Football Teaches Russia A Lesson

Plutocrat Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev looks dejected, while the president of Croatia celebrates.

President Croatia celebrating. Medvedev, a football fan (on the lower right) is experiencing pain.

I call Medvedev a plutocrat, be it only because he has been very powerful, for all too long, doing Putin dirty business. Also it has been alleged in detail, from different sources, that he is personally wealthy. An internationally renown bat researcher claimed he had to flee Russia for stumbling on Medvedev’s properties under construction, which destroyed caves in the Sochi area. A video by anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny purports to show “the vast trove of mansions, villas and vineyards accumulated” by Medvedev. Putin ex-wife, who had no discernable income or inheritance, ever, is also a multi-millionaire, with one property alone…


Friends again, at least for the next few minutes…

Russia has long felt rejected by the West. It has been. In a sense it was always from the east. Actually, the Rus, who founded Russia, where Swedes from eastern Sweden. The oldest human stock was, paradoxically, German: this is highly confusing: Germans used to live in the area more recent Germans considered peopled by Slavs (slaves). So the ancestry of Russia is a mix of Swedes, old Germans, and more recent Mongols (look at the Mongol style eyes of Lenin, Brezhnev, Putin…)

Viking colonization followed the network of mighty rivers of Russia, all the way to the Black Sea. Trade flourished, northern furs against all kinds of goodies from the south, Rome or the Muslim empires. It’s Ukraine which founded Rus, and then expanded east. Republics, such as Novgorod, appeared. Ukraine had seized Crimea from the Tartars, who, themselves had seized it from the Greco-Romans. Vladimir of Ukraine converted to Catholic Orthodoxy, eastern style.

The Russians were able to stop the eastward expansion of the Teutonic Knights. However, not the assault of the Mongols. The Mongols occupied Russia, massacring away. When the Mongols pushed further west, Western Europe united militarily, and the Mongol victories came with a heavy, unsustainable price. Then the Mongols remembered what happened to their ancestors the Huns when they invaded Gallia: they were utterly defeated, and owed their survival to the duplicity of the Roman commander Aetius (who had lived with the Huns prior). The war techniques of the Mongols were not adapted to wet,cold, forested areas. The superb bows would lose their snap, it would be impossible to move fast, etc.

The Mongols reached the Croatian coast and turned back (pretexting the election of the next Khan beckoned).

For many centuries Russia was occupied by savage invaders…

Yet the Golden Horde stayed in command of Russia, using Moscow as a tax collector. Ivan the Terrible would make Russia independent again. In the Russian psyche, a question looms: why didn’t the West call a Crusade to free Russia from the savages? First it was a problem of distance. Anne of Kiev, daughter of the Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev and Novgorod had married the king of France, Henri I in 1051 CE, and acquired a tremendous importance (she spoke 6 languages and found the French court uncouth; the king proudly signed his documents, mentioning Anne approved of them…). She had four children, including the next king Philip I of France. All subsequent French kings were her progeny. She made a scandalous second marriage (the husband, not her, was excommunicated). Anne never went back to Kiev (she was too important in France, but also it would take forever to go across Europe by land: the success of the Greco-Romans was maritime, sea transport being very fast and very cheap, relative to land transport.)


A refined analysis shows that the Cyrillic alphabet itself and the distanciation of Eastern Christianity from the Western one were deliberate: the Bulgarians and Constantinople wanted bad relationships with the Franks, they wanted to get, and keep them, alienated, and it worked!

Those Franks were the Eastern Franks, dominated by the Saxons whom Charlemagne had vanquished… And had become the pillars of the “Renovated Roman Empire”. In a further testimony to human frailty, after the alienation with the Franks was launched, Constantinople reached the apex of its power, around the year 1,000 CE. However, things turned quickly for the worse, and by the end of the Eleventh Century, the Franks had been called to the rescue, launching the First Crusade. Conclusion: alienation for alienation’s sake, should be avoided…

It is high time to bury the hatchet.

Football/Soccer helps, and that’s good.

Croatia beat Russia, barely, during the session of goal kicks. The Russians learned something again: that it is good never to forget: a nation of four millions can beat one of 144 millions (a lesson learned the hard way when Finland won quite a few battles against Russia in 1939-1940; then the USSR suffered five times the casualties of Finland, nearly 400,000…)

Russia found one more reason for paranoia in the 1990s: the US proposed its help, the best possible help, the one from places such as Harvard. But Harvard is, at least in the humanities, including politics and economy, is, at best, a conspiracy: it is there to make things better for the world plutocracy it partakes in. So the advice to Russia was to constitute a plutocracy founded on new stock issues. In my thought system in socioeconomy, Stalin’s rule was also a plutocracy, a plutocracy of the tyrannical type (tyran = unique): one man commanded the USSR and was the ultimate capitalist. The advice of Harvard was to constitute a diversified plutocracy (many plutocrats, not just one). Thus many Harvard professors and their ilk were able to profit (there was never a special prosecutor for that scandal).

The reaction was the ascent and popularity of Putin… And Putin military expansionism, the first such madness in Europe since Adolf Hitler’s pathetic little adventure.

The solution is diversification in very advanced technology… as China is doing. Paradoxically, China can do it better, because it’s more dictatorial… Also China believes it is high-tech for a few millennia. Putin had, long ago, proposed a strange alliance with the European Union, complete with Russian guns to protect Europe. This ignored the fact that the USA is not just a West European colony, but twice the child of France (through Great Britain, and also directly). Instead, Russia should remember it started as a European colony too. One of the reason of the spectacular ascendency of the USA has been enormous injection of financial capital, in the nineteenth century, and human capital, in the last two centuries, straight from Europe.

So Russia, should it want to develop must open to European immigration, technological, human and financial and to open to Europe in general: that could actually alleviate the migrant problem Europe is facing (a mild problem so far; but that could change).

The world cup is an open hand, and Trump, a practical man, is coming with another. Let the occasion be seized… And remember to reduce the number of nuclear warheads, this should be the top priority: an accident could happen so fast… The nuclear arsenals of Russia and the USA are oversized. The French Republic, with its 600 (300 only announced, in a slight of hands) thermonuclear “oceanic” warheads has enough to decapitate all the major powers, together. So why do the US and Russia need ten times that?

Russia can, and should make friends with the West: with 70% more land area than the next continental sized countries (Canada, USA, China), and a warming climate, there is a lot to develop… With 1.5 billion Chinese ready to help, otherwise, as Stalin suddenly noticed to his own horror, when he finally understood what Mao was up to…

Patrice Ayme


9 Responses to “Football Teaches Russia A Lesson”

  1. Benign Says:

    You finally seem to be showing some sense about Russia. My read of Putin is that he is not interested in war, but in trade, in economic development of Russia for Russians. He is heavily identified with Russia and Russian culture. He requires immigrants to learn the language. He already has to accommodate a large Muslim population and sees the dangers of uncontrolled Muslim immigration (which he probably sees as just another benefit of having America as an ally). The attachment of Crimea was not followed up with any other invasion, and won’t be. Ukraine will be partitioned peacefully along linguistic lines.

    With 12% of GDP in federal debt, and rising oil prices, Russia is in no danger of being bankrupted by the American banks. They tried with Yeltsin. Watch the Martin Armstrong biopic, “The Forecaster.”

    My hope and considered judgment is that Putin wants peace and integration with the West. We may just see reason prevail in Helsinki. One can hope. But be sure the Deep State will do everything in its evil power to fan the winds of war.



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for approving my showing of sense, Benign… But I am a bit like Trump, I have held long term positions. My disapproval of the Harvard crowd is extremely old (I was never there, but I have been at Columbia, Princeton, Stanford, Berkeley…). I never liked what they did in Russia or USA in the 1990s… And I still disapprove of various invasions Putin engaged in… Although I may have done exactly that, had I been in his position. Obama’s weakness explains much of what happened in Crimea, Russia. On Assad, BTW, I have to change my music, because he won… And he is better than the Wahhabist alternative…

      Funny that expression, “Deep State”… It’s the deep state of plutocracy. Robert Muller, then head of FBI, didn’t inquire too hard after 9/11… Because the Saudis behind it were the same the “Deep State” was behind, or even created… since the 1930s…

      Cheers to you too, and thanks for approving… 😉


  2. purasuchikku Says:

    Concurring with Benign, it is nice to see your position on Russia shift…a bit… Still it is hard for me to get your anti-Russia bias… As well as your China’s. It seems you consider the so-called universal values of democracy, free markets and other proto-pluto-tools as indispensable “values” to be spread generously on the world. All for the sake of a war of Good (fantasies of freedom or democracy Athenian style) vs Evil (plutocracy. Which like the devil takes many forms and shapes, and is perhaps much more natural to humans than conventionally – Hollywood style – imagined).

    My suggestion would be to “take a walk on the wild side”. Counter-balance blatant propaganda with the other side’s propaganda (as long as it does not hurt one’s intelligence too much). For every CNN or National Interest newsbit or “Analysis”, check out RT and the Saker’s website. For every neocon’s or liberal’s interview, watch Putin’s or Singh’s interventions. Every side plays a game, as we all do. Truth (to use the most worshiped word in our neo-liberal Gospel) is always at the crossroads, and never on the front page. And is never wonderful (nor simple or that surprising) to look at.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I have zero anti-Russia bias. Quite the opposite. Crimea was created by Prince Vladimir of Kiev, more than 1,000 years ago, not by Vladimir of Saint Petersbourg (although accommodations could be found).
      I don’t have an anti-Chinese bias, either.
      The freedom of “free markets” is not defended by me: there are no markets free of governments, truly. When GE bought the French Alsthom (its competitor) with money ($60 billion) created by Obama, the French leadership did as if it was all free market, when it was just raw imperialism.

      Yes, Direct Democracy is an absolute goal one can aim at… An absolute good that has to be reigned in carefully… I had direct exchanges with Russian propagandists, and I often look at RT. Thinking I NEocon around is incredibly far from the truth. My own versions of big time history makes RT child play, and thoroughly naive. I actually have a 3,000 + words in the making in that direction.

      Putin doesn’t help Russia as much as a better leader could. Once fossil fuels are outlawed, Russia will not be in a good place. If he were smart, he would make max friends with Europe, and let the EU develop Russia, just as the Czar decided to do with France before WWI (that caused the war, but that was entirely German fascist madness, and US manipulation… Last detail being overlooked by ALL, including RT…)


  3. Benign Says:

    Right, the Deep State begins with the international banks and encompasses their war profiteering clients. The Swiss are the prototypes (here’s a group you can savage to your heart’s content without any objection from me)–the Swiss finance wars and tax evasion on all sides, being a sneaky, dishonest, cowardly people.

    The Deep State seeks to keep the Globalist Plutocrats in power. I did my undergraduate work at Yale and have come to despise the Ivies, changing subjects and doing my Ph.D. at a state institution.

    cheers, and let’s hope Helsinki achieves a breakthrough (as another “Russian” “Novichok” poisoning pops up in Britain)….



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The usual interpretation of Marx misses the banks altogether although they are indeed the core of the problem: they create money, they create money for EVERYBODY, by lending to their FRIENDS (they, of course, make friends this way). This is the heart of the matter: with such a set-up, one can’t have democracy. What we have is a bankocracy. A plutocracy.

      Not any better in Russia, BTW…. Yes The Deep State, instrument of global plutocracy is desperately fighting to keep its bosses, potential, or actual, in power, using its world control of the media, including most “left” media, “justice” system. That’s how Lula ended behind bars, for a small fraction of Obama $$$$$!


  4. G Max Says:

    Still a rotten and dangerous regime


  5. Nathan Daniel Curry Says:

    Saw that
    And the comments
    Thought you might find it interesting
    Been away from your stuff for a while
    Read your piece recently and enjoyed it – about Trevor noah and colonialism
    But the piece about geopolitics
    Enjoyed it
    This especially

    Interesting views on the geopolitics today from Patrice Ayme:

    A refined analysis shows that the Cyrillic alphabet itself and the distanciation of Eastern Christianity from the Western one were deliberate: the Bulgarians and Constantinople wanted bad relationships with the Franks, they wanted to get, and keep them, alienated, and it worked!

    Those Franks were the Eastern Franks….


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