“Judges”deprived of wisdom, conspire against civilization

French politician and Member of Parliament Marine Le Pen is charged by French “justice” for showing on her Twitter account pictures of tortures & executions of the Islamist State. Yes, you read that right: the French government considers it a crime to show the Islamists in a bad light, and finds Twitter too permissive that way. An equivalence would be to prosecute a Jew for showing pictures of victims of Nazism! Mad PC judges? An indication of the failure of education? Or even of the failure of so-called “representative democracy”, where justice has been professionalized, and thus served by the servants of the established order and its twisted logic which targets logic, common sense, and basic human dignity? All of the preceding!

A French judge has opened a formal criminal investigation into Marine Le Pen’s publication on Twitter of a series of grisly images in 2015.

The three images referred to the so-called Islamic State group, as it is called in the Middle East and were captioned “Daesh is THIS!” One showed the decapitated body of Islamist victim James Foley.

The far-right National Front leader later deleted that image amid the resultant outcry, insisting she was unaware of the victim’s identity. The other images showed a tank running over a man in an orange jumpsuit, while another jumpsuit-clad man was shown in a cage being burned alive.

Ms Le Pen is facing charges of circulating “violent messages that incite terrorism or pornography or seriously harm human dignity” and that can be viewed by a minor – punishable by up to three years in prison. 

Another violent message would say French judges? Does that picture incites terrorism, pornography, and harm human dignity, and we should criminally prosecute those who show it? As French judges would want us to believe? Well, go ahead, make my day! [Picture taken in 1945 by GI Pfc. Bertram Sanders, US 103rd infantry division cameraman, at one of the concentration camps in Landsberg shortly after the city’s capture by the 411th regiment.]


For contemporary French judges, showing mass criminal facts has apparently become itself criminal.  Thus not covering-up the crime is itself criminal. This is exactly more of the sort of insanity which has been blowing across US universities. And it was exactly the main behavior enabling fuel of fascism, Nazism, Stalinism, Maoism, etc. Earlier on, it made possible the religious terror of the Inquisition in Europe, which lasted nearly 15 centuries (from its instauration by Roman emperor Theodosius I in 380 CE until the last Catholic terror execution in Spain in the 1830s).

Such censorship by so-called “judges” is criminally enables the enemies of civilization, including the Islamists: for years, the Islamist Tariq Ramadan was all over European televisions, supporting the most vicious Islam, such as stoning women for infidelity (meanwhile he was going around, beating and raping). Telling the truth about Ramadan and his organizations was outlawed by the so-called “judges”. European intellectuals who self-defined as “left” were all in love with Ramadan.

On a grander scale, had all of the Germans know what some of the Nazis were doing with innocent women and children, Nazism would not have lasted another day. This is why the Nazi leadership lied heavily to the German population about where the Jews had gone…. So, in a way, those French judges who consider that showing crimes against humanity is itself a criminal infraction, are the best friends the ilk of Adolf Hitler ever had.

So-called “judges” may be unhappy with what I write (they better be, because they have misbehaved on a civilizational scale, harming human prospects themselves). Some in France advised me not to write the present essay: could get me in trouble, they said, the arms of French justice are long and mighty. But I don’t care, I welcome the fight with tyrants, even small black-robed ones: ever since Africa, I loved crushing cockroaches with my bare hands.  Cockroaches are smart, make no mistake, some even hiss, but they are just cockroaches.

French judges have been hounding Marine Le Pen for years. Hopefully, it’s not because she is a woman. Although I believe that’s a factor: what else? One third of the French electorate voted for her last year. By the way, I showed on this site some of the pictures Le Pen is accused of. Will judges arrest me? Differently from Socrates, who chickened out, I fully intend to insult them, should they do so (Socrates’ judges were actually 2,000, as required by Athenian direct democracy). Insults are a form of violence, true, but arresting people for revealing infamy is as great a violence a society can suffer, short of the infamy itself.  

Direct democracy should overrule professional judges. This is a case in point. Everybody of culture in Europe knows of the atrocities of Christianism. Those of Islamism today should be exposed: they are just as dangerous, and closely related. That judges would behaved as if they were above civilization, let alone We The People should be viewed as a good reason to abrogate “justice” as we know it.

Today’s government is viewed as made of three elements : the executive, the legislative , and justice. The distinction is as old as Saint Louis who, although a (mass) criminal in more ways than one, invented the modern judicial system: takes one to know one. Actually Saint Louis famously wrote that nothing would please him more than to torture to death miscreants and Jews, but he won’t, because the law forbid it (and applied even to kings)!

Saint Louis’ modern views about the judicial system is why the US justice is full of French jargon (another facet of the US as a glorious French colony with its roots in plain sight). For Saint Louis law was the entanglement of Salic Law (established from 300 CE until 800 CE, date at which the Roman empire was re-established by Charlemagne) and Roman Law (established 500 BCE to 400 CE, refurbished by Justinian government circa 545 CE). Judges interpreted laws and passed new ones in Parliaments (there were 17 in France, one in London).

Democracy is different: it is the rule of We The People. We the People passes the laws and also governs and judges. So no place for professional judges, and black robed cockroaches, to decide what harms human dignity. The precondition to any violation of “human dignity” is disrespecting the truth. Learn that, judges and cockroaches!

No, this is not insolence: even mosquitoes, recent experiments have shown, quickly learn to fear swatting. But then again, not all creatures can learn that fast! Recent inquiries have shown would-be intellectuals are among the worst learners (and I know exactly why this paradox rules…)

Patrice Aymé


4 Responses to ““Judges”deprived of wisdom, conspire against civilization”

  1. Gmax Says:

    What do you think of Italian elections? Far right advanced, 5 star won most votes? Think could happen in France?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, in the Italian elections of march 2018, the first in five years, as expected, the so-called “left” got around 20%. That means: the establishment got 20%. The anti-Europe, anti-Euro, anti-establishment parties got more than 50%. This is what decades of pro-Islamism, anti-populist, austerity-for-the-people, riches-for-the-wealthy policies bring.
      So now what? Part of the establishment will try to join, just as we saw in the 1920s… (MUssolini was socialist, initially… Then he became the toast of the establishment when fascismo got established…) The same could well happen in France, Germany, for the same reason. In particular some of Le Pen’s policies are more “left” than that of the present government there…


  2. benign brodwicz Says:

    One would think that democracy is quite dead in America–except that Trump won on votes (some studies maintain he actually won the popular vote as well). If only Americans took to the streets as quickly as the French! My reading of the current situation (Qanon, etc.) is that there is a very real civil war going on beneath the MSM’s version of reality. That the odds makers only give Trump about even chances of finishing his first term tells me the danger of governmental collapse is significant.

    Have Facebook, YouTube, et al., started to apply their censorship algorithm in the EU yet? Lord help us.



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Contemplating the Italian elections of yesterday, not a surprise, I started a little essay. The idea is that We The People (of US, EU) have realized that the so-called left, so-called democrats, so-called “liberals” are nothing of the sort. Anymore.
      In the EU, the establishment has made the European Union hostage, prisoner, and imposed the austerity which is the equivalent of Obama’s policy. However Obama printed money massively, to give to the ephemerally impoverished plutos and their corporations in the USA. Whereas the EU squeezed… Until the EU fell towards an another recession, and then had to adopt the US style Quantitative Easing… But it’s certainly too late to not have been noticed by Brits, Catalans, Greeks, Italians, and even the French…

      The EU is not innocent with censorship, either… And forgetfulship, which is great for innocent, and even greater for real miscreants…


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