names, but judges will find them easily, they are probably on their payrolls…).

Roger Cohen:No nation guilty of a great crime has pursued an honest reckoning and atonement with greater rigor than Germany. It did not come immediately or easily. The country zigzagged its way to a full accounting. There were long silences and significant evasions. But Germany got there.

To me it has yielded a mystery or two, kept others back. You watch, in October, a naked woman emerging from Berlin’s Krumme Lanke lake to the hissing of a swan, watch swans’ wings thwacking the water in the struggle to get airborne, listen to the rhythmic clack-clack of hikers’ polls on the paths in the dark woods — and it is as if you are being allowed to glimpse some secret. Still, you wonder.

The Bundesrepublik is America’s child. It was forged under American tutelage and inspired by high American ideals of liberty. President Trump therefore poses a particular problem for Germany, more acute than for any other European nation. If the United States has forsaken these ideals, if the nation of “We the people” is no longer a universal idea but projects only a pay-up-now mercantilism, Germany will one day have to think again.

So will all allies of the United States. America’s word is a devaluing currency. Across Europe people roll their eyes at the mere mention of the American president.”

The Bundesrepublik was not just founded by the USA. The rest of Europe, and especially France, played an important role. And as far as eyes rolling is concerned, European are subjected to a withering anti-Trump propaganda, which hardly makes them the best authorities on Trump. To my pleasure, I know some candidates for office of the US Democratic Party who have moved beyond Trump Derangement Syndrome, and started to tackle the disastrously Reaganesque inheritance of Clinton-Bush-Obama.

Cohen’s Trump Derangement Syndrome shows up in a way which, considering what he truly hides, and the fact that he censored my comments, is rather ironical:

Roger Cohen: “Just last week Trump tweeted: “With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!”

This is Putin-Erdogan territory (and they don’t use insane capitalization). Worse, this is the territory where books get burned.

We don’t know yet how far the president is prepared to go in silencing critics who do not meet his test of patriotism, perhaps further than Russia and Turkey. We do know already that he has little idea of what his oath to the Constitution meant.

I am a Lithuanian-South-African-British-American Jew who, strangely, does not like walls, fences, hard borders, Messianic nationalism or race-baiting bigotry. Tell me, how did we get to the point where spewing hatred is the best way to prove contempt for the politically correct?”

Roger Cohen is actually from South Africa, was “naturalized” “British”, and was, very recently, “naturalized” “American”.  He doesn’t know “America” that well (whereas I do!) In any case, I didn’t comment on Cohen’s fashionable, career fostering, hatred for Trump. Last week several of the major news organizations in the USA claimed that Trump wanted to multiply the nuclear weapons by a factor of ten (a 1,000% augmentation). That made a huge noise, before being revealed to be fake news (it would violated international treaties; that’s what Trump alluded to, in the tweet above).


Anti-Judaism, because Christianism left no alternative:

Who and what caused “The Holocaust” requires to start with ways, practices and edicts of several Roman emperors (mostly Constantine, Maximus, and Theodosius I) The end result was that, whoever was not judged to be a good Catholic could be executed. Jews escaped that holocaust, because Jesus was a Jew, while Jews were persecuted, because they had killed rabbi Jesus. For more than six centuries, the Franks imposed a general tolerance (later extended even to Vikings and Muslims), which made Judaism as tolerated as Catholicism. But then vicious Catholicism made a comeback, as it became an excuse for violence for nascent nation-states and the nascent plutocratic (“Feudal”) system. For example, when the King of France Philippe Auguste wanted to capture Toulouse he conveniently joined the Crusade the Pope had called against toulouse. Or when Yolande of Aragon wanted to destroy the merger of London and Paris into Europe’s most powerful polity, she fabricated, and financed, Joan of Arc and her Christian voices.

Major, still respected, not to say adulated Christian figures, such as Saint Louis IX and Luther actually made detailed, abominable declarations about what they wanted to do to the Jews that were way worse than the worst Hitler ever said we know of.

(Saint Louis added, though that, inasmuch as he would like to kill Jews, it was against the law, so he couldn’t do it; he just expelled them from France.)


“The Holocaust” was not just about Germany and its Germans, Nazism was a US tool, not to say weapon:

It’s mostly the US plutocracy of the type Cohen claims to hate in Trump, which made Nazism possible, with the active support of the US presidency and Congress. This terrible truth has to be hidden at all cost in the USA. And it is. So, when I sent two comments to Roger Cohen to this effect (two because of the 1500 character limit). Neither was published. Here they are below, joined as one.


New York Times’ Cohen Doesn’t Want You To Know US Plutocrats Created, Fostered, Fed and Supported Hitler:

Humanity cannot be proclaimed to have pursued a thoroughly honest reckoning and atonement with great rigor, about Nazism and Fascismo, as long as the main characters who enabled Nazism and Fascism have not been shown yet, and recognized for all to see.

All the more as the same mood, from the same sort of plutocrats, is pretty much in evidence now, and arguably, even more in control, using all the levers of public opinion to steer obscurantism.

Hint: Hitler used to have a life-size portrait of Henry Ford behind his desk. Ford’s financing was colossal: by Fall 1923, Hitler had enough money for a well equipped private army of 5,000 with which he tried to seize power (that attempt finished in a volley of bullets from the regular army). In exchange, copies of “The International Jew”, a book by Ford were distributed freely by the Nazis.

Basically an entire galaxy of US plutocrats, industrialists, financiers and bankers supported, and greatly helped to invent Hitler. Dr. Schacht, Germany’s top banker, was actually a personal agent of JP Morgan. Completely at ease in New York and Washington, Dr. Schacht persuaded the German establishment that Hitler had US assent, and enough of an honorable man to become Chancellor (with Schacht as economy and finance minister, 1933).

Hitler’s invasion of Spain in 1936 was completely US plutocracy financed. Hitler laughed all the time that the Luftwaffe had transported Franco’s rebellious army, thanks to Texaco fuel (the US Congress gave a tiny fine to Texaco for that).

All the equipment Franco needed was bought from the US, on US credit. And so on…  By 1935, Britain had signed a “Naval” treaty with Hitler which enabled the latter to violate the Versailles Treaty, and, moreover to do whatever he wanted with Eastern Europe.

Humanity cannot be proclaimed to have pursued a thoroughly honest reckoning and atonement with great rigor, about Nazism and Fascismo, as long as the main characters who enabled Nazism and Fascism have not been shown yet, for all to see.

All the more as the same mood, from the same sort of plutocrats, is pretty much in evidence now, and arguably, even more in control, using all the levers of public opinion to steer obscurantism.


Conclusion? Whining about The Holocaust is good, finding why and how it happened, disentangling the web of US (or not) plutocracy which sustained it, is better. Not being interested by that, means one is a hypocrite.

Just an example. Torkild Rieber, CEO of Texaco connected with the Nazi lawyer and businessman  Westrick in 1940.  Westrick represented many American companies in Germany including ITT, Ford, General Motors, Standard Oil, the Texas Company, Sterling Products, and the Davis Oil Company. One day after the cease-fire of France with Nazi Germany (June 26, 1940), Texaco sponsored a celebratory dinner for Westrick at the Waldorf Astoria New York. Attendees included Sosthenes Behn of ITT, James D. Mooney, Edsel Ford of the Ford Motor Company and Philip Dakin Wagoner of Underwood. There are plenty of other examples like that. Hundreds of US corporations invested massively with the Nazis, often on credit they extended to them. Coca Cola, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Chase Manhattan Bank, Dow Chemical, Brown Brothers Harriman, Woolworth, Alcoa, The Ethyl Corporation of America (making crucial additive for Nazi planes’ engines), IBM, BBH Prescott Bush, are other examples.

Under the Nazis’ reign, blood was exchanged for money. But that was a worldwide phenomenon, which crucially depended upon the Anglo-Saxon empire. This galaxy of plutocrats was much of the origin of today’s plutocracy, either directly, or through a chain reaction of mood. A new book, Dark Money, just exposed just one US plutocratic family’s connection with the Nazis. And Stalin: they all did Stalin too, because the German fascism, and then the Nazis were secretly allied to Stalin (the alliance was made official in August 1939, in a last-ditch attempt to prevent France to declare war to the Nazis).

Dark Money is to be added to “IBM and The Holocaust” and “The Garden of the Beasts”. And of course Anthony Sutton’s book “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler”. And the more they deny, the more they prove what they are trying to deny. It was actually hilarious to see Koch industries trying to deny the connection of Fred Koch with Hitler:’It was not all what it has been cracked up to be’, they disingenuously whine.

There has been plenty of original research in my various essays on this subject in the last 20 years.  The big picture can’t be denied. And it’s murder. Literally. This is why Mussolini was hanged from a US gas station in Milan. Some people then knew. Now the young have minds which have been molded by the likes of the Kochs, and they feel that those who think that are “conspiracy theorists”. And “secular Jews” like Roger Cohen fully collaborate with the very system which produced Hitler. And it was, first of all, a cognitive production.

Dr. Schacht, Hitler’s economy & finance chief, center, was pretty much JP Morgan’s agent in Germany
ADN-Zentralbild/ Archiv
Unterredung des Reichskanzlers Adolf Hitler mit dem Reichswirtschaftsminister und Reichsbankpräsidenten Dr. Hjalmar Schacht 1936 über die wirtschaftliche Lage

Nazis, and the preceding generations of German fascists who had given birth to them (literally) molded the minds of Germans through censorship (Nietzsche wrote plenty on this, 50 years before the Nazis got to power). Selective censorship, steering the debate towards submission to plutocracy, just like the Kochs, just like an armada of US plutocrats and their media operators, just like Mr. Cohen (the top Nazis themselves were infuriated that they were manipulated by “plutocrats”, and that’s the exact word they used; see the introduction of “Myth of the Big Business/Nazi Axis which is not wrong, although the rest of the article tends to be.).

No more excuse. Civilization progresses through the sustained imposition of higher standards. As long as the ilk of Cohen and the Kochs grovel within the swamp of Nazi, while enjoying respect from the masses, we won’t progress.

Patrice Ayme’

9 Responses to “Self-Described “Jew” Hides Who & What Caused Holocaust”

  1. SDM Says:

    I know little of Cohen- I rarely read his articles- but from your assessment of his writings I take it he is someone who is paid to cover up or distract from the malfeasance of plutocrats. Just another corporate media hack making a living carrying water for plutocracy. This is perhaps the most pressing problem – the propaganda machine that whips the populace into a frenzy over buffoonery or other over-stated perceived outrages or scandals.
    The Trump-Kim saber-rattling is another issue perhaps- how unhinged are they? Trump’s pettiness and petulance are unsettling let alone his tendency to double down on any perceived slight.
    Is there a plutocratic undercurrent here that is missing – aside from the usual military-industrial complex at work?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I know Cohen personally… And I esteemed him (believe or not!) However, it’s exactly as you say: he is paid to be a distraction, a whiff of smoke a dance of mirrors, to spare his employers scrutiny…

      North Korea is an intrinsic problem: Kim is somewhat like Hitler, but way way way better educated, and he thinks, erroneously, that he knows the West. At least we may hope that his knowledge of the West is erroneous… Hitler too thought he knew the West well: thus US plutocrats were able to use him a shovel to bury civilization with.

      An example here is Senator Feinstein, a billionairess (from politics!!!!!!!) who is AGAINST Medicare For All (she even says so)… Differently from Trump, she has a political track record… A very negative one, IMO. Some progressives are running against her, so she will win, because their vote will be divided, whereas she reigns alone on the PC, that is, Pluto Cratic side…


      • SDM Says:

        Perhaps Feinstein may not be as safe as she has been. California voters may have had enough of her. Problem is that the DNC will likely do whatever they can to keep her in power as a pluto accomplice. Democrats are so corrupted that they seem bent on a downward spiral to continuing to be total handmaids to plutos while mouthing “progressive” ideals while doing next to nothing to stop plutocracy – corporate cash is their lifeline now, to hell with their constituents


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I am supporting for Assembly woman my friend Buffy Wicks. She would change things a lot if she got to the Assembly (she was at the WH for 8 years, and is very critical of BO lack of… well so much stuff, I can’t get started). She can’t say it, of course, but let’s put it this way: she does not have TDS… Another blonde woman I know is mayor, and disgusted. However Brown apparently suspended building regulations (could be good, could be bad). Nothing prevents California to go to a Medicaid FOR ALL… Except the likes of Feinstein…

          Propaganda from the Pluto owned media is so huge, for now Crooked Diane is safe…. She could steal another billion, they won’t see it…


          • SDM Says:

            I wish her luck if she actually distances herself from BO and HRC and other establishment democrats and their failed policies and corruption.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Buffy Wicks is very distanced, but she worked for them, for years, and she is very effective (she was coordinator of BO 2012 campaign in CA). But now she willingly recognizes there is a BO problem (she worked for HRC, so she just ignores her now). Like other young elected Democrats I know, she can’t be too loud about that in public (or they would get demolished by moneyed interests). It’s getting to be a good sign, though, that now some of the more educated PC Democrat crowd in Berkeley listens to me in awe (hahahaha). They used to get angry and tell me one can’t change the Constitution (and that’s not exactly what I asked for, anyway…) 6 months ago they all had TDS, now they are realizing Trump is not the problem at hand.

            Actually the realization Trump is no the problem with say, housing, led Brown to ban housing regulations a few days ago, to alleviate the housing crisis: in other words, Brown, a 100% Democrat, out-Trumped, Trump himself (good!!!!!!!). I told Wicks and others that Trump, or his ilk, would be happy to massively build in Bay Area (where there is a giant housing penury crisis): they all listened and agreed (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Progress, so we can do real stuff… At last. But the Pluto pseudo Dem dinosaurs like Feinstein have to be defeated (and she won’t!)


  2. Gmax Says:

    Wow. How can these creeps at the New York Times live with themselves? Each time I read Krugman these days I feel like vomiting. It’s like Feinstein: a plutocrat claiming to be a democrat


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