Young Americans Increasingly Prefer To Die, Rather Than Live Under Obamas, Trumps!

The only reasonable solution for the USA is to extent Medicare For All those willing to join it. As Medicare is not operated for profit, health insurance proposed by Medicare To All would cost less. After a transition period, most PRIVATE insurance, for profit health “insurance”, would be driven out. (This is precisely what those like Warren Buffett, major “Democratic” supporters who made billions from for profit health care, didn’t want to see happen, when Obama could do something about it… Although now Buffett, thanks Pluto, has changed his mind and supports the nebulously denominated “single payer”! Senator Bernie Sanders, of course, does!)

Right now, Medicare covers around half of US health care spending. If Medicare could insure all those willing, within ten years, it would cover 100%.

I have proposed this for decades. Obama proposed it to his cabinet when he became US President. However, he was all too young, naive, and impressionable. His entire cabinet, in which major multi-billionaires have sat, was against it, and blocked him. The ambitious young man could see the direction indicated by the money. Head of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, who made 300 million dollars magically, being just a politician from a politician family, was against Medicare For All. Senior Senator Feinstein whose husband made more than a billion by having his wife being a $160.000 a year Senator, was against it. And so on throughout the “Democratic” party. 

So, instead, Obama proposed Romneycare to the insurance companies: in exchange for the payment of Federal subsidies, private insurance would cover more people, augmenting its profits. (Romney was a Mormon vulture capitalist who became very wealthy, and thus, Governor of Massachusetts (he ran against Obama in 2012, and will be back). That all what Obama could come up with was Romney care, for his self-declared “signature” presidential achievement, speaks volumes about the so-called “Obama” presidency. After many years of Obama, the part of GDP given to health “care”, which had long stagnated, went up to 17.9% of GDP in 2016 (after being at 14% for the first four years of Obama).

Obamacare reinforced greed, diminished care.

Superior Greed, Superior Plutocracy, Inferior Lives, Collective Suicide Better!

My brother-in-law died from all that pervading greed, and attendant lack of care. He was not covered, so after putting stents in him, he was left untreated and promptly died, after been kicked out of the hospital against the surgeon’s advice, and suffering three weeks of increasing pain (from inflammation due to lack of treatment).

He was 45 years old. Poor people can’t use Obamacare, because of the high “deductibles” and other impediments. My brother-in-law couldn’t, and didn’t get proper care, although he was from a rich, more egalitarian  state (Alaska). Notice that, since the advent of Reaganomics, Greed First, Trickle Down, US life expectancy has lost no less than six (6) years on French life expectancy. This is beyond an anecdote, we are talking major abyss, here!

Also notice that Japan didn’t suffer a decrease of life expectancy, consecutive to the banking-plutocracy crisis. Why? Japan, a more egalitarian society, was little hit by the crisis. All the more as Japan has refused to engage in “austerity” (rob the poor, treat the rich!) policies. Instead Japan has run debt. Japan government debt is more than 200% of GDP; not a problem, as debt can be turned into tax, or monetarized…  When the greedy economists and their politico servants come and say debt is a problem, point at life expectancy: reducing government debt in Euro-America has been paid with lives, the comparison with Japan shows this very clearly.

Health greed doesn’t care about health care.


Here is the CDC data: 

Life expectancy in America has declined for two years in a row, and is expected to decline again next year.

That’s not really meant to happen in developed countries, however one can see that it happened in many developed countries, after the 2008 “banking” crisis, and its resulting austerity when all banded together to make the wealthiest even wealthier, as they carry the world on their shoulders:

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued its annual report on mortality—which was not conducive to a festive mood. According to the report, published on 21 December 2017, life expectancy in America fell in 2016, for the second year in a row. An American baby born in 2016 can expect to live on average 78.6 years, down from 78.9 in 2014. The last time life expectancy was lower than in the preceding year was in 1993. The last time it fell for two consecutive years was in 1962-63.

The epidemic of addiction to opioids is becoming ever deadlier. Drug overdoses claimed more than 63,000 lives in 2016 (much more than death from guns and cars). Two-thirds of these deaths were caused by opioids, including potent synthetic drugs such as fentanyl and tramadol, which are easier to overdose by accident and are becoming ever more popular, as the US population tries to flee reality ever more.

The CDC says that the leading causes of death in 2016 remained heart disease and cancer. But a category called “unintentional injuries”, which includes drug overdoses, climbed to third place—from fourth place in 2015 and fifth place in 2012. Unintentional injuries caused just 6% of deaths in 2016, yet claim mostly people in the prime of their lives. A young person’s death cuts the average life expectancy by much more than the death of an older person.

The steepest rise in mortality was among the 25- to 34-year-olds. In that age group deaths per 100,000 people from any cause increased by 11% from 2015 to 2016. Mortality from drug overdoses in the same age group shot up by 50% from 2014 to 2016. Apparently, there is something in the Obama teleprompter, Big Silicon Brother society which the youth doesn’t appreciate enough to just stick around.

To make matters worse, the decrease in mortality from heart disease and cancer—which the chief driver of the steady increase in life expectancy— is not improving as it used to. Thus, further increases in overdose deaths would probably push life expectancy down again. A decline of life expectancy for three straight years was last seen in America a century ago, when the “Spanish” flu pandemic ravaged the world.

The CDC data for the first half of 2017 show that overdose deaths continued to rise. Trump has been doing little, if anything. The national Public Health Emergency Fund has just $57,000 on hand, because it has not been replenished for years.

A continued decline in life expectancy would leave America trailing even farther behind other rich countries, thus showing the way down the abyss: die for health care plutocrats, it will enrich your lives, best than they can be! The American way of life is already two years shorter than the average in the OECD group of 35 rich and soon-to-be-rich countries: US life expectancy is closer to Costa Rica’s and Turkey’s than to that of Britain, France and Germany. As The Economist concludes:

If the administration cannot reverse this then—at least when it comes to longevity in the Western world—its policy might be described as America Last.” Yes, but greed first, and a greed worthy enough to die for it!

Land of free, free to be sick, and free to die prematurely…

Patrice Aymé

4 Responses to “Young Americans Increasingly Prefer To Die, Rather Than Live Under Obamas, Trumps!”

  1. SDM Says:

    Medicare for all is what US “we the people” need now and not later. Neither major party has been willing to go that way because of corruption. Money in politics has stopped it so far and unless two party system gets upended it is unlikely to happen. Trump with his windbag tactics remedy for his working class supporters as he has been feckless in the face of plutocracy. Do they even understand? Or are they too propagandized to see?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The other day I was talking to a major wealthy supporter of the democratic party. She had verbal diarrhea about Trump, calling him all sorts of names. I mentioned favorably Sanders and his support for Medicare For All. She replied Sanders was too extreme for “this country”. Then she attacked him for “being too old”. I asked for clarifications about Sanders’ alleged senility. She came empty. Then she said he just “looks too old”. I guess, Medicare sounds too old…


      • SDM Says:

        The duplicity has worked so far. What will be the tipping point? How can the money become ineffective in a positive way? Sanders came quite close. Trump was a rogue candidate who got a surprise victory (apparently he expected to lose all along) thanks in no small part to plutocratic anachronistic electoral college. (Despite this no Dems have made eliminating the electoral college a priority and democracy suffers yet again.) Until the message gets to the people and the lies are exposed they will continue to be divided and conquered. Too many bitter rivalries to be exploited!


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Trump probably expected to lose. That’s why he took incredible risks, calling the Republican establishment (bushes, etc.) liars. So he won, because he had nothing to lose, having already lost in his mind.
          Now he is stuck with the baby.
          Trump banked on the electoral college. It’s a testimony of Clinton’s unfathomable stupidity that she campaigned in California, a state rendered filthy rich by Obama’s monopolistic maneuvers… (Disclosure: I rather enjoyed the latest quake…)
          I am all pro-Sanders, even now. He is pro Medicare For All. I don’t see an alternative. Pocahontas has disappointed me…


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