Radical: Queen Of England A Loan Shark, Plutocratization Proceeds, Disinformation Blossoms

When people talk of “radicalization”, they think of “Alt-Right” and Jihadism. Thus they confuse the piece of bark they look at, its little worms squirming, with the disease which has made the forest die. Some, it’s true, are paid to entertain the confusion. Professors in the highest universities come out, and accuse low lives, be they “Jihadists” or “Alt-Right” of being bad. Instead of contemplating at the immense forest of radical corruption beyond, and above, which feeds those little worms. Thus Tariq Ramadan, a man who stealthily preached lethal violence against women, advised government all over, and enjoyed posts in a dozen universities, including Oxford, all the way to Japan. While French police kept in trust, the physical evidence of his rapes. 

Want radicalism? What is radical is that revered Queen Elizabeth II of England, head of countless states, has just been revealed to be a 99.9% loan shark (see the Paradise Papers, millions of documents from a law firm in Bermuda with the business model of making it so that the wealthiest people on the planet, who don’t pay enough tax already, pay even less than the law meant them to). Using just the offices of one corrupt law firm, the owner of England had just hidden offshore, away from pesky taxes, around twenty million dollars… That’s just one account. I am sure the royal thief has more, let all the British kneel!

As I revealed as early as 2009, the Bush-Obama administration “fixed” the world economy by giving money, in humongous amounts to all their friends. Friends, they had, friends they made. Some of these friends were the likes of Saudi Prince Walid Bin Talal, grandson of Saudi Arabia’s founding king, Abdulaziz. Bin Talal is now incarcerated, with another 31 other plutocrats (and 10 princes) in Saudi Arabia.

This is a long story, which is just starting to unfold, part and parcel of what I am talking about here; the Clinton-Obama faction lost control of Saudi Arabia; the notoriously corrupt Al Talal was a dedicated attack dog against Trump. They had so much hubris, the ilk of yours truly could see what they were doing plainly: I wrote many essays, nothing seemed to have happened… Until now. Al Talal controlled Citigroup, so Obama gave it 60 billion dollars (it was presented at the time as a severe loss by the likes of the deliberatively naive New York Times, although appearances can be deceiving: secret arrangements were made; by March 2017, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al Saud was back in control, for all to see, and the CEO of Citigroup came to beg. Clinton and Obama thought they had it made… Oops…

Aeon wants us to focus, instead on these epiphenomena, “Alt-Right” and Jihadism as two aspects of the same thing. Yes, they are, but not just for the reasons advanced in Aeon, however valid they may be. Contemplate: “Alt-Right or jihad? Unleashed by globalisation’s dark side and the collapse of communities, radical Islam and the alt-Right share a common cause.”

Yes, a common cause is fury at the encroaching plutocratization of the planet. And they are “not so different” as Aeon puts it, because they were installed by the same crowd of conspirators who control the worldwide media.

Radical Salafist Islam is a problem, indeed. However, it was initially entirely made up by some more sinister, much more radical forces which let it fester, or even encouraged it, as they had with many other forms of fascism prior. Those forces have most of the money, hence power, in the world: a few people control most of the world’s wealth, and they meet, and breathe, together, all the time. Please read the “Paradise Papers” which show the queen, the Kushners, the Wilbur Rosses, and Putin’s minions and relatives, among others, all splurging at the same through.

Common criminal. Such reciprocally self-admiring thugs have conditioned the Commons to love, and revere them. Just as sheep have been conditioned to love and obey those who sell them to the slaughterhouse, after shearing them for years.

Those satanic leaders who lead the planet to oblivion are the real radicals: They feed us poison, we, or at least the media they control, that is, nearly all the media, adore them in return (contemplate the maddeningly unjustified Obama, Elizabeth II, Putin, Justin Trudeau and Clinton cults) . And when they do not feed us literal poison. Not only, in a worldwide conspiracy, they feed us “Roundup”. They also feed these recently contrived poisons, Neonicotinoids, found in honey, worldwide, making all of us crazy, stupid, and forgetful like the bees themselves. Worse of all, they feed us, through their evil universities, poison of the highest most spiritual type (full disclosure: I got degrees from Paris, Stanford, Berkeley: I disapprove of them, because I know them, all too well). A violent Islamist such as Tariq Ramadan, a professional advocate of Salafism, teaches in no less than two departments in Oxford, instead of being in jail, after decades on French TV, as if he were the Prophet himself, preaching radical venom.

There are the radicals. A few disgruntled low lives acting up, like the Jihadists and the “Alt-Right“, not to say “Alt-Left“, are just consequences, mostly ornmental.

Plutocratization, in most instances we have among civilizations, take generations, sometimes centuries (it took 550 years for plutocratization to bring total loss of control of the Roman state; it took many centuries in the European Middle Ages, for plutocratization to bring serious civil, religious wars, all over). The US started to plutocratize around 1880 CE.

Catastrophe and loss of control, though, is typically sudden. The Trump administration just declared a 4.7 degree Celsius global temperature rise is possible by 2100. In other words, the apocalypse. No civilization can resist to that. That means a 70 meter sea level rise, guaranteed, and possible partial shut down of planetary oxygen.


Mainstream thinking, at the highest level, long abusive and demented, is squeezing us and the planet out of all and any juice: 

Not the thinking which shows up, when Obama smiles to every one as if they were the most beloved being he ever saw, but the thinking which is acted upon (when same Obama orders assassination in countries the US is not even at war with, just because he can).

“Alt-Right” is a buzzword. It’s not clear what that means. If one thinks Hillary Clinton is a crook and a danger to democracy, is one “Alt-Right”? Infuriatingly, it was too long the case, yes. Clinton would get $200,000 each time she opened her mouth to corrupt financiers, and Obama asks for $400,000 (even when talking to the official US historian). Now it turns out that Donna Brazile, head of the DNC, Democratic National Committee reveals in her memoirs even worse about how Clinton stole democracy from Sanders.

Does that make Donna Brazile is “Alt-Right”, because she dares to declare that she thought of replacing Clinton by Biden before the presidential election? Hundreds of thousands of Sanders supporters, and disappointed ex-Obama faithful, were labelled “Atl Right”, just for supporting common sense…. And democracy

Fascists and communists back in the 1920s and ’30s had full support from many plutocrats, especially in the Anglosphere. Roosevelt sided with Nazism against France, as early as 1934. Nazi Germany became a new far-West for US plutocrats, enabling them to evade Teddy Roosevelt’s anti-monopoly laws. The British signed an alliance with Hitler in 1935 (which grossly violated the Versailles treaty). It’s a testimony to crushing propaganda that these inconvenient facts sound like unbelievable fiction to the mystified masses, and those who pretend to lead them intellectually.

‘Cosmopolitan’ and ‘globalist’ values, now as in the 1930s, are a front for global plutocracy. The king of England in 1936 can be depicted as a Nazi. But who knows this? It was buried by crafty disinformation. The US recognized Vichy, an unconstitutional junta, before the Nazis did, and dutifully president F.D. Roosevelt sent his right hand man, four star admiral Leahy as ambassador.

Elizabeth II makes money (she has never enough) by secretly lending at 99.9% to the poorest people in the UK (see the “Paradise Papers”). Who cares? Accuse the little guys of thinking wrong, and being angry, instead! Let’s side with the powers that be! As Obama did, turning everything into gold for himself (Obama is a personal friend, I care for his soul…).

It’s not “absolutely important to live in so-called “democratic countries”, simply because they are not democratic at all. They are just pretending to be, and north Korea also use the label “Democratic” in its depiction. Barack Obama and all top US politicians are for sale (with the possible exception of Trump himself, because he is already so wealthy!)

Marine Le Pen’s hard-Right National Front and Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s hard-Left UNSUBMITTED France (France insoumise; “unbowed” is less faithful a translation) got half the vote. Both promise more referenda, and proportional parliamentary systems, so can be viewed as promising more democracy.

Those fighting for Jihad are the victim of a double interference. First, the enormous propaganda for Salafist Islam (I was educated in Islam, but it was not Salafist Islam; now, if one disagrees with the infamy of Salafist Islam, a number of paid violators, such as Tariq Ramadan, come to tell us we are racist… just because we are human!)

Salafist islam is profitable to oil men, Aramco, Wall Street, Saudi princes, and all those associated to them (Bush family), and “Muslim” dictatorships, all over, etc

The second factor is the increasing destitution and de-democratization.

Part of the pronblem with the “unmooring” of tradition is the failure of correct education, itself coming from a failure of proper research.

Take the case of France. Please consider Saint Louis (abject anti-Jew and obscene anti “non-believer), Louis XIV (abominable fanatic, throws 2 million Protestants out of France after torturing them with “dragons”, killing thousands, causing a world war, the war of the Spanish Succession), Napoleon (Hitler without the racism against the Jews, something he compensated for by enslaving colored individuals in the West indies). Those preliminaries to Hitler are still revered in the French history textbooks. In truth, Napoleon should carted off the Invalides (built by Louis XIV) and thrown into the Seine, after being condemned to “damnatio memoriam” (as the Romans had it.

So it is the mainstream thinking, at the highest level which has become abusive. The reason? Intellectuals are not free anymore, they are on stipends, anxious about their pathetic little careers.


Radical Islam is part and parcel, a tool and weapon, of a more general problem. The plutocratization of the world:

Nazism and Sovietism were also part of it. When an oligarchy (a few ruling) gets in power, it can only sustain itself by the most satanic, evil ways: that’s the plutocratic phenomenon, the greatest danger to any civilization. Taxation was invented to prevent the rise of wealth based oligarchies and their ripening in fully metastatic plutocracy. The West was affected twice by plutocratization: the first time, when the Roman Republic turned into a fascist empire and then a theocratic fascist empire where the “heretics” were executed (Theodosius decrees, 391 CE). The second mass plutocratization happened when the Carolingian system turned into the so-called “Feudal” order, and its attendant resurrection of the Inquisition (one the gifts of Theodosius).

We are in the age of the third plutocratization. The US Republic, whatever its defects, was no plutocracy: the first US billionaire was Carnegie, and he was notoriously equalitarian, advocating enormous taxes on the wealthy. The other Republic, France, was also equalitarian, although it was quickly intoxicated by Napoleon.   

The third plutocratization proceeds stealthily (as the preceding two did). Lenin used to chuckle that the capitalist would sell the rope to hang them with. But actually what US capitalists such as the Harriman brothers did was the exact opposite. They sold Lenin the rope to hang Lenin with. The US plutocrats sold Stalin massive oil offshore installations (Baku), and the oil was then given to the Nazis, so that they could invade France. Earlier, Texaco had given the Nazis Texas oil, and other US plutocrats provided equipment, so that the Nazis could destroy the Spanish Republic.

Meanwhile, said Nazis had an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, while US oil men, financiers and plutocrats (including president Roosevelt) made an alliance with the Salafist Islam supported Saudi family. That was a recycling alliance: we, US plutocrats, get the oil, you, Saudi plutocrats, get the money, you, evil Arabian Princes, recycle the money on Wall Street and London, and you, Saudi monarchy, hold We The People of the Muslim countries down, with Radical Islam, the way Roman emperor Theodosius i did it, killing all the “heretics” you don’t like. So here we are.

As long as this is not understood, the foundations of this subject have not been understood.


Conclusion: We live in the world of big lies. Some will say:’Nothing new!’ However, what is new is that now common people have the means to examine and reveal, these lies. An example: decolonization. Decolonization should be written this way: “decolonization”. Much of it consisted in wild plutocratization, once the “colonial” administrations were removed: consider the fortunes made in France by plutocrats Pinaud, BHL, and even the guy who offered Macron a one million Euro apartment in Paris, when Macron was 24 years old, because an “Inspecteur des Finances” (there are only 5 a year in France, and they are supposed to be after the wealthiest…) had to live in style…

The corrupt web the planet is smothered by extends all over. Brexit, London, Putin, Assad, and some in Trump orbit are all in it. When Obama bent down to the floor, for his master, king Abdullah of Arabia, he had been told that was one of his masters of future financing of his obsequious self. He had been feeding dozens of billions of US money towards this sort of masters. Helas, Trump happened, and Trump detests the Abdullah faction…

Great Britain should be made into a Republic, because no people should be ruled by a loan shark. It’s not just for them, British, but for our own safety, worldwide. After all, these crooks helped bring Nazism, in a past they would like us to believe is irrelevant. (A second Brexit referendum should also be led, once some of the main Brexiters are in jail where they belong: see Special Prosecutor Mueller first indictments..)

All those preaching Radical Salafist Islam should be arrested (for hate crime propaganda). And so on. Tax evasion should be dismantled… for the really wealthy, and that starts with a worldwide, generalized CADASTRE of all properties (a revealing of all properties, real or not: who own what land and interests, in anything, whatsoever).

Don’t hold your breath yet. “Apocalypse” comes from the Old French and ecclesiastical Latin from Greek apokalupsis, from apokaluptein ‘uncover, reveal,’ from apo- ‘un-’ + kaluptein ‘to cover.’ Thus a general uncovering would be an apocalypse. For the radical crooks who exploit us, and the planet, to death. Those who brought us Fundamental Islamism are those who brought us Hitler. Not too many are paying attention that their descendants are in power.

However, if we don’t get this general revelation, this general apocalypse we can manage, we will get the other sort of apocalypse, as found in the Bible or Qur’an: the world all aflame. It will be the first time civilization collapses, worldwide, and the biosphere will, moreover, collapse with it. These, at the very least, are interesting times.

It was recently discovered that, when the Earth’s core sloshes, giant earthquakes soon follow. Here what we have, hopefully, is a giant sloshing of information previously deduced and guessed by the ilk of yours truly, but now available to all. Hopefully vast quakes will follow and shatter the establishment.

Patrice Ayme’

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21 Responses to “Radical: Queen Of England A Loan Shark, Plutocratization Proceeds, Disinformation Blossoms”

  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Aeon’s Scott Atran.]

    In truth global plutocracy has unleashed dark forces, and some are sloshing around. For a full historical context of what is truly going, please consult the essay:


    It’s updated all the way to the arrest of the grandson of Saudi Arabia’s founder, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, over the weekend (this threatens his friends Obama and Clinton). Global plutocracy got away with financing fascism in the 1930s, because people have no interest in, nor knowledge, of the history. But things are coming together. As a Facebook executive told me, three weeks ago, in front of an Apple executive: “Google doesn’t have to pay taxes in France, because France helped Hitler!” (He used to be at Google.)

    Not is this an enormous lie (France declared war to Hitler, September 3, 1939), but it’s typical of the rewriting of history, and it’s practical consequences in leveraging history, as witnessed today.


  2. SDM Says:

    Another example of why the study of history, real history – not the propaganda fed to the masses as history, is so vital. Public education is being poisoned by politics so history is blurred and distorted beyond recognition.
    Plutocracy has steadily eroded society yet most fail to see how it operates as they have fallen for the lies. The mainstream media has been bought so truth is now at a premium. The government has been bought so it serves only its donors.
    Climate and nuclear weapons hang over humanity yet far more are concerned about “the other”, gun rights – the good guy with a gun!, “supporting the troops”, the “evil” of taxes, the Constitution – or what they believe it to be, religion, spectator sports, political reality shows, and other rather pointless pursuits. Why worry about the real issues when these others are so appealing? Playing on human frailty is a plutocratic tool that works quite well.
    What will it take to turn the tide?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The last episode of “60 Minutes” exalted a 12 year old genius of classical music (educated privately, and already put in extensive interaction with the highest professionals at age 6; the parents obviously had serious means, early on). Her music is boiler plate Mozart/Mendelssohn. The segment illustrated the superiority of genius. Of course, this is happening in England, and extolls some of us are vastly superior to others. Thus the inegalitarian order only reflects meritocracy! QED! Well done!

      What it will take is to get people to read what is really going on. This being said, during the Clinton mania of last Fall, I saw many, who had not been politicized previously as far as I could tell, go completely crazy. Because I was pro-Sanders and anti-Clinton, I was dragged through Internet mud by individuals (now ex-friends) who I had never felt were in any sense political (some I knew for 20+ years…) Thus I agree, we have a problem.

      My solution has been to establish a Department of Truth (to help the department of Justice; a sort of GAO for Truth…). Sounds Orwellian, but that’s what Facebook and company need. Now they say they didn’t know when manipulations came from Russia, even though they were paid in Rubles… I know intelligent people in the Bay who swear Google is clean. Yet, they serve me anecdotes which clearly show it’s not (like defrauding the US government). And still they persist: Google is clean, relatively. Not like the others. And who pays lots of their checks? Right, Google…



  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to The Economist, which deemed the arrest of corrupt Obama financed, Citigroup controller, Alwaleed Bib Talal Al Saud “unnecessary”]

    We need to arrest all our corrupt leaders. They form a worldwide web, extending deeply over the last century (many of the mighty are descendants). We need to arrest the corrupt, because we need to arrest corruption, and change the political system significantly, towards true, direct democracy, as the Internet makes possible. It’s a question of survival, not just of civilization, but the biosphere itself.



  4. Gmax Says:

    Wow, the queen is a criminal. Do you think she will go to jail like this minister of Hollande who lied about his tax evasion?

    I think you are right that the more people know about this corruption swamp, the greater chances are we will have a revolution. Keep pounding at it!


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Learning from Dogs.

    Neonicotinoid insecticides have been found in honey, worldwide. They make the bees senile (and us too).

    This is part and parcel of way bigger problem, the fact we accepted to be overlorded upon This naturally brings submission in the commons and exploitation, by the overlords. Example:



    • Paul Handover Says:

      November 7, 2017 at 21:32
      But thank goodness the extent has now been revealed.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Not to be a kill joy, but the EU is in the process of renewing ROUNDUP, the Monsanto weed killer. Neonicotinoids are not stopped, either. Meanwhile the EU decided that no EU country could possibly be a tax heaven (contrarily to official evidence)
        Anyway, back to my site where the queen has been revealed to be a loan shark (Paradise papers).


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to The Economist]

    Surely tax haven Prince Charles should not be put in jail either, because he is the future monarch: he belongs to Paradise, in all ways. Brits need monarchs, having no law, nor dignity of their own apparently. Similarly the European Union just decided that there could not possibly be any tax haven in the EU. So it’s very important to keep a common criminal at the helm, honoring her, to make sure all the other critters can keep on ruling the world with their tax free, control free money maneuvers, from Vladimir, Putin, to Wilbur Ross, and Brexit…


    Reply to:


  7. purasuchikku Says:

    Very nice article, the historical perspective you provide draws a big picture that every progressive libtard enthusiast should take a long look at. Sad and ironic to see how the promises of the Enlightenment have only helped run full circle instead of liberating man from oppression (add melodramatic music as fits).

    Is it only my interpretation or has your stance on Islam changed a bit? You mention quite rightfully that its radical, ridiculous current form is pretty much a monster created (or at least allowed to grow) by Western Plutocracy, the Great Enabler of Saudi Barbaria retardness. Whereas in the past you seemed to emphasize more on the essence of Islam and its radical incompatibility with western “values” to explain issues like civilization clashes, social tensions and general backwardness.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Purasuchikku, and thanks!
      To start with Islam: my position on Islam has not changed, but I can easily understand why readers could feel it changed, because from different angles, my own position sees very different things. And the bottom live is that there are very different Islams. IslamS, with an “S” at the end.
      This started bright and early.
      First Muhammad apparently believed he had been poisoned to death. Hadith attribute this to a Jewess (3 years earlier)… but that may have been a cover-up for serious dissensions among his closest companions. In any case, within 20 years or so of Muhammad’s death, in spite of the success of conquest against Rome and Sassanids, full blown, complicated religious war erupted, and it was about what the Qur’an SHOULD BE, or was!!!! There was at least Aisha’s version, the feminist version, Ali’s version (which gave the Shia, in some ways more extremist, violently), Uthman’s version (standard Qur’an; Suni mainstream), and then the version of those who besieged, and killed Uthman… That was just the beginning of problems. Mainstream Suni soon divided into 4 branches…


      Now there are more than 100 versions of Islam, some of them clearly too different from Literal, basic, Salafist Islam to be called Islam. For example Senegalese Islam used to be a completely different religion. Mainstream Islam in, say, 1200 CE, was open and modern. The Mongol conquest, thought, exterminated the elites, especially in the Middle East, ushing the return of Salafist Islam.

      Salafist Islam (Uthman’s, or mainstream original Islam) is incompatible with civilization. Senegalese Sufisms (there are at least two mainstream Senegalese Sufisms) are highly compatible with the most modern civilization (but have been smothered by Wahhabist money from Saudis in recent decades). Although Muhammad was much more morally advanced than what had immediately preceded him in some ways, that has to be said quickly. For example, starting with his own wife, women had exerted absolute power in his corner of the world before (including queens). Muhammad conceived of his religion as a war machine against the Romans, and extreme mismanagement of the Roman army, and the unanticipated incredible ferocity of the Muslims, enabled its astounding success.

      It’s actually very Muslim to disagree fundamentally about what Islam is… Thus, when I knew islam as a child, it was, fundamentally, just basically decent humanism respecting women and whatever style of worship of nature or one’s version of “god” one had. I was in the desert, safe in areas where one would be killed right away now.

      A sort of breathing between revolution and plutocratization characterizes all civilizations. Even the placid Egyptian civilization does not escape that rule (that’s why there were more than 30 dynasties). Simply, now, more than ever before, the planet is in the balance.


      • purasuchikku Says:

        Thank you for the detailed answer, and making a point I could not agree more with. It seems to me that the “enlighted” version of the Golden Age of Islam at the peak of its expansion is usually painted a bit too rosy, but looking at Europe and the Middle Ages makes it look tolerant and progressive indeed. And indeed, whole branches of traditionally tolerant Islam (Sufism in particular) are in danger under the flow of Petrodollar financed mosques or madrassas, indoctrinated preachers and halal machine guns.

        Truly, Islam has been a viewed as a total political tool for domination from its onset (as you mentioned in your reply). And it works especially well when it is projected onto what remains poorly educated populations, in extremely rigid traditional societies. If you add the interference of Western greed, lust for power and reliance on an ever expanding military-industrial complex, you get a religious super villain. It reminds me of Marx’s take on history, and how it repeats itself as a farce: the Islam we know now and its resurgence feels like a grotesque parody of its (military at least) glorious past.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          One thing which is never pointed out enough is that, except for a few years around 400 CE, and except for a few backwards corners (Vatican State) there always was a separation of church and state in Europe. Except for Vatican states, even then, what happened around 400 CE was DE FACTO rule by bishops (the founding church fathers bishops so-called). Even then, nominally Theodosius and al. were in real power.
          Islam denies all this: “Caliphs” are “successors”…of a PROPHET. It’s a silly system, an intrinsic fault.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          A funny point I have made many times is that the ARABS lost control of the Caliphate in 750 CE, after the horrendous war with the franks in Francia, where the Berber, Arab Syrian armies were destroyed. After that the Abbasids, Arab in name only. Iran was in control. So there one exposes how silly Islam was, even in its main aim.


  8. Gmax Says:

    As a commenter said here, they have been trying to replace Christianity by Islam. Why? because Islam has a better track record at keeping people stupid


  9. Aphorisms, 11/11/2017 | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] Morality Without Intelligence Makes As Much Sense As Will Without Mind. Intelligence Is At The Core Of Humanism. « Radical: Queen Of England A Loan Shark, Plutocratization Proceeds, Disinformation Blossoms […]


  10. How Did Plutocracy Create The Refugee Problem? | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] “Paradise Papers” show clearly that laws are devised for the wealthiest to escape taxation. Something totally […]


  11. Patrice Ayme Says:

    US authorities are waking up to David Gertler, an Israeli plutocrat, bribing his way through the Republic of Congo. In Europe, only Britain noticed. Fraud was obvious the day after the “Paradise Papers” came out. Why aren’t all these people arrested yet?



  12. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Feb 2, 2018.]
    The world superstar of intellectual Islam, TV superstar, slippery & sleek talker Oxford professor Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, was arrested by France for assault & rape of a disabled woman, among other things. A heavy blow for Islamophiles!

    Oxford Don Tariq Ramadan: accused of beating, raping many women, and teenagers. He advocated on TV and writing, applying Sharia to women, including stoning… Although he was a specialist of doing so in the weasel way, pseudo-intellectuals are fond of. Hence his 2 jobs in Oxford!


  13. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Guardian, which censors me, Feb 16, 2018]

    The British referendum to join the European Community, more than 40 years ago had force of law: parliament had decided that, in advance. The referendum to leave the EU was, instead, presented as “consultative”, and not law making. People didn’t know how serious voting was. Now they are facing the humiliation of BINO (Brexit In Name Only… yet in the BIN of history…)


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