Zen About Gazing Europeans Again

Same Old Same Old: Oligarchy Kills, Because That’s What It Is Best At

The Nazis killed a lot of Europeans they had captured. One always talk of “the Jews” and call that “The Holocaust”, because up to 6 million “Jews” were assassinated by the Nazis. However, the six million number is itself a cover-up, as are the half-dozen “death camps” one always talks about. In truth, there were thousands of camps, up to 42,000, and the number of assassinated civilians and unarmed prisoners of war may have been as much as twenty millions.

Why is not the real truth out? Because statistics were deliberately destroyed (and not just by the Nazis). Also governments (even the Soviet one) were not keen to exhibit how badly they protected their populations. Let alone the fact Soviets and Americans collaborated with “ex” Nazi officials after their defeat (preparing the next war and, or, exploitation scheme).

So the Nazis killed around 4 million citizens a year (they set-up an extermination policy as soon as they, and their Soviet allies, invaded Poland).

How many Europeans are killed right now by plutocratically supported industrial policy, for all to see? Millions a year, probably.

London in smog. At least 50,000 UK citizens killed by pollution in 2014. When 5,000 were killed in London in 1953, drastic measures were taken, then.

There are up to 180,000 chemical products in common use. Very few have been tested enough to be reasonably certain that they don’t cause cancer, aging, inflammation and other diseases in a significant way. Cancer statistics show the opposite: some cancers’ incidence has quadrupled in a century (independently of other known factors, like age of the victims).

Poisonous air killed half a million people in Europe prematurely in 2014, according to a report on air quality from the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk in Europe,” says the EEA.

By far the biggest killer was PM2.5, the soup of tiny particles measuring 2.5 micrometres across or less. They brought 428,000 premature deaths across the 41 European countries tracked in 2014. The main source, contributing 57% of PM2.5 emissions in 2015, was domestic wood burning, especially in eastern Europe.

Reality check: many “ecologists” have pushed to burn wood. So much for wood burning, the so-called “biomass”, being ecological. (On top of the fact that burning wood asphyxiates, the bigger, older trees absorbs more CO2 than small trees, so cutting them is doubly anti-ecological.)  

Nitrogen dioxide, mostly from vehicle exhausts, cut short an estimated 78,000 lives across the same 41 countries. Ground-level ozone was the other major killer, claiming an estimated 14,400 lives prematurely.

“Heart disease and stroke are the most common reasons for premature death attributable to air pollution, and are responsible for 80 per cent of cases,” the report says. Air pollution also contributes to other respiratory diseases and cancer, and has non-lethal impacts on diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, pregnancy and brain development in children.

France decided diesel was smart, because it emits less CO2 for the same effective work. However limiting micro-particles is a must and it’s expensive


Poisonous Air Concentrations:

The two worst hotspots for PM2.5 pollution were Poland and northern Italy, where dozens of cities exceeded the EU’s annual mean limit of 25 micrograms of particles per cubic metre of air. “Poland and the Po valley have very bad pollution,” says Alberto González Ortiz, the report’s lead author. The Po valley is highly industrial, and surrounded by the mighty Alps, in a great circle, with only a small outlet (the Adriatic sea).

The worst offender was the city of Krakow in Poland, where the PM2.5 value was 44 micrograms. Levels also reached 40 micrograms in Macedonia. More than a dozen Polish cities exceeded 30 micrograms, as did cities in northern Italy including Milan, Padua, Cremona, Brescia, Venice and Turin.

In all, 7 to 8 per cent of Europe’s urban population was exposed to PM2.5 concentrations that exceeded the EU limit. But when the World Health Organization’s stricter limit of 10 micrograms was used as a benchmark, between 82 and 85 per cent of urban Europeans were exposed to deadly air.


Solution? Electric Cars!

A solution exists: electric cars, photoelectric generations, and new battery technologies (different from Lithium-Ion, and for mass storage, they start to be deployed) . Battery technology has evolved enough (a Tesla Model S coming out of the factory has succeeded to make 1,000 kilometers on one tank of electricity). Laws should be passed to recycle lithium and phase out fossil fuel cars right away.

Killing millions of people, in Europe alone, because of industrial policies supported fundamentally by the few who profit extravagantly from them, is as vicious as it gets. In the case of the Nazi Holocaust, normal people in Germany could argue they didn’t know, because no one talked about it.

Although they all talked about it, and knew about it, starting in summer 1943, after British night bombing of some major German cities made life very difficult. By then the Germans knew they were punished for “what they had done to the Jews”. The satanic government of Germany reacted with a crack-down on public opinion, and the Germans then went the other ways, fighting to the bitter end, as the hardened criminals they were.

So exposing crimes is not enough. One also has to expose that there will be punishment, and it’s close at hand. And one has to persuade the perpetrators that, should one perseveres, the situation will only get worse. In other words, one has to get in the fine details of: “Errare humanum est, perseverare, diabolicum” (Error is human, persevering, diabolical).  

Politicians should systematically be prosecuted for influence trafficking, and the definition of that should be wildly extended.

In the Roman Republic, most offices were held only a year, and then couldn’t be held again for another ten years. When that system broke down, so did the Republic.

Meanwhile in Spain, a party which got 8% of the vote in Catalonia decided to rule there, supported by a direct descendant of the French king who organized the holocaust of two million French protestants (I am not saying Louis XIV killed directly 2 million French protestants: like the Nazis, he didn’t keep statistics. But two millions had to flee France after decades of terror (the “dragonades).

It’s not just Europe. So far this year, I saw one California Monarch butterfly out of my window. In the same locale, I used to see thousands, each day. Why? Modern insecticides. In primary school, children are astounded, when they see a fly. Just one fly. Never saw one before. Pollution damages brains in more ways, than one.

It’s high time to end philosophies, and policies, which makes the death of millions a casual collateral to greater greed and power expression. That was the fundamental modus operandi of the Nazis.

Patrice Ayme’

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6 Responses to “Zen About Gazing Europeans Again”

  1. SDM Says:

    The chemical industry is giving free reign to poison. Instead of having to submit to safety standards, it produces substances and it is left for those harmed to try and prove their case. No long term studies, no standards to meet, the industry run rampant and until someone can connect the dots, the toxins continue to spew. Funny how it does not merit any regular mention in the media. Occasionally a story gets out but then gets buried again. Too much ad money at stake.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. And not just that, but it is deliberate: when a molecule gets pointed out, they switch to another, barely different, with the same active principle. That’s happening now in France with Neonicotinoids: they are to be outlawed in 11 months, so two new ones were introduced industrially, which have not been considered legally. It’s the principle of precaution, inverted: introduce, see how many die.
      Ad money is everything, and why my modest and apparently insignificant speech is banned in so many places (say New York Times).

      Safety standards are extravagant in some highly visible areas, so as to make the Commons believe vigilance of the state rules. The exact opposite of reality.


  2. Gary Says:

    Hi Patrice,
    Regarding burning wood as a fuel.
    The first article I read of yours was concerning the destruction of the biosphere. I agreed with everything you wrote and learned a few things too. Here in this essay you say that burning wood for heat and cooking etc, is not good. But in my case I hope my efforts to reduce my CO2 foot proof are not for nothing.

    I have a small timber farm with about 15 acres in Douglas Fir, which started out as 7,500 two year old seedlings, 15 box’s, 500 to a box all of which weighed less than 500 pounds. That was 1985. They are 32 years old now and the best growing ones are 70 feet high or so.

    For the last 3 years I have been able to do commercial thinning. I thin out the weaker smaller and dead trees so that the healthiest trees are not crowded. This allows the remaining trees better crown and root spacing and in the process sequester more CO2. I cut the branches off and buck the longs to the best log length. Those smaller logs are sold to a lumber mill that is only 4 miles away. I have been getting about 60 longs on a truck and the self loader truck can take 30,000 pounds of logs, so that is about 500 pounds average, each log. These logs are cut into lumber which hopefully will remain sequestered in the structures built, for many years. A few longs get rejected from each load. Those logs are made into chips along with the waste of lumber production for paper and fiber products. Then there is all the logging waste called slash. Logging companies push slash into large piles, let them dry perhaps for one summer then burn them. They also often allow people to glean out the best firewood.

    My process is far more labor intensive. I cut the slash into fire wood. I leave small branches, less than an inch on the ground. I coverted a big, old oiled fired boiler to burn wood by creating a grate and doors and an ash pit. The hot water is circulated by a 1/12 horse power pump to old cast iron radiators in the house and to heat exchangers for hot potable water tanks. The house is 5,555 square feet. I have all L E D lighting. My major electric use is a stove/oven and a clothed dryer. My electric consumption is about 7 kilowatts per day in the summer and up to 9 or 10 kilowatts in the winter.

    My alternative is electricity or delivered propane. Propane would be my choice since it burns pretty clean. Electricity is converted from coal and those coal fired power plants are (guestimate) 140 miles away. They do try to make the power as efficiently as possible but a ton of coal produces only so many kws. And I think the voltage drop over 140 miles mean a even more coal. To heat my house with electricity would be more than to 3,000 kws in winter per months. I would go with propane if I could afford it. But then what would I do with my waste wood from logging? Burn it in slash piles and or leave it to rot.

    I believe my system is good, although I get what you are saying about wood smoke pollution. We experienced huge fires here in Oregon and your area of California recently. It was bad. Could not see the hills across the river 2 miles away. It blows me away how most people do not seem to care about their amount of polution.and garbage. 12 mpg and a big garbage cans full each week. I stretch my Corolla to 45 mpg. And it takes me over a year to fill a garbage can with consumer waste since I burn paper, recycle plastic and compost. We should all do our best to preserve this beautiful planet for life. I will try to burn less wood, making the system more efficient over time.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hello Gary and welcome! Your comments should appear right away from now on. It seems that you have the optimal system, considering your circumstances.In the future, solar PV will solve a lot of problems, when it is associated to big cheap batteries such as VANADIUM FLOW batteries. The latter already exist, but they are in early, experimental deployment. They will allow to store months of electric usage. You are lucky to live in such a gigantic house in the wilderness.

      The point in saying that wood burning is not an acceptable solution is mainly targeted to a policy pushed by all too many ecological organizations, to replace nuclear by coal and wood burning, as Merkel’s Germany is doing. That’s a disaster (and Germany CO2 is up). Germany is not the wilds of Oregon (although there are lots of forests there: let them grow, recent US studies show old sequoia suck up CO2 more than anything else…)

      Visibility in the Bay was down to less than a mile for days. It gave a slight, but very disagreeable, unending headache… Fortunately I am not far from freeways, so, when conditions are bad (meaning no marine wind), I launch my powerful HEPA filters (generally there is marine wind, though). They kept my apartment (and my daughter!) completely smoke free. Schools were mostly closed in North Bay.

      The reduction of CO2 in the USA was mostly due to the switch from coal to natural gas… FRACKED natural gas (I was against fracking, but now, less so; I am very much against fracked oil, which drenches California, modulo long hell trains; it’s to the point there are clearly a fraction, a fracked faction, of the quantity of supertankers which used to come…)


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [November 13, the EU claimed it would consider setting up a 5.8 billion Euros for a sort of common defense…]
    Sent to Picard’s Defense Issues…

    The UK buys its weapons to the US. It has only a few US Trident rockets for defense (not even a full complement for its 4 strategic subs). If Europe wants to defend itself it needs to make its weapons. As it is, only France has a full European made complement of weapons (and a few armed US drones). France can’t do it alone, so France wants other EU states to pitch in. It’s Macron who is behind this. EU bureaucrats have zero power.
    The US yearly military budget is 700 billion dollars, plus 100 billions in secret budget (NSA, CIA, etc.)
    Smart asses who think the UK is leaving the EU are in for a shock… Anyway… The “prize poney” is just a Pluto Trojan Horse….


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Ian Miller pondering the electric car solution to climate CO2 crisis…]

    Dear Ian:
    Individuals like the other commenter are paid by the fossil fuel industry to confuse the naive with pseudo science. You should feel flatter to get the interest of such critters: that means they take you seriously, and fear you! Contempt is all they deserve. Truth is into the facts, which are unequivocal: dramatic rise of CO2, rise of temps, storms, ocean acidity. Science is about facts, not fishy theories.

    As far as batteries are concerned, no problem with the preceding considerations. However, Lithium batteries are improving at 10%. A jump of storage and safety is expected by switching to solid state lithium (achieved in lab, many say). Toyota is constructing a solid state lithium battery factory, protected by trade secrets…

    Anyway, will publish something about the Dark Matter-less “ultra diffuse” galaxy (published this week in Nature), soon. It shots down all DM theories, but for the one I suggest…


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