France Won WW2, Yet Lost It On The Internet, Thus Insanity Progresses

The market capitalization of an US company, Apple Inc., reached one trillion dollars today (August 3, 2018). It’s the first company in the world to reach such high valuation. In part, because Apple pays taxes not commensurate with its profits (Ireland, a state, which bemoaned Hitler death, officially, has a lot to do with that). Once I talked to a Silicon Valley executive who told me that Apple, Facebook, Google, etc. should pay no taxes in a country like France, because France was Hitler’s ally. How did we get there? This essay, one of many, wants to throw a light on those devious ways. Far from being innocuous, they are at the psychological-socio-economic root of what made evil such as Nazism possible.


Civilizational Madness Lurks On The Internet:

How we behave is related to how we think, manage our emotions, and so on. Somebody with impulse eating and drinking, has what one should call a deficiency in frontal lobes development… and it can apparently be imaged. It does matter: we don’t want impulsive legislators around the world enabling their impulsive leaders to impulsively extinguish humanity… as. Potentially already happened. It happened because insanity has not been studied as it deserves. Watch “stoic” philosophers admiring Seneca, tutor of Nero, an ultra racist plutocrat. Right, Seneca talked seductively… But so did Hitler. One has to learn to look beyond appearances, and detect the madness.

The Internet enables the most ludicrous minds to broadly advertise their insane logic. Some are thrill seekers, some want not to feel alone anymore, and share the madness, some are Messiahs… And many are paid (as when I state we need a hydrogen economy to go hand in hand with photovoltaics, and get 100 scathing remarks in ten minutes on Twitter).

Insanity itself seduces: after all, it’s different, and perhaps the deepest, specifically more developed  instinct in humans is curiosity. What triggers curiosity is what is unusual. There are many ways to seduce with insanity. One of them is ask insane question, as if one were motivated by curiosity, when in truth the question itself is a lie. Here is an example for sheer lunacy found on Quora:

Could France have defeated Germany in WW 2? How?

The author of the question concluded that France had it all, all it needed to win, including mightiest army, weapons, courageous soldiers… All except the will to fight another war (this is disproven by the fact the French army suffered 9,000 casualties a day during the 46 days after May 9, 1940). My answer to this completely insane, fake news, “leading” question, “Could France have defeated…” (leading into delirium that is):

Another alternate reality question: the French Republic declared war to Germany September 3, 1939. Germany capitulated, without conditions, on May 7 1945 in Reims, France, and again May 8, 1945, in Berlin. Hostilities stopped May 9, 1945.

Four victors in Berlin, May 1945, from left to right: generals Montgomery (UK), Eisenhower (US), Joukov (USSR), De Lattre de Tassigny (France)

Thus, France actually defeated Germany in WW2. It is curious that people can be so ignorant, that they don’t know this fact, the grossest outline of history. Some will say:’Oh but France got defeated in a battle’… Well, it was not the first time France lost a battle and went on to win a war.

France and Britain scored a many victories in 1939 and 1940, notably a major win after their second landing in Nazi invaded Norway. That offensive in Norway, had it proceeded as intended after said victory, was to cut Hitler’s crucial ally Sweden in two, cutting Hitler’s iron road, with catastrophic consequences for Hitler.

Indeed, France and Britain suffered a huge defeat during the Battle of France which lasted from May 10 1940 until a ceasefire, June 23 1940. This “Battle of France” was the deadliest battle on the Western front: more than 200,000 died (Belgian and French civilians and soldiers of all sides, all together). The dead included more than 50,000 Nazi (“German”) troops. Some will smirk and say:’Oh, the French killed 50,000 Germans in May-June 1940, so what?’ So this: those dead “Germans” were actually elite troops, the most trained, dedicated, ultra-fanaticized. They were sorely missed a year later, when Hitler attacked Stalin.

US fanatics, and quite often liars in (mental) absentia, further smirk that the US freed France in 1944. The exact notion is: the US helped to free France in 1944. So did others. More than half of the troops on D Day were NOT US. OK, there were only 400 French elite commandos… because the French hating plutocrat FD Roosevelt refused to let the French command know about D Day. But the French resistance was told, and played a crucial role (mobilizing 17 German divisions in south central France… Plus four elite Nazi divisions occupied at reconquering the liberated Vercors… killing 5,000 French civilians in the process.

D Day was a close run thing, for the first four weeks. Had the Nazis been able to bring to bear a few elite divisions in, the Allies would have been thrown back in the sea. Disinformation played a crucial role: Hitler was made to believe Patton would cross over the Pas De Calais. Allied air superiority was fundamental. But so was the French resistance, by sabotaging all trains, and endangering all German night moves.

So the French Republic was definitively at war in 1944. It had been at war earlier, in 1943, when general Juin broke decisively the Hitler Line (renamed before it got broken), in the mountains, south of Rome (which had stalled the Allies for many months). Juin told the high command he could be in Austria in a matter of weeks, if given more divisions. The Americans, instead, removed divisions from him, preferring the stalemate of Anzio.

In 1942, the French army of general Koenig blocked the Afrika Korps and the Italian armor, preventing them to encircle the British (“8th”) army, the only British army between England and India. So the French were also at war with Nazi Germany in 1942. And crucially: the Bir Hakeim battle was the best opportunity the Nazis and Italian fascists had to defeat the Brits, kill the Jews, get the oil. The result was, indirectly, the desperate Nazi attempt on Stalingrad…

So when were the French not at war in WW2? Say, in 1941 (when actually French forces were at war: attacked in Dakar by the British, the French army defended itself successfully, and De Gaulle contemplated suicide…). Guess what? The US plutocrats were fully allied with Hitler in 1941.

The French Republic won WW1, and WW2. Now Germany, mimicking France, is trying to be a republic (and would be a better one if it stopped exploiting southern Europe and holding hypocritical discourse on the European Union, refugees, ecology and Russia…)

The victory of French civilization was total: military, diplomatic, philosophical, even emotional… The erroneous, fatal, abysmal deviation of German ideology into a spirit following the tribalist Herder, and strictly opposed to Goethe, was totally smashed. American plutocratic propaganda to the contrary is not futile, though. In truth, it works, and it is extremely dangerous: civilization is at stake when US propagandists claim that Nazism actually won… They are claiming they won. Maybe they did, but they shouldn’t, and we can still make it so.

Take the four generals above. In other pictures, they all stand at attention and give a military salute together. However I couldn’t publish those pictures: they have been all stolen by entities called Alamy and Getty (Getty was a famous plutocrat). As far as I can tell, this is just Anglo-Saxon thievery, an opinion shared by Wikipedia (Anglo-Saxon media has gone in overdrive accusing “Russia” of malfeasance; it may be time, for balance, to use the same severity on the other side). Thieves grab public domain pictures, and, with the complicity of US search engines, make it so that they capture the Internet for profit… Just as Anglo-Saxon corporations, by launching and supporting Hitler (sometimes to the bitter end, see IBM), made it possible to steal the world, and now own it…

So of course the US won World War Two, and everybody else lost, to a more or less greater extent. In France, the wealthy CIA put 50 of the top French influencers on its payroll (so things have not really changed, they just got worse). I also view “French Theory” as a tool for plutocracy, something which has led us to the likes of Merkel ruling Europe into oblivion. Merkel: no logic there, as long as she can export cars using her bankrupt banks, and burn lignite in the guise of condemning nuclear power. Guess what? Today Fukushima beach was open to children: initially it was supposed to be closed for all humans 40 years (after several nuclear reactors riddled with grotesque safety violations exploded, consecutive to having been hit by a 30 meter wave…). What does that mean: Merkel’s overreaction is the result of a cognitive-ethical failure: she doesn’t mind cooking the planet, because that’s not “cool” to worry about that… But getting in one million improperly vetted Muslims, that’s “cool” (even if they threaten to go use their English in the UK, and thus help cause Brexit…)

Nowadays, we need the spirit of France on September 3, 1939: if you see evil, you attack. The US never attacked Hitler: it’s Hitler who declared war to the USA, December 11, 1941, 4 days after its ally Japan attacked at Pearl Harbor (which had attacked France in September 1940, as part of its war against China…). The US didn’t intend to go to war in 1942:  the many US businessmen making a fortune in Germany (as they had 25 years earlier) didn’t want war.

All these moral failures are never commented upon. Yet they are rife in today’s global world order. Why do they increase? Because of the increasing self-promoting ignorance of Internet fiends. The more outrageous there, the more “interesting” one is found to be, and the more one can get a nice income and position. How low can civilization go? How many lies does it take to sink all rationality?

Patrice Ayme

Oh, by the way, war games were conducted on what happened for five days after May 10, 1940, and the Battle of France of 1940, have been run many times. They always end the same way: with a French victory. In reality the Brits and France were defeated, because of a succession, and combination of very unlikely events. War games show that France and Britain should have won. If just one Spitfire pilot had been taken seriously, or the French had not sent their fast deployment armored reserve of seven divisions into the Netherlands, or a Nazi plane with plans has not crashed, etc…

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24 Responses to “France Won WW2, Yet Lost It On The Internet, Thus Insanity Progresses”

  1. Ted Gorman Says:

    Ted Gorman
    “ French hating plutocrat FD Roosevelt refused to let the French command know aboit D Day.”

    I’m more inclined to say paranoid over French hating. He was so paranoid that president Truman only found out about America’s nuclear program AFTER FDR’s death.

    And to be honest, if the US was colluding with Nazi Germany in 1941, lend-lease would never have happened.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the comment. Churchill wanted to tell the French about D Day. De Gaulle was told about nuclear weapons a full year before Truman knew (by a French physicist). FDR hated France, there are plenty of proofs and statements, showing this.

      “Lend-Lease” was a way for the US to have their Nazi cake and eat it.


  2. Eric Perret Says:

    Hi M Aymé,

    Don’t you think that France should have beat whermacht and nazis before 1940, perhaps in 1939, if Operation Sarre have not been stopped,
    and instead have been the first step to a real engagement? ( and by this way WWII would have never exist) (I bet that a “Napoleon” or a 1789-revolutionary army head chief would have command this campaign with a different manner)(declaring war and not do war will not give good results)

    Or if General de Gaule way of fighting (presented in “Vers l’armée de métier” book- 1934) have been correctly read and understand by competent and reasonable people? The nazis, them, have apparently read and correctly interpreted this new kind of war.

    Do I think wrong if I say that France, or more precisely France Spirit, finally, at the all end, won WWII, especially in Pacific, by imagining the ultimate ammunition, the A- bomb? (Patent N° 971-324 – may 4, 1939 by ” la Caisse nationale de la recherche scientifique”— French Frédéric Joliot-Curie, Austrian Hans Halban et Russian Lew Kowarski of Collège de France)

    A last comment, which is for me, another proof of insanity progress you talk about (that I totally approved) : my automatic write corrector try to replace my “nazi” by “Nazi”. Personally, that shocked me a lot. As it think instead of myself, and correct my ideas. Evil is at work, even in my smartphone!

    Thanks for reading!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The Sarre offensive is always rolled out: 40 divisions, 7 villages. However there was a fully equipped West Wall behind it. The Allies took 6 moths to break through a vastly diminished version of it in 1944/45, with a five million elite men army.

      The situation on May 10 1940 would have been propitious… Had the Nazis been detected in a timely manner… Or had the 2nd British Armored Division been in place behind the French B infantry division (which broke under the attack by three Panzers (2 Panzer plus elite Grossdeutschland regiment…)
      It would have been great if general Girault’s fast armored reserve of 7 divisions had been kept in…. reserve, etc…



      • Eric Perret Says:

        I’m know I could be annoying..

        But I just discover something (just a detail…) by reading you, and I think I got to told you about.

        Nowdays french people NEVER wrote nazi with a “N”, just with a “n”. No upper case. Anyway. (Except of course of it’s the first word of a sentence)
        Even on french Wikipedia version, in contrary of english version.

        The use of uppercase in french, is apparently much different than in another language.
        Ok, I’m not from Academie Francaise, and I’m not linguist. But for this case we don’t need to be. It will be shameful here, in my country to do that, to put uppercase for this word. That will appears as a sort of “respect” and policy this “ideologies” don’t deserve. (Except for neo-nazi, of course)

        One more difference between France and … I don’t know perhaps rest of world, but for sure Anglo-Saxon’s country. (maybe a family affair…)

        A detail… But you know who is hiding back details.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I use capitals a lot. Deliberately. I know that French usage has them down… ridiculously, and I think German exaggerates… And the Romans only used capitals. As many other things, minuscules were invented by the Merovingians/Carolingians, the Franks, to make writing and reading easier.
          ALL CAPS also work to attract attention to CRUCIAL points…

          Now, as far as showing no respect for Nazis, I am pretty much second to none. That goes through understanding what made them tick… And realizing, that they were only US plutocracy puppets (and some of those Pluto masters were even Jews, the darkest of all deepest secrets… Consider the Warburgs…)


      • Eric Perret Says:

        The 1939 Westwall (built between 1938 and 1940!) wasn’t fully equipped and can’t be compare to what allies fight in 1944/1945.
        I never read that Whermacht have let 1 million guy in West during invasion of Poland. And the battleground wasn’t flooded as possible as in 1944/1945, with road and bridge destroyed. And this for a good reason : whermacht have to pass for invasion!
        Even German cavalry general Siegfried Westphal (who was major in 1939, and operative commandant of the 58th infanterie division in charge of Westwall between Treves and Saarburg) admit that during Poland invasion the situation was very risky and dangerous at west, and that the Rhenanie could be reach in 15 days by French.
        But… in 1939, the mentality of majority of French people wasn’t warlike. Between hope born from 1936 Front Populaire (with especially beginnings of “congés payé”, 15 days, that some nowadays country haven’t yet), the part of common population who were “nazi friendly” and impostor military head chief, it happen what it got to happen in 1940 in front of determined whermacht despite the courage and the sacrifice of French : la débâcle…


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I strongly disagree on that point: the West Wall was fully equipped in 1939/1940. It then got greatly dismantled ast the Todd organization used its structures and armaments to build the Atlantic Wall. So the West wall in 1944/45 was a shadow of its former self…

          Most Nazis hated the French even more than the Jews (although they changed their minds after staying too long in France). Nothing infuriated them more than the ultimate French victory in 1945 (with a few allies, I must admit….) So some of these Nazis spread rumors, or made assertions to demonstrate French inferiority… Even Rommel and Hitler disagreed with them!

          The real impediment to French military action in 1936/1939 was ANGLO-SAXON hostility relative to France. It was especially clear in 1936, when France started to intervene in the Nazi attack on Spain: Anglo-Saxon screaming about French imperialism and war mongering stopped French help to the Spanish Republic. So here we are with a descendant of Louis XIV at the head of Spain… (((Please avoid nestling too many comments: it makes them unreadable on smart phones, I have been told. Make an independent comment, sometimes…}}}


        • Eric Perret Says:

          Si je peux me permettre, j’aimerai vous poser une dernière question:
          Pourquoi opposer comme argument le nombre de courageux soldats tombé au champ d’honneur à ceux qui disent que ces mêmes soldats ne voulaient pas la faire cette guerre ?Je ne vois pas la logique.
          Bien souvent dans une guerre, un des deux futurs belligérants ne veut pas la faire cette guerre.
          Mais l’autre à de la volonté pour 2. Ce n’est pas parce que le choix, au final, n’existe pas que nous sommes pour autant volontaire. L’Histoire est rempli de ce principe. Aujourd’hui plus qu’autrefois (je dis “plus” parce que je suis concerné : c’est mon tour de vivre! )
          Prenons le réchauffement climatique. ce n’est pas parce que nous ne sommes pas entré en guerre contre lui (parce que nous voulons continuer a profiter égoïstement des ressources et mener une vie délirante. La génération baby-boom aurait dû d’ailleurs s’appeler génération planète-boom N°1.) que celui ci ne nous massacrera pas. Et alors quoi? Si par bonheur nous (humanité j’entend) nous en sortons, d’ici 200 ou 300 ans, les chercheurs de vérité de cette époque futur pourront allègrement dire : mais si, au début du XXIe siècle tout le monde était prêt à se battre, la preuve, ils sont mort par milliers/ millions/… ?
          C’est ce que je comprend de votre article. (Mais l’anglais à ses subtilités qui peuvent m’échapper et m’induire en erreur concernant votre pensée profonde que ce sujet précis.)

          Concernant une réécriture de la bataille de France,
          je vais présenter mon opinion différemment, pour tâcher d’être plus clair : je dirais que si l’armée française et ses soldats conscrits avait eu en septembre 1939 la volonté et la rage dont ils ont fait montre à Dunkerque en 1940 lorsque, notamment, ils ont du (la question du “devoir” est primordiale) couvrir le, comment dire, “repli” britannique (qui avec le recul se comprend également), impliquant un basculement du pays vers une guerre totale et bien je n’arrive pas à croire que l’Allemagne eu pu tenir 1 année. La question de l’allié allemand du moment, l’URSS aurait par contre peut être été épineuse.
          Il en va de même pour l’armée continentale britannique. Les 2, côte à côte, déterminés et impitoyables, aurait balayé l’irrésistible wehrmacht. (Mais peut être pas l’idéologie nazie, qui aurait pu se présenter soudain victime du complot “judeo-franc maçonnique-etc-etc”. De plus cela aurait sans nul doute impliqué un “genocide” parmi la population civile allemande qu’il aurait été compliqué d’expier. En gros, les rôles et responsabilité auraient pu être inversés. Sauf que nous n’aurions pas massacré le reste de l’Europe et une bonne partie des valeurs de l’humanité. Tout du moins je l’imagine)
          Je pense que c’est exactement ce que décrivent les wargames dont vous parliez dans votre post.
          Mais il fallait le faire, sans attendre en 1939.

          Pour vous dire : mes grands parents maternels sont nés en 1924 et 1932 dans l’Aisne (Nouvion en Thiérache, patrie du délicieux maroilles) il ont été évacué comme on le voit par exemple dans le film Jeux Interdits. Avec saut dans les fossés à l’approche d’avion, train roulant a 10km/h et parents en pleurs hurlant aux enfants “vite sautez, courrez dans le bois”. Ceci est un témoignage de “première main “. Et bien les qq fois , qui se comptent sur les doigts d’une main ou ma grand mère m’a raconté ça (le grand père n’en a jamais parlé, pas un seul mot) et ou j’ai pu lui poser qq questions, je jamais eu comme réponse : si si, les adultes voulaient faire la guerre. Et pourtant, nombres en ont été victimes.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            It is entirely correct that one doesn’t need two to make war: one is enough. The “colonial wars” are an example.
            However, the French Republic lost in three days after May 10, 1940, not from lack of enthusiasm, from the fact only one French reserve B division was in the way of three elite Panzer Divisions and the “Grossdeutschland” Regiment. Moreover, the British 2nd armored division, which was supposed to be there, behind the French B infantry division, had not arrived. Also long range guns of the end of the Maginot Line mysteriously didn’t fire. And so on…

            The Brits and French fell in a trap in early May 1940…


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            What happened in May 1940 was an ACCIDENT, and a TRAP. British and French commanders would have been astounded by the possibility of losing in 1940 (and that’s why they lost)


          • Eric Perret Says:

            Mea culpa…
            I apologize for my very bad presentation of what I would say.
            When I say “French don’t want make war”, I wouldn’t say that common people were coward, or “cheese eater monkeys surrender”. I forgot to develop my thinks : they (head military and politicians) don’t want do war SO they don’t prepare to do. (So they lost the first engagement, and sacrificed lot of courageous and devoted patriots on the altar of there crazy blindly to believe that : it CAN’T and it WON’T happen)(exactly as it happen today for few other subjects. The past have also example of those criminal blindly)

            Needless to say…. but finally better to say it.
            Sorry for my time-eater erring.
            Thanks for your patience.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:



  3. G Max Says:

    Yes I noticed Alamy and Getty stealing public domain pictures with the complicity of Google. This is tolerated because France lost WW2, hahaha… So they think


  4. Gloucon X Says:

    Americans display a profound ignorance of all historical events including lack of knowledge of the most basic facts even of recent events such as the Iraq War. Surveys have shown that a majority of Republican voters believe in profoundly ignorant things such as that Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 attacks and that US troops found Iraqi WMDs during the 2003 invasion.

    Even with all the evidence we have today of Nazi atrocities, a significant number of American citizens have decided that Nazis are worthy of admiration and even love. Trump has access to evidence of horrors that was not available to FDR in 1941. Yet Trump does not hesitate to say that there were “fine people” on the neo-nazi side of a 2017 riot in Virginia. At this point, it doesn’t appear that Trump will suffer politically from his non-opposition to and even praise for modern neo-Nazis. The US has always had the skeletal form of Nazism. Our business classes have always believed that plutocracy is the best form of government and that wealth accumulation unfettered by moral conscience was the highest and only goal of society. Hitler admired the fact that the US was built on greed-based mass slaughter and mass enslavement, and hoped to emulate it.


    • SDM Says:

      Americans tend to believe what they want to believe regardless of facts even when those facts have been widely distributed. But this phenomenon is appears to be common to people generally. Rationalization is a powerful thought process. Tell people what they want to believe and it becomes a “fact”. History as a field of study has become considered somehow unworthy or generally uninteresting to many. Even worse, “history” has been skewed to perpetuate certain interests to cover for their bad acts.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        A very correct observation about what is fundamentally a very pragmatic position: “Americans tend to believe what they want to believe regardless of facts even when those facts have been widely distributed.”

        This opened the door to feel morally upright, thus enabling to kill all the Natives through various means, including the most devious ones. Hence the success of the USA.
        Now this sort of mindset of self-certainty instrumentalized by imperviousness to observation will be found in all and any We The People exterminating another We The People. For example in South Africa.

        The skewing of history is most obvious in the history and facts of slavery. The fundamental fact is that QUEEN Bathilde, an ex-slave, outlawed slave trading by 658 CE, over the entire Imperium Francorum (which one way or another SPAWNED or occupied all of Europe). Portugal, just freed of the Muslims, asked for an exemption to trade African slaves overseas from the Pope (and got it). The reason was that the Muslim enslaved heavily and fundamentally, and there was a bit of tit for tat involved. The next dramatic development was enslavement of natives in the Caribbean by Spanish forces, followed by the importation of Africans, as Africans proved resilient to slavery: they had just escaped death in Africa! A century later, the Anglo-Saxon colony introduced slavery for Africans from the Caribbean first, and for Native Americans. The former worked well, the second, not at all… Slavery made the future USA hyper wealthy, through tobacco….

        Why is this important? Because it shows that the USA (same for Russia) were made possible through the philosophy of hyper exploitation, and holocaust…. And it shows up in meta-mental strategies, or mental meta-strategies, like the obliviousness to facts. Take the colonization of Mars: no, it won’t happen any time soon, for a huge number of reasons… But Musk and his followers believe it… so we will get the instruments for a colonization of the Moon… Or, at least, a permanent base there…


        • Eric Perret Says:

          Slavery of African… I would say that African perhaps “escaped” from death, but not from … African.
          When I listen teacher’s explanation about triangular trade, in Catholic French college (I was 12 years), I always, at each lesson, take a look to my classroom and teacher every time I heard that European (French wasn’t the latest.. ..) go to Africa and swing rubbish pieces of glass against slave. That was shocking me a lot. I think : what do you talk about?! They were slave to sold!
          And I asked myself : who could sold men like vulgar things?
          But by looking at classroom nobody seems surprised. Few years later I learn that it was principally Muslim that sold slave to European. And those traders buy unlucky African to other , luckiest for a moment, African. The gate between them was just a battle, won or lost.
          The most shocking, cause it is not the most shocking, is that even today nobody ask the really why and who. It’s just : European are bad people. They all are “formatted” to think as that without any use of logic and good sense. (Using what they have between ears, just to wear hat)
          Official revisionism do the job.


      • Gloucon X Says:

        True enough. But rather than focusing on quora questions from an unknown blogger I prefer to focus on the historical questions proposed by truly powerful individuals. For example, I know this guy who claims to be an expert on the history of climate change who says that the issue is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. The influence of this historical claim is far more likely to extinguish humanity than moot questions regarding France in WW2.


  5. Eric Perret Says:

    Another shocking point with nowadays policy of Germany, is the “1 Euro per hour salary”.(thanks to Helmut. Who have been betrayed by her “East Germany daughter’s ” Merkel) That’s slavery, nothing else.
    And by talking about lignite coal’s electrical plant : when Paris prohibits biggest pollutant cars due to high level of fine particle in the air, (like this week, therefore there is “no” cars during vacation ) it’s mostly particles from those German plant!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I think Germany instituted a high minimum salary last year (2017)…
      I was shocked last I was in Germany how polluted the air was in the distance… All this lignite burning, no doubt…


  6. Eric Perret Says:

    Do you know what’s about money given after war from US and Brit government (so money from citizen taxe) to Ford and GM (for Opel) for destruction of their industrial plant in Germany by RAF and USAF massive bombing? ( I remember that this question have starting “scandal” in USA few (10?) years ago.)


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