Why & How Trevor Noah Reeks Of Racism. Please Understand This To Lessen Racism

Trevor Noah, an immigrant “humorist” in the US with a huge audience, made gorilla gestures while saying: ““Africa won the World Cup. I get it, they have to say it’s the French team. But look at those guys. You don’t get that tan by hanging out in the south of France, my friends.

No, I am not your friend. Although about as much from Africa as you are. I actually detest the sort of facile spirit, bordering idiocy, you display. And I don’t befriend those who judge according to the color of the skin, the racist. Noah judges people by the color of their skin, and he boasts and beams about it. Noah is viewed as “black” in the US, although many “white” people coming out of their winter caves, can acquire just as much a tan as him by hanging around the south of France, that’s a bit more than the tan of the French football superstar, Kylian Mbappé Lottin, né le 20 décembre 1998 à Paris.

When asked, the players said, and insisted, again and again, that they owed their career to the “Republic”. Not, not once, to Islam or Africa (as much US media insisted, as if Black Africans were all Muslim… And Islam there has not much in common with Mecca, but for the ability to get there…) 

Dictator-President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela zeroed in on Les Bleus, following the Trevor Noah lead, lying just as outrageously: “the French team seems like the African team. In reality Africa won, the African immigrants who arrived in France.

Actually the star French players are all French born. They are NOT immigrants. Paul Labile Pogba, né le 15 mars 1993 à Lagny-sur-Marne en Seine-et-Marne. N’Golo Kanté, né le 29 mars 1991 à Paris, etc. (My own nickname selected by me while living in West Africa was Golo, a word with its own meaning…) The fact that the French team is from the (full) Republic, and not from “Africa”, where Republics as Republican as present-day France don’t exist, is geopolitically crucial… And is what impacts the quality of the football…

A protesting French Ambassador Araud wrote to Trevor Noah the players of the National Football team are French citizens—born (except for 2 out of 23), educated, and taught to play soccer in France. “They are proud of their country: France,” Araud wrote. “The rich and various backgrounds of these players is a reflection of France’s diversity.

That last line fascinated Noah, who retorted: “Now, I’m not trying to be an asshole, but I think it’s more a reflection of France’s colonialism. Because it’s not like it’s just like random players; they all have something in common. Like all of those players, if you trace their lineage you’re like, ‘How did you guys become French? How did your family start speaking French? Oh, O.K.’”

You don’t have to try to be an asshole, you got it. South Africa you are from was really colonized recently by the Afrikaners (17 C), the English (around 1900), and the Zulus (14 C), and the Xhosas (another Bantu group which arrived a bit earlier, and was pushed by the Ama Zulu, the People of the Sky). In general, the Bantus colonized South Africa in the last millennium, over the dead bodies of the original Khoisan population. Now, that’s real colonization, US style: go somewhere, kill the natives, replace them… The Bantus colonized, the US colonized… There are presently no French “colons” in Africa (there were basically never any; most French were administrators, hospital personnel, etc.)

Fighting racism is, first, about identifying what racism is. That’s start with educating racists. Noah, reading the letter above made still another racist asshole joke, showing he really doesn’t get it.

This unintelligent wealthy Noah person doesn’t realize that the ancestors of these French players did as Noah himself did. Having a career in racist, violent South Africa didn’t appeal to him, so he moved to the USA.

Noah was born of a tragedy, from a German Swiss who abandoned him and a local Xhosa, Patricia. So he himself is the fruit of some sort of colonialism (of his dad over his mom, imagine the trauma!) Thus he wants us all to be either colons, or victims of colonialism. Moreover, Noah’s existence was illegal in the apartheid regime. His mother was condemned to prison, and to pay fines. Later she remarried, then married again, and her second ex-husband shot her twice, in the leg and the head, the bullet came out of her nostril, before his gun jammed.   

Trevor Noah left South Africa after his godfather (the shooter) threatened to kill him too (at the time, he had not been punished by “justice”: the Republic is not that strong in South Africa).

Why is that relevant? Trevor Noah is the fruit of extreme, baffling violence. Horrendous racism. He expects us all to partake in his abomination, his personal hell. He tries to trivialize it, by claiming everybody does it, and that everybody white was, is as bad as his father was to his mom. He naturally assumes violence is natural, everybody does it. And the French national Football team is also the fruit of violence, racism, and the exploitative colonialism his own father indulged in, relative to his mother Patricia, Trevor Noah, insists.

By also insisting that the magnificent French football team, Les Bleus, is the product of colonialism, Noah actually is flattering colonialism: look, colonialism produced a magnificent football team! Ditto for violence: colonialism, the way it’s imagined (and the way it didn’t happen in French Black Africa) is violent. So Noah is saying: look at this magnificent violence (of colonialism) which produced this magnificent football team!

Gérard Araud, French Ambassador to the USA, on his Twitter account: “He didn’t refer to a double identity. He said ‘they are African. They couldn’t get this suntan in the south of France’.  i.e They can’t be French because they are black. The argument of the white supremacist… Which means you can’t be French if you are black. Exactly the argument of the far-right. In French terms, it is horrifying.

Later Trevor Noah changed his music, in a disingenuous fashion. Personally I claim the elements of African culture I was exposed to, helped me enormously in my thinking, and can’t be disentangled from my identity (but Africa is huge, and West Africa I am from has nothing to do with extremely conflicted South Africa…) But the fact remains: the parents and ancestors of the French players US racists call “African” chose the Republic over “Africa”, because the Republic is more civilized.

Why is such a prominent advocate of racism, violence and colonialism as Trevor Noah so prominent? And presenting racism, violence, colonialism under such favorable guises? Precisely because he does this so well! To impart the same high regard for racism and violence in the general population, so make it easier to divide and exploit.

Noah now claims he was just satirical, why worry? No, he is someone with a huge audience taken seriously by the would-be “left”, the forces of would-be progress in the USA. The “Daily Show” is serious propaganda for the Politically Correct. Trevor Noah is, clearly, much more racist than Marine Le Pen, who was never caught saying something as bad. Even her notoriously somewhat racist father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, did not ever say something as bad (to my knowledge).

In guise of excusing himself, Trevor Noah doubled on his insults on France, insisting France had the problem, no him. A perfect message for the racist US: let’s give the man a few more millions.

This, France, Europe, look carefully, this is the true USA, where the light comes through the crack: the USA, a place where racism is so much taken for granted, that it is viewed as funny. Whereas, in truth, it’s deeply pathetic.


France Was Multiethnic, Before She Came To Be:

“France”, Gaul, was spectacularly multiethnic, with Germans, Celts, Basques, Aquitanians, Greeks, more than a millennium before a confederation called “the Franks”, that is “the free”, self-formed by uniting a number of German tribes. The Franks united under a law called “Lex Salica” written Roman lawyers, in Latin. France is the definition of multiethnicity.

Greek colons from the City-State of Rhodes installed themselves in the south of France. The Rhodians were followed by Phoceans, who had fled the tyranny of Persia invading present-day “Turkey”. The Phoceans founded Marseilles, 2,638 years ago (precision, precision… An historical date confirmed by archaeology!)

Multi Ethnicity is what came to be known as Francia. When the Franks arrived, chased by a rising (North) sea (!), they were few, so they had to be very nice to the millions of Gallo-Romans, if they wanted to lead them to a better world… And the greatest success of the Franks was to mitigate and recreate Christianism, the Catholic Orthodox, into something compatible with a strong, yet open state. The first result was the destruction of the Goths (in collaboration with a joint attack of Constantinople), the second a powerful extension of the empire in Germany, where the Romans had not been, the third the imposition of secular teaching to the Pope, the fourth the rules of many queens, and the fifth the outlawing of slavery (circa 655 CE).

People like Trevor Noah, Chomsky, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, are found, under close inspection, to be fake friends of real progress (notice I didn’t mention for critique Bernie Sanders or Jerry Brown, who are real progressives). Similarly to Hillary Clinton voting to invade Iraq, because that was the facile thing to do at the time. Thinking is hard. Progress is hard too, because it requires, among other things, thinking.

France is a spirit of the conquest of truth by progress, and the French soccer team has it. They are as French as French can be, more French even than average French, often, because their parents or ancestors chose this, not because they were colons, or dragged around by colons, or enslaved by masters, but because they were smart and progressive. They immigrated to the Republic. They chose the Republic.

Patrice Ayme

Note: Antoine Griezmann (blonde, white skin, two blue eyes) was judged “best player of the final” by the FIFA (easy: Antoine scored twice in the final). His best friend is Paul Pogba (a Parisian black as charcoal, with the gift of gab…) Griezmann was a super star playing at the Real Madrid, for years. But now the other superstars are PP and Mbappe… Griezmann started tired as the Real Madrid was winning the European Cup…


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14 Responses to “Why & How Trevor Noah Reeks Of Racism. Please Understand This To Lessen Racism”

  1. Gloucon X Says:

    The worldwide plutocratic oligarchy will accept people of all races, genders, and religions into it as long as they are willing to work towards its priority of continual and endless accumulation of wealth for those at the top. Discussion of these other topics only serves to distract the people from the destructive priorities of our tyrannical system.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Agreed 100%… As I often point out, even Xi and Putin are in it (although superficiality opposed)… Of course, that’s a theory, not all details are in.
      But there are precedents: I view the giving of half of Europe to Stalin in 1945 not as what it has been claimed to be (FDR was sick, the US military was weak, blah blah blah… All lies… FDR was sick, but his advisers were not…) It was all aprt of a plutocratic conspiracy, the exact same one, another aspect. And immediately followed by conspiracy with Abdulaziz Ibn Saud at the Great Bitter Lake…

      The conspiracy of anti-conspiracists then bemoan such a thing was never seen in history. Far from it: the extermination of the Cathars was a conspiracy (Philip August got lands, lots of them…). Joan of Arc was a conspiracy (by the queen of the 4 kingdoms…)

      More recently the alliance between the Kaiser and his plutocracy, with Lenin Stalin and company is never commented upon… but was quite amazing… Even less well known, that went right along, extending continuously until the Nazis…


      • Gloucon X Says:

        Right. The ultimate dream of USA’s plutocrats is the destruction of the ideals of European enlightenment humanism as embodied by the French moto liberté, égalité, fraternité and which are also embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and FDR’s Four Freedoms. A hegemonic plutocracy has no use for ideas that defends the rights and needs of ordinary people and desires to unleash their inherent intelligence. For this reason, they are working to see that Wahhabism eventually takes over Europe (the gift of mass immigration) and establishes a Saudi-style cultural and political tyranny.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          exactly. And that’s why the Trevor Noah Trojan Horse exists. He wants to hide the fact many, if not most, Africans chose the republic over their lousy primitivism. Senegal was conquered with 5,000 Senegalese soldiers… And 10 (ten!) French officers: not really a conquest. Actually it would have been easy to “keep” all of French Africa under the Republic: that’s what the populations wanted… even in Algeria (more than 60% of Algerians voted for the new French constitution!). Racist De Gaulle was the proximal cause of the disaster, but that’s what Anglo-Saxon headquartered plutocracy wanted…

          Trojan Horses work: the Vikings, incapable to seize Pisa (I think it was Pisa, in Italia) by force, reiterated the famous trick, stuffing a coffin with weapons, and claiming to convert, entered in mass, weaponless… they then seized the weapons and enslaved the city… I am FOR mass immigration from Africa, as long as it’s controlled, secular, and a 2 way street. Wahhabism is NOT in subsaharan African, historically speaking. It became so in the last three decades, coincident with the CIA/SIA weaponizing of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda… And the creation of the Algerian GIA (Groupe Islamiste Arme’)


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Sheer racism on the part of Trevor Noah. Trevor Noah is paid to demean the French Republic: that’s his job. Trevor’s own father colonized his mother, and he comes from South Africa, a country full of descendants of colons (including Xhosa and Zulus who colonized recently the native Khoisan).
    Trevor ‘s father in law shot his mother through her head. Trevor had to flee South Africa when the father in law, unprosecuted, threatened to kill him too. So Trevor Noah considers the rule of a true Republic abnormal. And France is the original model of a universal Republic promoting human rights (invented in France, 1789).
    Calling someone African when the person has grown up in Africa, as I did, is OK. Calling someone African, simply because of the color of their skin, when they were born, educated and grew up in Paris is sheer racism.
    Why & How Trevor Noah Reeks Of Racism. Please Understand This To Lessen Racism (https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/2018/07/19/why-how-trevor-noah-is-a-racist-please-understand-this-to-lessen-racism/)


  3. Picard578 Says:

    Actually, he is correct in something: immigration of black people to Western Europe, France included, is a consequence of colonialism. People in former French colonies speak French, and are familiar with some French customs, which makes France an obvious target for immigration. Same for Britain and former British colonies.

    Mixing and multiculturalism are not natural. Humans are tribal animals, and French diversity is a reflection of French colonialism. It is no accident that Western “multicultural” countries are mostly former colonial powers (Portugal, Spain, UK, France, Germany). It is also quite ironic that that type of “multicultural diversity” actually destroys diversity: diversity is created by isolation.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The mixing is not a consequence of colonialism in the sense of colonialism he gave. Actually, technically there IS NO French colonialism: where are the colons? Whereas South Africa is MOSTLY colons (in the sense of people living there who descend from people who didn’t use to live there, say, 1,000 years ago. Another example is Anatolia which was conquered by and colonized by Turks, and an Arabic culture (that’s why Ataturk got rid of the latter…)

      As I pointed out, France was always multiethnic… So was the rest of Europe, but less obviously, due to recent aggressively self-centered cultures (like Cyrillic/”Orthodox” Christianity… It’s actually because of that aggressivity that, ultimately Constantinople fell, as the Franks got aggravated by the attitude of the empire which had screamed for rescue, and a rogue Frankish army ended seizing the city in 1204…)

      Senegal was already part of Mediterranean trade thanks to Carthage. Senegalese USED to be more French than the French in some behavioral ways, due to long interaction with France (in the 17 C, Senegalese, strangely enough, had French citizenship…)

      The problem we have now is so-called French Theory: all cultures are equal.

      Thus much of Africa has been rendered alien by Wahhabist propaganda. The old codes have been broken. The Touareg who gave water to my young mom and my baby self has been replaced by an insane maniac, because some wealthy pseudo-philosopher sitting in the Cafe de Flore or the next door Deux Magots in Paris came out with theories justifying collaboration with Hitler, Stalin, and Uncle Sam…


      • Picard578 Says:

        Thing is, equality is today’s buzzword… all people are equal, all cultures are equal… except European cultures, it seems. And European culture actually used to be Mediterranean culture, except half the Mediterranean got conquered by Muhammad’s Satanic religion and that culture was replaced by barbarism.

        But if you take a look, most if not all multi-cultural/multi-ethnic states were imperial powers: Roman Empire, British Empire, French Empire, Russian Empire, German Empire, Ottoman Empire, Austrian Empire, Spanish Empire… key word here is “Empire”. United States and EU are empires as well, and old imperial powers don’t easily let go of vestiges of their empires either… Yugoslavia, creation of which resulted in rather bloody conflicts, was project of the British Imperium.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      BTW, Croatia did extremely well in world cup, thanks to its players being international superstars (instead of isolated lampions).

      That isolation creates greatness was Herder’s thesis: it enraged the universalist Goethe. Herder gave us Hitler, Goethe gave us the strength to smash Hitler. Now I know it’s hard to understand that from the Balkans: the expression “balkanized” was not invented for no good reason: the Balkans are full of mountains (Greece too). Mountains isolate. One side of the Pinde had a different civilization from the other side. Sparta was isolated by formidable mountains, even from Messene…

      Isolation is enabling of cultural diversity, true, but not in excess. The Alps became tech central in middle ages. due to automation (water wheels), long winters (hence practice of clocks, direct Alpine democracy; Switzerland, Savoy, Escarton, following Allobroges, Coetain Alps, Brigantum, etc…)

      Brigantum (present day Briancon) extracted a special deal with Augustus empire, of on-going autonomy within… Etc.

      Clearly Gaul and Germania became much greater and powerful after Caesar united them by force. So great, they didn’t look back, ever (even under the “Gallic empire”…. Gaul stayed one…)


      • Picard578 Says:

        Thing is, “greatness” seems to be directly opposed to development. Large empires eventually fossilize… Greece, small and extremely fragmented Greece of polises, basically created Western civilization (albeit with huge influence from Egypt). That, then, was spread by Alexander the Great. China rapidly developed for a time, but then fossilized and was eventually reduced to a third rate power bullied about by the likes of comparatively miniature Portugal. Fragmentation creates ideas, integration spreads them… but what then? When ideas are spread, you again need fragmentation to create a treasure trove of new ideas based on the ones that had been spread.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          In my explanatory scheme, the Macedonians destroyed Greece. More exactly, after heavy defeats, they made Athens into a plutocracy. Then things got relaxed a bit, but Athens was kept on an extremely tight leash. When she finally rebelled against the Macedonian king a last time, she was crushed, and was only freed by the EU recently.

          Western civilization is multi origin: the Celto-Germans played a huge role (even the Irish did, around the 8C). The Celto-Germans were deeply democratic when the Romans were not, and were deeply anti-sexist. They were also against slavery. Thus the Franks OUTLAWED SLAVERY around 655 CE… Something that was out of the Christian social justice radar… And typically German…

          Chinese history is very complex. I think I explained in some essays that Qin (= Chin) was actually very similar to the Roman Republic (minus the direct democracy, but with an even greater ferocity in the application of laws… to the point of excess: the exacting PM was ultimately quartered alive, as he had strayed a bit…).

          Militarily, China was heavily defeated by France and Britain… but then, what? Besides destroying the Summer Palace, something the French (I think) did, and stealing Hong Kong, ultimately the French helped China (with a railroad…) China was long technological (although horror or horrors, it may have been launched by Caucasian types 5,000 years ago, or so…)

          Now, de facto, we are very close to a WORLD EMPIRE. Call it the UN… It’s possible to have an empire + fragmentation: the US is an example… There is lots of local control, thus fragmentation, in the US.

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    • G Max Says:

      World mightiest country is multi ethnic


    • G Max Says:

      World mightiest country is multi ethnic


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Indeed it is, the US is very heavily multi ethnic. California’s ethnic background, at this point can be best described as WORLD… A case where multi ethnicity has bred success, even greatness. A rocket launched from California landed on a ship today, in heavy seas….


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