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Catholicization Or Catholization (Fall Of Rome Part XI)

May 27, 2018

To have “the” wrong faith will bring a civilization down (although it will profit those who pushed for said faith… at least for a while…) For the masses to have faith in stupidity will always profit masters clever enough to ride the stupidity wave. 

Catholic comes from the Greek phrase καθόλου (katholou), meaning “on the whole”, “according to the whole” or “in general”. A neologism is needed perhaps beyond the official word: CATHOLICIZATION (or what happened to Rome in the Fourth Century). I propose: CATHOLIZATION. 

Indeed, we have the word and concept of Islamization: the act of enforcing Islam, as is presently effected in Europe (French judges attack those who criticize Islam, while every mosque in France gets an impressive manual teaching that one should give three days to those who renounce Islam before killing them; killing apostates is a pillar of practical Islam enforcement, as recommended by Islam “intellectuals”, as it used to be, under Catholic terror).  

Catholicization is a similar phenomenon. That it is an important concept is beyond doubt: the Roman government chose and imposed Catholicism. That it happened, under the threat of death is beyond doubt:

The absurd violence of Catholicism: heresy and apostasy were punished by death since laws passed by Roman emperor Theodosius I, circa 380 CE.
Sexist pigs will come and say: oh, this is obscene, because you represented a female on the cross. (And yes, she is black too, so beat me with a spoon!)
The symbol of Catholicism is torture, to death. It didn’t just give the Catholics a kick, it told them all that torture to death is something you want to do to your fellow man, or woman. By absolute goodness, of course.

Although the Franks had a front seat to the force Catholicization of the empire, they refuse to partake in it, and when they did, they modified it. A lot. Yes, Catholization, just as now there is Islamization (and the method are similar: European judges routinely condemn scular citizens for saying anything against Islam, as European so-called judges have identified anti-Islam with racism, something to be condemned of, just as Roman judges started to identify anti-Catholicism with something to be condemned).

Not only prominent  Franks refused to become Christians, they actively fought Christianism. Unfortunately, Arbogast lost a crucial battle against emperor Theodosius I: the wind had turned, literally, and blew as a hurricane dust in his army (God was also on the side of the Nazis in 1940, when the French lost the battle of France, against all odds).

The Franks had to wait another century to take over Catholicism, but when they did, the collapse of civilization was turned around: the legitimate Roman power of Frankish king Clovis, Roman Consul and imperator, crushed the Goths, ejecting them from Gallia…. Catholicism was reinvented, complete with new saints…

It was not over: while the Franks outlawed slavery, in the mid-Seventh Century, Arabia got Islamized, and Islam, at its most significant, is little more than a metaphysics of inflicting death.

By 721 CE, the Franks were in total war with the Islamists, who had invaded Francia, in the hope of catching Constantinople from behind…. Fortunately the Islamist suffered such heavy losses, in three crushed invasion, the Caliphate in Damascus fell… Yet the Islam blockade of Europe made the situation hard… as would the following 13 centuries of war against Islam.

But, by 1905 CE, at least in France, Catholicism had been thoroughly defeated. Remains its spawns…

Catholicism was fundamentally a very stupid, morbid, lethal, sadistic faith: those were its main reason for being. Many found this, for example those who started to struggle against Catholicism’s reborn theo-fascism, around 1024 CE; they were rewarded by being burned alive! Now, that renewal of Catholicism’s extreme violence corresponded both to the rise of the Feudal order, and a critical mass of proponents of the Feudal order thought just the same: the very lethal stupidity of Catholicism made it a justification of, and a tool for, their rule. This is why Saint Bernard, the worst of them all, was the scion of plutocracy, same as the bishops of Fifth Century: then each really wealthy family had a bishop in its midst!

All this explains why, as a new elite now arises, thieves, just as their predecessors of a millennium ago,  push for Islamization, in their search for the stupidity which enables slavery… or, at least subjugation.

Patrice Ayme