Plutocracy Is Intrinsically Exponential:

A phenomenon exponentiates if it its instant rate of growth is proportional to its own value (by definition). So the bigger it gets, the faster it grows and it grows as fast as it is big. (The exponential is the most important function in math after +, x, /. In particular, once equipped with square root of (-1), trigonometric functions, so any cyclic phenomenon, can be deduced from it, and described, by it. Here we extend the exponential to morality, spirituality, intelligence…)

The paradigm of the exponential is bacterial or viral growth. The growth of a population (and it could be tumor cells, or rats) is, before running out of resource, and without a predator, or other external abating agent, proportional to said population.

One of the greatest progress of humanity, in the last five centuries, has been to develop the tools for, and build an understanding of, the exponential function. It is everywhere. Including looming as the greatest cause of civilizational collapse, moral, ecological, intellectual, epistemological, etc. For a civilization, evil is the deadliest infection of them all. It grows proportionally to its presence, so it exponentiates (we will explain why).

A particular case of evil growth, is the takeover of civilization by plutocracy. It is the main cause of the collapse of civilizations.

If left unchecked, forces of evil will rise. And, if unchecked, they will rise exponentially. Thus it’s important they are not left to rise. Thus evil power, in Greek: Pluto kratia is is not just a moral phenomenon, not just a moral implosion. It is also a mathematical phenomenon, and that makes evil not just a human factor, but a law of physics.


Proof That Evil Exponentiates:

Humanity is intrinsically good: otherwise it would not rise children, thus would not exist. Good, in first order, means you do the work, and don’t fight back.

Hence, those who don’t play by the rules of goodness, decency or common sense, get an advantage: they can exploit, and meet no resistance. That advantage is self-feeding: the more it’s used, the more advantageous the advantage it provides with.

This is observed with lionesses in a pride: some do all the work, other restrict their contribution to showing up, and eating whatever is killed by those who did the work; that’s explained because just the appearance of a big group is impactful… The lazy ones work by just showing up!

Thus, as in pride of lionesses, bad behavior already existed in prehistoric human tribes. But it was intrinsically contained, as in a lion pride: if evil exploitation is too abused, the group would collapse, and thus so would the perpetrators with it. So, there was not that much exponentiation in prehistory. However, with the rise of civilization, something new appeared, enormous power. Enormous power is the core reason for civilization: it makes it useful, it makes it dangerous. Generally a civilization’s power is translated into what is called “money”. (Objecting that crypto currencies, Inca knots and modern future derivatives are not money is silly: those apparently different media all translate in money; and even into gold, in the case of the Inca.)

  1. The exponentiation of money is well-known: it is the law of compound interest. The more money one has, the faster one’s money grows (not relatively, but absolutely). It’s basic mathematics. The same holds for anything money can buy, like real estate. That’s why anybody with serious money in the past used to be called a “rentier” (someone who enjoys a rent).
  2. However money transforms into power onto other people, and reciprocally: money and power are equivalent. To prove something with one, is the same as proving something with the other.
  3. Thus, any form of power will, left unchecked, also exponentiate, because it is readily transformed into money and other (“real”) property (which will exponentiate). One lends only to the wealthy. Not just the wealthy in money, power, but also wealthy in the capability of using evil ways. rich, (A particular spectacular example of money translating into power occurs when generals pay their armies; the history of the Mediterranean, Europe and China are full of such behavior, including when it brought the agony of the Roman Republic).

Abuse of power and abusive power cannot be checked by the love stuff, the gentleness and the low hormones vegans and fanaticized pacifists. Hence plutocracy, the power (kratos), not just of wealth, but of Pluto itself, the god of hell, the god of bad behavior, tends to feed on itself (Pluto = Hades, Angra Mainyu, Satan, Shaitan, Le Malin…)

If one analyzes what happens, it is clearly the concentration of power, in a few hands which causes the exponentiation of power.

Thus, the greater the power, the less concentrated one should allow it to become. In other words, technological progress requires ever more direct democracy. The alternative is exponentiation of evil.

Hence ever more democratization is a necessary consequence of the pursuit of civilization. Without ever more democratization, evil and plutocracy grow, until they overwhelm everything, as demonstrated in various Dark Ages (the “Invasion by the Peoples of the Sea” (33 centuries ago), the Greek and European Dark Ages being the three most famous cases).

Patrice Ayme

Note: More generally, most catastrophes tend to exponentiate, for the same reason as avalanches exponentiate. Thus one exponential loss of control, such as the rise of plutocracy, can launch others. Thus civilization collapse in the Roman Principate in turn launched a number of other catastrophes which, themselves exponentiated (for example “plagues”, which tend to happen when society is itself collapsing; three famous examples are the “plague” which destroyed Athens once the Peloponnesian war started, the plagues which devastated Rome around the Third Century, and Constantinople in the Sixth Century; the counter-example is the “Black Plague” of 1348 CE: it killed half of the population, appearing eleven years after the start of the “100” year war, however, it didn’t disorganize the European states governments, which reacted strongly, taking anti-epidemiological measures; thus exponentials couldn’t develop, and, differently from Athens, Rome and Constantinople, European society rode the plague as if nothing had happened…)



  1. SDM Says:

    What can thwart the exponential growth of the plutocracy? Will some natural disaster such as plague, climate change, etc. be the only cure? To date, any attempts seems to fail in the face of plutocratic power. Control of mass media and government is working well for the plutocrats. Political power of the people continually fizzles out when propaganda divides them against one another to be conquered. Are we the people to inept to take on the challenge? If so, what does that reveal about the human condition? Most facebook posts are not encouraging.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Catastrophes in general help, not hinder, the plutocracy: that’s why it favors them. Indeed, a catastrophe requires combat, and combat requires to be of a single mind, hence intellectual fascism, best implemented by economic and political fascism…

      So all what’s left is the Internet. However, it is thoroughly penetrated now by monetary interests.

      Latest example, small but revealing, is an on-going campaign against me (!) as a support (allegedly) of Hillary Clinton in the invasion of Libya (actually I was first to advocate it to Obama, way back, when Clinton was out of that picture…) People who I have never heard of send me a flurry of messages, and made statements to their internet communities about my “lies”… when I pointed out facts (from old media), they changed their music 100%. They had claimed the US attacked first. Then they claimed France attacked first because ordered to do so by Clinton. Then they said it was to support the CFA Franc, and so on…

      In the end, it came out that Hitler, Putin and Assad had their reputations unfairly damaged by the “victors” I propagated the lies of, they claimed even more stridently… Obviously such organizations are paid by deep pockets in Russia… And it works…
      This is why I propose the Public Utility status for media, mandatory for large media, elective for small sites as mine.


  2. brodix Says:


    In those small groups, there would always be those more productive, such as young and old. Plus it is more efficient to share resources and logically being one contributing leads to power in the group, so it will winnow out freeloaders.
    The problem is that as groups grow larger, accounting becomes necessary and that is what money is, a social contract and economic medium. Similar to roads, or the body’s circulation system.
    The problem is that we all tend to store it, whenever possible, thinking of it as a commodity and private property. Which means more has to be constantly added and ways found to invest what is presumably stored. Yet we own money like we own the section of road we are on. Its value is in its fungibility.

    Investment is finding easy ways to multiply value and historically one of those ways is colonialism, i.e. taking over other societies, then getting them to use your money as their medium. Which allows value to be siphoned out.
    Not to mention that by incorporating those countries into a larger system, it creates efficiencies and thus the inclination to further expand.

    Unfortunately, efficiency is to do more, with less, so the ideal of efficiency would eventually be to do everything with nothing.
    The result is that all the complexities of life are reduced and distilled down to that “bottom line.”

    Lately though, now that colonialism is no longer as easy as it used to be, much money is “stored” by inducing the governments, i.e. the public, to borrow large amounts and spend in ways which support, but don’t compete with the profits of the private sector, such as large militaries, that are mostly work and industrial policies, as well as welfare systems, where the people largely function as a conduit for public money into private corporations.

    If you think about it, the government doesn’t really budget, but fights over spending until everyone is happy enough to vote for it, which means lots of spending, then the prez can only pass, or veto it.
    To use the line item veto as a template, they could break those bills into all their items, have every legislator assign a percentage value to each item, then the prez draws the line. “The buck stops here.”
    That would preserve the legislative power of appropriation, that the original line item veto would have gutted, but still give the prez a clear budget decision making power. It would also blow up “capitalism,” without all that government debt as the real “currency.”

    What we need to recognize is that medium and store are two different things. For instance, in the body, blood is the medium and fat is the store, or with cars, roads are the medium and parking lots are the store. What we have now are the heart and arteries clogged with fat and poor circulation to the extremities.

    If the government was to threaten to tax excess money, rather than borrow it, people would quickly find other ways to store value. Given we mostly save for the same reasons, from raising children and education to healthcare and retirement, if communities found ways to invest in these as communal assets, rather than trying to save for them individually, in a banking system that is not up to the task, short of making promises that cannot be fulfilled, then economics would become more reciprocal again, as people would have to work within communities and build trust and responsibility.

    Not saying it would be perfect, but the current system is going to blow up and the neoliberal response will be disaster capitalism coming home, as Warren Buffet and friends offer to trade their hundreds of billions of government debt for whatever public assets can be bought and further used to drain value out of the public, such as highways, water systems, parks, etc.


  3. Lovell Says:

    Capitalism is most hospitable to the rise (exponentiation) of plutocracy.

    Change (or at least reform) the economic system and plutocracy can be more easily contained.


  4. OLIGARCHIES ARE INTRINSICALLY EVIL | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] more power one has, the easier it is to get more, as I demonstrated in “Evil, Plutocracy, Exponentiate”. For example it was much easier for Obama to get the Nobel Peace Prize than the US presidency: […]


  5. pshakkottai Says:

    Does science support morals? It seems to be so.Yes. To an extent. Here is an example. “Income inequality is not good for civilization and the poor have to be supported” is a proposition based on science and not a religious moral or some other belief.

    Wealth and income tend to grow exponentially. In any algebraic equation, this will blow up if one terms grows exponentially faster than other smaller exponentials or mere algebraic growth as explained here by Patrice Ayme.

    This result is purely based on equations and how they behave. Tax redistributions to the lower end is a necessity to preserve civilization!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Partha: it is indeed true that all this can be demonstrated from basic principles, and ironclad logic. So it is “science”. Science is what we know for (pretty) sure…


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