Islamist Death Cult Propaganda: Destructive To Truth, Humanity

A university professor in Northern Ireland, historically a place of religious hatred, wrote an essay for Aeon which is pro-Islam in what supposed to be a smart way: Beyond Liberal Islam. Western liberalism is not the apex and terminus of human history, and it ought not to serve as the measure of Islam. Can Islam help to produce an appealing alternative to liberal societies? Is it time to look beyond the idea of liberal Islam?”

The author keeps sneaking in as obvious, enormously debatable, not to say deeply erroneous concepts. Such as: “The fallacious arguments of Islamophobes”, “the fact Muslim regimes are backwards for historical rather than metaphysical reasons”.

Of course not true. Islam is an extremely dangerous and reductive superstition. All too many people are ignorant of the fact the “West” was NOT Christian. The Frankish empire pretty much covered all of Europe, including Britain after 1066 CE… except for southern Spain.

The West was not just “Christian”. Whereas Islamist countries were just Islamist. More exactly, and differently from Islamist countries, where law and governance were Islamist, law and governance was not “Christian” in the West. The fundamental laws of Europe under the Franks were mostly Roman law plus (Latin written) Salic law. Both were secular laws. The leadership was also secular (although Charlemagne gave to the Pope some territories in Italy in 800 CE).

The superstition wants to kill or subject most of humanity:

Islamist law, the Sharia, contradicts UN law, itself an extension of “Western” law. It is, literally, outlaw.

K Vora answered my preceding comment in Aeon. Before I get to that reply, let me add the following map:

548 invasion main battles by Islam Jihad in 250 years. Initially, the green area, Islamist by 900 CE, was Greco-Roman (or associated civilizations, Seleucid, Etruscan, Latin, and, or Punic) for more than a millennium. After the invasions, non-Muslims were the subjugated, oppressed majority for many centuries, causing what’s paradoxically, and misleadingly known as the “Golden Age of Islam“!

I listened to the following video, which is accurate on its main points:

(There were other crusades, against non-Muslims, such as cathars and Prussians, that’s the main inaccuracy of the video, which is irrelevant to its main message.)


K Vora

I appreciate your well reasoned comment. Unfortunately, it will be distorted by well known probably paid commenters (one can search the names and see how many well reasoned comments have been obfuscated by them). We must accept Islam for what it is: A tool for the rogue elements of humanity (mostly males) to subjugate all others, in person and in thought. I hope Aeon does not block this response because we must confront our genetics in our evolutions (many paths) and if we critically analyse the behaviors of islamic regimes and societies, we have to explore rogue genes, whether y, or x, or corrupted.


Thanks K Vora! Yes, those paid commenters are a problem, and not just with Islam, or religion.

Paid commenters are a problem all over the Internet. And not just the Internet: universities and governments too. Legislation needs to be drawn, because what we have now is a sort of Orwellian 1984 of greed, where “Big Brother” is a compendium of the worst demons of our nature, and rules our information system.

Yes, we must confront our genetics, or, more exactly, the misuse of our genetics by our massively changed circumstances, namely the rise of civilization. (The word “mass” is literal here: the mass of humanity has gone up by a factor of a thousand from what it was during the evolution of the genus Homo…)

The very rise of Islam was entangled with a military strategic observation. Muhammad considered that the tremendous war between the Greco-Roman and the Sassanids, which had just concluded, had weakened both civilizations so much, that, for the first time in 1,000 years, Arabs could hope to raid the Fertile Crescent. Again. The Prophet was right. Desert raiders went according to rougher morals. For example, they used to kill girls liberally. When not enslaving them crudely (for future sale). Muhammad condemned the practice of killing girls, and encouraged slavers to impregnate their girl captives. Both measures led to a population explosion of young males, who became the young, fanaticized warriors of the invading Muslim Arab armies.

So not all is negative about Fundamental Islam. But even the positive, inasmuch as it reinforces Islam, can be negative. Because, indeed, as you said, Islam is about making the rogue, or at least, hyper-violent side of humanity into a religion. The most intriguing part is that the individual devoted to Fundamentalist Islam doesn’t perceive that way. Instead what they perceive is a totally organized life, dawn to dusk. One should read “the final rituals” (and the full three parts description of travelling to Medina and Mecca):

“Hasan stopped me on my way to the lavatory carrying a roll of tissue; he explained with lively gestures – words not sufficing – that I should cleanse myself with water after defecation. Islamic toilet etiquette calls for pouring water with the right hand and wiping oneself with the left. I nodded to him in agreement and continued on my way, with the paper. It felt like a small victory for Western civilization.

On a related subject, Mina has the most appallingly inadequate sanitation facilities. They are plentiful but so filthy that most pilgrims prefer the outdoors. Mecca and Muna both being located on hills and in valleys, streams of urine and waste water flow across great distances at considerable speeds. The Grand Mosque, where some 75,000 pilgrims sleep each night of the hajj, has no public water facilities except the Zamzam well. While no one excretes in the mosque itself, many do so just outside it, even against its walls. I myself did this once; though feeling terribly conspicuous and expecting a reprimand, in fact no one paid me any attention. I found it strange that the Grand Mosque and the Hill of Mercy, Islam’s two holiest spots, also serve as lavatories for the faithful.”

The reason for that totally organized life in Fundamental Islam is exactly the reason why military life is totally organized: it is the most basic training for obedience, core of the ability of the warrior. It’s why some view the Foreign Legion as a death cult.

This being said, there are 100 variants of Islam. Many are well aware of the preceding and ended up as far removed as possible from Salafism (=Wahhabism = Fundamentalism). However, those types of Islam are unknown in the West, and oil money has done its best to suppress them. So now, when talking about “Islam” what the ignorant mean, especially in the West, is Salafism… A type of Fundamentalism thoroughly discredited in Egypt by 1200 CE (it was subjected to the death penalty), and de facto ignored in the best parts of the “Golden Age of Islam”.

(What happened next is that savage invaders, the Mongols and Turks, decapitated the Middle East and North Africa, as they massacred the elites, and took possession of the lands: Arabic speaking intellectual guidance was lost, only illiterate peasants survived.)

Another video, a sort of baby version of what I have long written (albeit with the major blemish of ignoring the ravages of fanatical Christianism in the Greco-Roman empire):

The thesis that the islam and invasion caused the collapse of civilization is known as “Pirenne’s thesis”. Pirenne was a famous historian of the 1930s, who wrote “Mohammed and Charlemagne”.  

Henri Pirenne’s remarkable classic — published after his death — offers a revolutionary perspective on how Europe evolved as the Roman Empire centered in Constantinople evolved into the Europe of Charlemagne and the Middle Ages. I agree with most of what’s in it, but I do not view it as the end all, be all.

Departing from the standard view that Germanic invasions obliterated the Roman Empire, Pirenne advances the radical new thesis that “the cause of the break with the tradition of antiquity was the rapid and unexpected advance of Islam,” and event of historical proportions that prevented the western Mediterranean from being what it had always been: a thoroughfare of commerce and thought. It became instead what Pirenne refers to as “a Musulman lake,” thereby causing “the axis of life [to shift] northwards from the Mediterranean” for the first time in history.

The other standard view, as advocated by Gibbon, was that civilization collapsed because of Christianism.

My own version is more subtle: Christianism and the invasions were a consequence of the Roman Republic collapse and the subsequent political and intellectual fascism that resulted.

Islam itself an aftershock of all this (both the Persians and the Romans quasi-ruled Arabia; Rome traded with India for centuries through its control of the Red Sea).

Islamophilia, in the sense of the love of Salafism, is fundamentally lethal for, not just civilization, but human ethology, even intelligence.

Vigilance and subtlety should be our mantra. Today it was announced that MI5 (British “Intelligence”) tried to assassinate the Irish Prime Minister.

MI5 asked a loyalist paramilitary group to assassinate the Irish prime minister during the height of the conflict in Northern Ireland, according to claims in newly released government documents. The records show that in 1987, Prime Minister Charles Haughey was informed by a letter sent from the Protestant Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) that British Intelligence wanted him dead.

In it, they claimed to Haughey that “in 1985 we were approached by a MI5 officer attached to the NIO [Northern Ireland Office] and based in Lisburn, Alex Jones was his supposed name,” the UVF said. “He asked us to execute you.” The letter was among the Irish government archives released today. Unsatisfied with the refusal, MI5 then asked the UVF if they would accept the blame. UVF said they turned down the request, telling the Taoiseach: “We refused to do it. We were asked would we accept responsibility if you were killed. We refused.” 

Real history is more complicated in crucial ways than simpletons have it. One shouldn’t confuse the history of myths, with the history of facts. Look at Islam like you should look at MI5.

Patrice Ayme’

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12 Responses to “Islamist Death Cult Propaganda: Destructive To Truth, Humanity”

  1. Picard578 Says:

    Reblogged this on Defense Issues.


  2. Picard578 Says:

    I had been thinking about how most evils are a consequence of greed and stupidity. Islam codifies both, and is therefore inherently evil. In Islam, scientific research is not allowed, philosophy is not allowed, and only greedy are allowed into islamic Heaven.

    This is likely the reason why “progressives” like Islam – they have so much in common. Most importantly, both these ideologies are extremely dogmatic, they do not allow free thought, and thus lead people unavoidably into evil – regardless of how good their intentions originally might have been.

    Just a thought. Might expand on it someday.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Picard, and happy new year!
      Many of these “progressives are PINO”, Progressives In Name Only. They are in truth raging with envy, having been deprived of the greedy gravy train. Makes it hard to exchange with them. Some I interacted with were full of racial, racist hatred, tribal viciousness, while claiming to be anti-racist, anti-nationalist, anti-“colonialist”, etc… Las year some hurled at me insults on the ground I was a racist colonialist deranged Trumpist (whereas I was writing against Trump and his banks when they were not even born, or at least born to any sort of political consciousness…)

      The “liking” of Islam is antagonistic to all and any progress of humanities in Europe in the last millennium. In particular, it’s antagonistic to any sort of progressivism. In truth, it’s piloted by the alliance US oilmen and British imperialists made with Abdulaziz Ibn Saud in the 1920s and 1930s. It was not just shooting off the mouth: Abdulaziz used the British army to set an ambush against his embarrassing fundamentalist supporters. At least 20,000 got eliminated that way, in an act of very efficient more-then Machiavellian treachery…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Picard578 Says:

        Thing is, progressivism seeks to sever any and all connections to tradition. For that, they often sever any connection to logic as well. They claim to be led by logic, but fail to recognize that they are often more led by emotions than conservatives are. And another mistake they make is their failure to recognize that logic and emotions are intrinsically connected – as much as some like to pretend otherwise, all decisions we make as human beings are partly based in emotions and “gut feeling”, because we never have all the facts, and have to fill in the blanks somehow.

        I haven’t got to reading it yet, but did you read the book “Anglo-Saxon Establishment”?


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Hi Picard! No, no book on the Anglo-Saxon Establishment here, I am too busy trashing it. As Gmax said, abstracting my latest essay, Existentialism was, is the metaphysics of global plutocracy (aka “Anglo-Saxon Establishment, except lots of local Plutos have joined it, from Xi, to Pinault, to Branson, to Prince Harry, countless Chinse zillionaires, so it’s truly global now…)

          I started to read the Ellsberg’s book on the US secret first nuclear strike capability… Fascinating,

          Concepts such as “conservatives” and “progressives” aren’t appropriate anymore. One can be very progressive in some ways, precisely because one is extremely conservative. Ecology is an example: the drive is to conserve, the tool is to legislatively progress. I think the difference is information and reflection, thinking power… While being honest in, and with, one’s true logic.


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    The world superstar of intellectual Islam, TV superstar, slippery & sleek talker Oxford professor Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, was arrested by France for assault & rape of a disabled woman, among other things. A heavy blow for Islamophiles!

    Oxford Don Tariq Ramadan: accused of beating, raping many women, and teenagers. He advocated on TV and writing, applying Sharia to women, including stoning… Although he was a specialist of doing so in the weasel way, pseudo-intellectuals are fond of. Hence his two jobs in Oxford!


    • llibe Says:

      Not really, islamophiles and muslims love justice, and i think we are seeing it here inshallah,


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Hadith: Abdullah ibn Abbas: Prophet said: If you find anyone doing as Lot’s people did, kill the one doing it, & the one to whom it is done. If a man is committing sodomy he will be stoned to death
        — Sunan Abu Dawood, 38:4447-8, Al-Tirmidhi, 15:1456, Ibn Maajah, 20:2561 Justice?

        Hadith & Sira prescribe stoning for adultery. Typical is Sahih Muslim (17:4192) – “in case of married persons there is a punishment of one hundred lashes and then stoning (to death). And in case of unmarried persons, (the punishment) is one hundred lashes and exile for one year”

        It seems that Twitter blocked two preceding tweets of mine which consisted in quotes of the Hadith, the most sacred text in Islam after the Qur’an. This is beyond weird: if I quote part of the Bible will I be censored too? Or part of the Bhagavad Gita? Who prevents to uncover Islam?


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