Stupid, Or Unreal Environment, Makes For Stupid Children

Two Convenient Ways To Make Stupid Children:

Kittens brought up in an optically mutilated environment, say an environment full of straps are themselves incapable of full vision. Forever. There are indications that nearsightedness in human children arises in part from said children never having the occasion to look at things far away. Aborigines brought up in a forest far from the sea have been incapable of understanding the concept of ship. Mathematicians know very well that those who have not been painstakingly exposed to a new concept can’t grab it (it happens to them too).


The neurology doesn’t just learn from the environment: it is modeled by the environment.

The environment itself stores data which complements, feed, interacts, and is entangled with the genotype (genotype = what’s inherited; in particular DNA and epigenetic mechanisms).

A spectacular demonstration of this is the similarities between canids and thylacines: although their last common ancestors lived 180 million years, they look just the same in all sorts of ways. The similarity is not at the level of protein coding DNA, which is completely different, but at some other genetic level as yet unidentified.  

Same environment made them the same. Similarly an intelligent environment will make an intelligent child. a) Thylacine. b) Australian Dingo, a canid which became wild

This, by the way, shows the weakness of the myth of the “Selfish Gene”: genes are actually environment driven. If one wanted to talk like Dawkins and his followers, one should say it’s the environment which is “selfish”’

So it matter which environment surrounds a child. It could come from the society, the religion, the family, all the way down to the mom.

In Islam, women are kept at home and poorly educated: thus they can’t show to their children what full intelligence, or culture is. This is true with all obscurantist religions. Hence when a society is submitted through an obscurantist religion, the plutocracy imposing it is happy: it’s easier to rule incurious imbeciles than inquiring minds full of critiques.

Stupid moms are the best way to create a stupid population.

A much more subtle effect occurs when parents favor a child who is perceived as weaker. The child may learn to dissemble, misrepresenting reality, and, or, a sibling, as something which oppresses him or her. If that becomes a habit, the child loses the sense of reality that is crucial to constructing  a better brain. Then this mental weakness brings further weakness, and a vicious circle may get established: the more whining, the more stupid.

Patrice Ayme’

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4 Responses to “Stupid, Or Unreal Environment, Makes For Stupid Children”

  1. paul051 Says:

    Ask Nadja Belkasem advice

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, really to put as FRENCH education minister/dictator a pretty very young woman from Morocco was a form of racism against civilization!
      She is so connected and so idiotic…
      To tell us we have no Greco-Roman roots, when our legal system is doubly Roman (Roman through Roman law, and Rman through Salic law, which was written in Latin first by Roman lawyers cum generals…) But Belle Becasse comes from the land of Sharia… Whereas WE, the present human civilization as depicted by the UN, comes from the mind of secular, not the mind of those who celebrate the will to kill the child when the boSS asks:

      BTW, Mediapart has revealed itself to be an Islam propaganda outfit, he is probably paid by Saudi Arabia or Qatar… Or both…


  2. Gmax Says:

    What a metaphor! Convergence of us towards stupidity from bad education is like that of thylacines with dogs?
    You mean the importance of the environment for mind, just as the importance of the environment for PHENOTYPE?


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