Banque Rothschild Employee Lectures US President

Macron loves to quote classical (French) literature: it makes him look smart, and it’s all he knows. Well, let me help him by giving him more classical literature to quote. Macron addressed Trump, we have the picture. Macron and his colleagues, the “leaders” of the “free” world, are just employed by the big bosses who got them elected, and aspire to be employed even better in the future, by the same culprits, who are beyond any suspicion. However, Trump is a boss they can’t have… because he doesn’t play the game all the other leaders do, and have been created by. Hence a classical drama. Let me reveal what Macron really meant to say:


Macron, French president (see photo below):”Hey Donald, what’s the beef about US milk being taxed 270% by Canada? I mean, who cares about milk farmers? In France they wake up at 3am to milk the cows, imagine that! How much more low life can one be? Milk farmers work all day, and they make as much money in a year that I made at Rothschild in 5 minutes.  

Merkel is centre stage, arms planted on a table, with the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, standing to her left, arms folded and a look of resignation on his face. {Photo by German Chancellery.]
The French president, Emmanuel Macron, stunning Bolton, irritating Trump, stands next to Merkel, partially obscured. Macron, a natural, self-assured talking head, and he talks in English too, is the one addressing Trump. British prime minister. Theresa May, more obscured still, is at the right of Macron.

I mean, Donald, you want me to milk cows, that’s why you care about milk so much? I couldn’t even buy business suit on that salary! So, Donald, why should I care about milk farmers? I mean, look at you Donald, you have made your billions. Nobody here can trust you: you employ people, you go on TV, you say:’You are fired!’ I mean, what’s that? You relish it! We are just employees, we do what the masters want. But all the masters, Donald, not just you it’s not all about you. Masters don’t like you, Donald, although you are one of them, precisely because you are one of them. You don’t act dignified, Donald, you don’t understand that you and the other masters are wealthy and powerful because the little guys, the milk farmers, and other working stiffs, those losers RESPECT the international order which enables people like us to prosper. As you insult, us the employees, you insult all the powers which made us possible.

We can’t trust you, Donald! You are just one. We need to find other multibillionaire to trust. Many are ten times or much more, wealthier than you. You see, Donald, you are the multibillionaire here. We, the leaders of the free world, we need to find multibillionaire to employ us afterwards, after our public service. Look at kanzler Schroeder, or British PM Major and Blair: they became very wealthy after their public service, that’s only normal, because they serve the powers which make the International Order possible.


And we can’t trust you, Donald. And you can’t employ us all, anyway, it would look bad. So we have to get employment elsewhere, with the other guys. And you know what, Donald, they don’t trust you those guys, and they are wise, call them wise guys if you want. Remember president Kennedy, JFK? He called businessmen son of bitches, He said his dad called them that way and now that he was president, he could see how right he was. Remember? The CIA held Cuba, and United Fruit held Cuba. Wise guys, all of them. And that young prick of JFK dropped the CIA and United Fruit. Next thing, JFK was dead, in a hail of bullets for all to see, and nobody admitted to doing it. So, Donald, you want me to be that prick? Do you want me to be wealthy like Blair, or dead like JFK?


Yeah, of course, you are as wealthy as Kennedy, you don’t care, you just want to “Make America Great Again”, because you have so much money all you aspire to, is play hero. As Allen Dulles head of the CIA said: “that little Kennedy he thought he was god”. Do you feel like god, Donald? Do you understand Google, Apple, facebook, the NSA are all part of the Deep State? Clinton, Bush and Obama, you predecessors, 24 years of US presidents, saw to it.


You think you can go there, and destroy the one percent? Do you realize that 1% of the West, that’s around twenty million people? Do you want to destroy the livelihood of twenty million people Donald? And think of the top .1%, Donald! That’s still two million people who hold all the networks of power, all the media, all the banks. People who can employ us, Donald, when we have finished serving the public. And compensate us as we deserve, for sustaining the established order you are so anxious to destroy.


You say it’s different now, Donald But why do you think Google, Apple, Facebook pay no taxes in Ireland and spy on everybody? Because the Deep State wants it, Donald. And who set that up? Not just Obamaba, whatever his name. Oblabla was just an employee, an employee of the wise guys, he, and his team of carefully chosen incompetents who know nothing served them well… Oblabla knew how to calm all the losers and low lives out there, Donald. Instead you are just exciting them, making them believe it’s not all over for them, Donald. It is. The wealthy owns the world, and we serve them.

When I was 24, a wealthy Frenchman who made a fortune in Africa gave me an apartment “corresponding to my function of inspector of finances for all of France”. Then I was employed by Banque Rothschild. Baron Nathan Rothschild put it well: “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, …The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”

Those wise guys I was talking about, you know, who made me president, gave me millions, an apartment, etc. they are so mighty they got my main competitor, ex-PM Fillon to fall, because, he had been given a used jacket by a real friend. You get it? A USED jacket? By a friend? Me I got an apartment, a million dollar apartment, Donald, by a plutocrat I didn’t even know well… and no French media talked about it. You know why, Donald? Because my friends, ex and future employers, those other multibillionaires you love to despise, they control all, all the media, all the minds, all the public opinions. So they accused Fillon of corruption, and he was charged, but me, not a shred of suspicion. Like I violated campaign finance laws, because friends gave me free services , like giant arenas, well below market rates. The commission in charge? I nearly doubled the salary of the head of the commission, and, you know what? He said there was nothing there. That’s the Deep State, donald. But remember JFK. So play hero all you want, remember JFK.

Remember what Rothschild said, two centuries ago? Do you control the money supply Donald? No. My friends do, and they will employ me better in the future, me and my colleagues here, if I, and we, keep in place the International Order they own and control.


So go on, play hero Donald, you made your fortune, we have to make our own. Meanwhile we will describe you to all the losers and low lives who vote for us, as evil personified and the origin of what we secretly love and sustains us. It is what I call the “esprit de finesse” Donald. Yes, in France the truly wealthy pay no taxes, so is the law, they can own art, castles, factories, all above the law and taxation. Do you think the losers noticed? No. They are scraping by, fighting like pigeons about crumbs. We want to keep it that way. It’s subtle, Donald, subtle, it’s all about make-belief.

You are playing with fire, Donald. The losers and low lives are close to realizing they were completely had. That China was the greatest, latest tool to evade taxation, laws on work, human dignity, and prevent the losers and low lives to hold us hostages, we who have it all, by making useful work.


And you know how we do this Donald? With dignity, respect, we instill to the losers and low lives who vote for us and adore us, that the International Global order which transform quickly that assemblage of republics and democracies into a new world aristocracy, has to be respected and is full of dignity. Dignity, Donald, talk about dignity. Act as if it is all very noble, Donald!

Patrice Ayme


10 Responses to “Banque Rothschild Employee Lectures US President”

  1. SDM Says:

    So you think Donald is all about ending plutocracy? Or some other noble cause? You must be joking. He may poke the establishment in the eye but to satisfy his own agenda yet hardly to help the 99%.


    • Gloucon X Says:

      Trump told the workers in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin that he was going to protect their jobs and try to bring back industrial jobs sent to Mexico and China. He won those states by less than 1% of the vote and so he has no choice but to take action that makes him look like he’s trying to honor his promises. The photo in question is funny because it does look like he’s being taken woodshed by plutocracy’s toadies because, after all, he is violating plutocratic dictates on trade and immigration. It will be most interesting to see who the plutocracy would support if the choice in 2020 is between Trump and Bernie Sanders. Btw, Sanders leads Trump by 11 points in the most recent poll.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        I voted for Sanders last time, but I doubt he makes it through the democratic primaries next time: the propaganda against him is so intense… (and not so much from Trump, who just calls him crazy). The polls I saw were not optimistic for him…
        Here in California, after a first flurry of us-too, trying to pass laws duplicating those of Trump (build, build, build) there is lots of resistance, to those newly passed laws… Real estate is going to be impacted by the “POPULIST” tax reforms of Trump… In the Bay Area the mood towards the homeless is changing: San francisco, Berkeley, are cracking down, with police clearing them up, every day… Can’t accuse Trump there…


    • G Max Says:

      I don’t think that’s what Patrice is saying. She is pointing out the others are completely corrupt. I don’t know if Trump knows what Trump agenda is, he just reacts to what he really doesn’t like, and HE wants MAGA


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Indeed not what I am saying. Trump is a plutocrat himself. However he has the courage to see some consequences of plutocracy he wants to fix. That’s enough, though, to cause a mess in the delicately honed machine of global plutocracy!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Not what I am saying. Trump is a plutocrat himself. However *some* consequences of plutocracy he wants to fix. That’s enough, though, to cause a mess in the delicately honed machine of global exploitative plutocracy which heavily depends upon the present economic “liberal” ideology a la Krugman! That ideology, all work to China! is embraced by all the other “leaders”. The French just gave China the MOST ADVANCED nuclear civilian tech (EPR): just an example… More details coming in a more serious essay…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Trump has always been all about getting infuriated with some US government policies, starting when he was 20… But an heir, all along, too… An heir, with waves… Progressives such as me, should know judo: use the adversary’s momentum. There are really bad Plutos: say the Kochs… I also know second hand Plutos, heirs, and I tend not to like them, bcs they are the oil of the system, especially when they sit in “Foundations”…


  2. G Max Says:

    The point tariffs are real low, like 3%, and Trump threatened like 25% tariffs. Didn’t that lead to the Great Depression? You wrote it yourself many times


    • Lovell Says:

      Imposing tariffs on goods coming in from other countries is not punishing that foreign country, it is punishing your home population by making them shoulder the higher costs of those goods (steel, aluminum, dairy, bananas etc.).


  3. SDM Says:

    The establishment got nervous about drumpf because of his rhetoric but fell right in line when it became more clear that he has no real intention of helping the working class. Remember how the carried interest tax break was going to be eliminated? Never happened. He is about as corrupt as they come. He will say anything to cause commotion because he thrives on controversy. Meanwhile, giving the ultra right wing faction just about anything they want- taxes, judges, deregulation, etc.


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