Don’t Encourage “Politically Correct” Apartheid in the USA: it’s Racism!

Abstract: There is no US left, but there is a pseudo-left… whose job is to reinforce the plutocracy, mostly by diverting discourse and reflection towards completely ineffective pursuits. One of them is an obsession with the word “nigger”… Instead of obsessing about real reforms.

Racism is racism. Doesn’t matter the color of the skin of the racist.


A white student asks author Ta-Nehisi Coates if it’s “cool” to rap along to songs with the n-word in it – and Ta-Nehisi Coates responds brilliantly (say the Politically Correct). Bestselling author Ta-Nehisi Coates answers an audience question about the power and ownership of words at the Family Action Network event with Evanston Township High School while on tour for his newest book, WE WERE EIGHT YEARS IN POWER: An American Tragedy. (No, you were not. Obama may have had a Kenyan as a father, but, like many Kenyan servants of the white masters in racist English Kenya, he did obsequiously only what the white masters told him to do. The title of his book is pure disinformation serving the plutocracy!

(Unwittingly racist) Coates’ argument is that “every word doesn’t belong to everyone”. For example, he says, the USA belongs to the whites, and the blacks own, in exchange, Coates insists on that, the “n-word” (the word which means “black” in Latin, with an added g for emphasis). Give me the country, I will allow you one word! Fair? Coates says it’s fair, and he laughs!

Self-declared victim/businessman of racism makes the apology of racism? All blacks are his family, it’s not mine? Racists can’t fight racism with racism, and they know it, and they like it, as many turned racism itself into a business, business being the business of America…

Personally, as an undisputable victim of (anti-intellectual, and other) racism, I can’t approve of the apology of racism by Coates. The solution to racism is not more racism, but less. And cutting the crap about which type of people people are, and what peculiar rights they have, according to types.. Tribalization: “blacks” go with “blacks”, “whites” go with “whites”, Indians go with Indians, Muslims go with Muslims, Turks go with Turks, Hispanics go with Hispanics, Trump haters go with Trump haters, “Republicans” go with “Republicans”, etc. is just, literally, the apology of apartheid. Now, OK, I am myself partial on this subject, having no “racial” group to go to which view me as family and reciprocally. Maybe that’s why I always hated apartheid, and why racists enjoy, precisely, those race families they decided they have… The way to end racism against “blacks” in the US, is to require EFFECTIVE implementation of equal rights. No more, no less. So prison reform, sentence reform, justice reform, housing reform, educational reform should be resolved first. Focusing only on the usage of words by some versus others instead of focusing on the usage of LAWS is part of the mechanisms which prevent to even reflect at the needed reforms of the entire society.

Trump just pardoned Jack Johnson, the black hyper famous world heavyweight boxing champ, condemned to prison, did time, and who had to flee the USA, because of his “crime against nature” (Federal prosecutor said at the time) of crossing state lines with his white girlfriend. Why did we have to wait for Trump? Because to many on the self declared “left” not so secretly promote apartheid? Getting Obama to pardon blacks was like extracting all his teeth… Although he had himself used the very substance they were condemned for, he readily admitted (even in his books!)

Racism is racism. Doesn’t matter the color of the skin of the racist. And it doesn’t matter the religion either: the Jews said, all too much, that they were the “Elected People“. The Nazis (some of them of dubious ancestry, by their own standards, for example Hitler, or notoriously in love with Jews, like Goebbels) begged to differ: THEY hijacked the Jewish supremacy ideology, and insisted that they were the “Elected People”! Much of the Jewish ideology of election (by “God”) and holocaust, as divinely found in the Bible, was then turned against the Jews themselves… Specifics can be evil, but embracing evil methods is even worse, because they can be then applied in many other circumstances, and they stay evil…

Patrice Ayme

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10 Responses to “Don’t Encourage “Politically Correct” Apartheid in the USA: it’s Racism!”

  1. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    This essay didn’t age well considering SS tactics on our borders.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      There is no contradiction between condemning the idiocy and racism that some can use the word “nigger” which is “black” in Latin, and others can’t because of the color of the skin, and my subsequent essay on separating children:

      Calling Trump’s tactic (actually inaugurated by previous presidents) “SS” is not knowing what the SS did. People in my family were tortured to death and died. Others could and should have, the Gestapo was after them. Separating parents from children is an old US, Canadian and Australian thing.

      As usual, Accusing Trump of everything is to exonerate the others. It’s unwise for “progressives” to go there: the system has to be changed, not just one man. Personality cult of Trump, even if founded on hating Trump, is still personality cult, an obsessive derangement with one and only.. In California alone, 8 do-gooders organizations have Trump children whom they greedily absorbed and apparently poorly tracked. Years ago, over a period of years, I saw a woman from the public service of help to children (!!), apparently successfully stealing a child… (She has now left the USA, with the child.

      Calling, or not, black who are black “nigger” has a long history, starting in the 1930s, with Cesaire and Senghor. They thought that was right (Ceasire was deep brown, Senghor charcoal black). I think the same. I am not ashamed of the black color. I actually love it. Right, it’s not really a color. Some human specimen from West “Black” Africa are obviously the most magnificent on the planet.


    • G Max Says:

      SS tactic of entering unlawfully with children, often without the parents?


  2. G Max Says:

    Andre should learn that in 2014 70,000 children tried to enter USA without parents. Is that the SS tactic?


  3. Picard578 Says:

    Problem is, a form of separation is very much necessary. Humans are tribal animals by nature, and thus automatically gravitate into groups of like people. These groups then come into conflict, and greater differences produce greater conflicts. But thing is, conflict between groups – if properly managed – can be very productive. Europe achieved preeminence on global stage precisely due to its separation into nation-states, whereas empires such as Ottoman Empire and China declined rapidly relative to Europe. But now with European Union, Europe had abandoned its advantage.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Picard: That’s an interesting point of view. However, inside the USA (or China, or India), I don’t know… I was in top US universities, teaching, etc. However I was neither Chinese, nor a Jew, but I am sorry to have to say, where I was, those groups dominated, and helped their kind. I was actually an idiot, and didn’t see it for years… until an Indian professor (with a pretty dark skin) who was visiting took me aside, and told me I was the butt of (somewhat racist) jokes behind my back, and had to get out of the top university I was at, ASAP.
      Only now, decades later, I can clearly see the discrimination and exploitation I was subjected to (some of the behavior, like stealing some of my taxes, is now explicitly unlawful…)

      The point of view that tribes are good goes back to HERDER (well named!) the enemy of Goethe… Goethe was an universalist.

      My point of view about Europe is, first MILITARY: Europe has been unconquered for about 3,000 years. The fall of the Roman state occurred precisely when the great, and irresistible counter-offensive against the Vandals was aborted, because the HUNS synchronized a simultaneous attack south through the Balkans (your backyard!)

      China was occupied much of the last millenium (Jurchen, Mongols, Manchus). Anyway I broached some of this in my latest essay…

      The problem with the EU is NOT unification. Just the opposite. Tight money is FOR plutocrats. We need QE for the PEOPLE… As it is Europe is governed by nation-states governments, themselves obedient to plutocrats… (The “Big Capital” of Marxist like critics…)

      The catastrophe after 846 CE (that’s when Muslims burned the Vatican, tried to seize Rome) was simultaneous invasions by Vikings, Avars (Mongols), Muslims… Because the Franks had conquered the Saxons, the Saxons took control enough of the non-Paris area of the empire to repel the Avars under Saxon Roman emperor Otto I, etc.


      • Picard578 Says:

        What is interesting here is that Europe (in geopolitical terms) is product of Islam. Up until the expansion of Islam, there was no “European” civilization, but Mediterranean one, primarily centered around Eastern Mediterranean and tightly connected to the Fertile Crescent and through it to India and China. Greek civilization is a product of Egyptian one, Greek philosophers and artists had been to Egypt (as is obvious when comparing art: kuros, and other early Greek art, shows clear Egyptian influences). There was in fact an entire civilizational system along the Silk Road: Rome/Greece – Persia – India – China – Korea – Japan.

        Islam destroyed all of it. It conquered Arabia, Near East (Middle East for Americans), Northern Africa, Persia and parts of India. It conquered as far as Soviet -stans. This severed the Silk Road, and forced Europe to look West. First came expansion northwards: into British islands, Germany, Scandinavia and Russia (Byzantines). Then, after the Silk Road was severed, came the western expansion: Americas, and later Australia, Africa and Asia. It is not incorrect to say that European colonialism is a product of Islam. This colonialism caused Seven Years War, Napoleonic Wars and World War I, and World War I caused World War II. As such, one may even say that Islam caused the World Wars.

        But the colonialism itself was very much enabled by presence of nation states. Their squabbling, their cultural diversity (tempered and directed by political separation), enabled Europe to achieve preeminence it did. Thing is, tribalism always remains: even within Islam, as overarching and universalist as it is, tribal separation still exists. That is simply human nature. You will understand if you have seen boys fight over whether it is better to wear Nike or Adidas, or whether Real Madrid is better than Barcelona…


        • G Max Says:

          Islam is a machine to destroy all we have. Big capital knows we can destroy it, so it destroys us first, by using Islam. They know Christ is out of juice, so they use Muhammad, and they import new more obedient slaves


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Picard: It’s true that the first mention of the word “Europe” in a non purely Greek context is by the Franks, in connection with the second Muslim invasion of Francia by the Arab and Berber armies (crushed at Poitier october 10, 732). So great was the revulsion for the Islamists, Europe was born!

          The army of Dux Eudes, victor against Muslims Toulouse, 721, was this time unable to stop the invasion. Charles Martel was called to the rescue, and he brought his army back from Germany, stealthily. The Muslims had dispersed, probably because their army was so enormous… And that is why Dux Eudes was unable to prevent them to ravage Aquitania and South West Francia. And why Charles Martel took the invasion so seriously. (So I differ from those make low estimates of the Muslim armies. Frankish sources have it up to 400,000. Anglo-Saxon historians, always busy diminishing anything having to do with France, give ridiculously low estimates…)


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